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Carrie Shore Neumiller
Carrie Shore Neumiller : I heard tonite that Andrew is the new leader of young adults ministry. When does that take place? I don't see it on the website
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Njeri Thomi Kariuki
Njeri Thomi Kariuki : Noah Build An ARK!     Looked for this ... Funny... The best of young Bill Cosby ...Remembering this from when I was probably 14 years old... I still remember it... Eunice Kariuki, James Kariuki, Andrew Kariuki... remember this?     Bill Cosby's routine; Noah!
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Andrew Young
Andrew Young : It Will Take You A While To Spot What Is Wrong Here     It Will Take You A While To Spot What Is Wrong Here
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Kim Churchwell
Kim Churchwell : As I watched the news tonight and listened about the young girl from Andrews that took her life because of just gave me a HEAVY heart!!!! Love your kids and Talk to them and Listen to them!!!!!!! They are facing things we did but in a Bigger Way!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love and Kiss on them and assure them that they are loved and excepted no matter what anyone says!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Henry Altenberg
Henry Altenberg : Top ten albums that have changed my life

I would like to give a quick thank you to Matthew Barnard for the nomination. This took way too long, but here it goes...

Past life-lost in the trees
Low end theory-tribe called quest
Kind of blue-miles davis
Black radio 2-Robert glasper
Harvest-Neil young
Family dinner-snarky puppy
Armchair apocrypha-Andrew bird
Solo guitar-ted Greene
Immunity-john Hopkins
Ella and Basie!-count Basie and Ella Fitzgerald

I would like to nominate Christian Flanary Daniel Rico Sebastian Velasco Saffron Moon Schober Sylvan Donenfeld

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David A Dilligaf
David A Dilligaf : Keep everyone traveling to the show In your thoughts, everyone.

Jamiison GMusic
Chris Grimm Gray Andrews
Brixz Widener
J-Sheetz Page
Young Lord
@dj KGee

Safe travels to all

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Andrew Young
Andrew Young : Andrew Young | Music Don't Stop     Andrew Young has a show on 09/19/2014 at 09:00 PM @ Bella Vita in Indianapolis, IN     R&B/Soul | Indianapolis
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Scott D Tennant
Scott D Tennant : Ivan Koloff: The Most Hated Man in America     Wow, I haven't seen this one in a long time, a documentary on one of my all time faves, Ivan Koloff.

I remember going to Greensboro when this was being filmed, along wiwith my son Andrew Tennant and my best friend, Dean Peebles, and spending a good bit of time with Ivan as well, which was pretty darn cool.

On a personl note, right around the 20 minute mark or so the camera pans out and there we are: me, Andrew, and Dean, Andrew was so young, and one of the very very few pictures or vids of my best friend ever, wish I had a way to get a screenshotof that.

Anyways, Uncle Ivan was/is an all time fave of mine, I think old school fans would enjoy this, so here it is.

Ivan Koloff: The Most Hated Man in America:     Russian
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Andrew Young
Andrew Young : Be ready for the Halloween Horror Nights video on #EmptyVessel. Stay tuned, got great footage from tonight!
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Andrew John P. Young
Andrew John P. Young :         Crown 7 water logged office
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Faith Ntx
Faith Ntx : Why Andrew Tahmooressi, Marine held in Mexico, will be home soon     There is reason to hope!!!! ~Faith
"The lawyer for the hastag MarineHeldinMexico says there’s reason for hope: “The video clearly shows customs officials searching the truck long before the search warrant was issued, a point specifically denied by customs officers when they testified. "
"I strongly believe that within the next four weeks U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi will be released from El Hongo Federal Prison in Mexico and able to walk on American soil once again.
Young lawyers are taught to manage expectations. “Under-promise and over-deliver” is the rule – but there are exceptions. When the evidence is coming out so strongly in his favor, an experienced lawyer can take the gamble and say what he really thinks.
I have been providing legal and spiritual support to Andrew and his mom, Jill, since May. I assisted Jill in hiring Fernando Benitez, Andrew’s Mexican lawyer, and have worked closely with him during the last three court hearings.

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Taylor Nichole Braziel
Taylor Nichole Braziel :     Andrew Bennett     This Had Me Dying !!

Add Joseph Young For More ...
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Kev O'Connell
Kev O'Connell :     UPDATE: Tonight we discovered that Stern features live music!

The reviews are in, and here's what the critics had to say:

"I'm loving this!"
-Andrew Roberts

"ugh... these kids are so young"
-Darryl Long

We agreed that this kicks the ambiance up at least half a point, but since we're grading on a curve...

Ambiance: 2/5!!     UPDATE: Tonight we discovered that Stern features live music!

