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Reta Palmer
Reta Palmer : Lance Wallnau     Worth taking the time to read...
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Tom Lynch
Tom Lynch : Endless Knots: Medal of Freedom for the Freedom Fighters 50 years later    
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Andrew Challingsworth
Andrew Challingsworth : Well I picked up a trio of Julidochromis regani regani kipili on Friday they are good young sub adults however they where very under fed so I have been conditioning them on micro worm and algae flakes. They look a lot better however I noticed in the Retailer's Aquarium their where six fish with one eye pecked out 'does anybody know about this', is this a nasty fish has anybody seen this before. Cheers all good Andrew G Andrew Challingsworth
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Anamika Rai
Anamika Rai : All competitive exams    
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Steve Gilshenen
Steve Gilshenen : Last Year, When We Were Young by Andrew J McKiernan    
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Andrew Young
Andrew Young : is anyone selling a Wii U?
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Sumit Kumar
Sumit Kumar : All competitive exams    
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J To Da G
J To Da G : The Boston Police Department's revisionist history         A decade after a Boston police officer wrongfully shot a young woman to death after a Red Sox championship win, Police Commissioner William Evans claims the ...
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Thrive Photography by Marama
Thrive Photography by Marama :         The fine young lady that I used to teach many years ago has turned into a princess and she married her prince yesterday. Congratulations Nikita and Andrew! You are so awesome together and you have a great crew backing you up :)
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Adam Browne
Adam Browne : Last Year, When We Were Young by Andrew J McKiernan    
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Alulu JO Kikuyu
Alulu JO Kikuyu : Vincenzo Graziano     Great working with these awesome people :)


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Mike Pitzl
Mike Pitzl : Lance Wallnau    
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Uncles Andrew Young
Uncles Andrew Young : Timeline Photos        
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Indika Ranaweera
Indika Ranaweera : Timeline Photos     අල්ලාගේ බල්ලන්ගේ වැඩ දැන ගන්න එකතු වන්න
ලයික් :
ISIS මුසල්මානු බල්ලො අවු.05 ක්‍රිස්තියානි දරුවෙකු කදෙන් පහලින් කපා මරා දමයි
A most horrifying story was released today, a young Christian boy, the son of an Anglican cleric, was attacked by ISIS Muslims and cut in half, in the area of Qaraqosh. Canon Andrew White, who knew the boy personally, gave a heart breaking lamentation:

I baptised his child in my church in Baghdad. This little boy, they named him after me – he was called Andrew. …This town of Qaraqosh is a Christian village so they knew everybody there was part of their target group. They [IS] attacked the whole of the town. They bombed it; they shot at people. …Only this week I received an email from a friend in Northern Nigeria about an appalling attack on a village, where Christians were killed because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Such horrific stories have become depressingly familiar in countries around the world, including Syria, South Sudan and the Central African Republic. …We must continue to cry to God for peace and justice and security throughout the world. Those suffering such appalling treatment in Iraq are especially in my prayers at this time. — with Amal GajaSingha and 8 others.    

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"Worldwide virtual airlines" : Timeline Photos     Delta Air Lines Boeing B767-332(ER) WL N16065
| Andrew Young sticker | Taxiing to the Runway 16/34 for Departure
@ Zürich Airport / ZRH / LSZH / [ AB ]    

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Yelyse Marshall
Yelyse Marshall :     Lol she got her foodstamps     Hunni My FoodStamps Just Dropped Today!!!! Share This Video If You Know How Im Feeling Yes I Got The Holy Ghost For My FoodStamps Jamiea Porter Jamie'gettinitontrack Roberts Ro'Heem Rohthedancer Reynolds MeMe Roberts Newnew Davis Chastity Roberts De'Nisha Whitfield Bre Marshall Marsha' White Terrell Maye Latifah Maye Aleshia Dha Kidd AL'Mica Indigo Crowell Thekweens Ofthesouth Khia Queen Khiahna Young Tierrah Mo'eshaa Shanita Frison A'drianna Chantal Aaron Jr Latimer Jasmine Clausell Jasmine Franklin Andrew KiddHatchet White Marquezz Powell Amber Beatty Roberts Diamond Deebaby Mayor
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Jesus Guzman
Jesus Guzman : Just woke up from this amazing dream about my series in the future called Grim Tales vol 9: Leviathan, with
Miley Cyrus as a young Ursula
Kathy Bates as Old Ursula
Marilyn Manson as Rumplstilskin
Jeremy Sumpter as an older Peter Pan
Billie Piper as Thumbelina
Ian Somerhalder as Willy Wonka
Jensen Ackles as Mad Hatter
Nick Jonas as a Hybrid
Karen Gillan as Tinkerbell
And Andrew Garfield as a Scarecrow.
Pretty crazy dream huh lol

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Paul Coyne
Paul Coyne : Old Man (acoustic Neil Young cover) - Mike Masse and Jeff Hall     Andrew C Higgins "Old Man"     Acoustic cover of Old Man by Neil Young, performed by Mike Masse and Jeff Hall. Available on iTunes!
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Djtoons : House & Electro P&P    
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All Saints, Edmonton, London
All Saints, Edmonton, London : COLLECT FOR CHRIST THE KING.
Eternal Father, whose Son Jesus Christ ascended to the throne of heaven that he might rule over all things as Lord and King: keep the Church in the unity of the Spirit and in the bond of peace, and bring the whole created order to worship at his feet; who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

10am Parish Eucharist with Baptisms: Ezekiel 34:11-16,20-24, Ephesians 1:15-end, Matthew 25:31-end.
followed by Confirmation Class for Young People.
2-5pm Sustrans Safer Streets Christmas Event.
6pm Evensong: Psalm 93, II Samuel 23:1-7, Matthew 28:16-end.

