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Muhammad Usama Khalid
Muhammad Usama Khalid : I got into a fight today fucked that nigga up plus I got a video too LMS IF YOU WANT TO BE TAGGED IN IT , BUT first obey my comment below!
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Hooked on Books
Hooked on Books : Here's a short excerpt from Winning Appeal:

I had just finished up my work and shut off my lights. I stepped behind my door to grab my purse just as I heard Mark and Adam pass by my office on their way out. I was about to step out and join them when their conversation stopped me. They obviously hadn’t realized that I was still here.
“Can you die from sexual frustration?”
“You’re not going to die,” Adam replied with a laugh. “Just give up and date her. Then you can bang her all you want and Braden won’t care.”
“It wouldn’t be casual, and I don’t have any experience with serious relationships. The potential for fucking it up is great.”
“Braden and I didn’t either. You’ll figure it out.”
“But what if it didn’t work out? Think of all the awkward. It could affect our friendships, our jobs, everything.”
“So, don’t tell anybody at first.”
“Oh yeah. That’ll work.”
“It’ll work better than your current strategy. You might not die, but at this rate, you could get carpal tunnel.”

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Marco Bigg Mugg Demming
Marco Bigg Mugg Demming :         She just fucked me up. LMFAO! Touché....
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Randomness Mvmt
Randomness Mvmt : I find it unbelievable that some of you dudes are still fuckin these bitches raw after even hearing that her cat was hot. Mannnn I'd rather do the fire challenge wit no water, in hell, eating hot peppers, drinking coffee then fuck some of u females. That's the real fire challenge #juice
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Yasmin Villalobos
Yasmin Villalobos : Since Facebook is hella dead 🔫
Who wants a free share?
Might get 200 adds in 5 mins but fuck it right?

Read my 1st comment if I can pick you

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Jenkem Magazine
Jenkem Magazine :     Zered Bassett "just fucking around" !
Listen to his Jenkem Mix playlist here:    
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Redboneshawty Shawtybad Strong
Redboneshawty Shawtybad Strong : Why mfs watching my fuckin status boooooooy bye are u mad or nah bitch u going hurt fucking with a bitch like me cuz I promise dese hands are weapons n im goin hurt yo soul bitch Ian thinking bout u so why are u thinking bout me I guess yo fat ass want 2 fuck me 2 but hoe ion like fat ugly bitches they gotta be bad like myself n bitch u just bad built hahahaha got yo fat ass feeling sum type of way imma make yo ass loose weight fucking stressing n shit over yo babydaddy lol hoe u mad or nah bitch
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Chris Pospishel
Chris Pospishel :         She just fucked me up. LMFAO! Touché....
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Michael Collins
Michael Collins : Watching back on the 2013/14 season from the BPL! And fuck me it was insane.. Liverpool finishing second, fans were just amazing. Hope Liverpool can shock everyone again this season and do the same, but maybe win it ;) haha. Have to be hopeful! #YNWA
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James Donnelly
James Donnelly : To all my young followers thinking of doing that stupid fucking pass out game. I will advise you to please not do it. It's dangerous and just because someone else did doesn't mean you will react the same way. It is the stupidest thing ever and you achieve nothing by doing it. So please don't. Who gives a fuck about a poxy few likes. It's your health at the end of the day.
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wobblecraft : Bear Grillz & The Frim - It's Fucking Dubstep     Bear Grillz + The Frim     Pre-Order: Like Bear Grillz: Follow Bear Grillz: Listen to Bea...
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The Dillinger Escape Plan
The Dillinger Escape Plan : Dillinger Escape Plan - Ten Years On... July 2014 - RoomThirteen - Online Rock Metal Alternative...     We didn't even realize that "Miss Machine" came out ten years ago....ten days ago. I know it seems like we'd have some longwinded look back at it....but maybe at the 25 year mark, I dunno. Here's some people talking about it in retrospect and giving their two cents. If that album means anything to any of you, if that's the "one" that got you here....or hit you at a certain point in your life or musical evolution...let us know. In any case, moving forward! Seriously though that was a really important album for us and we're happy that people seem to be looking back at it now with any kind of reverence. And if you were around then, and you're still here....well fuck...thanks...we appreciate it.

