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Stacy Giacosa-Bauer
Stacy Giacosa-Bauer : Timeline Photos     The weekend has arrived and so has Lug's BATTLE OF THE BAGS!!!

This accessory edition has the genius Clipper Flat-Iron case paired against the oh so clever Flipper Jewelry Clutch!

Tell us: "Which would you choose and why?" Don't forget to "like" and "share"!

Check out the details about each accessory by clicking the attached links!

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Peever's TLC Boarding Kennels
Peever's TLC Boarding Kennels : Arnprior & District Humane Society    
1 minute ago - View -
Stacy Giacosa-Bauer
Stacy Giacosa-Bauer : Timeline Photos     The weekend has arrived and so has Lug's BATTLE OF THE BAGS!!!

This accessory edition has the genius Clipper Flat-Iron case paired against the oh so clever Flipper Jewelry Clutch!

Tell us: "Which would you choose and why?" Don't forget to "like" and "share"!

Check out the details about each accessory by clicking the attached links!

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Maria Cruela
Maria Cruela : Lost At E Minor    
6 minutes ago - View -
Samuel Samarron
Samuel Samarron : Wahl 5 star Balding Clippers
7 minutes ago - View -
Basketnoti : Kevin Garnett rumors: Could Los Angeles Clippers pursue Garnett?     Kevin Garnett rumors: Could Los Angeles Clippers pursue Garnett? - FanSided (blog)
8 minutes ago - View -
Henry St George Tucker
Henry St George Tucker : Timeline Photos     There's still time to get your tickets for our next performance of A Pirate's Tale! Next show is Wednesday, August 6th! Come set sail with the pirate crew of the Anne-Marie on Pittsburgh's only swashbuckling adventure on the waters. Visit the Gateway Clipper link, or the one on our official page for ticket information and more! Hope to see you there. Ahoy!!current-production/cb3i    

11 minutes ago - View -
Just One More Page
Just One More Page : Silent Love: The Love Series     I'll be joining you in about 45 minutes! Make sure to pop in & say hello!

12 minutes ago - View -
Donquindrick Young Donn Reynolds
Donquindrick Young Donn Reynolds : Aye Cedric J. Jackson Henry Jackson we need a petition or sum... Get Mario Cason ass down here lol... Call it a "back to school special" or sum... It's gettin rough lol... Or just duct tape him n throw him n his clippers in the trunk...
12 minutes ago - View -
Amy Ross
Amy Ross : Well I have the car loaded with my hydraulic chair, scissors, clippers, trimmer etc.... Ready to cut hair tomorrow at New Hope Church in Fenton for their backpack/school supplies give away. Free hair cuts to the kids that will need it to look sharp going back to school. 💇📚📔✂💺
14 minutes ago - View -
Cari Woods
Cari Woods : Interested in going to a Clippers game? Come down Tues Aug 12th...Luke will be throwing the first pitch!!!!
14 minutes ago - View -
Shannon Flannery
Shannon Flannery : here is a list for kroger mega event great sales the prices are with the $5 off

McCormick grill mates streak sauce $1.49 there is $1 on the check out 51 app

huggies baby whips i was just at the kroger in harrisburg and they has LOTS of them....they are .99 use 7/13 SS making this .49

Dove shampoo 2.17 use 7/27 RP or there is a 1.50 kroger coupon upload it to your card making this .67 GREAT PRICE

Noxzema face cream and pads are 1.99 use 1.25 from 7/27 RP making this .74 there is also a 1.25 kroger coupon you can upload to your card if you dont have the paper coupon GREAT PRICE

