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Lucas Barbosa
Lucas Barbosa : MUNICIPAL WASTE - Born To Party     Municipal Waste is gonna FUCK YOU UP!
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Merty Shango
Merty Shango : Carl Edouard - "What The F*ck" ft. Merty Shango (Lyric Video)     They say the music industry is filled with devils.. it maybe true afterall.. As some of you noticed there is a new song streaming with my name on it:
entitled : what the fuck.. I am asking you to please DO NOT support this record as I have not given Carl Edouard nor NöJE Music the Ok to use my voice, my lyrics and/OR my likeness, and they decided to release the song anyway without my consent and to put it on itunes..
Their actions are despicable and disgusting especially after I had worked so closely with them. you must always watch your back people will try to shit on you to get ahead.. again I do not endorse this record nor will I, and I ask you for your support so that you do not endorse this either.
i work very hard for the lyrics I write, and I should not work hard to have my lyrics, voice or my likeness stolen!!     The official lyric video for Carl Edouard & Merty Shango "What The F*ck". Check :
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Simon Layton
Simon Layton : Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - Fangs (NEW)     fuck me.
5 minutes ago - View -
Paul Ennever
Paul Ennever : fuck the British weather! we got sunshine in our hearts glowing Orange
8 minutes ago - View -
Πάνος Κουστούκης
Πάνος Κουστούκης : Ice Cube - Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It     I keep it gangsta, and why should I change that ?
Fuck you all mothafucka's tryna' change rap

14 minutes ago - View -
Fuck you, I'm listening to Guns N' Roses.
Fuck you, I'm listening to Guns N' Roses. : Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy     ;) /Binne     Album - Chinese Democracy
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Melissa Marie Green
Melissa Marie Green : Melissa Marie Green updated her status.     All I want to do is get money & fuck
19 minutes ago - View -
Marcella Arguello
Marcella Arguello : Fuck no. RT @rahulsm58: @marcellacomedy can i hug u
28 minutes ago - View -
Barto Zalewski
Barto Zalewski : Turkish provocation by Albanians || Albania vs Armenia     Support to Armenia from Poland,fuck albanian savage:
WE POLISH NATION RECOGNIZED TURKISH GENOCIDE 1915-1917?     First Armenian Front (FAF) in Albania. 29.03.2015
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Satyricon : Satyricon on Instagram: “Fuck yeah! Satyricon takes on Insta! Follow for behind the scenes...     Follow us on Instagram for behind the scenes photos and videos from "The Dawn Of A New Age" tour!
36 minutes ago - View -
MIKKO :     #begg4mercy #EnjoyinLife #beattotothefuckuppt2 #fuckindustrien #fuck #indu #strien #slasketsøndag #InFamous #instalikes #hvadfuckskuviellerslaaaave #gørhvafvihatlysttil #brrrroooobrobromo    
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37 minutes ago - View -
Margaret Willis #QueenOfTwerk
Margaret Willis #QueenOfTwerk :     Hey babes just something quick that's on my mind .... Out with the old in with the new Sometimes we hold on to things hoping they will work but we know deep down its not , sometimes we see more potential in people then they see in themselves . Fuck money and looks does he support your mind your heart your spirit most importantly YOU    
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42 minutes ago - View -
Jarren Benton
Jarren Benton :     2 more days until we fuck up your city. The Slow Motion tour with special guest GOLDYARD & Scotty ATL. Get tickets and meet & greet passes at link    
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The RAGE PAGE :     Absolutely pointless but look cute as fuck    
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Panic! At The Disco
Panic! At The Disco :         America, Fuck Yeah! We’re playing in Indianapolis on the Fourth of July for the 2015 INDYpendence Day Street Fest Concert for Cancer. Tickets go on sale Friday
1 hour ago - View -
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Inspector Dubplate
Inspector Dubplate :         Interstellar Live at the Royal Albert Hall whilst Hans Zimmer conducts a 60-piece orchestra simultaneously.

Warm up acts: Steven Hawking, Christopher Nolan, Brian Cox & Michael Cane. Fuck yeah

1 hour ago - View -