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Stormi Moskal
Stormi Moskal : Ok, this better not be one of my marketing students. Just received a lovely letter from celebrity cruises offering me a widows luxury life living on a cruise ship. 1. I do not like cruises. (My worst vacation). 2. Even tell others to try other cruise vacations(even when I was a travel agent I talked them out of cruising)...3. Not independently wealthy..(170,000 a year to live in a shoe box and dance with a pro not an option)= 4. Finally and most do I live like a widow with my husband. (Whom I love with all my heart.)
Truly they need better target marketing...

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Patrick Studios Australia
Patrick Studios Australia : Timeline Photos     Congratulations to Amy Lee & Kathleen Watson who have been offered and accepted contracts for 2015 with Celebrity Cruises. Special mention to Claudia Elzaibak, William Edwards & Ned Zaina who were also offered contracts but have previous engagements. Excellent achievement by all!    
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Marty Ferguson
Marty Ferguson : Marty Ferguson     Might as well vacation in a condo instead of hotel room for just a little more. Sometimes LESS
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Get Cruise Jobs
Get Cruise Jobs : Click here to learn more --> - Celebrity Cruises is looking for inspired global professionals who believe in success through commit...
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