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Nurdiansyah Abimanyu Nurdiansyah Abimanyu : LIRIK LAGU
Celine Dion - Beauty and the Beast - Peabo Bryson, Celine Dion
Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Than somebody bends

Just a little change
Small, to say the least
Both a little scared
Neither one prepared
Beauty and the Beast

Ever just the same
Ever a surprise
Ever as before
Ever just as sure
As the sun will arise

Tale as old as time
Tune as old as song
Bittersweet and strange
Finding you can change
Learning you were wrong

Certain as the sun
Rising in the east
Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the beast

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Menzi Mns Singwane Menzi Mns Singwane : A lil rhyme ,......... Don't try to fit in to my world and i wont try to fit it to yours , be who you are and i'll be who i am , if its like that . You and i will get along just fine , yeah ......... #drops....the..mic..and..walks..away
48 minutes ago - View -
PIthoragarh all Boys and Girls crushes & Confessions PIthoragarh all Boys and Girls crushes & Confessions : JUST AMAZING FACTS !!
1. Ants never sleep!
2. When the moon is directly overhead, you will weigh slightly less.
3. Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, never called his wife or mother; because they were both deaf.
4. “I Am” is the shortest
complete sentence in the
English language.
5. Babies are born without
knee caps – actually, they’re made of cartilage and the bone hardens, between the ages of 2-6 years.
6. Butterflies taste with their feet.
7. It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.
8. Minus 40° Celsius, is exactly the same as minus 40° Fahrenheit.
9. No word in the English
language, rhymes with month - orange - silver -or- purple.
10. Elephants are the only animals that cannot jump.
11. The names of all the
continents end with the same letter that they start with.
12. The sentence, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” uses every letter in the English
13. The shortest war in history was between Zanzibar and England in 1896. Zanzibar surrendered after 38 minutes.
14. The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue.
15. Camels have three eyelids to protect themselves from the
blowing desert sand.
16. TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be made using the letters on only one row of
the keyboard.
17. You can’t kill yourself by holding your breath.
18. Your stomach has to
produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks or it will digest itself.

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Michelle Lee Gale Michelle Lee Gale : A WOMAN'S POEM: 👄

Before I lay me down to sleep,
I pray for a man who's not a creep,
One who's handsome, smart and strong.
One who loves to listen long,
One who thinks before he speaks,
One who'll call, not wait for weeks.

I pray he's rich and self-employed,
And when I spend, won't be annoyed.
One who'll pull out my chair and hold my hand.
Massage my feet and help me stand.

Oh send a king to make me queen.
A man who loves to cook and clean.
I pray this man will love no other.
And relish visits with my mother.

➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖


I pray for a deaf-mute gymnast nymphomaniac with,
Big boobs who owns a bar on a golf course,
and loves to send me fishing and drinking.
This doesn't rhyme and I don't give a shit.

LOLOL!! Good night to you, my friends!! 💋

2 hours ago - View -
Adan 'appex' Bellamy Adan 'appex' Bellamy : i will love you, Always and i'll be there
Forever and a day, I'll be there, till the stars don't shine Till the heavens burst and the words don't rhyme I know when i die you'll be on my mind and I'll love you, always #BonJovy

