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Mandi Marino
Mandi Marino : The Boston Massacre     I'm so excited to be part of Boston's 2015 travel team!! There are so many super talented skaters on this list.. it's going to be a year of much growth. We have so many games on our schedule this season it's going to be incredible! Hope everyone can make it out to cheer us on! Boston Boston pinch pinch pinch!!!
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Turtle Matt
Turtle Matt :     The best zombie party to go to! Detroit friday February 27th!! Only $10, 18+! Im playing from 1115-12am.
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David J Delaney
David J Delaney : David J Delaney    
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Veng David Angkham
Veng David Angkham : Leah Layuh Roman     Proud of this young, beautiful soul...
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Beckams :         Take the kids through a world of adventure and imagination when reading some all time favorite children stories and nursery rhymes!
The kids will love it !

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Seren Skyrme
Seren Skyrme : Tah for the nomination Tahleiaa Louisee

1) im Absolutley terrified of the dark , sheep , and nursery rhymes , if someone sang 'incy wincy spider' to me in a dark room with a old women's voice I shit you not I'd probably collapse or have a mental breakdown!✋

2) id most deffinately chose microwaved chicken nuggets over a steak Anyday ! Only eat chicken nuggets and watermelon , unless someone cooks me food!👍

3) I used to think bacon came from sheep because it said 100% Welsh on the packet!:)

4) Don't get intimidated by anyone👍 but Grama on the other hand could sit me down as good as look at me! Bless her👍

5) had a houseparty not long ago! Half of Ynysybwl found out before my mother! Was held responsible for dissruption 3 streets away! Took 4 days to clean the house!😂👍 do I regret it? Not atall had hell of a good night!👍

6) wotsits and garlic sauce is the best combination known to man kind! Don't knock it until you've tried it✋👊

7) im probably the most cold hearted person anyone will ever meet! Genuinely do not give a flying fuck about anything or anyone!👍 to laid back for the drama!💋

No I don't nominate anyone because I'm hungover to fuck and back and genuinely can't be arsed for the notifacations!😂👌

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