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White Dee, Benefit street
White Dee, Benefit street : FAIR PLAY TO DEE, TONIGHT I THINK SHE HAS SHOWN A REALLY CARING SIDE, (Still wish she'd take up the foils for Gary though) LOL BUT YOU CAN'T HAVE EVERYTHING....STILL TEAM DEE :)
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Ken Dee
Ken Dee :     I'm in tears really. Oh God.     Black Funerals vs White Funeral
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8 minutes ago - View -
Jodi Benzies
Jodi Benzies : White dee.... Fucking brilliant in big brother! Proper dwn to earth, caring person! Fuk benefits street, shes duin ace in there!!
8 minutes ago - View -
Now magazine
Now magazine : Celebrity Big Brother's White Dee - love her or hate her? We're big fans...     What do you think of White Dee?
11 minutes ago - View -
Kimberley Millar
Kimberley Millar : Am sorry but a like white dee she's the bomb x
17 minutes ago - View -
Margy Spink
Margy Spink : Watching big brother cos geordie loves it . 10 qiud on that lazy good for nothing white dee wins ya lazy c....t
18 minutes ago - View -
Samantha Roberts
Samantha Roberts : I'm starting to like White Dee she is quite wise. Pity she can't work oops x
18 minutes ago - View -
Anita Wright
Anita Wright : who would have thought it??? white dee holding them all together !! benefit Britain ahead the hard working ?
19 minutes ago - View -
Melissa Parkin
Melissa Parkin : Never thought I'd say this, but I'm liking White Dee
19 minutes ago - View -
Lorna Sanders
Lorna Sanders : As white dee says for the hundred time be kelly lol
19 minutes ago - View -
Scott Butler New
Scott Butler New : White Dee man she's one of them people who can sooth the after math of a bomb
20 minutes ago - View -
Sarah Elise Woodward
Sarah Elise Woodward : Aww I actually quite Like white Dee on CBB
20 minutes ago - View -
Chris Twine
Chris Twine : White Dee is awesome
20 minutes ago - View -
Dawn Fowles
Dawn Fowles : Love white dee !!!!!!
20 minutes ago - View -
Ju Ma
Ju Ma : Am loving white Dee x
20 minutes ago - View -
Sophie Alexandra Wiseman
Sophie Alexandra Wiseman : Aww I ❤️ White Dee she's so canny man
21 minutes ago - View -
Rich Forster
Rich Forster : Never had big brother on my tele for years I decide to put it on and all I see is a woman with the biggest lips I've ever seen and white dee what makes her a celebrity
25 minutes ago - View -
Shannon White
Shannon White :         Les Twins killing it :o

Add ' Dee Divine ' for more videos!
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30 minutes ago - View -
Emma Gerrard
Emma Gerrard : I hate to say it, but I love white Dee!!
30 minutes ago - View -
The Kop
The Kop : White Dee admits owning 4 Steven Gerrard calendars on CBB - now wants naked David McIntosh    
33 minutes ago - View -
Rebecca Heslop
Rebecca Heslop : Just tuned in to "Celebrity" BB out of curiosity... Surely it should be called Barely Famous BB. I don't know who anyone is except "White Dee" and if she's considered to be a celeb, then no wonder I don't! #overratedshite
34 minutes ago - View -
Becky Smeaton
Becky Smeaton : Cbb white dee wtf it's a joke even in there all she dose is lay down !!! Shock !
35 minutes ago - View -
Coventry Telegraph
Coventry Telegraph : White Dee: everything you need to know about the Celebrity Big Brother contestant     Watching Celebrity Big Brother? Here's everything you need to know about housemate White Dee

36 minutes ago - View -
Hils Ovation
Hils Ovation : Watching Celebrity Big brother for the first time and exactly as predicted, White Dee turns out to be the only normal one in there! I rest my case :)
38 minutes ago - View -
Francesca De Falco
Francesca De Falco : Loving White Dee on Celeb Big Bro
40 minutes ago - View -
Sean Mccool
Sean Mccool : I would still bang frank Maloney before that white dee
42 minutes ago - View -
Rachel Turner
Rachel Turner : White Dee sounds like Rusty Lee!
43 minutes ago - View -
Julie King
Julie King : Jesus Christ white Dee is my age!!!
48 minutes ago - View -
Tim Arvin
Tim Arvin : Timeline Photos     Lost! #Mackinaw #IL (Warrick Road-Dee Mack Road-Moore Rd.) Oakley - Female German Shepherd mix. Call 309-696-0120 or 309-241-0332. Email if seen or found. Shy-Timid. Please do not call or chase - may cause Oakley to run in fear. 8 Mos, 40 Lbs. Brown/white/brindle. Tazewell County. 61755. Missing 08-20-2014. gl — with Jami Ledbetter.    
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Atiya Dixon
Atiya Dixon : PRACTICE TODAY LADIES Chenell Nicole. Hames Kim Kim White-Semmon@Dee Tarsha Whitfield Belinda Presha @aza
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Dee Gotti
Dee Gotti :         Yo this dude is the white Luther Vandross bad man rite here
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51 minutes ago - View -
Wendy Grant
Wendy Grant : Christ I feel good white dee is 43 she looks fooken older than that x
52 minutes ago - View -
Kris Tee
Kris Tee : OMG!!!.... 'White Dee' is only 3 yrs older than me!!! WTD??