3 hours ago - View -
Joseph Abouzeid Joseph Abouzeid : I attended the Special Teamz Reunion concert tonight and it truly was a great rap show.Slaine,Edo G and Jaysaun are the hip hop trio that deliver fierce awesome rhymes over ill beats.They take poetic wordplay to the next level.We are the same age frame,i look at these artists as fellow peers,i have followed their careers locally,examining their drive and determination to keep hip hop alive in Boston and beyond.We live and have the same dream.I saw firsthand tonight what i am up against also,as i as well try to be named the best of the best,in this lyrical test of a confined contest,that is in the realm of a quest,plus i live then will die inside the outer core of the earths crest.
3 hours ago - View -
Kate Trenda Kate Trenda : Ramblings on the idea of disappointment     Wrote this three years ago. Funny how we walk around the same mountains over and over again. This is a good thought to revisit so I thought I would share....
3 hours ago - View -
Vigo BadNews West Vigo BadNews West : In Honor of 4/20    
4 hours ago - View -
King Fool King Fool : I wish I could take her pain away wipe her tears and make everything ok I would be her nicotine her light in the dark the beat to her heart everything that made her mad I'd put in a punching bag and let her beat it till she's glad I would never make her sad I would grow her a garden of lotus flowers and feel the the bliss of her lips for hours the touch of her kiss could give me powers and make me feel like a giant crushing towers her smile her laugh the look in her eyes the way everyday with her is like a new surprise she is my wings she makes me fly she is my chronic she gets me high and makes me love this thing called life now I have found her no longer on the hunt she makes me feel like I hit the magic blunt our hatchets we will swing demons necks we will chop her awesomeness will never stop she's better than the dopest pot more addictive than a crack heads rock these analogies may seem ridiculous but she's the shit! I will never get sick of this i am hers and she is mine and she makes it easy for my heart to rhyme I'm her lo and she's my lette and well conquer anything that you can bet! With Laura Braun
4 hours ago - View -
Elisyel Pancho Cajigas Elisyel Pancho Cajigas : Want some hard shit, you've come to the right person
let me quit the bullshit and kick this lil verse and
get up on outta here as soon and quickly
as I can. I be the Big-E the sick gee, raw spit gee
that no trap swag nigga can touch on the mic
me collaborating with swaggots is like fucking a dyke
and I don't rhyme with no pussy that's beneath me
I socialize with my souljahs. Fuck the weak gee
I got no time to toy with you thickheaded chumps
and I oughta go to school on you dickheaded punks
acting you run game, but your mouth is in motion
and if you don't shut it up, you will get broken
Everything from your head to your back spine
what the fuck made you thought you can attack mine?
Attacking me is like feeding beef to the lion
then you get eaten up while your family's crying
You should never fuck around with jungle cats
who know the laws of the jungle getting bundle stacks
and not leaving none to the niggas who don't rep it
and whoever ain't in the game to spit better step kid
This is a grown man's sport not made for the kiddies
and I'm the fat boy Mr. T who likes to pity
a swaggot assed fool who ain't got the man balls
to be gees to the game. You wonder why I can't stand y'all
weak minded, weak hearted fucks. I hate those
who ain't out to rep the streets and get the papes, yo.

4 hours ago - View -
Princess Castromayor Gobz Princess Castromayor Gobz : Even if the sun refuse to shine
even if romance run out of rhyme
u will still have my heart until the end of time

ur all i NeeD my LOve my valenTINES...

5 hours ago - View -
Mary Raumaker Mary Raumaker : Ok. Just a STUPID question. And NOT for the reasons MY friends will assume. Why the f**k don't "naked" and "baked" rhyme????
5 hours ago - View -
20 days nalang FLIPTOP will be GOING to CDO na ! Veteran emcees will battle we will just wait for the posters
mga viewers , hiphop fanatic, emcees , gangsta , fans ready naba? !!

wala pa akong pera :3 haha , pero cge lang mag hanap aq ng pera for this event TO SUPPORT THEM. Fukuda & Stiffler goodluck mga bro if mo battle mo same as idol Hansel Cabo (sak maestro) kahit gipit ang ilan saamin , for Hiphop pupunta ang Iligan City and Marawi City (Y)

magkano entrance ? daghan nag ask sa Iligan & marawi mga bradder?

aabangan namin mga laban ONE LOVE ONE HIPHOP #ONESLTG

Thanks sa pagpapaangat ng HIPHOP Beerandy M. Videos and Blackleaf Zenith and to Alaric Yuson (ANYGMA) (y)

the king Rich Tutanes idol if you are in mindanao we can go there (Y)
16 rhymes
TrEx Tha' DOn Opema
Emzee Killaz
Mark Dax Dimokaya
Doe Ming Ancis

Rap Artist Maranao Thugz
Dawi Benito
Malcolm Shyk
Bugstisoy Gambao
Zardy Amrosi
Christine Grace Niegas
Ah-Ah Ramos Malawi
Princess Leila Solaiman
Lycan Ng Fhilliazz

Valiente famillaz

Mga bradder ko na mga tumulong saakin
Jinx Dimokaya
Actar Balt
Michael Ace Ganub
Kem Mikhail Lluch Cuevas
Best Days Ever
Vergel Jaylo
Archie Mahinay
Clark Lubguban (HIP AVENUE)
Mikee Capangpangan (IDK)
Papa-bear Forevah
Mona Gonzales
Burnok Ross (blacksheep)
#DARKMIND #ElPresidente #SLTG063

sorry sa wala na inform baka may nakalimutan ako !

5 hours ago - View -
Chauni Clark Chauni Clark : Food for my soul. My heart pounds like an ox. I have a flamingo glow. Can't wait for the drop. If not, you will know; the extent of your spot. Each kiss will then show every inch from the top of this list of my own. Obsessions with you.

