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Lynda Smith

The startling statistic showed Britain is the most relaxed EU country for issuing passports to foreigners, and is the world’s most popular destination for legal and illegal migrants. It eclipses second place Germany which naturalised just 115,000 migrants in 2012. Indians, Pakistanis and Nigerians made up the bulk of immigrants to Britain. Alp Mehmet, of Migration Watch, said: “It is absolutely essential we continue to bear down on non-EU migrants while restricting the flow from other EU countries.” Steven Woolfe, of Ukip, said: “This report shows the unsustainable levels of ­immigration." Mr Woolfe added that his party would cap immigration to the UK at 50,000 a year and limit state benefits and healthcare to those who have been here at least five years. Across the EU, Moroccans were the biggest single group moving to the continent ­followed by Turks, Indians, Ecuadorians and Iraqis. The Home Office insisted British citizenship was a "privilege, not a right" and blamed the figures on "uncontrolled" levels of immigration under the last Labour government. — with Serge Portal.    

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Solara Eclipsed
Solara Eclipsed : Eric Starwalker    
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