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Heather Vapes Johnston
Heather Vapes Johnston : Zephyr Mechanical Mod    
4 minutes ago - View -
David Wise
David Wise : Zephyr Mechanical Mod    
26 minutes ago - View -
Fred A Ogwo
Fred A Ogwo : Activate Nigeria    
43 minutes ago - View -
Jason Kile
Jason Kile : Zephyr Mechanical Mod    
48 minutes ago - View -
Jason Kile
Jason Kile : Zephyr Mechanical Mod    
48 minutes ago - View -
Ashley Vik
Ashley Vik : THE BOYS ARE OUT!!! I REPEAT THE BOYS ARE OUT BAD!!! (3 ppl pulled over on 94 alone) And they not playing!! Stay safe y'all
57 minutes ago - View -
Lynn Hart
Lynn Hart : Here comes the snow.....da da da da comes the snow, I say, It's alright.....da da da da da da da da.........little darling, it sees like years since it's been here.......Yes, the Rambling Man is on the air........or on meds, not to sure which.........I know it is late, but I have nothing else to do on this Friday night. My wife is already in bed and the cat's in the cradle, was on my lap, but now in the cradle........little boys blue.......and the man on the moon. Would like to give a shout out to Rick Luft......I know he has read this before, but this is my show, so I can do what I want. Yes, the snow is coming to Indiana. I'm loving it ! Here is the news.....most of you already know, but I will pass it on. I will begin this Sunday, unless the snow it too bad, preaching at my home church. I will be preaching the whole month of Feb. It is a trial run. Pray for me and I know you are praying for them. My Rambling Man personality and my Preacher Man personality are to separate entities. I do not Ramble when I preach. Continue to pray for Coburn Corners. It was 3 weeks ago today they lost their young preacher. I know it is Friday night and you have other things more important than reading this, so I will be off!
1 hour ago - View -
Tammy Janette Ghent
Tammy Janette Ghent : Well Kristin and Shawn and their boys are staying in their new home tonight actually it is the house that steve and I raised our 3 children in . It seemed really odd but good to see them there tonight . They all seemed happy and tired from the move ( minus Logan no nap today ) it seemed so different seeing Kristin fixing her family's food tonight in the kitchen that at times I felt like a short order cook in. Some meals I fixed 3 different meals to make them all happy . We made a lifetime of memories there a lot of good. Some bad. But it was our family . Our kids played outside they had all of the trees in the front yard named the trees were resturaunts Endless hours playing . Now for the new adventure for the Turner family let the memories begin . Maybe ill have a load of dirt delivered for the backyard for my grandsons to play in
1 hour ago - View -
LePirat DuPic Babakailashnikov
LePirat DuPic Babakailashnikov : Ex-Heimkind Heiko on the Road Again    
1 hour ago - View -
James Kourelis
James Kourelis : Zephyr Mechanical Mod    
1 hour ago - View -