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Ashley Crump
Ashley Crump :         Tips with ThELma & LoUisE "self tanner"
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Shirlette Powell

=============== DELORES JOHNSON POWELL =============

Resident - Maringouin
Native - Fordoche
D.O.D. - Friday July 25, 2014 at Our Lady Of The Lake
Age - 63

Visitation - Friday August 1, 2014 at Greater Union Baptist Church 5541 Fordoche Rd. In Frodoche 3:00 P.M. Until Musicial at 6:30.
Religious service - Saturday August 2, 2014 11:00 A.M. At the Church
Conducted By - Rev. Edward Armstead
Interment - False River Station Cemetery in Blanks, La

Her Mother Thelma Johnson
Two Daughters: Kimberly Celestin & Husband Phillip
Rev. Christina Knighten & Husband Auric
A Son Rev. Joseph Powell III & Wife Shirlette
Five Sisters: Rev. Joyce Benion; Maud Eaphrom; Ada Johnson; Betty Adams & Ruby Johnson
Two Brothers: Joseph Johnson Jr. & William Johnson.
Eight Grandchildren, Aunts, Great Aunt, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews & Many other Relatives & Friends     Sweet Dee

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Jennifer Baldwin
Jennifer Baldwin :         Mo tips with Thelma and Louise
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Jamil Dee Jasey
Jamil Dee Jasey :         My grandmother Thelma J Jasey
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Nelly Dapiton
Nelly Dapiton :     Thelma Jordan     Philippine Church Celebration Breaks World Records
IGLESIA NI CRISTO (Church of Christ) CENTENNIAL Anniversary!

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Jamie Mikkelson
Jamie Mikkelson :     Lol got no words.     Tips with ThELma & LoUisE "self tanner"
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Brenda Vetter-Johnson
Brenda Vetter-Johnson :     OMG this is so funny! if you need a good laugh watch this video! :)     Tips with ThELma & LoUisE "self tanner"
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Stefanie Lewis
Stefanie Lewis :     Amanda Bard Dehmel I know you are much more talented then them.....but it's still funny!     Tips with ThELma & LoUisE "self tanner"
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Steve N Deb McClure
Steve N Deb McClure :     Love these girls!!!!     Tips with ThELma & LoUisE "self tanner"
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Glen Botha
Glen Botha :         Enjoying some pupusas with Enrique, Ruby and Thelma.
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Kenneth Moton
Kenneth Moton :         Look who's home...Tioga carjacking crash survivor Thelma Brown is home and she got quite the reception. Hear her message tonight on Action News
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Karen Nicole Island-Brumfield
Karen Nicole Island-Brumfield : For the last couple of days since I been home from Memphis a lot of people have crossed my path an said some very encouraging words to me, but this one lady didn't come in contact with me she just called her name is Mrs. Thelma Smith, the wife of Rev. Bertrand Smith,, she told me the Lord put it in her spirit to call me because I was wrestling with some situations that needed immediate attention, she stated that the Lord had a blessing for me right her in Pike County an that I didn't need to journey back to Memphis, she stated that she was going to fast an pray for me, to make a long story short on yesterday 07/29/2014, I got that blessing, I am living testimony that when God's gotta blessing for you, its for you!! To all that are struggle with situations get some real prayer warriors in your corner, an always no matter what her think of you do what you think is right!! I know there are going to be some naysayer to this post but I really don't care, cause the way I see it I must be doing something right, cause blessing keep coming me and my family way!! I don't mean to brag, I'm lying I did mean to brag!!
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Heather Hanners
Heather Hanners :         This racoon is a big part of my childhood. I loved this racoon soon much as a little girl I used to pet it like it was real. It was then said I could have it once I was old enough to take care of it. And that I have. This racoon is as old as I am! Rip great aunt Thelma! U will truly be missed.
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Mirt Baldazo
Mirt Baldazo : Steph asked me what's my ESCAPE plan....she is ready to go home....I'm like....let me sleep on it....
She said...come on Thelma....
I'm usually down for breaking the law....

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The Battlefield
The Battlefield : Team Battlefield has new members!!! THANK YOU Elizabeth Greany O'Donoghue, Bob Portnoy, Russel Taylor, Nancy Thompson, Anne, Sarah Gaboury, Kristin Yadamec, Noemi Asturias Dengo, Kathleen Vargha, Kia Kelly, Jan Montoya, Thelma Jarman, Jonathan Hyman, Jessie G. Campbell, Ryan Silverthorne, Katie Sheliga, Ricki Rush, Jay & Julie Mitchell & Glory Simon. We couldn't do it without ya!!!
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Credo Amouzouvik for Congress
Credo Amouzouvik for Congress :         Credo with his good friend TN State Senator Thelma Harper.
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John Fields
John Fields :         Tips with ThELma & LoUisE "self tanner"
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Tina Marie Estes
Tina Marie Estes :         Tips with ThELma & LoUisE "self tanner"
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Paula Dickey Saxon
Paula Dickey Saxon :     Thelma Schweitzer     #lol
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Debby Dahl Jones
Debby Dahl Jones :     Let's go get our tan on lol     Tips with ThELma & LoUisE "self tanner"
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Marsha Rogers
Marsha Rogers : Humane Society of Ohio Valley     IN SHELTER SINCE APRIL!!
Thelma - Shepherd/Lab (mix)
Ohio Valley HS - Marietta, OH (bs)

