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Willie Hicks
Willie Hicks : Gary Lee    
19 minutes ago - View -
Meagan O'Brien
Meagan O'Brien : THE KATIE SULLIVAN BAND     Like it up y'all they have an hit to be on Americas got talent and they deserve it seen them from my day one and all great ppl with amazing talent whoop whoop!!!!!
45 minutes ago - View -
Tiffani Chanel's BeautySupply
Tiffani Chanel's BeautySupply : Travis Pratt, unbelievable opera Singer on Americas got Talent 2013 and a marriage proposal     This sweet couple has been visiting with us all morning at our South Salon. They are both singers. Check them out locally (Houston)     Unbelievable opera Singer on Americas got Talent 2013 and a marriage proposal Song: O mio babbino caro Travis Pratt Youtube Channel:
Watch the video: video

54 minutes ago - View -
Aranda Oscar Dario
Aranda Oscar Dario :         Dragon force National Demo Team in Richmond, Virginia last night at Americas Got Talent Auditions. 757-468-1643
Watch the video: video

56 minutes ago - View -
Alyssa Felecia Dougherty
Alyssa Felecia Dougherty : Alyssa Felecia Dougherty added a life event: First Met Someone.     At the auditions of Americas got Talent at houston. Randomly met him honestly thought he was weird lol he is gonna kill me. Haha my friend made fun of him. But I didn't he was a nice kid. Didn't see him for a year saw him at my job one day and he kinda stalked me. But bought sunglasses to get close. I asked him later if that was him and then boom continued to this day
1 hour ago - View -
Rachel Ann Cook
Rachel Ann Cook : They Were Nearly Booed Off Stage…Until They Did THIS And Shocked Everyone!!     Wow this is going to be the two young brothers from Americas got talent in ten years
1 hour ago - View -
Royal SouthernCharm
Royal SouthernCharm : Anyone interested in trying out for Americas Got Talent? We have a hook up with one of the casting producers & we can get you all you need to audition! #rscpageantry
1 hour ago - View -