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Sriram Cherukuri
Sriram Cherukuri : Timeline Photos     "An unmanned NASA rocket exploded shortly after take-off from Virginia on Tuesday evening"
Befitting reply to that cartoon.

Aslam Rafiq Tazzdeen | Chennai Memes

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Virginia Sentinal
Virginia Sentinal : Morris, Knights run over Generals     Thar's dunben a new artikle wrte calt 'Morris, Knights run over Generals ahn

Daniel Sangjib Min/TIMES-DISPATCH
Dinwiddie vs. Thomas Dale High School Football
Thomas Dale’s Eric Finney (3), who was held to 26 yards on 17 carries against Dinwiddie, made this 4-yard run c... #KevinTucker, #KhalidMorris, #MetroBusiness, #SubscribeLoginCreate #Virginia

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Eva Mackenzie
Eva Mackenzie : Timeline Photos     OK all you Halloween Display lovers --- how about THIS? This display is in Kanova, West Virginia.

From the Internet: "For over 30 years, Ric Griffith and a group of crafty volunteers have carved more than 3,000 pumpkins yearly to decorate what has become known as The Pumpkin House. The jack ‘o lanterns completely cover Griffith’s lawn and house. Thousands of visitors come from miles around to see the amazing display light up the night.

The pumpkin display has drawn national attention and has been featured on the Today Show and the Ellen DeGeneres show."    

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Jeanetta Coleman
Jeanetta Coleman : Justice For Christopher Lee Ratliff - Anonymous Message To Huntington West Virginia    
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Virginia Dixon
Virginia Dixon : Lay Your Burden Down, Weary Christian    
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Virginia Depalma
Virginia Depalma : Virginia Depalma is 40 percent Unhappy today.    
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Joseph Barrett
Joseph Barrett : Timeline Photos     Marc Harrold, Libertarian Party nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives, Virginia 11th, has received an endorsement from two-term New Mexico Governor and 2012 Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson.

In endorsing Harrold, Governor Johnson stated: "Marc Harrold offers the voters a candidate with a libertarian vision who will work to stop using our military as an international police force and our police as a domestic military, to end the drug war, to stress open markets over closed borders in supporting comprehensive immigration reform and simplify the federal tax code."

I have long respected and admired Governor Johnson. I am extremely proud to receive his endorsement. "LIVE FREE" strongly resonates with me; it is an aspiration I have focused on often during my Campaign. A full Press Release will be posted on the in the near future.    

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Nelly Candiez
Nelly Candiez : Party on Virginia n wolff
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Kiára McQueen
Kiára McQueen : I love love love everyone so much thank you all for your support on this fabulous Halloween! Shout out to the Heshee Lounge & Rainbow-Cactus Virginia for fabulous shows!

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Virginia Zaragoza
Virginia Zaragoza :         Grandma and baby Mia, she's always so serious, I had to put her in the pot. She is too cute♡ Love her so much, her 1st Halloween♡♡♡♡♡
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Michelle Wilkins
Michelle Wilkins :         SAD YET TOUCHING: Virginia Jail Holds Father-Daughter Dance For Prisoners
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Virginia Ortañez
Virginia Ortañez :         Good morning earnings To all Ka Aimers Business Partner Eagles Alliance Power Cnu gusto extra income pm me turo ko syo Tama sistima Panu ka Kumita ng malaki pera OFW = Opportunity Filipino World Wide joined now ♣♣♣
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Darnell Stimulus Band Pope
Darnell Stimulus Band Pope : THE STYLISTICS LIVE IN VIRGINIA 2005 - Full Show - Tradução         New Great Rare THE STYLISTICS concert, LIVE IN VIRGINIA 2005 , release in the city of NORFOLK, stereo sound, excellent sound and excellent picture, duration ...
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Virginia Nicol
Virginia Nicol :         Love Rhinos, but they always seem to have a sadness in their eyes.
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Campos Zavala Alexander
Campos Zavala Alexander :     Virginia Vs Amanda    
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Sahan Hewa Gamage
Sahan Hewa Gamage :         VIDEO: Unmanned Antares rocket explodes seconds after lifting off from a commercial launch pad in the US state of Virginia
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Ca Virginia
Ca Virginia :        
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Onetyme Stl
Onetyme Stl : Entering West Virginia...
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Anilkumar Tadi
Anilkumar Tadi : Timeline Photos     "An unmanned NASA rocket exploded shortly after take-off from Virginia on Tuesday evening"
Befitting reply to that cartoon.

Aslam Rafiq Tazzdeen | Chennai Memes

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Virginia Belkin
Virginia Belkin : ► AEDT | Abschied & Auftakt: Im Kaffee Burger feiert "Tatort"-Hauptkommissar Boris Aljinovic...    
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Virginia Marie Mabilog Angan
Virginia Marie Mabilog Angan :         Just another day with this bunch.
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Dolores Redzee Joseph Baker
Dolores Redzee Joseph Baker : Get Back the Good!     Get Back the Good! Are you serious!!! Look at what they brought back! Feeling blessed right now!!!! Samantha Jo Brown Julie Coxen Alicia Morris Kelsey McGee Jenn Bangs-Baker Virginia Scott Kristina Marie Whitney Renee Plouse    
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Virginia Bonita Alexandria Kompkoff
Virginia Bonita Alexandria Kompkoff :         He didn't know what to think for his first Halloween but it was fun...our lil minion James 😍❤️
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The New 101.3
The New 101.3 : Taste of Town Center 5k Run/Walk - Virginia Beach Town Center Kiwanis Club     Mark your calendars for November 15th for the annual Taste of Town Center 5K to honor our Veterans at the Town Center of Virginia! Hosted by j&a racing, enjoy a 5K around downtown Virginia Beach, and then attend the ‘Taste’, a post-race party where you can sample items from various Virginia Beach restaurants! Register now at #2WD1013
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Simone Collino
Simone Collino : Unmanned Antares rocket explodes seconds after take-off         An unmanned rocket exploded shortly after takeoff Tuesday evening on Virginia’s eastern shore. Orbital Sciences’ Antares rocket was carrying equipment to restock the International Space Station.