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Brandon Viers
Brandon Viers : So yesterday i was driving home from work. Bumping hard. I got no insurance....
Look in my rear view mirror an i see a newer big black chevy tahoe with lights on the roof hauling ass. I rush to cut the sounds. I check my speedometer to make sure i wasn't speeding which easily happens with me. He turned on his lights as hes like 2 feet from the ass end of my blazer. I pull over after saying fuck like 50 times. Now im nervous as fuck just praying for a miracle. Two police officers get out. They walk up one on each side of my vehicle. He said do you know why i pulled you over? Im thinking in my head i could name a few things, but i said no officer what seems to be the problem? He said do you know you have a brake light out. I said fuck me an the cop laughed. Now im just waiting for them to ask for drivers license,registration and proof of insurance. He only asked for drivers license. Im thinking now like "WOW I FUCKING CAUGHT A BREAK FOR ONCE" he runs my license and walks back an says im not issuing you a ticket but im going to give you a warning. I asked which light was out and its the little ass light on top of my car.the 3rd brake light. Fml

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Ziggy's By The Sea
Ziggy's By The Sea : JUST ANNOUNCED:


Saturday, September 6th
Doors: 8pm | Show: 9pm

Tix on sale 8/1

For Fans Of:
Alabama, Thunderpussy, C.O.C., Buzzov*en, Trans Am, Mastodon, The Fucking Champs, Clutch, Integrity, Neurosis, Melvin, Black Sabbath

Go to ZIGGYSBYTHESEA.COM for more info and tickets.

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Jacob Huish
Jacob Huish : 'the prettiest girls have "A" or "E" in there name'

fucking dull thats mostly every girl cringy fucking begs

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Sofia Victoria Fuentes
Sofia Victoria Fuentes : I’m One Of Those Moms That’s Breastfeeding Her Kid Through Puberty     what the actual fuck
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Sheronda Fox
Sheronda Fox :         She just fucked me up. LMFAO! Touché....
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Carnisha Hamilton
Carnisha Hamilton :     lol dumb as fuck     Fire challenge gone wrong

Hope Boy okay smfh
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Ranger Up Military and MMA Apparel
Ranger Up Military and MMA Apparel : Music Is My Memory     "But the song I really remember hearing was by ACDC. Fucking ‘Thunderstruck.' I remember getting charged up like a teenager before a football game, even though I’d been awake almost constantly for three weeks, fighting, doing interrogations, driving the truck. Living mostly on ephedrine and caffeine. Sleep was for the dead, right? We’d seen plenty of the dead."
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Clarissa Caleb
Clarissa Caleb : I only fuck with my loyal followers fuck the rest :-P
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Allison Weiss
Allison Weiss : I Wanna Get FUCKED By Something Other Than My Life #ShirtsOfWarped
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Jeremy Pape
Jeremy Pape : phones been off all day, trying to spend time with my family for one got damn day. turn it on, have a voice mail of an angry "artist" saying fuck me. lemme go ahead and turn this thang off for the rest of the day. if you need me ima be at church. i can't deal. peace, love and get a life.
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Deadspin : Look At This Stupid Fucking LeBron Shirt     This needs to stop here:
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Anti-Theists. Pro Active Atheists. Opposing Religious Harm.
Anti-Theists. Pro Active Atheists. Opposing Religious Harm. : An old man walks into the local Cathedral and says to the rector, "I would like to join this fucking church."
The astonished man replies, "I beg your pardon, sir. I must have misunderstood you. What did you say?"
"Listen, damn it. I said I want to join this fucking church!"
"I'm very sorry sir, but that kind of language is not tolerated in this church."
The rector leaves his desk and goes into the bishop's study to inform him of the situation. The Bishop agrees that the rector does not have to listen to that foul language. They both return to his office and the Bishop asks the old geezer, "Sir, what seems to be the problem here?"
"There is no damn problem," the man says. "I just won 5 million quid on the fucking lottery and I want to join this fucking church to get rid of some of this fucking money."
"I see," said the Bishop, "and is this cunt giving you a hard time?"


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Douglas Anthony
Douglas Anthony :     FUCK ME
BACKWARDS     Lightning is scary stuff.. - A priceless reaction
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Jonna Wolfgang VonFrankenstein
Jonna Wolfgang VonFrankenstein :         She just fucked me up. LMFAO! Touché....
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James Donnelly
James Donnelly :     Enda kenny here to fuck yo bitch    
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Kelly Esa Chikana Guzman
Kelly Esa Chikana Guzman :     Oh fuck me... zetas fucking animals. No mercy.    
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Porn and Chicken Dance Party
Porn and Chicken Dance Party :     God this is so fucked. Whomever is ghosting this stuff for everyone is just sitting back laughing. What do you guys think?     Believe it or not these are two different tracks. #wherestheoriginality
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Morgan Afton
Morgan Afton : I love it when I take my truck in for a routine oil change and brake check and walk out with $923 less than I walked in with because fuck me, that's why.
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Emilio Rojas
Emilio Rojas : I don't see "emilio" on these new coke bottles w the names on em. Fucked up lol
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Carolina Reyes
Carolina Reyes :     OMG...LMMFPRAO     She just fucked me up. LMFAO! Touché....
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Teetea Brown
Teetea Brown :     Again Again lol     She just fucked me up. LMFAO! Touché....
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Claire Ginge McInhirst
Claire Ginge McInhirst :     Fuck Me, This Made Me Laugh.     Sorry but this is fucken awesome.x
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Perla Serrano
Perla Serrano : I aint the type of female to talk shit about some bitch ion know, but lets be real here sons... How this bitch gone cheat on my brother in law that shes been with for 5 gotdamn years, still fucking with another nigga having an affair with that dude for 2 years, still she was prego and opening her legs to em. Nasty ass hooo. Girls like that disgust me, bitch gone talk shit like she gone do some about it, bitch you aint shit, for a moment i had respect for you, but bitches like you dont get respect but a fucking dick in yo ass, witcho losse pussy. i might take yo shit too hunny, idgaf witcho " im going to call the cops cause you guys wont give my stuff back " call the mufucking cops, but i promise if i see you there aint gone be no talking baby, but a fucking lesson learned. Take care of that baby, who fucking knows who the father is, no shame having ass. Tryna still put child support on my brother in law, lmao fuck that. Lord bless yo pussy, rt haha. Ungrateful bitch.
#jessica silva

