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Eduardo Poblano
Eduardo Poblano : Damn can't it be 7 already? So manny friends over at Trojans high school, I cant wait till I play against all them today! Im fucking pumped! Ahhhh. ⚽ #puropinchigadsden
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Arcanum - Butler Local Schools
Arcanum - Butler Local Schools : Arcanum Trojans Athletic Record Boards!
We are in the finishing stages of getting all the records for the new athletic record boards. One area we are having a hard time finding information is team statistical records for softball. If anyone would happen to know where I could find team statistical records for softball previous to 2010, please let me know.
Jason Stephan

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Trojan Skinhead, Rude Boy and Mods.
Trojan Skinhead, Rude Boy and Mods. : Angela Wooding     Angela, you have never given my page a "LIKE", but you do like to re-post my stuff on your page without crediting the page, Why ???
If you enjoy my page, give it a "LIKE" and "Share" my posts, rather than just copying, that way more people can enjoy this page.
That's the way we do things here, Thanks.

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Monique DoinMe Nunn
Monique DoinMe Nunn : Whewww finally finished taking dem braids out its bout dat time to get ready for sum football #TROJANS
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Orlando Sentinel
Orlando Sentinel : Dr. Phillips student banned from wearing Trojan condom costume     Jack Englund wanted to bring a safe-sex message to his classmates at Dr. Phillips High School on Tuesday. So he dressed up as Trojan Man for a school spirit "character day," wearing a red cape and a blue poster board decorated to look like a condom wrapper.

School officials were not amused.

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Daily Trojan
Daily Trojan : USC has to clean up sloppy play     "If Saturday’s offense against a banged up Oregon State was any indication, the Trojans aren’t going to be able to hang in shootout games this season."

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USC Graduate Student Government
USC Graduate Student Government : Informational Session for Toastmasters: Trojan Speech!

Date: October 9, 2014
Time: 2:30- 3:30pm
Location: Doheny Library (DML 240) Friends of USC Lecture Hall

Graduate Student Government will be hosting an informational session for all graduate students that are interested in improving their public speaking skills. The session will include how to sign-up as well as the benefits of joining the new Toastmasters program! Please RSVP by emailing

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Franchise Photography
Franchise Photography : Northeastern Lady Jets vs. Southeastern Trojans (V) Soccer Game on 9-25-2014 @ NEHS     Highlights from the Northeastern Lady Jets vs. Southeastern Trojans Varsity Soccer Game on 9-25-2014 @ NEHS, Conover Field     Highlights from the Northeastern Lady Jets vs. Southeastern Trojans (V) Soccer Game on 9-25-2014 @ NEHS
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Lucy Cruz
Lucy Cruz : Officially a Trojan Nurse! LAC-USC just hired me! Woohoo :)
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Arturo Castro
Arturo Castro : Story time!
A few days ago I went shopping with my friend . She was looking for feminine products and we couldn't find them (we were at SAMs club.) eventually I spotted them and called for her. "Hey I finally found them! They're in big packs too!"
A lady behind us chuckled and then walked away still laughing to herself. The realization hit my friend and I both that we were standing next to the giant boxes of Trojan Pleasure packs.

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12 Sports - Northwest Community Television
12 Sports - Northwest Community Television : Hopkins topples Wayzata in overtime     The Hopkins football team defeated Wayzata 28-21 in overtime giving the Royals the program’s first win over the Trojans since November 1999.     The Hopkins football team defeated Wayzata 28-21 in overtime giving the Royals the program’s first win over the Trojans since November 1999.
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Jiri  Trojan
Jiri Trojan : Assassin’s Creed Unity Co-Op Gameplay Trailer         Check out the first Assassin's Creed Unity Coop Gameplay trailer. Assassins fight side by side against terror and chaos.

Even when the enemies are strong and you feel outnumbered, your brothers will always have your back.

Watch in HD:
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Mojahed El-dajani
Mojahed El-dajani : Luv - Trojan horse 1978     salam

this link is for naserah

and this is the same in Germany ,,,, not the same meaning but the melody

    Luv - Trojan horse 1978 You came in through the door like the Trojan Horse you came onto the floor like the Trojan Horse You looked around and saw me, but yo...
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Tigran Manukyan
Tigran Manukyan : Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 2014         One year ago some of us from Techno Image went to Trojan Horse was a Unicorn. After 4 intense days, we found out that one of the best events in the CGI market and…
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Clarissa Denise Hanks
Clarissa Denise Hanks : Common Core Curriculum - A Trojan Horse for Education Reform An untried and unvetted fad is being rolled out at all grade levels, in all public schools across the nation, exce...
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B Therealcchildz Dotson
B Therealcchildz Dotson : C. Childz - The Real C. Childz (Intro) Official Vi     No glaucoma cause my weed potent
Heading to the top I'm going in no Trojan
#CHILDZ Intro to The Real C. Childz album @CChildz1 Produced By Ray-Ray of @SmokeOneEnt Directed:Marcus...
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Anthony Daye
Anthony Daye : Please visit The Rocky Windom Riley Memorial Fund     TROJANS: Our brother and his family are going through unthinkable loss and pain now. It's time to step up and support our brother. Please do whatever you can to lift this amazing family up.
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Findlay Trojan Marching Band
Findlay Trojan Marching Band : I have always tried to instill a sense of family within our band. This is from FHS Freshman Principal Janice Panuto regarding the younger sister of one of our FTMB family:

"We have a freshman student named Destiny Rivera. Destiny has Leukemia and is in ICU in Nationwide Children’s’ Hospital in Columbus. Due to Destiny’s health issues she has been unable to attend FHS this year. Destiny has a brother in the 10th grade Hilario Rivera and another brother at Glenwood.
If you have an interest to follow her on social media, her parents have set up a facebook page under Team Destiny. If you are interested in purchasing a "Team Destiny" t-shirt please contact Kim Fillhart, at Glenwood via e-mail by the end of the day Thursday (10/2). Kim is not sure of the price at this point."

