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Vinay Sharma
Vinay Sharma : Wenger & Watson | Human Resource Company, Human resource solutions in bangalore , Recruitment...     Wenger & Watson ( is visiting SKIT campus tomorrow, 21st Aug for 2014 batch. Let's meet up as we roll on to hire the DO-ers!
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Arsenal FC | The home Of the beautiful football
Arsenal FC | The home Of the beautiful football : Only reason I can think Joel Campbell doesnt play is because Arsenes looking to off load him and not cup tie him... wouldn't it be better to move cazorla to CAM and Campbell + Alexis + Podolski on the front line (who I believe wenger is also looking to sell) #Zm10
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Prince Obi
Prince Obi :         In years gone by Wenger has been able to call on an awesome lineage of scorers; Ian Wright, Dennis Bergkamp, Nicolas Anelka, Thierry Henry, Robin Van Persie. These were strikers who would conjure three points with a flick of their boot and win titles.
Giroud, sadly, is destined never to be added to that list.

The deeper worry with Giroud is that he is simply not top level – as his exploits against England’s elite clubs shows.

In 23 matches against Manchester City, United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Everton and Tottenham since his arrival at the Emirates, he has scored three goals – two against Spurs and once against Brendan Rodgers’ team.
It is a record that should ring alarm bells for Wenger.

He must be aware of the need to spend serious MONEY on a central striker who would guarantee goals and actually scare defences at the high end of the league. Giroud does not have that fear factor.

Radamel Falcao and Edinson Cavani are two such forwards, available this summer, who would deliver both. Their prices are exorbitant but Wenger has shown with deals for Ozil and Sanchez he will splash the CASH on proven talent. If that then means winning the Premier League title the cost would be instantly repaid.

Time to splash out: PSG's Edinson Cavani is among the strikers available this summer

For sale: Monaco's Radamel Falcao is another frontman that is up for grabs

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Rejecting your offer from Barcelona because you're happy at Barnet
Rejecting your offer from Barcelona because you're happy at Barnet : Arsene Wenger complains when a bottle nearly hits him in revenge despite abusing bottles throughout his career

Hypocrisy at it's finest...~Rob

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Junna Cazorla
Junna Cazorla : Squads ARSENAL 2014/2015

penjaga gawang :

1.Wojciech Szczęsny
13.David Ospina
26.Damian Martinez

Belakang .:
21.Calum Chambers
2.Mathieu Debuchy
3.Kieran Gibbs
39.Hector Bellerin
51.Ignasi Miguel
6.Laurent Koscielny
4.Per Mertesacker
18.Nacho Monreal


34.Francis Coquelin
24.Abou Diaby
20.Mathieu Flamini
8.Mikel Arteta
11.Mesut Ozil
16.Aaron Ramsey
7.Thomas Rosicky
19.Santi Cazorla
10.Jack Wilshere
35.Gedion Zelalem


28.Joel Campbell
27.Serge Gnabry
15.Oxlade Chamberlain
22.Yaya Sanogo
9.Lukas Podolski
17.Alexis Sanchez
14.Theo Walcott
31.Ryo Miyaichi
12.Olivier Giroud


Arsene Wenger


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Marcus Andrew Sensabaugh
Marcus Andrew Sensabaugh :         Okay Scarlett Fowler, you got it! Now, Mark Mark Defren, Valerie Lynn Wenger, Barb Tesorero, and Stephanie Sleight, I
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Joshua Adenigbo
Joshua Adenigbo :         "Neither the first nor the
second yellow card was
deserved," said Wenger. dis true?

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Calle Jernström
Calle Jernström : Premier League-ligan

Sickan: Arsene Wenger
Vanheden: Nicklas Bendtner
Dynamit-Harry: Paul Gascoigne
Doris: Marouane Fellaini
Rocky: Gary Lineker
Wall-Enberg: Alex Ferguson
Biffen: Roy Keane

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Abou Diaby Fan Page
Abou Diaby Fan Page : REVEALED: Arsenal move step closer to signing Vermaelen replacement     Wenger needs to sign him soon!
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Diana Arsenalady
Diana Arsenalady : Alexis sanchez anafaa kuwekwa the last 15 mins. he hasnt adapted to our game. so wenger uskie tukicheza na everton. ox chamberline kwanza. asanteni nyote
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Theo Walcott Fan Page
Theo Walcott Fan Page : REVEALED: Arsenal move step closer to signing Vermaelen replacement     Wenger needs to sign him soon!
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Wenger Corporation
Wenger Corporation : Inspiring Composer: Elmer Bernstein - Your Performance Partners    
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בפטיסטה סנצ'ז
בפטיסטה סנצ'ז : Manchester United got a VERY BORING game.... They won't win the league.... I pray Mourinho and Wenger don't win too!!!
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The Irish Times - Sport
The Irish Times - Sport : Wenger sees red over Ramsey sending off     Wenger sees red over Ramsey sending off. “Neither the first nor the second yellow card was deserved for Aaron Ramsey. When you see some of the fouls that have been made and we go home with Ramsey (given) a red card, it is a bit unbelievable.”
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Cherise Wenger
Cherise Wenger : School Bans Prayer But Valedictorian Had Different Plans         We need more BOLD Christians! AMEN!

