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Patricia Verhelst
Patricia Verhelst : USBORNE BOOK INVENTORY CLEAR OUT. I am no longer selling Usborne Books and need to get rid of my inventory. I have posted all the books I have left to sell!!!

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Patricia Verhelst
Patricia Verhelst : USBORNE BOOK INVENTORY CLEAR OUT. I am no longer selling Usborne Books and need to get rid of my inventory. I have posted all the books I have left to sell!!!

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Protecting Lives
Protecting Lives :         RETHINKING “STRANGER DANGER”
“Stranger danger.” It’s short. It’s simple. It even rhymes! But is it really the most effective abduction prevention lesson for our children?

Children do not understand the concept of a stranger. Many believe that strangers are mean, ugly people — so the nice man asking for help to find his lost puppy? Not a stranger.

Further confusing the issue, children sometimes need to turn to people they don’t know for help. Lost children should be taught to ask for assistance from a store clerk, police officer, or parent with children. These people are strangers, but in this situation children should be encouraged to talk to them. It may be hard for younger children to understand the difference between strangers who may be able to help them and strangers who could potentially hurt them.

Focusing on “stranger danger” also ignores the fact that most children are abducted by someone they know. Avoiding strangers will not help if the abductor is a family member, neighbor, or family acquaintance. Instead of focusing on people, abduction prevention safety lessons should teach children to recognize and respond to threatening situations.

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Drew Barbeau
Drew Barbeau : Cash Out Ent. Presents The "It's Only HipHop Artist ShowCase"! We Had 8 of The Areas Hottest Artists (Grizzly, 3rd Eye Gotti, Drama Bul, Jayko La Voz, J Remedy, Hype Soundz, Otto Rhymes, Neizee LockJaw) That Took The Stage March 28th! Voting Start Now To See Who Will Take The Grand Prize Of $400

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#ItsOnlyHipHop #CashOutEnt

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CleanCo Truckwash- Hamilton
CleanCo Truckwash- Hamilton :         All go at the new Clean Co! (hey, that rhymes)

Here's comes Easter. And we thought we should stay open late on Thursday night so you can get your gear washed, as we will be closed over the Easter Holidays stat days.

So here are our Easter weekend hours;

Thursday 2 April: 6am-9pm (special late night)
Good Friday 3 April: CLOSED
Saturday April 4. 6am-5pm
Easter Sunday: CLOSED
Easter Monday: CLOSED

Live shot from the truckwash a few minutes ago...

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Poet's Beat
Poet's Beat : “SOLEMN LIGHT”

With the autumn leaves changing
and winter around the turn;
Carefree children dance to nursery rhymes,
wondering what the clouds look like.

Through the dark glass,
The outside world appears more like a reflection
than a happening.
The slap of unattended shudders and the crack
of decaying boards,
Make children fear a house they never knew.

Resting on the window sill
A flame sits upon a candle, watching it all.
Its light giving aid to a destination;
Its warmth known only to those who are near.

In the silence of the flame, peace will be found;
Losing the loneliness of the mind in its glow.
Gaze at the smoke from its breath
rise and fall;
Until it watches no more.

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Ansar Service Partnership
Ansar Service Partnership :
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Tefari Casas
Tefari Casas : B-Side Cipher will be hosting a street cipher THIS SATURDAY! Come and rock on the concrete (we'll have padded linoleum) to a live drummer and trumpeteer playing breaks. Let's show downtown Berkeley the soul of this dance!

Saturday, April 4th
12p - 4p
B-Side Plaza (Downtown Berkeley BART Plaza)
Berkeley, CA

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Tsunami Of Blessings Poetry, Rap, Poems, Rhymes
Tsunami Of Blessings Poetry, Rap, Poems, Rhymes : One of the signs of the times say they will be marrying and giving in marriage! There is a new show on call Married At First Sight. I was reminded of the scripture when I read one of my friends posts. Thank You Clara! In the last days men will be roaming to and fro, running and roaming where Will they go do they really know? It also says that men's hearts would wax worse and worse, as I watched the news with all the evil in the world it can't be love so it must be a curse. And towards God man's hearts will grow cold, not realizing that seeking his face / presence is more precious than gold! Sons will be against fathers and daughters against mothers Oh take a look and see it's happening sisters and brothers. WATCH AND PRAY! Repent Right! Live Tight! FOREVER! #poetry #rap #poems #rhymes
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