52 minutes ago - View -
Alice Miller
Alice Miller : Love white dee I think she would be an amazing pal
52 minutes ago - View -
Michelle White
Michelle White :     Jessica Martinez, Annie Rushlow, Valantine Walls, Virginia MzPookiebabyy Albrecht-Martens, Loving Mybabies, Dee Hudson, Heidi Britton, Crystal Arnold     HEY MOM! ~ I think every mom with boys can relate! #getthekleenex TAG a mother you know!
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Dee Spicedapples White
Dee Spicedapples White :     The best First Lady .     True first lady.
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1 hour ago - View -
Kay Ohanlon
Kay Ohanlon : Heading for big screen: White Dee offered role in Brum-set movie    
1 hour ago - View -
Dee Spicedapples White
Dee Spicedapples White :     Funny     LMAO! Ouch, must watch

- Colin Wayne
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1 hour ago - View -
Dee Spicedapples White
Dee Spicedapples White : Without God     Wow mr cartoon you're. Good sound much better than some of the pumps in the pulpits . Keep on keeping on     Who Said A Cartoon Can't Make You Shout !
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What's On Inverbervie
What's On Inverbervie : Station Hotel - Stonehaven    
1 hour ago - View -
Dee-Ray Olson

BETTY - ID#A1637776

I am an unaltered female, white and brown American Bulldog.

The shelter staff think I am about 3 years old

I have been at the shelter since Aug 21, 2014. — with Adam Weinstein and 15 others.    

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Linda Swoboda
Linda Swoboda : Timeline Photos     Lost! #Mackinaw #IL (Warrick Road-Dee Mack Road-Moore Rd.) Oakley - Female German Shepherd mix. Call 309-696-0120 or 309-241-0332. Email if seen or found. Shy-Timid. Please do not call or chase - may cause Oakley to run in fear. 8 Mos, 40 Lbs. Brown/white/brindle. Tazewell County. 61755. Missing 08-20-2014. gl — with Jami Ledbetter.    
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Sukhminder Sidhu
Sukhminder Sidhu : White Dee droning on in her brummie accent! Its so annoying! #YamYamAyWe
1 hour ago - View -
Clint Cockell
Clint Cockell : Nina 's just turned CBB on.....WTF?!?!
What's with all the nutcases?? They might as well hack into the cctv of a loony bin for as much entertainment!!!
And "celebrity" HA.....any fucker can get that title these day's! Even White Dee and that mug off Gogglebox!!

1 hour ago - View -
David Hall
David Hall : can someone tell me how white dee is a fucking celeb???? Just cos she was on benefit street?? Load of bolix!
1 hour ago - View -
Best Western Regency Inn and Conference Centre
Best Western Regency Inn and Conference Centre :     As if there isn't enough going on here in #abbotsford this weekend, you can check out the #forkandfinger event in Discover Downtown Langley, just a 20 minute drive west of #ourabbotsfordhotel
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Dee Nestler Gilles
Dee Nestler Gilles :     Here's one for the cat lovers. Jeanne Pedro, Richard Satenberg, Pamela Lynn Whiting, Modena Watson, Michelle Gilles, Pat Anger, Dawn Balzarano, Sal Scarfone, Danielle Slamka, Arthur Ritic.     Generally, adult cats meow mostly to humans, but this cat has figured out that’s not going to work and has adapted.

The guy is deaf, and he taught his cat the sign for “food.” So the cat’s not just saying “put that in my mouth,” it’s actually signing.

In signing, w/o eye contact initially, you wave a hand or lightly touch the arm. The cat does this.

Animal companions! They are INCREDIBLE!
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Katrina Patchett
Katrina Patchett : Omg white dee is on big brother and I work with her lol
1 hour ago - View -