The reviews are in, and here's what the critics had to say:

"I'm loving this!"
-Andrew Roberts

"ugh... these kids are so young"
-Darryl Long

We agreed that this kicks the ambiance up at least half a point, but since we're grading on a curve...

Ambiance: 2/5!!
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Rita Cirillo
Rita Cirillo : Another fun filled day. Started with the mentoring, which was great fun. The young guy I worked with wanted my "demo" painting, so I gave it to him. Forgot to photograph it, but trust me... it was decent. (just saying). When I got back to the conference center after lunch, Andrew Denman was having internet connection problems and needed to get something online for an upcoming show, so I offered to take him to my hotel room where he could connect and take care of business. While he did his computer thing, I read a little and stared off into space... which worked well, since I was a little brain dead after the mentoring. Back at the conference center, I asked Andrew to critique the two paintings that I put into the annual show here. He gave me some very helpful thoughts and an honest critique, which is always appreciated! Then I wandered in to another room and watched John Seery-Lester do another demo -- this time a bear sneaking around a tree. It's fun to listen to his stories of adventures in the wild. His wife, the lovely Susie Seery-Lester talked about copyright issues, as well as telling us which colors John was using as he went along. Another beautiful painting emerged. Next I wandered into Greg Beecham's class at the very end of the day. He was critiquing individual students work. A nice opportunity to hear his thoughts on making paintings work better. Also, tapped into a wildlife photo shoot opportunity (maybe for next year?) up in Montana. Finally, another entertaining presentation by James Gurney -- this time about plein air painting. Many more entertaining stories and a slide show. The man's imagination is incredible. Check out his work in the Dinotopia books. For dang sure, I am getting my ART FIX!
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Shenita Tena
Shenita Tena : Help Support Our Young KINGS!     Today my former students are showing out!!! Another one of my favorite young KINGS has supported my I AM A KING movement. Marcus Andrews thank you so much for all of your support and even being an inspiration to me. You will brand the KING message at GWU perfectly! Ms. D loves ya! And I'll review your personal statement this weekend! Oops for the delay.
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Michael Holmes
Michael Holmes : Need some motivation?     Bryan Hunt Somebodygivesashit Beto Ramirez Zac Young Brooklyn Breezy Paige Bartee Vannah Doll Dori Thompson Josh Barlow Katelyn B Adams Petriciolet Lindsey Beck Taylor Hinojosa Owen Griffith-Zacchara Amy Lynn Yokum Andrew McGlynn Jarrett Mcglynn Michael McGlynn Chris Hedrick Frederick Holmes Tera Blume Brannon Evard Brandon Hunt Leonard Mooso     Watch this before your next meeting or gym session..
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Allyson Brooke
Allyson Brooke :         Andrew MacINNES is now offering guitar lessons...please pass the word! His rates are $15 per 30 minute session OR $25 per 1 hour session (a much better deal). During lessons he can provide a guitar. He can teach any level however his mother feels he would be ideal to work with young people because of his wonderful temperament. He has been playing and studying guitar for 7 years and is very passionate about his music. Please pass the word... (his mother wants him to get part time work!). His contact info is OR 604.671.2720
Thank you.

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Matt Faleafaga
Matt Faleafaga : Congratulations to my younger brother Andrew Faleafaga on graduating year 12. It's been a pleasure to watch you become the brilliant young man you are. I know you have an amazing future ahead of you and you've made our whole family proud knowing you have the world at your feet. Love you bro
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Kathy Larson
Kathy Larson : Happy Birthday to my baby! I can't believe Andrew Larson is 15 today. He is turning out to be an awesome young man. Love you lots Andrew!
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Andrew Young
Andrew Young : Love The Lord our GOD, Pay ATTENTION to Yourself. BECAUSE THE LORD LOVES YOU!
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TJ TeddyBear Collins
TJ TeddyBear Collins :     Andrew Cavazos     This Had Me Dying !!

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WCU Athletic Training / Sports Medicine
WCU Athletic Training / Sports Medicine : A BIG THANK YOU to Andrew Waer, Rachel Dolan, Leeny Tarnowski, Emily Nowicke, and Katie Morrison for taking time to talk to the seniors and answer questions about "Life After Graduation."

We are always looking for people to help guide and mentor our young aspiring professionals and appreciate all that everyone does.

We would like to continue the WCU legacy that all of our alums have established. Nights like this make us very proud to be a part of the WCU Sports Medicine family.