Growth for my mind. Straining fathoms of love. Can't get this to rhyme. I'm dramatically stuck in this gap between time where my thoughts are a muck! I'm stressin for you.

Eventually you'll know. I'm tired of this talking. It's time for the show. Guess I'll start walkin. You should have been known. It could have been stalkin. My attentions for you.

5 hours ago - View -
Joshua Dearing Joshua Dearing : Drinkin whiskey gets my peepee feeling frisky.
Putbon my pink thongs, show a grandma my ding dong.
Jump in tha ride do a beerbong. Yes this is a remix of that one song.
Pull up to night trips stare at chicks w fake tits.
I dont give a fuck bc im good an buzzed, grab a bitch by her butthole peach fuzz.
Homies ask, Lets do some shots, gunna run from the cops...

Every where I go people always know that JD will rub his weeny on a hobo..

Lets stop an do some lines, holyshit that just made my chorus rhyme.
I got no filter, I dont mime..
Giving lap dances in nursing homes shouldnt be a crime.

Grab a forty
What the fuck is Mickey's
Popped.some.pills now im.ill.
Raped a hooker its ok bc I used a rubber. I dont give a fuck if shes deseased or not .
You cant get more herpes on a rotted cock.

Every where I go people always know that JD will rub his weeny on a hobo..

Oh fuck im.blackin out, I wrecked the car inside the bar. I have no ear and my make.up smeard..
No big bubba !, ill scream an shout OMG gawd out..

The last thing Ill ever hear is bend over imma fuck you honky in the rear.
Now im lyin on a gerny,. butthole ripped and really hurting.
Thats what inget for my fucked up . journey. .
Peace , chicken grease and fat alberts nutts sweat stains..
Ya that just happend.
Copywrite this shit ( 2014/4/18-joshua mfkn dearing)
Be looking for my new cd "Dilf" coming the end of the year..
No bullshit. Its a comedy/parody like shit.. Bbiitchhh! least sell one.

5 hours ago - View -
Rachel Falute Rachel Falute : Comment the month yu were born:)

If yu were born on;
ill write a looong asf like on yo page pluss i will be yur 'servant' for one whole week! ill do whatever yu tell meh to do^.^ x
FEBRUARY (cant spell):
ill write yo name on my hand and i'll shout yu a feed (at Burger King maybe ?) hahahhaa AARON ??
ill idk? shout yu some day ?bhahahahahha NOT YU FENNELLY! x
ill take yu out:) DW yur boyfraan or girlfraan can tag along too ghee! ill even buy yu a feed ? :P
ill write a poem (that rhymes?) and post it on yo timeline...... it will be meaningful! ilove yu my MAY BUDDIES!:)
We can go shopping! buy anythaang yu want! Just name the place and time when we ar gonnr go:) HAHAHAHA x
ill buy yu a packet of lollies and walk around the shops acting as if we rich GAY since ifeel sad for yu guyz ill throw in something to eat bcoz we might get hungry! x
dw my august homies we can go party somewhere hahaha :L xox
ill write a looong asf tbh:) and ill throw in a block of chocolate x
ahahahaha I'll buy yu a present on yur birfday. It wont be totally awesome buh yu dont care right ? A presnt is a present!:) xo
Why dont we go let it go somewhere?. Eat all we want at Carls Junior ??hahahaha
Christmas! HEHE lets bring the house down and blast our music! Hehe dw, ill throw in a massive asf feed! Lolololoool xox


6 hours ago - View -








13.LIPS 300 production
24. XRP

7 hours ago - View -
Nathan Tavolazzi Nathan Tavolazzi : Oww that hurt me oh wait you don't care
Rip my heart to pieces yeah that seems fair
All I gave was love but you have me shit
Don't try to talk to me I'm far beyond pissed
If I was dead I know you would be the only one who didn't miss

Fuck you and your lies
You only fill me with hate
Your a bitch who only wants dick
You where a waste of time to pick
So fuck you get buried in a ditch
Live in hell where your soul will surely fit

Drug me around like a dog on your leash
Told me you love me just to keep me on your string
Now I dance to the sane rhyme you play
I'm stuck in your dark hole my heart will surely die
As I believe in your selfish ignorant lie

Fuck you and your lies
You only fill me with hate
Your a bitch who only wants dick
You where a waste of time to pick
So fuck you get buried in a ditch
Live in hell where your soul will surely fit