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Panda Ruiz
Panda Ruiz : how could you fucking 20 niggas and not be a hoe you fucking hoe
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Calvin Fox
Calvin Fox : Why do people message me shit like your so fucking gay like it's gonna hurt me.. Haha!! No shit I'm gay! I came out my mothers foo foo heels first and my afterbirth was a shiny disco ball!!
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Lance Patrick
Lance Patrick : Who's Fucking: Josh and Debra     Thanks Niiko for sending me this! I can't stop laughing. It's Brilliant!     Subscribe to The Onion on YouTube: In the debut episode of Who's Fucking, Josh and Debra tell the remarkable story of how they first met...
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Jess Hatton
Jess Hatton : I do not care what anyone says, THE CONJURING IS THE SCARIEST FILM IVE EVER WATCHED IN MY LIFE!! I do enjoy a good horror from time to time but fuck me! That's ridiculous!!! Couldn't even watch it to the end! I'm currently laying in bed (in a conservatory) and can hear some weird scraping in the roof. I can't cope anymore. I ring Daisy to try and get my mind off of it n she only goes n makes it worse! I could cry honestly lol! Happy thoughts.... 😰😰😰🙅
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R.E.M. : Mobile Uploads     More awesomeness from roving reporter Chris Sikich who captured The Baseball Project last night at The Press Room, Portsmouth, NH;

Looked very cosy on stage!!! - included in the set was Warren Zevon's 'Bill Lee', ode to Bill 'Spaceman' Lee, who The Baseball Project caught up with when they played in Reading, PA.

Setlist: (Cheers Chris!)

They Are The Oakland A's / Monument Park / Broken Man / 13 / Tony (Boston's Chosen Son) / Fair Weather Fans / Gratitude (For Curt Flood) / The Baseball Card Song / Box Scores / Larry Yount / They Don't Know Henry / Hola America! / Ted Fucking Williams / Buckner's Bolero / Bill Lee / 1976 / To The Veteran's Committee

Harvey Haddix / A Boy Named Cy

Chris H — at The Press Room.     Thanks to The R.E.M. Timeline for this great update from The Baseball Project's show in Portsmouth, NH, last evening.

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Ena Sour Patch
Ena Sour Patch : Dabs are fucking amazing. ✌️💋🙊💍
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Ayo Kee
Ayo Kee :     Ayo Kee - Fucking Or What (Freestyle)
Share, Like, Comment!     Ayo Kee - Fucking Or What (Keemix) Female Freestyle!
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Claudia Jade
Claudia Jade : fed up of always being fucked around. fs, someone decent walk into my life pls :)))))
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Liyah Monet
Liyah Monet :     Lmaoo Tweaking Hoe     Bobby Shmurda Got The Whole World Doing That Fucking Dance
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Maddy Lee
Maddy Lee : that is all kinds of fucked up
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Jacke Panda Chay
Jacke Panda Chay : UNCLE SUSHI JUST FuckeD ME UP
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Chloe Delaney
Chloe Delaney : I'm so glad I've been bullied all my life to finally be able to not take anything to heart, I learnt the hard way and I'm glad I did cause now look where it's got me, I'll stick up for myself no matter what the situation is, I won't keep my mouth closed and let people run my friends down! even your close friends will turn out to be fucking bullies.
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Meghan Boss Montoya
Meghan Boss Montoya : i fucking hate moving.
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Vanessa Buenrostro
Vanessa Buenrostro : Mujer poseída se suicida frente a camara ( EXTREMADAMENTE GRÁFICO)     What the fuck!!     mujer poseída se suicida frente a cámara!
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