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Valarie Trull Walker
Valarie Trull Walker : Mobile Uploads     Prayers for my buddy Andrew. It breaks my heart to not be with him but I believe God knew that my heart couldn't take seeing him in pain and suffering. He's a very scared young man. The occupational therapist told him today that if he didn't pop his fingers they would do it tomorrow. He has to be back at the hospital at 9:00 a.m. To begin the "intense" therapy. He told me tonight when I called him that he tried his best to move his fingers but it hurt him so bad that he had to stop. The next two days of therapy are crucial. If ever I prayed for supernatural strength and minimal pain it's now! My boy needs his miracle and I believe it's coming but with a price. I told him "no pain no gain!" Even though I wanted to say just come home son and I will love on you! I'm so thankful that when I can't be there with Him that our Heavenly Father will send the comforter to love on him and be so much more than I can be! So what does he need? He needs God to go ahead and move those fingers in his sleep and tomorrow the doctors will be amazed and the difference and Andrew will see the "divine intervention!" Once again I'm making my petitions known! Thanks for the concerns, prayers, and words of encouragement. I truly choose to see the positive in all situations so when Thomas told me tonight that they have ordered Andrew to receive therapy at least three times per week that they are hopeful that the surgery was successful. If they didn't think it was successful therapy would do no good!! Once again I choose to believe!! Goodnight everyone!!     Prayers appreciated!!!
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Denise Johnson Koehler
Denise Johnson Koehler : First Young Life Club of the Year!     This is my son, Andrew, who is the area director for Young Life in Gastonia (Charlotte area) North Carolina. This is a wonderful thing he is doing with these young adults. My daughter in law, Shannon Koehler is also involved with this wonderful program. She's the cheerleader in the SNL skit in this video. Great job Andrew & Shannon. Wonderful turn out to start the year out! ❤️
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Josue Carbajal
Josue Carbajal :     Dixie Martinez Carbajal Andrew Trujillo Corina Sergio Balderas     This Had Me Dying !!

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Darlo Drama
Darlo Drama : Europe | Seymour Centre     EUROPE | Seymour Centre | 10-27 September

Pippa Grandison (Wicked, Underbelly: Razor) and Andrew Henry (All My Sons, Frankenstein) will transport you to the old world of young love – of romance, history and ennui – as they argue and flirt around an unnamed city over 24 hours.

Skewering the clichés we hold dear about Europe, about Australia and about love, Michael Gow’s 1987 comedy Europe returns to the Sydney stage after a long absence.

Slip of the Tongue bring this production, directed by James Beach, to the Reginald following a hit season of Neil LaBute’s Reasons to Be Pretty in 2012 at the Darlinghurst Theatre.

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Douglas Charles Dabb
Douglas Charles Dabb :     Andrew Chapman Joey David Knutson     The donkey at the end killed me
#IceWaterBucketChallenge Fail

Like my page -> Young Paperboyz
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Brenda P Bend
Brenda P Bend : well.......I just cant find enough words to express the out pouring of love we receive Yesterday at my mums funeral .I ...we are all so much more blessed Today than we were Yeasterday.. Pics will follow shortly. ST.Philip parish church was packed young and old, man woman boy and girl ...and indication of a life well lived and LOVE.
Thanks to all who paid tributes...assisted in any way and just lend a helping hand or just being present. We are over whelmed with all the love coming from overseas.My phone was going from early morning ..people still calling in..THANK YOU..THANK YOU..THANK YOU ..and God Bless all of you...........stayed tune for whats coming next...
From....Brenda Bend..
Andrew ,Cassius & Don Shepherd
and Veronica Seale.. we thank you.

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Javier Martinez
Javier Martinez : Relaxed, Confident and Having Fun!         Here's a great find by Drum Talk TV Correspondent Andrew McAuley aka Kind Beats! Check out from Iran, 11-year-old کاکاوند doing this wonderful solo. Andrew describes it perfectly: "Dig not only on the incredible technique this young lady possesses, but at how relaxed and happy she is as well. Not a single stroke feels forced. She's in the zone and even cracking smiles here and there. Very mature playing for what appears to be quite a young musician!"

If you play any hand drums, feel free to post a link to your video in the comment string of this post on our Drum Talk TV page. Remember, you can see all our interviews at
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Gabriel Andrews
Gabriel Andrews : Young Jeezy ft Jay Z - Seen It All (Cover/Remix) by @izzymvosc & @Gabriels world     I think we blessed the game again y'all

#GEM Izzy Mvosc Lee

Shout out to one of the Lawrence Rap Game Vet. Allen Barnes aka Papa Da Don for showing some love. ! Goal is too hit 1k show love!!     FREE DOWNLOAD LINK: DISCLAIMER: *Instrumental produced ENTIRELY music compos...
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Marketta Castle
Marketta Castle : Andrew's Story         In Memory of Michael & Angela Hockensmith Copyrights belong to Andrew Hockensmith (Barbara Lewis)
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