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Virginia Sheppard Haynie
Virginia Sheppard Haynie : Feeling Zesty    
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Leila Monaghan
Leila Monaghan : mobile     Reposting to keep in feed.     The life in photos of E. Jennifer Monaghan, 1931-2014.
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Lalkumar Lal Budha
Lalkumar Lal Budha : Team X.T.R.E.M.E at Spartan Race Virginia         outstanding effort
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Akshay Arun Bapat
Akshay Arun Bapat : Timeline Photos     "An unmanned NASA rocket exploded shortly after take-off from Virginia on Tuesday evening"
Befitting reply to that cartoon.

Aslam Rafiq Tazzdeen | Chennai Memes

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►     Nice one.

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Richmond News
Richmond News : Distilleries ask Va. gov to nix booze price hike - The San Luis Obispo Tribune     Distilleries ask Va. gov to nix booze price hike
The San Luis Obispo Tribune
RICHMOND, Va. — More than a dozen Virginia distilleries are asking Gov. Terry McAuliffe to nix a plan to raise prices at state-owned liquor stores. Earlier this month, …

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Virginia Omoso Guazon
Virginia Omoso Guazon :        
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Virginia Scanlan
Virginia Scanlan : Melbourne Ska Orchestra - Lygon Street Meltdown     Wildly creative arrangements. Just love these guys.     Directed and produced by Clayton Jacobson for Bison Films Buy single on iTunes here:
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Virginia Shaubel
Virginia Shaubel :     Departing Filament    
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Mary Sheppard
Mary Sheppard :         Had fun last night, thanks Ginny for the night out - Virginia Kovacs
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Karen Kwiatkowski Edsall
Karen Kwiatkowski Edsall : Va. Beach teen missing, endangered    
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Pams Coquet
Pams Coquet :     Virginia Alvarez     Esos si son huevos de cabron
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Virginia Rios
Virginia Rios : Find Story behind your Birth Date     Wow!!!!!
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Creative PR
Creative PR : Timeline Photos     Coming up next weekend is a broadcast of a live performance of The Thomas Jefferson Hour recorded on October 17, 2014 in front of a sold out audience at the studios of WHRO in Norfolk, Virginia. The show is hosted by WHRO’s own award winning broadcaster Cathy Lewis. This first of two shows from Clay’s Norfolk performance and features an extended conversation between Cathy Lewis and President Jefferson. The second show, comprised almost entirely of audience questions, will air at the end of November.

This weekends show (1101) is titled "The Effect of News". President Jefferson discusses news during his time and ours and the effect it has on those who consume it. — with Clay Jenkinson.    

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Virginia Graciela Rodriguez
Virginia Graciela Rodriguez : ¡Nuevo Caso de Asesinato!    
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Heather Christian Webster
Heather Christian Webster : Can't sleep and I am watching for the snow but I have yet to see one snow flake not one and it's going on 3 am I have a new hat gloves scarf and everything and nothing nada and even more so I have some errands to run later today and I always get a kick out of the way people in Virginia and Tennessee drive in the snow it makes me giggle
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Virginia Martin
Virginia Martin : Bill Anderson - Still    
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Muriel Cross
Muriel Cross : First time logging with horses and an arch.         Old Friends working in the woods - Ryland Moore, from Dugspur Virginia. I've known this fellow since we were both in our early 20's.
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Gordon R. Peterson
Gordon R. Peterson : Business Day
Trinity Guardrail Installation Now Banned in More Than 30 States


More than 30 states have banned installation of Trinity Industries’ ET-Plus guardrail systems because of safety concerns.

A part of the system known as the rail head or end terminal is suspected of having a dangerous defect that could lead the guardrails to jam up and slice through vehicles.

The states that have suspended installation of the guardrail units are Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin.

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Virginia Espinosa
Virginia Espinosa : Happy Halloween everybody hope everyone is having fun.
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Vasile Zghiban
Vasile Zghiban :     Where am I??? What am I doing here??? :/
Once again - missing Virginia.... :(     Happy Hysteria Halloween DC!
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Virginia L Long-Champagne
Virginia L Long-Champagne :         2004 FORD FREESTAR MINIVAN FOR SALE RUNS GREAT ASKING $1500/OBO
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Virginia Brown
Virginia Brown : Had fun with my 2 my main b****'s listening to mojo king n Aaron Marshall Miller tonigh!!!
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Mid-Ohio Valley Weather Update
Mid-Ohio Valley Weather Update : Police have suspect in Ball murder - | News, Sports, Jobs, Community...     CINDY BALL CASE DEVELOPMENTS

The Parkersburg News and Sentinel reports there is an unidentified male associate of Cindy Ball described by West Virginia State Police as being the "main suspect" in the disappearance and subsequent homicide of Ms. Ball. Police investigating a possible motive.


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