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Mharvz Cangsung Mharvz Cangsung : Well congrats to my sista Thelma Alimpolos you deserv it girl . Happy happy na
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Moses Hightower Moses Hightower : April 21, 2014 AM; MIDNIGHT MANNA

By Thelma Hightower

Lord, I offer praise unto you today. As the heavens, I declare your glory. You have brought me out of a horrible pit and have allowed me to escape out of the web of shame as I destroyed the spider of guilt with the words of my mouth. Your words have gone out of your mouth and will not return unto you empty or void. I am aware that whosoever believes on you will not be made ashamed. You are rich unto all that call on your name and everyone that calls on your name shall be delivered. I am so thankful that I heard of you and believe the gospel preached unto me. You came that I might have life and that more abundantly. I am grateful that you endured that cross, despising the shame, for the joy set before you. Thank you for your enduring love, mercy, and grace. You have privileged me with unmerited favor. I am grateful to be highly selected and favored. Your blessings make me rich and adds no sorrow. I appreciate your grace working in my life to rise up and make a good confession, so that I may not be reluctant because of humiliation and shame. I honor you and respect your position in my life as Lord.

By Don Grigsby

Glory in the New Testament has to do with God's reputation, character, and honor. We declare him faithful and true by our unconditional trust in his promises. God has given us a divine dignity that will always shine forth his praises who has called us out of darkness into his marvelous light. Jesus Christ took our shame and exchanged it for the glory and honor that only he can give. We were desperate and depleted of any excitement for life except for the plastic forms of fulfillment. When we received the Holy Ghost, we were loaded with his blessings and flooded with all the benefits of redemption.

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Costa Panders Costa Panders : Thelma Houston - You used to hold me so tight (12" Version)     Thelma Houston -- You Used To Hold Me So Tight (12" Version) Label: MCA Records -- MCA-23520 Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM Country: US Released: 1984 Genre: E...
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Therapy Dogs International (TDI) Therapy Dogs International (TDI) : Photos of Therapy Dogs International (TDI)     HEY THELMA! WHAT LOUISE? WE TOOK OUR EASTER PIC BUT FORGOT OUR EASTER OUTFITS... LOL!    
2 hours ago - View -
Jymie Joe Jymie Joe : Awwww...feeling the comforts of home in the valley after my lil sis & i totally Thelma & Louise'd it over the wknd lol. Was an amazing wknd trip for great food and visiting with fam & frenz. G'nite eer1 and sweet dreamz;)
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Lauren Gilbert Lauren Gilbert :     David Johnson look at her go Chasé Noelle Emily Zimmer     Thelma and the Sleaze rocking Greenlight
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John-Jean Fenn John-Jean Fenn :         ...when your mother was one of only eight students in her 8th grade class at Lake Arrowhead School. After 8th, she had to board out in San Bernardino for high school because there was no bus transportation for students going down the hill for school. My mom is Thelma Millett in the photo. More photos to come later.
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Garrick Dion Garrick Dion : When I was in college, I wrote a paper on 'thelma & Louise', essentially declaring its strengths moot because of simplistic, reductive sexual politics and characterizations. I would like to publicly rescind that thesis; I was a clueless teenage male. Nearly 25 years on, it's definitively one of the more original, thoughtful, unconventional, nuanced, potent American films ever made. And the fact that little has come close to what it does so deftly makes it all the stronger... Everyone is in peak top form here
3 hours ago - View -
Vanessa Salinas Vanessa Salinas : Had a great weekend with Thelma and Roger. I may have missed Easter durin the day but we totally brought in the Easter morning awesome Tiffani Salinas Sandra Uvalle Melissa Uvalle Chris and Tyler . Fun times. Love y'all. I hope everyone had a great Easter.
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Jeremy Tucker Jeremy Tucker :     Thelma and the Sleaze rocking Greenlight    
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Connie Bowles Tovar Connie Bowles Tovar : Mobile Uploads     With Rhonda Bowles Poirier and Donna Helton.     Four generations: Thelma Blankenship ( my mom) Mandie Rowe Ritch ( my daughter) Bradon Mitchell ( my grandson) Haleigh K. Mitchell ( my granddaughter) And me
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Gail Lankford Gail Lankford :         Happy 90th birthday Aunt Thelma
5 hours ago - View -
Nessie Wood Dean Nessie Wood Dean : Thelma Hooper Obituary: View Obituary for Thelma Hooper by Alabama Heritage Funeral Home,...     Adam Dean grandmother has passed. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.. Austin Jamal Dean
6 hours ago - View -
Latrice Brock Latrice Brock : Different type of Easter this year...back yard bar-b-cue, just Thelma and Louise.. niece at work; Son on the road....steaks, wine, and now unwinding
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Christine Pascoe Christine Pascoe : Mobile Uploads     Snail 3

$25 plus post. To purchase please leave your name and email address below.

First to comment sold!!

Made from quality quilting fabrics. Due to embellishments these snails are not recommended for small children.     How gorgeous is Thelma from Neeny Beans!!

