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MiNX : ... Well ... we didn't win #1 at the "Best of Utah Music/Bands" and we haven't gotten the callback to continue on "America's Got Talent" ...
Thank goodness for all of your love and support ... because of you it's just a lil' bummer instead of a huge setback :) ... Nothin' like a dash o' disappointment to stoke our fire~ we're writing, we're booking all the shows, having a little meeting tomorrow with One World Media Productions to plan out some of our next visual escapades ...

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Blue Ridge Marathon
Blue Ridge Marathon : MARCHFOURTH MARCHING BAND - Dynomite - live @ The Gothic     In honor of today being March 4th, we wanted to share the sounds of MarchFourth! (as seen on America's Got Talent and heard in movie Monsters Univeristy). They'll be playing a free concert in Elmwood Amphitheater April 17 as part of the marathon and Down by Downtown.     LIKE us on FACEBOOK VISIT us @ FOLLOW us on TWITTER!/moboogievids M...
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Sherin Vigil
Sherin Vigil : america's got talent 2012 pole dance    
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On-Camera Audiences, Inc.
On-Camera Audiences, Inc. :         We are having a blast in New Jersey at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) filming the auditions for America's Got Talent season 10 #agt10
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KC Psych Magician
KC Psych Magician : Well everyone America's Got Talent has started filming and production in New Jersey. So the only way I'll be on the show is if I get the call and go to Los Angeles in April. Fingers crossed
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I Love Healthy Living
I Love Healthy Living : Americas Got Talent 2011 -THE BEST SIX YEAR OLD DANCER EVER .     This little guy is going to dance his way into your heart and by lunchtime, you'll be doing his moves!!!     Americas Got Talent 2011 - THE BEST SIX YEAR OLD DANCER EVER .
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Regina Tanner
Regina Tanner : No Place     Take a look at the upcoming events. More posted every month. Lots of great bands. Like Tate Stevens winner of the X-factor. Justin Adams, American Hitmen from Americas got talent and those are just a few.
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WWEXstream : Randy Orton is not amused     AMERICAS GOT TALENT AUDITION ????
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BuzzHorn : BuzzHorn (@buzzhornmedia) posted a photo on Twitter     Howard Stern Returning to 'America's Got Talent' | SEE MORE AT | #Entertainment
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Fine Jokes
Fine Jokes : Wendy Liebman Female Comedian Jokes About Her Marriage America's Got Talent 2014     Wendy Liebman Female Comedian Jokes About Her Marriage America's Got Talent 2014     Wendy Liebman Female Comedian Jokes About Her Marriage America's Got Talent 2014 From: America Talent Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 02:30 More in People & Blogs
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Passos no Sótão - por D. Mombi Gale
Passos no Sótão - por D. Mombi Gale : Kenichi Ebina ALL PERFORMANCE America's Got Talent 2013         Please subscribe! Kenichi Ebina is a solo self-taught dance performer, started out dancing Freestyle HipHop and expanding his style to Poppin', Lockin', Mime...
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Gong radió
Gong radió : ☆"Britains Got Talent or Americas Got Talent ♥ Connie Talbot WOWs Simon Cowell !"     You won't believe which of your favorite celebs have had a nip and tuck! #5 is extreme! Download album:
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