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Rakim Jamiel Stevens
Rakim Jamiel Stevens : Have you ever put yourself out there to fullfill a promise you made, and the people seem ungrateful? Me being me, I'm a man of my word, but I dont believe in turning the other fuck me over ONE TIME, and you lose me. Shit like this make me regret being the person I am. I always look out for others, and they always give me their stinkin ass to kiss. Im over that shit......stayin in my lane. Time to get this done and over with, and im keepin it movin.
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Visar Shabaj
Visar Shabaj : 2 Chainz - Used 2 (Explicit)     I still fuck em like I used to     iTunes: Amazon: Music video by 2 Chainz performing Used 2 (Explicit). ©: Def Jam Recordings, a di...
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Stevie Jack Jnr Christer
Stevie Jack Jnr Christer : Fuck me how on earth did a pull myself through that shift alcohol nee good for nee one
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Roberta Mullins
Roberta Mullins : K. Michelle - Fuck You Lyrics        
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Sonyas Creativity
Sonyas Creativity : Already about pissed off this early....ppl will burn you up thats why $$$$ first before any orders....ppl dont know my struggle n u not about to fuck me either...js dont care how u take it either ....u dont have me meet u at 8:30 n now u wont answer....wat kind of bs is that....just dont order or come out n tell me u dont wont ur order....dont bs for damn 3 days n then get me to meet u here n u not show....wat ashame ..but u could of been tellin me u didnt wont it rather than keep sayin ill meet u n i could of been finding someone else to buy it....cuz my bills need to be paid tooo....cuz guesss wat i spend my $$$ on it that damn pays my bills n ppl gonna try to of it!!!! Some ppl is messing a good cheap business up for everybody!!!!
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Christian Phillip G. Salvador
Christian Phillip G. Salvador : Pepper - Use Me     "..but in fact, fuck all that..i like the way you use me.."     The track "Use Me" by Pepper from the album "In With the Old"
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Dom Burke
Dom Burke : United potential team, fuck me, it looks much improved now.
De Gea
Di Maria, Januzaj

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Jaryd Ramsey
Jaryd Ramsey : Instagram     fuck     kendalljenner's video on Instagram
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Terrance Evans
Terrance Evans : SEX RITUALS AFRICA     And I thought I was crazy for putting my dick in the dirt to fuck the world     Documentary about a sex rituals performed by tribes in Africa
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Mihai Labo
Mihai Labo : Fuck Yes or No via Mihaela Prodan
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Kartik Khazanchi
Kartik Khazanchi :     Team KKSGK ice bucket challenge is in. Thanks to Alex Kelly for my nomination, I donated to athrott foundation which pays for underprivileged kids to go to school. We went a slightly different way with ours so enjoy. I know you are meant to nominate only 3 people but fuck it, its for charity so I nominate (to donate to a charity of their choice). - Swati Lohia Kamya Rajagopal Vikram Khazanchi Gautam Bhan Ishita Kaul Trishna Kini Rohan Solo Kini Jonathan Howe Oliver Bennett Alec Robb Chris Light Shereen Bhan Abhishek Sharma Swami Avi (only because you have been moaning about it so much) - Get cracking.    
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Brandon Mcallister
Brandon Mcallister : fuck me feeling like a weights just been lifted of my shoulders

btw im so fucking sorry.

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Aaron Jager
Aaron Jager : good morning folks I'm at work @ 7 I know right fuck me :p
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Metin Bashev
Metin Bashev : Tupac- Ambitionz Az a Ridah     You dont wanna fuck with me ...
    Tupac's song, Ambitionz Az a Ridah!
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Metal is the best fuck the rest \m/
Metal is the best fuck the rest \m/ : Slayer ~ Angel of Death (Lyrics)     Evil666     Slayer ~ Angel of Death LYRICS: Auschwitz, the meaning of pain The way that I want you to die Slow death, immense decay Showers that cleanse you of your life...
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Cheneade Roper
Cheneade Roper : fuck dis life!! back to jal 4 me bad times, fuck me love hurts as long as u no what love is x x
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Scott Bennett
Scott Bennett :         So because I vote yes I don't?

