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Amparo Muñoz
Amparo Muñoz : blue journey show Americas Got Talent 2014         blue journey show Americas Got Talent 2014
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Beer Garden Sono Oktoberfest
Beer Garden Sono Oktoberfest :     here's another promo code for you all to use: kunjancollective1 ...cheers!
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Marisa Do Nascimento Silva
Marisa Do Nascimento Silva : Blue Journey "Shadow Dance" - Americas got Talent 2014     Blue Journey "Shadow Dance" - Americas got Talent 2014 Soundtrack by Radiohead - Street Spirit
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Pierre Willers
Pierre Willers : David Smit    
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Доставка Цветов
Доставка Цветов : Blue Journey "Shadow Dance" - Americas got Talent 2014     Blue Journey "Shadow Dance" - Americas got Talent 2014 Soundtrack by Radiohead - Street Spirit
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Sadam Goytom
Sadam Goytom : The EriAm Sisters I Want You Back - Americas Got Talent Audition 2009    
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Nicodemus Ramos
Nicodemus Ramos : WP_20140929_006.mp4     Americas got talent, DT corpus Christi!    
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Candace Young
Candace Young :     This was so cute and funny!, #AmericasGotTalent?    
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Milo K. Falconi
Milo K. Falconi :         While re-reading HP, I saw this and had to share (it's no exactly in "Hagrid")
"Dumbledore was The one who stuck up for me after dad went. Got me the gamekeeper job...trusts people, he does. Give'em second chances...that's what sets him apart from other heads, see. He'll accept anyone at Hogwarts as long as they have got the talent. Knows people can turn out okay...even if their families weren't at all that respectable. But some don't understand that. There's some who'd always hold it against you...there's some who'd even pretend they just had big bones rather then stand up and say... I am what I am, and I am not ashamed. Never be ashamed, my old dad used to say there is some who'll hold it against you, but they are not worth bothering with..."

Dumbuldore: old head master of H-school
Hagrid: half wizard, and giant

Lesson: I don't care how old you are, look at dumbuldore, he just helps anyone who needs him, no matter what your background may be. He belives everyone deserves a chance, even when everyone else is against it, its nice to have someone say, I care and love you...There is nothing wrong with you. Keep moving on.

You can be like my drawing, or you can be like those two kids who sang heavy metal at Americas got talent. (Those are just my kids xD Kellie?)

Heavy metal kids:
Glbtqia help:

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Spirit Godkin
Spirit Godkin :     You don't see that on Americas got talent..     .:Share:.
- Now in days girls don't even cook. These girls dance sing and even did these creepy moves ;0 The Ross Sisters (1944)

Instagram UrbanKings
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Steve Cheatwood
Steve Cheatwood :     LIKE TO SEE THESE GUYS ON AMERICAS GOT TALENT......     This version of AC/DC Thunderstruck is AMAZING! You never heard anything like this! LOVE it, YOU?
Follow these guys!

You have to make your friends see this!! :)
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Jerimahian West
Jerimahian West :     i wouldnt be surprised to see them perform on americas got talent! you gotta watch this!     Meanwhile on the Train *AWESOME VID*
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Javon Rucker
Javon Rucker : So the Americas Got Talent auditions are in November, any singer wanna go with me as a duo? Lol foreal tho
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Mike Hogg
Mike Hogg : Real Life Ministries    
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Liezel Schlebusch
Liezel Schlebusch : Japanese Guy REDEFINES Dance FOREVER!         How is he Even HUMAN?? Kenichi Ebina / ebiken / 蛯名健一 Changes Dance FOREVER! With Unbelievable Cross Platform Moves! on 2013 Americas Got Talent

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