HS Valedictorian Rips Up Speech & Quotes Lord's Prayer After School Bans Prayer
Watch the video: video

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Danny Wenger
Danny Wenger :         The stages of first day of school
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Deejay Wenger Lenny
Deejay Wenger Lenny : Untitled Album     If you didn’t see a pair of feet at first… my dear… you need TOTAL deliverance!     Lol
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Daily Mail Sport
Daily Mail Sport : Olivier Giroud is not up to Arsenal's standards - so should Wenger splash out?     Do Arsenal need an upgrade on Olivier Giroud to have a hope of winning the title?
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Joshua Adenigbo
Joshua Adenigbo : Since 78% of our fans have agree that we really need a mildfielder and a fast striker,
Who would you advice wenger to sign?


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Brian Wenger
Brian Wenger :     I've answered Roxanne Sweeney challenge. And am calling out Matt Jones Jesse A Scott Brad Combs & chuck Norris.    
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Wenger Bryan
Wenger Bryan : ● ● ● ● ● FOR GUYS ● ● ● ● ●

■ Finish happy, enjoy the ride, but please remember: don't finish inside. ■ No matter if it's real love, don't do it without a glove. ■One condom can save your life, or even save you from an evil wife. ■No condom may feel better, But a baby will hug you later.

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Autumn Shannon Wenger
Autumn Shannon Wenger : Timeline Photos     Design Wisdom Wednesday - THE COMPLETE NURSERY DESIGN ON A BUDGET

It's been a while since my last posts on the progress of my nursery make-over... and it's finished! Great timing because we just received some amazing news to share also - we're having a BOY!!!

Check out the finished space HERE!

~ AUTUMN     Our finished nursery

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David George Mottley
David George Mottley :     Sign her up Wenger please.     Sport............streaker goal....!
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Wenger Bryan
Wenger Bryan : I just called the cops and told them a pizza guy robbed me. Then I called and ordered a pizza. I'm pretty sure the pizza guy is going to get away, but let the race begin.
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| Manchester United Fans |
| Manchester United Fans | : News Gossip: Rojo in / Zaha out, Cech demands talks, Liverpool's title threat, Wenger woe - Man News     News Gossip: Rojo in / Zaha out

Welcome to Manchester United Marcos Rojo!

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Wenger Bryan
Wenger Bryan : Irony of life:
-The Lawyer hopes you get into Trouble..
-The Doctor hopes you get Sick..
-The Police hopes you become a Criminal.. -The Teacher hopes you are Borň Stupid.. -The Dentist hopes your Tooth Decays.. -The Mechanic hopes your Car Brèakdown.. -The Coffin Maker wants You Dead.. -Only a Thief wishes you Pròsperity in Life and also wishes you have a Sóund Sleep ;)

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Wenger Bryan
Wenger Bryan : *Friend sends picture of her dog with 'hi' as the caption*

Me- *takes picture of my dog in responce* Hey best friend ;D

Her- *sends picture of her dog with xbox controll* Wanna play xbox !?

Me- *sends pictute of dog with chew toy* No lets play keep away ! Lmao belive me not- this conversation lasted an hour and a half sending pictures back and forth of our dogs . We have no lives ( ._.)

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Wenger Bryan
Wenger Bryan : Africa: If we preserve the water, this little bit might just get us through the day...

America: Hey, I have an idea! Lets take a big ass bucket of water... and just dump it all over our head.

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Arsenal FC - The Pride of England
Arsenal FC - The Pride of England : Arsene Wenger: "Our target is to play better every game."

"Technically we can do better, and will aim to do so in the next game."

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Wenger Bryan
Wenger Bryan : If you drink alcohol you are twice as likely to have high blood pressure and 3 times more likely to get mouth cancer.

you are also 4 times more likely to have fun

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TheReturn OfAmebo
TheReturn OfAmebo :         WE ARE NOT SIGNING ANYBODY, Says Wenger.

Arsene Wenger confirm we're not signing anybody.


''Not at the moment, no. I have nothing special to add on that at the moment. Honestly, we are not close to signing anybody.
on the defence...''

''We are a bit short at the back, yes you're right. But we should have Mertesacker and Ozil and Podolski available again at the weekend. Let's hope they are in good shape when we go home.''



