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Records with Merritt
Records with Merritt : My Favorite Music Related Events of 2014    
35 seconds ago - View -
Marion Merritt
Marion Merritt : My Favorite Music Related Events of 2014    
48 seconds ago - View -
Talmadge Sanders
Talmadge Sanders : "Fast & Furious 6" Director Justin Lin to Helm "Star Trek 3"     Bad Idea... Imagine a bunch of pep boys aftermarket accessory equipped starships racing for pink slips. the everybody drinking nasty ole Corona.
6 minutes ago - View -
Jocelyn Galia
Jocelyn Galia : POEA warns recruitment agencies: No placement fee for New Zealand jobs     Meron Caz? To too bad yan_? For the boys only ba?
8 minutes ago - View -
Beirne Beaty
Beirne Beaty : Assisting the Hoke Co. Animal Shelter in Raeford, NC    
10 minutes ago - View -
Zana Nicole Hicks
Zana Nicole Hicks : 'The Blind Side' woman does something racist, gets retweeted by white people    
12 minutes ago - View -
Kimberly Sue Danner
Kimberly Sue Danner : Lacey and Christian Buchanan     Love this
15 minutes ago - View -
Natasha Goolcharran
Natasha Goolcharran : Girls i have a game for you. Once you read this you must send it to 10 of your favourite girls Youur next 5 days will be like this:Day 1: You will wake up to find the biggest shock of your life. Day 2: You will cross paths with and old friend you have missed. Day 3: You will come to find yourself with A LOT of money. Day 4: Your day will be perfect. Day 5: The love of your life will fall head over heels in love with you. Just wanted to let you know your one of my top favorite girls!Your supposed to Passs it on to the most beautiful girl No Send Backs.
18 minutes ago - View -
Sammy Wonder
Sammy Wonder : Testimonies of ex-satanist in Africa | Testimonies Of Heaven And Hell-Life After Death, Near Death E    
19 minutes ago - View -
Mohammed Islam
Mohammed Islam : Basic Rules (STFU I HAVE TO DO THIS)
1. If you're tagged you have to do it.
2. Tag 3 people.
3. If you're tagged twice you don't have to redo it.
4. Have fun.
Questions are:
1. Last time you cried (recently cuz of gurl problems)
2. Boys You Trust- Sal (not really), Manal (not really), Henry (not really), and Shafin (ftw)
3. Girls You trust- you're funny ( all of them either go AWOL or take the easy way out)
4. Last time you sat on Santa's lap- doesn't that creep have a wife? HELL NO!!
5. Favorite video game- REALLY HARD CHOICE I SWEAR- Grand Theft Auto V (or 5 for the newbs)
6. Who do you wish to talk to more often: Smart gamers who are easy to talk to and are tolerant of wierd shit
7. Something weird that happened to you: Life
8. Favorite movie: Taken (i will find you and i will kill you)
9. Television shows you miss: Chowder and Breaking Bad
10. Favorite Sports team ever: any good basketball team
11. Languages you speak: English, Some Bengali (sylheti power bitches) and 3rd grade spanish
12. Confession: I have hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia and ilove bad bitches. that's my fuckin problem
13. Listening to: Ni**as In Paris by Kanye West ft Jay Z
14. plans for tomorrow: GTA scrublord lel
15. What should you be doing instead of answering this: Found poem lel
Nomination time biatches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nasrat Takoor Angela Jeshili Jerry FatTony Ye
like for Olympus
ignore for 360 noscoping

21 minutes ago - View -
Kayla Harris-Adams
Kayla Harris-Adams : I can make the bad boys good for a weekend
24 minutes ago - View -
Lynn Thomson
Lynn Thomson : Well...Maybe The Book of Mormon Is True After All    
28 minutes ago - View -
Fatt Boii Dean
Fatt Boii Dean : Darryl Scott Jr.     Boot-L'eggs on Demand Holla at any one of us ,need Music we got dat,,Rap,R&B,country,gospel,rock n roll, jazz,even classical holla Bk!!!!
30 minutes ago - View -
Abbey Elizabeth
Abbey Elizabeth : nice to meet you, where you been? I could show you incredible things, magic, madness, heaven, sin. Saw you there, an thought oh my god, look at that face. You look like my next mistake. Loves a game, wanna play? I can read you like a magazine. Aint it funny, rumors fly? I know you heard about me, lets be friends. Im dying to see how this one ends. Grab your passport and my hand, i can make the bad boys good for a weekend. So, its gonna be forever or its gonna go up in flames. You can tell me when its over, if the high was worth the pain. Got a long list of ex lovers, they will tell you im insane. Cause you know i love the players, & they love the game.
31 minutes ago - View -
Robin Glaze-Zoetewey
Robin Glaze-Zoetewey : All For The Glory Of God     Robby Glaze
35 minutes ago - View -
April Tate
April Tate : All For The Glory Of God     Yes Virginia ! There REALLY WAS A SANTA CLAUS
41 minutes ago - View -
Mark Manning
Mark Manning : My Favorite Music Related Events of 2014    
42 minutes ago - View -
Al Quint
Al Quint : Sonic Overload playlist for 12/22...    
51 minutes ago - View -
Rebecca Moon
Rebecca Moon : Stripped Raw by Rebecca Moon     Hi guys. I know some of you have had trouble viewing the sneak peak of Stripped Raw. Here is the link. Just click on and enjoy.
52 minutes ago - View -