Like a disease you get spread and cause mutiny
Ravage horror your body is an assault on mankind
Lose the sex and the whoreish things you show
Your a disgrace to the whole female race
So go die just to save the world from a waste of its space

Fuck you and your lies
You only fill me with hate
Your a bitch who only wants dick
You where a waste of time to pick
So fuck you get buried in a ditch
Live in hell where your soul will surely fit

"Fuck you" written by me

7 hours ago - View -
Muhammad Iqbal Firmansyah Muhammad Iqbal Firmansyah : One thing
I don't know why
It doesn't even matter how hard you
Keep that in mind
I designed this rhyme
To explain in due time
How I tried so hard
(Tried so hard)
In spite of the way you were mocking
Acting like I was part of your property
Remembering all the times you fought
with me
I'm surprised it got so far
(Got so far)
Things aren't the way they were before
You wouldn't even recognize me
Not that you knew me back then
But it all comes back to me in the end
(In the end)
You kept everything inside
And even though I tried
It all fell apart
And what it meant to me
Will eventually be a memory
Of a time when

8 hours ago - View -
Len A Pagtakhan Len A Pagtakhan : Happy Easter, Salsareester! (Had to make it rhyme)
It is the weekend, a long weekend, to be exact, and what better way to add some easter bunny hops to your salsa & bachata repertoire by having Cubanisimo teach you moves for the dance floor.
We will still have classes TOMORROW, April, 19th, 2014...see below.

2-3pm: Cuban Salsa (Rueda De Casino - Beg/Int)
3-4pm: Bachata (Sensual/Classic/Bodyrolls - Beg/Int)
...I added bodyrolls only b/c it feels right... :)
4-5pm: Salsa On1 (Intermediate)*

*If you feel you are beginner, there will be a few instructors available to assist you for basic/technical training.

Location: Ted Motykas Dance Studio
(Behind Fox & Fiddle, hidden Magenta Door, enter through parking lot)

Some housekeeping...

-please, only indoor shoes allowed
-parking on the streets are 2 HOUR FREE COMPLEMENTARY
-bus route available

See you all there and spread the word. Easter eggs will be given away....that's chocolate easter eggs!!

8 hours ago - View -
Josh Bandy Josh Bandy : I say this a lot and the fam i tagged plz read and let me kno wat u think...but uh
Im a wicked clown, id rather smile, than frown. But i aint got to do tht since u aint been around, but now i got u back. Bandy-B.? Yup a mack. Send a smile ur way n give ya ass a heart attack. But ima try the sensitive shit, see how it turns out. But hoes dont like nice guys so i guess tht options out. Yea i used the same word for tht rhyme but who gives a fuck.? Real rappers rap for fun, the fame is jus luck. Rather b underground famous then an industry punk. U can smoke ur loud, ill jus smoke my skunk. Buyin dimes at a time dont have the luxury of blunts. But ill still outsmoke all u hatin ass punks. Juggalo for life even if shit gets whack, but thtll never happen cuz the hatchet jumps back. 30 years and still goin half yall others done sold out. But they do it for the family and thts wat its about. Shit aint bout gettin money, its about entertainment. Focus on pleasin ur fans instead of ur payments. Ill snatch tht shit from ur hand and give it out to the poor. Robin Hood on yo ass and send yo ass through a door. Off to another score, cuz ur jus a crack whore. Always suckin dick,"Please?" beggin for more. Get out my face wit tht bitch u aint worth the time, id rather comit a crime to catch me a dime. But i aint askin for jail, already livin in hell. Now tell me wat makes tht better by sittin in cells. Cause a man to go mad, and make his ass twice as bad. Theres ur product of society, now arent u glad? U made us all how we r yet u scheme and try to form us into somethin were not. Jus accept tht and stop. People will b people and we all claw for the top. We r all the same we jus play different games. Live in different movies and we feel our own shame. So yall can keep addin on causin more kids to die, but ima live my life WHOOP WHOOP, UNTIL I FRY!!!

8 hours ago - View -
Stew Richards Stew Richards : Wax Museum Records     Doing a gig here tonight with my partner in rhyme Lenny Gould for World Record Store Day!!
Come on down and support a bunch of talented mo fo's on the line up it goes all day and there are some absolute gems on the bill.
Headline act will be the launch of the 4 Aces ep from the lords MATA MUST FLU & 1/6!!!
So come on down if ya near the city listen to some tunes, buy some shit and support dope independent record stores... wherever you may be.

