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Michael Gartley
Michael Gartley : Protesters released from jail     It's funny, I told wsbtv I was then pulled to the ground, my head was slammed into the asphalt, officer Cornelius then held me down by the neck with the full weight of his body, restrained me and detained me all in less than one minute of exiting his police vehicle because I was backing off the streets slowly with my hands in the air and this is the clip they choose to air... Thanks wsbtv, dare we air the sad truth??? Until we are given justice, I have no peace to offer. Thank you Tim Franzen and Shabnam Bashiri with American Friends Service Committee, Patrick Farnsworth, Jon Cody Richter, Jesse Buchanan, Tyler Cameron, Aaron Baumoel, and Jennifer Lott with Project Backbone, and the Georgia Fund for Civil Disobedience. If it weren't for you guys all 17 of us detainees would be stuck in jail, we wouldn't ALL be united in our court cases and we wouldn't have experienced and dedicated lawyers highly interested in everything we have to say. Rise up Atlanta!!!     Channel 2's Liz Artz talks to protesters as they were released from jail Wednesday morning.
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WSB-TV : Macy's Great Tree Lighting     We're just a few hours away from a Thanksgiving tradition here in Atlanta -- Macy's Great Tree Lighting! Here's some video from the magical moment in 2008.

Make plans to head down to Lenox Square with your family - or watch the tree lighting right here on Channel 2 at 5pm.

Here are details on this year's performers and video of the lighting as far back as the 60s:    
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Lia Halpert
Lia Halpert : Timeline Photos     Today, we are thankful for our WSB-TV family -- those spending their holiday here at the station, out in the field, and at home. We're lucky to have such a great team every day of the year.

What are you thankful for?    

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