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Judi Fosberg Straight Judi Fosberg Straight :
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Spiritually blissful wisdom Spiritually blissful wisdom : Three Moons House of Healing        
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There's no wrong way to love San Francisco There's no wrong way to love San Francisco :         Where the wild things are.

By @thesamekz

Picked by @oscarwastaken

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Kelly & Macc Kelly & Macc :         Where the Wild Things Are.....
#kellyandmacc #animal #reptile #zoekratzmann #leopard


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DJ DannyG DJ DannyG : "this only happens to a dj" #309: I'm DJ'ing at a wedding; I'm not the "main" dj, I'm providing the music in a separate lounge area. It was supposed to be an area for the adults to get away, grab a smoke, have a drink, but the area turns into a place "where the wild things are" because all of the kids have turned it into a play ground. I'm on edge because the kids keep getting too close to running into or tripping over the speaker stands. I'm watching the kids, getting them down off of the wall and the fence and tell them that running in my area is off limits. They all listen to me without any attitude (even the pre-teens are ok with me). I send a text to my client's friend "How much should I add to the invoice for babysitting?"
28 minutes ago - View -
Tibo Teas, Spirit of Earth Medicine. Canadian bio-regional wild teas. Tibo Teas, Spirit of Earth Medicine. Canadian bio-regional wild teas. : Lessons From Wild Leeks     Sharing both these articles including the commentary..certain wild foods/medicines are definitely over-harvested almost to the point of extinction. This includes chaga, wild rice, Labrador tea, morels & especially wild leeks/ramps. I have gotten to the point where I no longer take folks out with me unless I am very sure they will be as respectful of the gathering as I am nor will I tell folks where I found those items I have gathered. ..wild foods have become a commodity as have many others things especially as folks no longer respect these plants/foods/medicines and feel they need to gather everything in sight regardless of the consequences. Irene.

"As I sip my chaga coffee this morning (a fungus that is being over-harvested to supply the growing demand of this increasingly popular mushroom), one of the things I worry about as I see the burgeoning interest and trendiness of foraging, is that wild plants will be viewed as simply another resource that can be extracted for 'free' from the environment, in the same linear, degrading, depleting way societies tends to extract all natural resources.
I have seen well-meaning beginners rip plants out of the ground by the roots to harvest a few leaves for a salad, needlessly killing the plant. I have heard stories of profit driven foragers leaving behind craters in the forest floor and clearing out whole patches of ramps.
These two articles were in my inbox this morning and both touch on these issues. Some important things to contemplate here and reflect on. Good Saturday morning reads."…/lessons-from-wild-lee…/

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Sarah Scout Sarah Scout :
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Vanaquafacts Vanaquafacts : Marineland Animal Defense is Dead, Long Live Marineland Animal Defense!     With an end comes a new beginning. Please taka a moment to visit their page and say thank you to MAD and their supporters - we have much to thank them for. Their energy and passion has reached all the way to he West Coast and is an inspiration for all of us.
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Jon Stratton Jon Stratton :         MY ADVENTURE TO SHAMANS GALLERY PT 1.
we started off the morning at 5:30 loading the Jeep up in Hurricane Utah. we drove to pipe Springs National Monument where a thick fog enveloped the land. we made the turn off out to the strip and to our surprise everything was frosted frozen and covered in snow! But snow does not stop Jon and Sue! we made it to the park boundary where sue decided to let Mesa Drive which may serve promptly popped a tire. I quickly got it changed and we continued the last four miles to the trailhead. we began our descent down the rim and the Sun had been up long enough to start melting all the snow and the Wild flowers began to bloom. We discovered an Indian camp site and happened to capture some imageyour campsite on top of theabout half an hour later we made it to your campsite on top of the panel, stripped our packs and shoes off and immediately let our feet breathe and relaxed. after that I made my first trip down to the panel and took some good images and also found a few things that I had not seen before. once I was done and I decided to do a little bit of exploring. part 2 coming soon

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Lonnie Beauchamp Lonnie Beauchamp : Sunday Lake Deals    
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Sarah Scout Sarah Scout :
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Sassy Grace Boutique, LLC Sassy Grace Boutique, LLC :         Finally, Carol & Max are up for auction, starting at $200. Carol is a factory/imitation Blythe and Max is a PetShop mini Blythe
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Shane Pentony Shane Pentony : SaleCity        
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