Fuck you very much.

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George Rock Bake Graham
George Rock Bake Graham :     Fuck me hahahaha inbred cunt     LUKATAR!
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Stacie Schmidt
Stacie Schmidt : Motherhood: The Big Fat Fuck You     Right!
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Jonathan Anarchious Martin
Jonathan Anarchious Martin : Censored News: Black woman kills 12 y.o. white boy with blow torch     You have be dumb. she killed the kid but where the fuck is she going? To prison! Not on vacation paid leave but to prison in our society is so fucking dumb struck it isnt funny. There is no injustice here just idiots looking to make it look like white people receive in justice just because something like this isnt "reported" were as man in authority uses it to murder a kid who surrenders isnt news worth because the victims black.
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NJ Weedman
NJ Weedman : Is More Weed Leaving Colorado By Mail? Yes, According To USPS Stats     Thousands of weed packages make it thru the mail from Colorado - a few get caught.

I got a small package from Colorado a few months ago.

Fuck the law

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Spam :     Chest mondays! hit that chest from all different angles, decided to film some stuff because fuck it!
incase any expert is wondering why I do my chest flys like this and bringing them inward in a 'V' shape it makes me feel maximum contraction!

Enjoy them gainz!    
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Seany Bizzle
Seany Bizzle : I Killed Kenny     fuck, remember I Killed Kenny. they were heroes.
    Previous releases & Remixes on FOUR40 RECORDS / VEX RECORDS / TUMBLE AUDIO / SPEAKERBOX Slewing haters since '09 Advocates of free music. BOOKINGS | PROMOS & CONTACT |
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Scott Gray
Scott Gray : I'm ruffer the day than a was sat Fuck me
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Tommy Whoop
Tommy Whoop : ICP LIVE "FUCK THE WORLD" 10/28/12         ICP LIVE "FUCK THE WORLD" 10/28/12
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Jay Perkins
Jay Perkins : Koran teacher who abused girl is spared jail to help his family - Telegraph     what the fuck is going on in this country ?

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ຫມູງາມ ຫມູງາມ
ຫມູງາມ ຫມູງາມ : Nikki Sexy FUck me now !!!!! (5493)     Ohhhhhhh.Yeahhhhhh.Fuck me now (2817)
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ຫມູງາມ ຫມູງາມ
ຫມູງາມ ຫມູງາມ : Nikki Sexy FUck me now !!!!! (5493)     Ohhhhhhh.Yeahhhhhh.Fuck me now (2817)
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Xie M. Arellano
Xie M. Arellano :         what does the FUCK say ??
#inggitgitgitgitgigitgigit :-P
#hahahard :*

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Katie Woods
Katie Woods : Facebook Profile Picture Rating     THIS IS OFFENSIVE TO ALL OF US HORSE PEOPLE!


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Nacho Montana
Nacho Montana :         Fuck school
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Kyria ExtremelyBlessed Wilson
Kyria ExtremelyBlessed Wilson : Facebook Drug Task Force To Begin Monitoring All Messages October 1st, time to quit or boycott...     Well FB its been real!
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Rita Suszek
Rita Suszek : Body Positivity: Fuck Your #Fatkini Handwringing     this is awesome. Antidote for faux-concerned "thoughtful" pieces. Read the original piece after, you'll see what I mean...
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Miroslav Petrovic
Miroslav Petrovic : Own Your Fuck     This is by far my favourite workshop yet! I have been running workshops and trainings for years - and Own Your Fuck - Embodiment Workshop has set a new benchmark for how much fun can be had while still creating immense transformation.

I am so excited to do it again this Sunday!

What am I talking about? See below:     OWN YOUR FUCK is a full day embodiment workshop for conscious business people, professionals, yogis, coaches, tantrikas, and anyone on a spiritual path wanti...
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