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Chris Matthews
Chris Matthews : Tractor trailer crash blocking I-85 in Barrow County    
2 minutes ago - View -
Scott Martin
Scott Martin : CDC: Flu at highest level in Georgia     Michael G. Wilson
3 minutes ago - View -
Curtis Funi Henry Jr.
Curtis Funi Henry Jr. : CDC: Flu at highest level in Georgia    
36 minutes ago - View -
Bring the Teamsters to Fed Ex Freight
Bring the Teamsters to Fed Ex Freight : Tractor trailer crash blocking I-85 in Barrow County Hope the driver is ok.
42 minutes ago - View -
Michael Traupman
Michael Traupman : Timeline Photos     The world's oldest water, which is locked deep within the Earth's crust, is present at a far greater volume than was thought, scientists report.

The liquid, some of which is billions of years old, is found many miles beneath the ground.

Researchers estimate there is about 2.5m cu miles of it - more water than all the world's rivers, swamps and lakes put together.

The study was presented at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.

It has also been published in the journal Nature.

The team found that the water was reacting with the rock to release hydrogen: a potential food source.

It means that great swathes of the deep crust could be harboring life.     From Glen Burns at WSB-TV in Atlanta.

45 minutes ago - View -
Tim Landrum
Tim Landrum :    
50 minutes ago - View -
Ruth Boatwright
Ruth Boatwright : CDC: Flu at highest level in Georgia    
1 hour ago - View -