9 hours ago - View -
Ramblings from a Creeky Lady Ramblings from a Creeky Lady : 109

Nursery rhymes , surely the stuff of nightmares !

Incy wincy spider climbed the water spout,
Down came the rain, washed poor incy out !
Was always told a water spout was a boys little willy
Imagine that ! Poor kid would freak out !
That's really kind of silly ?

Jack n Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water?
Yeah right, we know what the dirty little sods were doing
Have you met their daughter ?????

Humpy Dumpty sat on a wall
Of course the fat kid is going to topple and fall
It's a matter of balance surely
And the fact he was an egg????

Then there is ,
rock a bye baby
In the tree top
When the wind blows
The cradle will rock
When the bough breaks
Cradle will fall
Wtf ??????

Little Miss Muffet
Sat on her tuffet?
What, exactly, the fuck is a tuffet?

Just saying ........

B x

9 hours ago - View -
Ben Icenogle Ben Icenogle : 12 reasons to go to the Rambler show tomorrow at 8pm:

1. Tickets are going fast. If you don't get one, you're not cool. They're the modern day equivalent of what gameboy colors were in elementary school.

2. It will be so Slavin.

3. Much like Hannah Montana, we too have alternate identities where we go to high school and get into crazy shenanigans and eventually grow up and twerk everywhere.

4. I want you to.

5. If any of you have a personal grudge against me, you can have the satisfaction of seeing Hayden Ford repeatedly physically abuse me on camera.

6. Booty drops

7. Disney is getting all the profits from our ticket sales, and they say if we don't sell enough tickets they'll sue us for everything we're worth :(

8. I REALLY want you to.

9. You'll probably get really sad and cry at some points and we all know how much fun crying is!

10. I can't think of any word that rhymes with Disney, so we have the unique factor going.

11. There may or may not be laugh tracks.

12. We're losing some freaking amazing seniors and this is your last chance to see them rock out on the big stage.

9 hours ago - View -
Melinda Hales Clark Melinda Hales Clark : I have to coolest kid! And his friends are awesome! :-D
They are playing a game where they have to find three locations and race back home...
They each start at a separate location, wait for a text message with a rhyming clue. They have to figure out the location, then run to it. Take a selfie at the location and send it to the clue-giver. The clue giver sends the next clue!
They run all over Cody following the clues!!! Just to see who will win!
No real prize!

10 hours ago - View -
Angel Miguel Correa Angel Miguel Correa : Now i have much respect for the ancient greeks, The age of antiquities is my favorite era in mankinds existance, but i have to say that Democracy is fucking stupid. Shocked? Especially coming from one so liberal as i, you probably are a little confused. Here comes the logic... In a world full of fools, "majority rules" becomes a useless tool. Rhyme not intended. The majority of the population on this planet does not deserve a vote for anything, even american idols. What this planet deserves, and needs, is a wise, intelligent, and trustworthy dictatorship under the sole control of Someone that everyone can depend on to be incorruptible and honest. But who is that? I cant think of anyone but Superman, Jesus and of course... Me. Thus, this will never happen. Its too late. The system became broken long ago and cannot be fixed. This is why i am a punk rock dissident, full of raging defiance of everything. Fuck the world. Smoke a cigarette.
11 hours ago - View -
Omar Yare Omar Yare : The black triangle twist on the rise! A rise for the voiceless,bt yearning to be heard-great indeed.The king misses a point for the queen to rectify,not by will,bt the exhausted mind spills it twice or more! Aden Dualle n Farah Maalim,set the pace for the rise and we rhyme in chorous with u! NFD PRIDE! blssd moment.
11 hours ago - View -
Daniel Tupling Daniel Tupling : Started telling Evelyn bed time stories or singing nursery rhymes and now I've grown up its struck me that a lot of the 'good guys' are actually nothing more than common criminals or bad role models. I will explain...

Goldilocks should have been done for breaking and entering as well as aggravated burglary and criminal damage.

Little Bo peep should have been done for negligence in the workplace.

The 3 little pigs never got planning permission for their houses.

Hansel and gretel were no better than them 2 posh kids who buggered off from that boarding school the other week without parental consent.

The grand ol duke of York should have been charged with sexual assault.

Humpty Dumpty was clearly drunk and disorderly.

Little miss muffet was a hooker

From what I can gather, old mother Hubbard and the pied piper were involved in some sort of child smuggling ring.

Pinocchio was a liar.

The prince in sleeping beauty was a rapist... (Think about it)

Little red riding hood was an accomplice to murder.

