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Terry Saddler
Terry Saddler : David Cuff    
4 minutes ago - View -
Jamie Scott Campbell
Jamie Scott Campbell : Jamie needs a Carvin' Hatchet!    
10 minutes ago - View -
Lopez Monique
Lopez Monique : Monique needs a Carvin' Hatchet!     +
11 minutes ago - View -
Justin Hatchet Sanford
Justin Hatchet Sanford : Timeline Photos        
11 minutes ago - View -
Alenka Jevšnik
Alenka Jevšnik : Alenka needs a Carvin' Hatchet!    
13 minutes ago - View -
Keith William Cressy
Keith William Cressy : To the asshole from high school that keeps adding me on here (4 times thus far):

Yes, I'm well aware that we went to school with each other. But frankly, I don't like you. You were a prick in middle school and high school and though I hate to judge by appearance, you look like a total fucking tool bag today. Maybe you don't remember how much of a bully you were to me, but I certainly remember. I remember skipping certain classes because you were in them. I remember skipping entire days of school simply because I wasn't sure if I could emotionally handle the way you treated me. I also remember losing a majority of my friends because of the bullshit you said about me. I went through a ton of stress and even more depression just because of YOU.

I know now that you were only insecure about your own personal faults and shortcomings, but unfortunately 16 year old Keith did not know that. But that still never gave you the right to be the way you were towards me or any other kids you may have wrongly targeted with your hateful words and actions. And perhaps you want to bury the hatchet and move forward with a clean slate, but I'm not giving you the option of a smooth ride, you never did for me when we were 16. No, the only way I would ever even consider starting clean with you was if I could punch you as hard as I fucking could in your throat, whip my dick out and piss all over your fucking face. But why should a few minutes of humiliation be enough? You harassed, humiliated, and made me a social retard since the 7th grade. What makes you think I've gotten over all of that? Clearly, I haven't. But you'll have to forgive me because the damage you caused still affects me to this day.

One day I will be able to forgive you, you know without having to piss in your face, but that's not today. And when that day comes I will NEVER forget what you did.

16 minutes ago - View -
Gulnara Esebua
Gulnara Esebua : Gulnara needs a Carvin' Hatchet!    
17 minutes ago - View -
Zach Summers
Zach Summers : So far have procured 2 axes while vacationing in Maine, One to keep (Old Craftsman) and one to outfit for my uncle (No Name DB), as well as a brand new never used Wood River Spoke Shave, a leather petzl roller mark-up utensil for tracing patterns on leather, a new chisel, and 2 different style vintage hatchet handles. Its fantastic. Ill throw up a photo tomorrow of these bad boys at some point. Definitely be a new addition to the handle and leather kits. Also found a new grind stone with an ancient beauty of a motor, Perfect Stone with two gears. A normal Rubber belt wheel and a second with a chain and rubber belt hook up. Chain runs from the motor to the first flywheel while that one runs a belt to the wheel attached to the Grinding stone. I think im going to make a double setup with the first one i picked up and build the penultimate grinding wheel bench. two different width and sized stone running off of three separate belts sounds phenomenal. Plus that leaves me my old GE motor for some other fun project. Also came with both a rubber and galvanized basin for water with brass drain in the galvanized one. Going to set it up so i have a drip spout on the smaller stone and a water basin for the larger one. Cant wait. Now on to more axe finding. Im hoping i will find a plethora of axes in this fair state of Maine.
19 minutes ago - View -
Johnny Coan
Johnny Coan : Molly Hatchet - Dreams I'll Never See         From the 1978 album MOLLY HATCHET. This song was written by Gregg Allman of The Allman Brothers Band. Danny Joe Brown - Vocals Bruce Crump - Drums Banner Tho...
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19 minutes ago - View -
Ulla Halvarsson
Ulla Halvarsson : Ulla needs a Carvin' Hatchet!    
19 minutes ago - View -
Rosie Forster
Rosie Forster : Rosie needs a Carvin' Hatchet!     ty
21 minutes ago - View -
Joe Buhr
Joe Buhr : Dreams I'll Never See (Molly Hatchet) 1985         Album - (1985) Molly Hatchet (Double Trouble Live) Song - Dreams I'll Never See
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24 minutes ago - View -
Carina Pettersson Forss
Carina Pettersson Forss : Carina needs a Carvin' Hatchet!    
25 minutes ago - View -
Britt Kvam
Britt Kvam : Britt needs a Carvin' Hatchet!     TY
26 minutes ago - View -
Flor Ordoñez
Flor Ordoñez : Flor needs a Carvin' Hatchet!    
29 minutes ago - View -
Pino Icolari
Pino Icolari : Molly Hatchet - One Last Ride         Some great drawings by David Mann with the tune One Last Ride by Molly Hatchet. Enjoy!
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31 minutes ago - View -
Jimm Hatchet
Jimm Hatchet : I of the Obscene     These guys are fucking sick. \,,/     The second track off the album "Dichotomy" from extreme metal project Davola. Dichotomy was recorded in 2009 by Connor Hayes for Project Two Studios in Milfo...
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31 minutes ago - View -
Faik Yener
Faik Yener : Faik needs a Carvin' Hatchet!    
34 minutes ago - View -
Matthew Tyrmand
Matthew Tyrmand : Illinois Court Blocks Term Limits

This is some real banana republic cronyism going on in Illinois in trying to hatchet the term limits referendum. The judges have been straight bought by Madigan as if it was Capone's Chicago of the 20's.

The IL political class is essentially saying:

"Dear Citizens,
Go ___ yourselves.
YOUR Elected Representatives"

34 minutes ago - View -
Gunilla Nordantjäl
Gunilla Nordantjäl : Gunilla needs a Carvin' Hatchet!    
35 minutes ago - View -
Greg Vaughn
Greg Vaughn :         Lisa Vaughn meeting members of Molly hatchet and getting autographs
37 minutes ago - View -
Mi Gamepage
Mi Gamepage : Mi needs a Carvin' Hatchet!    
40 minutes ago - View -
Born to be free.
Born to be free. : Molly Hatchet - One Last Ride         Some great drawings by David Mann with the tune One Last Ride by Molly Hatchet. Enjoy!
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41 minutes ago - View -
Waltraud Umlauft
Waltraud Umlauft : Waltraud needs a Carvin' Hatchet!    
42 minutes ago - View -
Tommy Hatchet Hatchet
Tommy Hatchet Hatchet : when u look up above out and beyond, its team rukus, R.U.K all daylongggg
42 minutes ago - View -
a'Elodie Bauduin
a'Elodie Bauduin : a'Elodie tried to throw the inspector a hoedown!    
43 minutes ago - View -
Hatchet Man
Hatchet Man : Eminem- Stronger Than I Was         Song- Stronger Than I Was Artist- Eminem Album- MMLP2 Follow me on Twitter! @clapper213: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 1...
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44 minutes ago - View -
James Hatchet Bailey
James Hatchet Bailey :         This goat tries to start a pit when he hears the new Slipknot
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1 hour ago - View -
Berit Hammarstedt
Berit Hammarstedt : Berit needs a Carvin' Hatchet!    
1 hour ago - View -
Dusty Holbrook
Dusty Holbrook : Nascar crashes Flirting with Disaster Molly Hatchet - HD         NASCAR crashes synced to Molly Hatchet: Flirtin With Disaster ending with a helluva free for all pit brawl! Footage courtesy of ABC Sports, Yahoo!, Sho HD, V...
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1 hour ago - View -
Casey Mann
Casey Mann :     Matt Hatchet Battease!!!!! What this man     omg lmao u have to see this
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1 hour ago - View -