Please join me in keeping trombone player Hilario and his family in our hearts and in our good deeds.


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Ninja Hackers
Ninja Hackers : 1. White Hat Hacker : These hackers are considered as good guys .They don't use their hacking methods for doing illegal things. White hackers will help people from being hacked.

2. Grey Hat Hacker : Grey Hat Hackers are do both good things and bad things. They do legal and illegal things.

3. Black Hat Hacker : Black Hat Hackers are show their skill using hacking websites and stealing passwords and Creating some Trojan Malware Fuctions etc.

what are u???

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Jessica Jessbra Johnson
Jessica Jessbra Johnson : Calling all Tara High Trojans Alumni (age 30 years old and up). Tara High Meet & Greet after the homecoming game on Friday, October 10, 2014 at 9:00p. Please share on your page and share with those who don't have Facebook. The game is at Olympia field. Let me know if you will be attending.
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Maria Kitchens Grant
Maria Kitchens Grant : Come support the ladies of BMS softball today in Fort Valley as they take on the JV PCHS Lady Trojans softball team!
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Navdanya : Timeline Photos     #TTIP #TAFTA #CETA #TISA #GMO #OGM #NOTTIP #STOPTTIP

Friends of the Earth Europe food campaigner Mute Schimpf said: "Facing hostile public and political opposition to GM foods, the biotech industry is using their lobby power in this Trojan horse trade deal with the US to open up the European market to foods contaminated with GMOs. This is the thin end of the wedge in the campaign by industry to force GM foods into Europe."

read full article here:    

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Daily Trojan
Daily Trojan : State law enacts new standards of consent     USC's current initiatives targeting sexual violence are in compliance with the “yes means yes” bill, which was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday.
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Death Salon
Death Salon : Being Human: A USC Librarian Explores Mortality | Autumn 2014 | Trojan Family Magazine | USC     Our Director is featured in USC's Trojan Family Magazine! Megan talks about Death Salon, her upcoming DeathBook! and engaging with our mortality.
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WOPP : Sun Belt Announces Basketball Television Schedule    
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Joel Richardson
Joel Richardson : Trojan Condoms Games - Judo     Trojan Condoms Games - Judo     Trojan Condoms Games - Judo
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Troy Junior Football
Troy Junior Football :         Week 4 C-Squad Highlights
featuring the mascots of the NCAA Big 12

Mercer Group Cowboys (green) 13
Trojan Auto Care Longhorns (red) 8

Game had a safety by the Longhorns. And a defensive TD by the Cowboys….Dakota Manson stripped the ball from the running back and took it in for the TD.

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The Vocal Studio of Stephanie Williams
The Vocal Studio of Stephanie Williams : Doug Locke - Trojans     This song has been stuck in my head since the first meeting Doug when he sang it for me.     AVAILABLE ON iTUNES: Music Video by Doug Locke performing Trojans. ©2014 Doug Locke Twitter/Instagr...
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Karlheinz A. Halter
Karlheinz A. Halter : A Comprehensive History of Zionist Crimes     Legalized Terrorists, my dear friends worldwide, are dismantling the Real and genuine America; and now we're being led into the Wrong Direction.
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Conquest Chronicles
Conquest Chronicles : Welcome Back, Justin Davis     Is USC Trojans RB Justin Davis finally back after a 2 TD performance?
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James Boyle
James Boyle : Funny Trojan Condoms Ads Compilation #1     pmsl     Funny commercials Compilation - Funny ads Compilation - Hilarious commercials Compilation - Hilarious ads Compilation. Checkout Funny Ads - Commercial Compil...
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John Lackey
John Lackey : In asking someone about their acting experience the other day, I summed up my movie idea (to date) briefly, and in doing so, may have cut to the chase more than in any previous post or campaign material:

"I am working on a movie, trying to gather all the raw ingredients from here in Lexington, it has been an improvisational stop motion movie till now, but life is short, so I am getting real cameras, actors (or local characters to act), lots of musicians, writers, lighting and sound people, and we're gonna make a movie, with the same mix of poignance, irreverence, dark humor and emotional use of music as Harold and Maude, if I had to give a quick synopsis, but also be a trojan horse for a few little progressive nuggets, that, if adopted by young people now, would increase the chances of there being fresh water and fish when our kids are our age. Tall order for a movie, I know, but I have talked a lot of really good people into this. Chances of success increase every day."

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Rituraj Thakur
Rituraj Thakur : ________ Viruses are often transmitted by a floppy disk left in the floppy drive
(1) Trojan horse
(2) Boot sector
(3) Script
(4) Logic bomb
(5) None of these

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Subhajit Saha
Subhajit Saha : I have successfully terminated trojan horse (.ini)
Virus from my O.S.....

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Kimberley Culbreth
Kimberley Culbreth : Marriage & Divorce - The Trojan Horse in the Church Part 1         Viewpoint Broadcast with Chuck Crismier Chuck Crismier interviews Author Dr. Joseph Webb, Th.D, Ph.D about his new book and how the church has...
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