And as for Cinderella... Her pumpkin carriage didn't have a tax disc, she was clearly drugged up if she thinks her fairy godmother gave her all that fancy clobber and with regards to leaving behind a shoe in a crowded place and running away... Try doing that in manchester airport and see how far ya get love.

The decision has been made - fairy tales and nursery rhymes are a bad influence. Me and my girl are gonna watch die hard again.

12 hours ago - View -
Nathan Ward Nathan Ward : There's faith and there's sleep
We need to pick one please because
Faith is to be awake
And to be awake is for us to think
And for us to think is to be alive
And I will try with every rhyme
To come across like I am dying
To let you know you need to try to think

12 hours ago - View -
Ĕmî Ňĕm Ĕmî Ňĕm : okay Deepan Sparkz and Alex Alt
why do u bitches give a fuck about my name ??
keep talking cause anyway t well remain the same
and what about yours ?? Ded Sparkz and Alter ego ?? those are really lame
i am serious motherfuckers and i am not playing a fucking game
now this battle is a bit hard cause it's 2 on 1
that's okay cause my lyrics are like a Thompson M1921 Sub machine Gun
cause i never back up from a battle against anyone
but u 2 dick suckers better run
u want some ?? come get some. one is a bitch and the other is a hoe
and i am not going anywhere u go
why don't u start hosting a gays show ??
cause u 2 are gay
and u suck dicks everyday
but i don't give a fuck about what u do or say
fuck u
i will keep my current rapper name cause that's what I wanna do
my lyrics are awesome and yours are like poo
and next year i will get every Eminem tattoo
cause he is the rap god that's fucking true
and i spit kick ass rhymes and u spit crap
u think u are rappers ?? bitches i will slap
the shit out of u 2 cause that was dream u saw when u were taking a baby nap
never try to battle me
cause i am the real MC
and u are just a dick sucker and F.A.G.G.O.T
but u still can't see
how will i hit u with a high knee
each one of u in the face
cause u dumb-asses are disgrace
on rap and u 2 will never leave remarkable trace
in this place.
from this i will never get out
now that's a true fact and there is no doubt
and fuckers like is what i am gonna talk about
rhymes is what keeps u brainless bitches holding on cause without
them u are going to lose a big fucking rout

Rebelliuos Roi u are the judge.

12 hours ago - View -
Kris Robert Waight Kris Robert Waight : MrTARDISreviews     OH FEAST YOUR EYES ON THIS!

14 hours ago - View -
Yuvraj Singh Sisodiya Yuvraj Singh Sisodiya : My people
herez another one >>>>
its a clean Rap , and i promise furthur raps will be clean too XD

its been a while
m writing sick verses
and hollerin at haters
with ma lyrical curses

people write whatever
and give it shitty flavr
dey call it rap , i call it crap
cuz dey aint none but shit designrs'
hip hoppers nd so called rappers
with half of em know
only how to fill garbage
and cover up wid fancy wrappers

I agree ua past was unagreeble
ua scars are young nd feeble
but no way dat allows ya
to write freaky rhymes
nd holler like crazy at people .

I feel dat thing inside
Ya, nd feel it isnt right
yeah, but cant do much
cuz itz uaself who can fight ya.

yeah ,
people make situationz
situationz make peopl
true people ,
fake people .
its called rap and not
some kinda crap people .

holler at ya ! thanks

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Heather Davis Heather Davis : Dearest Pandora,
There will never, ever be an acceptable time to play Pitbull on ANY of my stations. After all, I come here to listen to music, not ridiculous bilingual nursery rhymes.
Seriously, I'll cut you if you keep playing this crap after I've given it 4,537 thumbs down

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Lawrence Binkey Tolefree Lawrence Binkey Tolefree : I DONT KNOW IF YALL KNOW THIS BUT.....

I do MORE than post Lifetime stories on my timeline!

.Poplock as well as drops it at nursing homes (they tip well & even put me in their will sometimes)

(weddings, garage parties, klan rallies...)

.Write/perform improv
(SNL y'all not ready for a REAL ninja yet)

(these shawties need it...u "adults" do too!)

(in plays, short films,up as well as a fool)

.Have dance contest with myself
(I ALWAYS matta what)

.Sing/Rhyme in my band "Deep Fayed"!! Come to Funk Fest 2nite & 2morrow!!!
We will be FUNKN ish up on Saturday at Sub T in Wicker!!!

Wut da eff do YOU do?!

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