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Teri Cali
Teri Cali : Focus Official Trailer #2 (2015) - Will Smith, Margot Robbie Movie HD     this looks like good movie to go see
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AaMir AdEeb
AaMir AdEeb : Why you will fail to have a great career | Larry Smith | TEDxUW     inspirational talk
1 minute ago - View -
V-103 The People's Station
V-103 The People's Station : Will Smith Performs 'Summertime,' Takes Awkward Question From Jazzy Jeff on 'Kimmel'     How'd you like this "Fresh Prince" moment?

Will Smith Performs 'Summertime,' Takes Awkward Question From DJ Jazzy Jeff on Jimmy Kimmel Live

2 minutes ago - View -
David Bachelor
David Bachelor : Connie Smith - "There Will Be Peace In The Valley For Me" | Live at the Grand Ole Opry | Opry     One of my favorites by my favorite. / Bach

2 minutes ago - View -
Gabor Biro
Gabor Biro : Will Smith - Miami    
5 minutes ago - View -
Milan Doroslovacki
Milan Doroslovacki : Sam Smith - Stay With Me     ....will you hold my hand?
10 minutes ago - View -
Kasia Stachowiak
Kasia Stachowiak : Focus Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Will Smith, Margot Robbie Movie HD    
13 minutes ago - View -
901 Place Apartments
901 Place Apartments : Will Smith Raps For The Late Show Audience - David Letterman     Calling all Will Smith fanssss!    
Watch the video: video

17 minutes ago - View -
Owen Richard Mohammed
Owen Richard Mohammed : "Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing" (w/ Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith)     Just some laughs,enjoy.
21 minutes ago - View -
Rafael Ricardo Madrid Martinez
Rafael Ricardo Madrid Martinez : Will Smith Raps For The Late Show Audience - David Letterman     so what
24 minutes ago - View -
Ann Warren
Ann Warren : Margaret Hill- Dodds £66.20

Suzie Heaslip £24.80

Caroline Sturdy Bird Thompson £17.80

Lin Graham £6.50

Gilly Seymour £12.60

Vikki Cullwick £3.85

Maria Garner £7.60

Anne Mcilhargey £1.80

Gillian Hughes £2.30

Tricia-Jane Smith £2.80

Bernie Lottie£6.50

Adele Brooks £5.80

Deborah Ashman £3.60

Angela Hart £2.80

Karen King £9.20

Sue Hyde-east £3.80

Please make payment to items when paid for will be posted tues/wed of next week, many thanks for supporting Mission Bella Rescue uk xxx

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Women's Service League of Sedalia
Women's Service League of Sedalia : Cupid's Ball update - the Ball will take place as planned - 6:30 pm - 9 pm tonight at Smith-Cotton High School!
36 minutes ago - View -
Oto Abramishvili
Oto Abramishvili : Focus Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Will Smith, Margot Robbie Movie HD     mmmmmm nice movie focus mokus
38 minutes ago - View -
Nikola Simonaj
Nikola Simonaj :
42 minutes ago - View -
Shelley Phillips
Shelley Phillips : Will Smith on Being Sexy     ;)
45 minutes ago - View -
Skill Master Motorcycle Services
Skill Master Motorcycle Services :     Motorcycling Tip #86
A while ago Radio presenter Chris Smith, from Sydney's 2GB, came on a Skill Master Up Skilling Course. This video is from Chris and a huge thanks to him for providing it. Anyone reading these tips regularly knows training is a passion for us and it isn't to just provide a few hours of riding fun where people feel they have done some neat tricks and can now say they ride more appropriately.
It is about so much more than that.
Courses are personal (only ten in a class), deal with your level of skill (from learners to those with years of experience), so everyone benefits, and are about technique and getting the bike to do what it can, when you need it to.
Kart tracks are used for group courses for this reason, so you can practice skills which, if developed, will help you to react well when either you 'overcook it' or someone tries to take your piece of road. In other words, it is a case of 'when,' not 'if.'
So if you would like to improve skills, come along to a course soon and see for yourself.
Next Level 1 Up Skilling course is at Cameron Park, near Newcastle on March 20th.
Next Sydney course is 26th March at Picton.
See the website for details.
If you have a group of mates (minimum 6) who would like to complete a course, we will organise one for you. Groups of up to three can be accommodated also.    
Watch the video: video

47 minutes ago - View -
Miami Herald
Miami Herald : 'Focus' (R)     MOVIE REVIEW: A quick pace and a charismatic leading man go a long way toward preventing the audience from thinking too much about what’s happening or considering the ugly side of identity theft, or the fact that they have far more in common with the faceless, hapless stooges Nicky (Will Smith) robs than Nicky himself.
49 minutes ago - View -
Donald Hull III
Donald Hull III :         Sorry wanted to repost since i messed up lol. Anyways i have a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380 im willing to trade for a bigger gun like a 9mm. My wife decided after firing my M&P 40 she wanted a handgun like mine that fits better in her hand. We bought this gun on February 13th at rural king for 329.99. This will come with 22 rounds of hollow points, 40 rounds of FMJ, soft carry case, soft holster, box, papers and 2 mags. Please comment or pm me if interested. Thanks
50 minutes ago - View -
Focus :         "I had what I needed and then, a girl walked in"
Book tickets to watch Will Smith & Margot Robbie in Focus - now in cinemas

Book tickets here:

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Melissa Joy Schoonover
Melissa Joy Schoonover : Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One     The saying goes "make time for your lover or they will make time for another"
Sad song...

52 minutes ago - View -
Will Smith Movies
Will Smith Movies : Neezy B - hard feelings 2015     New rap singer
Did you like his singing ??
Give it your rating ?? / 10
Share if you like it     Neezy B - hard feelings 2015
Watch the video: video

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Cobi Mike
Cobi Mike :     My good friend Doug Fitch Smith will be joining me as the percussionist for the Witzend show this Thursday!

Here's a quick vid on the Taylor Guitars I'll be playing.

Hope you all can make it!    
Watch the video: video

1 hour ago - View -
The Fayetteville Observer
The Fayetteville Observer : Will Smith's career, life back in 'Focus'     "(Daughter) Willow in particular has helped me make a shift from winning and conquering to loving and connecting as a primary purpose for everything," actor Will Smith says.
1 hour ago - View -