"Thelma" is a gorgeous 1-1/2 year old female Shepherd/Labrador Retriever mix who arrived at the HSOV on the evening of April 2, 2014 after she was picked up on Hadley Hollow Road in Washington County, Ohio taking a stroll with "Louise" (who is possibly her sister). "Thelma" has a black medium smooth coat with mahogany/auburn highlights, a long tail, and a beautiful face with expressive brown eyes and short floppy ears. She has a friendly, outgoing personality and a playful manner. "Thelma & Louise" are very close to each other and are sharing a large kennel. We're not sure how they feel about smaller dogs or cats yet "Thelma" currently 58 lbs. She is now available for adoption since she was not reclaimed. "Thelma" was spayed on April 11, 2014 and also received rabies vaccine on that date.

Ohio Valley Humane Society
90 Mt. Tom Road
Marietta, OH 45750
Phone 740 373-5959
Canine Rescue/Adoptions - Steve Herron/Ex. Director/Manager at 373-5959)

Celeste Ridgway-Rescue Coordinator at
Feline Rescue/Adoptions - Email Steve Herron at

Sharon Paul at
Shelter Hours:
12 Noon - 5 pm Monday - Friday
10am - 4pm Saturday
By Appointment Only Sunday

Adoption Fees:
Adoption fees for Dogs and Puppies range from $42.75 - $117.75 depending on shots and vetting.
Adoption fees for Cats& Kittens range from $25 to $40.00 depending on shots and vetting. — with Sue Kedrowski and Gabe To The Rescue.    

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Debbie Crow Logan
Debbie Crow Logan :     LOL!! There's probably some idiot out there that will watch this & try it. LOL!!     Tips with ThELma & LoUisE "self tanner"
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Ginny Willison
Ginny Willison :         Tips with ThELma & LoUisE "self tanner"
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Bill Denise Legere
Bill Denise Legere :     Michelle Jarvis Chapman
I do believe that she is kin to you     Tips with ThELma & LoUisE "self tanner"
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Nina Mango
Nina Mango :         Tips with ThELma & LoUisE "self tanner"
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Monica Rose O'Connell
Monica Rose O'Connell : Untitled     Yessss✌️     Matt Mattox and dancers in “Introduction” from his 1961 NYC dance concert. Among the dancers - Nat Horne, Thelma Hill, and Jean Hilzinger. Also, Beth Howland, who was in Broadway's "Company" and the tv sitcom "Alice."
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Terry Mullenix Wells
Terry Mullenix Wells :         Tips with ThELma & LoUisE "self tanner"
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Thelma Dongel
Thelma Dongel :         Thelma,s sari sari store,,,,,,,,,
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Denise Bligh
Denise Bligh :         Thelma & Louise. They had fun, "Not touching" each other.
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Rennie Gold
Rennie Gold : Untitled         Matt Mattox and dancers in “Introduction” from his 1961 NYC dance concert. Among the dancers - Nat Horne, Thelma Hill, and Jean Hilzinger. Also, Beth Howland, who was in Broadway's "Company" and the tv sitcom "Alice."
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Derek Speerstra
Derek Speerstra :         Hello everyone, as I said before thank you all for the get well wishes and prayers. My dad loved the kind words and pictures. Today I got a great text from Thelma "Your dad gets to go home"!!! This past Monday dad had a procedure done looking for kidney stones. I will spare you all the gory details but they found a blockage which may have been the root cause of the infection. By Tuesday morning my dads kidney numbers had jumped up from around 17 to 22. That's as high as he has been since June. Today he was at 25! I really don't know what that number represents. But I know higher is better...he still has a fight on his hands with his cancer battle, but at least this hurdle is getting under control. So with all this good news I know my dad would say "Turn on the Lights"
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Ansley Joiner
Ansley Joiner :     Tracey Perry Martin     Tips with ThELma & LoUisE "self tanner"
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Lenz Lagran
Lenz Lagran : Mga partners kita kits tu sa saturday sa AIM Office 1pm..

See you...

Mitchelle Lumanag Esguerra Khristoffer Alcantara Esguerra Thelma Sigyep Jhöy Joy MaJoy Lucita Cultura Lucita Cultura Reynold Enero

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GOD winks

“My Aunt Stella had heart surgery. The hospital said she had DIED TWICE on them.

We rushed to the hospital and found her doing better when we arrived.

She looked at us and said, ‘I saw Thelma (my Mother) and Kathy. When I GOT THROUGH THE LIGHT they were waiting for me.’

Aunt Stella talked about this for years; I TRULY BELIEVE in Life after death.”

Mary E. Perry Messer


Many who have been given a glimpse of heaven report seeing a BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT; others hear music; encounter family and friends who are there to greet them; and nearly all report that those they recognize in heaven have restored bodies and look the best they looked here on earth.

When writing Divine Alignment, demonstrating how our journey’s are connected, godwink by godwink, I created a chart of the 15 common experiences of over 150 people who experienced heaven. That BRIGHT LIGHT was one of them.

Many good wishes for godwinks.

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