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Wenger Bryan
Wenger Bryan : Once, there was 3 chinese people who wanted to go to America. Their names were Bu, Chu, and Fu. Since these names would sound awfully weird, Bu said, "I'll change me name to Buck, adding ck to the end." Chu then said, "then I'll become Chuck." After a long pause, Fu said, "I guess I'll go back to China."
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World Football (News & Update)
World Football (News & Update) : Wenger: Arsenal are not close to signing anyone
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Jay Hoose
Jay Hoose : Wednesday and Lurch Dancing to Megadeath.     !?! Gregory Wenger     Wednesday and Lurch killin it!!!
Watch the video: video

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Oluwa Adam
Oluwa Adam : I can't believe Giroud missed that chance from a lovely scooped ball from Ramsey.The team is not lacking creativity,our problem now,which is a very big tactical problem,is Giroud.Giroud performance last night was as bad as anything Bendtner and Chamakh have ever produced.If people think we can compete sufficiently with Giroud as our striker they should forget. Giroud is jux not good to be our first choice striker.For me Giroud is not good,so Wenger should go get a world class striker. if his want Arsenal to win EPL or CL.
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Wenger Bryan
Wenger Bryan : A car was involved in an accident in a street. As expected a large crowd gathered. A newspaper reporter, anxious to get his story could not get near the car.
Being a clever sort, he started shouting loudly, "Let me through! Let me through! I am the son of the victim."
The crowd made way for him.
Lying in front of the car was a donkey .

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AFC Till I Die
AFC Till I Die : Arsene Wenger on the defence...

"We are a bit short at the back, yes you're right. But we should have Mertesacker and Ozil and Podolski available again at the weekend. Let's hope they are in good shape when we go home."

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Rwanda Live Sport
Rwanda Live Sport : Ese i mahanga haravugwa iki muri ruhago ?

Wari uzi ko Nani yasubiye sporting lisbonne akaguranwa Rojo waje muri Man Utd

Barcelona ihagaritswe kugura abakinnyi kugeza muri 2016 iki ni cya cyemezo yari yarajuririye cyatewe utwatsi ariko nyine murabizi ibyabaye hagati aho ( suarez, rakitic, ter stegen... baraje kandi aba ntibarebwa nicyi cyemezo)

Etoo ngo yaba yamaze kumvikana na Arsenal , wenger kandi agiye kuzana umukinny Rabiot 18y ukina psg

Dunga yashyize list ye yambere hanze amazina nka coutinho, marquinhos yagaragayemo, Fred , Jo batewe utwatsi

Di Maria mu nzira zigana Man Utd dore ko RMA yemeye ko imishyikirano itangira

Julio Cesar yasinye Benfica

Andi makuru mukanya...

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Wenger Boakye's Son
Wenger Boakye's Son : GHANA BLACKSTARS......

i was jus watching videos nd i saw blackstars inteview after match.....The senior team emerged as winners against a they were going back to dressing room nd diz white man wnted to do some inteview..
so he called Boye and pretended dat he dd nt heard the man....So Adiyaah was nxt so he started running buh he was caught so the inteview started....nd wen the question was out all wat dd player could say is erhm erhm erhm...
and he wl be scratching is head.......he cnt spk english...masa u wer nt born wid english..
boys abre3

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Baluku Henry Pasikali
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Steve Wenger
Steve Wenger : Isn't a wombat those things that live on Hampstead Heath? No, Natasha Starkey, those are the Wombles of Wimbledon.
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Andrea Wenger Ferrier
Andrea Wenger Ferrier :         Now that's what I call motivation to exercise ;)
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Zaid Al Samaraie
Zaid Al Samaraie : Rodgers and Wenger - Farley and Reid (Feb 2014)         Darren Farley is sponsored by To find out more about our sponsor go to The lost recordings of Darren and Paul as ...
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Arsenal Pro
Arsenal Pro : Slaven Bilic says sorry to Arsene Wenger after being sent to the stands for losing his cool during Besiktas...     Slaven Bilic says sorry to Arsene Wenger after being sent to the stands for losing his cool during Besiktas...
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TheReturn OfAmebo
TheReturn OfAmebo :         I feel sorry for Alexis Sanchez. Having to play alongside Giroud, mate, that's stress right there. Its difficult when you just join the club and your're trying your best passing the ball to a player like Giroud and keep wasting it.

I feel very sorry for Sanchez yesterday.

I hope Wenger will start playing Joel Campbell?


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Kate Hinchey Wenger
Kate Hinchey Wenger :         Many of you have done the #ALSIceBucketChallenge, myself included, but here is the reason why you do it and the person that started it all.
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