old El Paso kits 1.49 use 8/3 SS making this .74 GREAT PRICE

caress body wash 1.99 use 7/27 RP making this .99 GREAT PRICE

Herbal body wash is 1.99 use 7/27 PG making this .99

Febreze air effects 1.99 use BOGO making this .99

downy beads 3.49 you can use $5/3 fom 7/27 PG or $2.50/2 from 7/13 RP

Tide pods 3.99 use $2.50/2 from 7/13 RP

Hefty trash bags 5.99 use 7/27 RP


BIC silky touch razors 10 ct 2.79 use $3/1 from 7/27 SS making this FREE

revlon emery boards or nail clippers 1.99 use $3/1 7/27 SS making this FREE

Suave shampoo 1.59 use $1/1 from 7/27 RP making this .59

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Calum Maciver
21 minutes ago - View -
Deborah Ash
Deborah Ash :         The PRESS outside the courthouse, Death Spiral statement sketch D.Ashe,Mrs. Clipper Negotiator and Mrs. Sterling's lawyer,Wanting the Interview, Eliana Press editor seated,
26 minutes ago - View -
Im'Ida Hea
Im'Ida Hea : clippers on go, friends list getting shorter, block list just got another spot open... any takers? #CatchThat
27 minutes ago - View -
American Veterinary Workers Against Declawing
American Veterinary Workers Against Declawing : QuickFinder® Clipper - The Ultimate Solution for Pet Nail Clipping     Has anyone out there tried this little gadget? Just read about an unnamed "declaw defender" on FB stating that "When trimming cats' claws you might cut into the quick. That is painful for the cat. Too risky. You're better off getting the cat declawed." Ridiculous. Not only is declawing FAR more painful- and permanent!- than a nicked quick, but cats' quicks are generally not very difficult to see when compared to a dog's, and if this gadget works as it claims to, then there's really no excuse.
27 minutes ago - View -
Cheryl Lynn Wold
Cheryl Lynn Wold : Groomed my kid today :) he is so scared of the clippers.
28 minutes ago - View -
Lucas Dehning
Lucas Dehning : Off to the Clippers game to live the semi-highlife in the Scotts suite!
33 minutes ago - View -
Tami Parsons-Edwards
Tami Parsons-Edwards : Need to know what a clipper lighter weighs half full please anyone? ASAP
33 minutes ago - View -
Byron Leigh Bowzer
Byron Leigh Bowzer : America’s Stupid and Self-Obsessed Capitalist Culture, Perfectly Lampooned by ... Weird Al?     This guy is unreal. 30+ year novelty act! Big fan of his latest, "Lame Claim to Fame". On that note, I want to remind everyone that Travis Hesser and I once rode the Yankee Clipper at Six Flags with Al himself in 1991.
37 minutes ago - View -
Quentin Hairston
Quentin Hairston : Kayla Simmons you might as well keep Travis Simmons in sc cause he got a ads whoopin when he get home.... The spurs ain't takin his Shit anymore he can get the clippers, heat, thunder or whoever else he wants it's ova..........
37 minutes ago - View -
Bone Breaking Kennels
Bone Breaking Kennels : INO: pet clippers I have a rescue that is a longhair and I also help people that can not take their dogs to be groomed professionally ( mostly elderly and disabled, but some that just cant because of other reasons ) with basic shaving and/ trims.... please anything you have that is working / fixable would be of great help ( I can clean it if need be, but halfway clean atleast would be preferred ) must be free or cheap ( I dont do this for money; just to help those in need )
40 minutes ago - View -
AK Miller
AK Miller : Ibotta     So August team goal for Cedar City Clipper iBotta team - get $0.50 when you redeem 3 rebates and the team redeems $5.00 total! So join us now!
43 minutes ago - View -
Star Clipper
Star Clipper : New Items Arriving 08/06/14     Jason Vorhees Figure, A new Steven Universe Comic and Bunker Vol 1!? All this and more will arrive at Star Clipper 8/6/14!
46 minutes ago - View -
Rachel Ann Nicolas
Rachel Ann Nicolas : Spirit Profile: Caitlin #10 | Los Angeles Clippers     Vote for Caitlin Joy Estudillo!
49 minutes ago - View -
Jessika Sanders
Jessika Sanders : Really. How many times can I lock my keys in the car. Carrying in things and what happens. My car key falls off the damn clipper key chain and I dint notice. Anyone want to come open my door for me. Really hate paying Jim's garage $40. I have them on speed dial.
50 minutes ago - View -
Aisha Williams
Aisha Williams :         Clipper cut, and shave before and after thanks to my client Mike.
54 minutes ago - View -
Abraham De La Garza
Abraham De La Garza : The Most-Hated NBA Teams by State     The only ones I don't understand is why do Mississippi and Tennessee hate the Clippers and why Wisconsin hates the Bulls. Anyone know the history on that?
55 minutes ago - View -
Tenaj Naje
Tenaj Naje :         You guys heard the message from Snoop Dogg to the Clippers owner?
He read him to Filth!
follow BlackPeople Vines
Watch the video: video

56 minutes ago - View -
Barbara Riffe
Barbara Riffe : Timeline Photos     The weekend has arrived and so has Lug's BATTLE OF THE BAGS!!!

This accessory edition has the genius Clipper Flat-Iron case paired against the oh so clever Flipper Jewelry Clutch!

Tell us: "Which would you choose and why?" Don't forget to "like" and "share"!

Check out the details about each accessory by clicking the attached links!

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Anthoni Doing Him
Anthoni Doing Him : ANY HAIR CLIPPERS FOR SALE...???
1 hour ago - View -
Krystal Toney
Krystal Toney : Clippers and liners when i get off, I'm about to start cutting my baby hair myself lbvs
1 hour ago - View -
Erika Borrego Magallan
Erika Borrego Magallan :         $60 for everything nail case with lots of nails,glitters,acrylic powders,nail clippers, and a hand to practice on and nail brushes and other little things!!!
1 hour ago - View -
Sophie Bishop
Sophie Bishop :         For Sale - James is a gorgeous traditional gypsy cob. Potential to show as a traditional. He is 4 years old, standing at 14.2hh. A proper leg in each corner, weight carrying cob.
James hacks out alone or in company. He is a quiet, novice ride, suitable for someone looking for a young, low mileage happy hacker or for someone to bring on further in any discipline.
He has been lightly schooled in the field and has popped a few poles with ease and jumps ditches for fun. He is currently hacking out with my hunters and doing hound exercise.
He is bombproof in traffic, with dogs, children and a busy atmosphere. Good with the farrier, currently bare foot and to travel etc. I have not tried clippers on him as I've left him traditional, but I have blow dried his feathers with no bother.
Fully vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and passported.
Any further information please PM me.

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Wisconsin Coupon Clippers
Wisconsin Coupon Clippers : WELL Clippers WE DID IT! We made it through another 1st of the Month Release! THANK YOU to all the admins. for their help today, and a BIG THANK YOU to our fans who print their coupons through our links. NOW... Time to start the CVS, Target, and Walgreens Match Up for Sunday :P ~ Micki
1 hour ago - View -
JVW inc.
JVW inc. : Just borrowed my neighbors nail clipper and had a slip, if any one has some Neosporin I can borrow I will be at bar hill from 6-9pm. Thanks guys
1 hour ago - View -