Monday 24th November: St Andrew Dung-Lac.
9am Morning Prayer.
2-4pm Church Hall: 55s and over group.

Tuesday 25th November: St Catherine of Alexandria.
4.30pm Evening Prayer.
7.30pm The Vicarage: Advent Gospel Studies Course – The Gospel According to St Mark.

Wednesday 26th November: St John Berchmans.
9am Morning Prayer.
9.30am Eucharist.
4.30pm Evening Prayer.

Thursday 27th November: Sts Facundus and Primitivus.
9am Prayers for Parents, Grandparents and all who Care for Children.

Friday 28th November: St Catherine Laboure.

Saturday 29th November: Day of Intercession and Thanksgiving for the Missionary Work of the Church.

10am All-Age Eucharist: Isaiah 64:1-9, Mark 13:24-end.
followed by Confirmation Class for Young People at The Vicarage.
6pm Evensong: Psalms 25, Isaiah 1:1-20, Matthew 21:1-13.

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Ann Patrice O'Shaughnessy
Ann Patrice O'Shaughnessy : Endless Knots: Medal of Freedom for the Freedom Fighters 50 years later    
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Aimee Christine Napier
Aimee Christine Napier : Lance Wallnau     Later
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Dre Patrice
Dre Patrice : Young & Dumb CLEAN     Out of all my NEW ones, this is by far one of my favorites . This is a fun track in which I in-tell of my epiphany on how much wiser I/a person became/becomes after self-reflection. All ages can relate to this 1 simply because no matter what the age, If you've ever learned anything in life it is that you can always learn more. Just enjoy yourself and what life you have because someone else's is always worse. Listen, Like AND/OR Share & ENJOY     One of MY favorites out of my NEW songs. This is a fun track in which I in-tell of my epiphany on how much wiser I became from reflecting on my past mistakes. I think younger or older, All ages can re
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Andrew Young
Andrew Young : Timeline Photos     With Kundan Kumar and 5 others.     Jenny Spain this goes for you
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Andrew T Young
Andrew T Young : Andrew T Young added a life event: Got a Car.     First cop car I owned 98 crown Vic 4.6L police interceptor.
1 hour ago - View -
Namita Toriya
Namita Toriya : Bank Exam Guide - Knowledge Enhancer    
1 hour ago - View -
Myra Hogeda
Myra Hogeda :         So, so PROUD of this handsome, intelligent young man, I call my baby...he has worked so hard and is ready to start a new chapter in his life (college) good luck Andrew Casillas, we love you
1 hour ago - View -
Wil ter Maat
Wil ter Maat :     THE ARE SAFE WOEHOEEEEE     These young pups were brought into Putnam County Animal Control in Palatka Fl. They are so terrified by being there. Please help save these innocent lives before their time runs out at this high kill shelter!♡ 386-329-0396 Amanda Selk Charlie Aller Spradling Berry Norris Josie Norris Lee Thomas Pattie Binda Christine Rominger Lori Carpenter Brenda Grinnell Bellar Ana's Angels Jamie Johnson Summer Swindell Kathy Burnett Sherry Eckman Kellie J Bott Sharon Keech Melissa DeFlorian Andrews
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Andrew T Young
Andrew T Young : Andrew T Young added a life event: Got Married.     To my best friend and the true love of my life
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Andrew T Young
Andrew T Young : Andrew T Young added a life event: Got a Pet.     Found Cali Princess at Conoco
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Constance Suezette Earlyn Hallford
Constance Suezette Earlyn Hallford : Cassia Jaide McRoberts     There's no age on love babygirl!! Go with your heart but use your head! Love you Auntie Missie
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Yosep Betkolia
Yosep Betkolia : It’s the end for Iraqi Christians

Canon Andrew White, the ‘Vicar of Baghdad’, has been ordered home against his wishes with a £36m Isis bounty on his head. He is terrified for the flock he has left behind

Josh Glancy Published: 23 November 2014

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Canon Andrew White says British Christians must wake up to the horrors facing fellow believers in the Middle EastCanon Andrew White says British Christians must wake up to the horrors facing fellow believers in the Middle East (Jeremy Young)

Andrew was five years old when he encountered Isis. He was the son of a founding member of the Anglican Church in Baghdad and named after the vicar of that church, Canon Andrew White. When Isis soldiers attacked the Christian town of Qaraqosh in August they cut the boy in half.

White has the optimism of the truly religious but he found this news devastating.“You can’t stop yourself despairing. You can only despair in that situation.”

In parts of the Middle East, Christianity is in danger of extinction. In 1991 there were 1.5m Christians in Iraq. Today there may be as few as 300,000. In Syria and Egypt, in places where there have been churches for almost two millennia, Christians are being persecuted and killed and their places of worship destroyed.

A report by the Pew Research Centre think tank in Washington found Christianity to be the world’s most oppressed

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Andrew Young
Andrew Young : 17 words and phrases you would only ever hear in Nottinghamshire     Katie Lee just 4 u. Be better than u keep saying wat u n about bingo!
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