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Robert Minnick Robert Minnick : My cousin Mae Thelma Herrin Carter ex husband Rubin Hurricane Carter died today. Back in the day he was a famous boxer accuse of murder but after many years in prison was found innocent. A movie was made about him call Hurricane played by Denzel Washington.
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LaNita Ford Davis LaNita Ford Davis : To all my facebooks friends please pray for my great uncle Buddy and our entire family, his wife of 29 years, my great aunt Thelma Byrd died today and we ask that you keep us lifted up in prayer.
8 hours ago - View -
Thelma O'Regan Thelma O'Regan :     Me singin Drunk in Love at proud last night, hope yas like it :D #Surfboard     Thelma smashin Beyonce's Drunk In Love last night
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Jabaree Jt Taylor Jabaree Jt Taylor : If Thelma Taylor was here one thing she'd have for sure at the dinner table on Easter was Hen dressing. The juices from a hen poured into dressing and is like heaven on earth. You can hook a real man with some hen dressing. #missingmygrandmother
10 hours ago - View -
Donnita Waddell Stephens Donnita Waddell Stephens :         Just spoke to my sissy, Melissa Waddell Lambert, mom, dad, Thelma K. Lewallen Lambert, Taylor Lambert, Mason Lambert, Michael Lambert and Elijah Stevens! Missing my family this Easter! Living away makes the holidays a little harder! Love you guys so much!!
12 hours ago - View -
Tim Smith Tim Smith : What a way to celebrate Easter!!! My Mom Thelma Smith got to see Jesus this morning!! After a nearly two year battle with lung cancer, She is seeing those streets of Gold! "Precious Lord, take my hand, lead me on to the Promised Land!" Her prayer and her hope have been rewarded. Thank you, Jesus for the hope of resurrection, and of Heaven. God is so good!! Arrangements are yet to be determined. Thank you, Lord for my Momma!! Praying for her brother Coy Vance, Kenneth Vance, Norman, Donald, and sister Phyllis. And, praying for my brother Steve Smith.
12 hours ago - View -
Tribeca Film Festival Tribeca Film Festival : 8 Lessons Thelma Schoonmaker Taught Us at TFF 2014 | Tribeca     Over the course of an hour, Thelma Schoonmaker engaged in a detailed analysis of Raging Bull that provided insight into her and Martin Scorsese's working process.
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Darla Jo Hambleton Darla Jo Hambleton : HAPPY EASTER to all my family and friends on fb an a special HAPPYY EASTER to my MOM Thelma Winters mom u are doing such a good job fight for ur life your familyy is so proud of u I no u can do it we are all here for u hopefully more better news when we come out there keep fighting mom we love u so much love always Dar
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Daniel DiscoDefiance Doherty Daniel DiscoDefiance Doherty :     Thelma smashin Beyonce's Drunk In Love last night    
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Everett McGarrigle Everett McGarrigle : With an extremely heavy heart I regret to inform you all of my mother Thelma McGarrigle's death. My mom passed away around 5 am April 20th @ the Campbellton Regional Hospital. The doctor called me at 9:30 pm to inform us of a blood clot that had traveled to her leg. Surgery was not a viable option because of her failing health & the time constraints of getting her to a hospital in St John or Moncton. After speaking to my mom, my sister and her doctor over the phone. The plan was to try and use a clot busting medication and treat her for the severe pain she was experiencing. I woke and called the hospital at 5am this morning and the nurse informed me that they just went in to check on my mom and found her not breathing with no pulse. They were just waiting for a doctor to make the official announcement. She fought one hell of a battle. My only regret is that I was not by her side when she passed but I find little comfort knowing she did not suffer as she passed while sleeping. RIP Mom :,( I LOVE YOU ♥ You don't have to fight anymore. I'm sure Dad is there to welcome you.
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Debbie Lowes Debbie Lowes : Thelma & Louise on a road trip to Brighton .....
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Ray Couvillon Ray Couvillon : Happy bunny day Thelma and Louise, Mom, and FB friends!! Coffee good weathers great!! Well Nell I mowed my grass yesterday and I had a flashback from when I use to mow cousin Bud and his wife Mrs cades yard!! Cousin bud use to pay me and then Mrs cade would come right behind him and pay me again and give me a honey bun and a pop!! I always liked Mrs Cade, And Bonnie nobody paid me yesterday and I didn't even get a glass of water!! I think it got lost with that new ridding mower lol!! Hope everybody has a great day!!!!!
17 hours ago - View -
Sonny Pratt Sonny Pratt :         My Mom and Dad, Wilburn Jr. & Thelma Phillips Pratt, 2014. Dad will be 90 April 28th !
18 hours ago - View -
Tommy Tyson Tommy Tyson : On this day April 20 God decide that I should have life me an my mom Thelma Wright even kno she is not with us anymore she is still loved an truely missed. ..have a great day Facebook friends and family. ....and happy Easter. safe.......much love.....
19 hours ago - View -
Kevin J. Larson Kevin J. Larson : A sunrise meditation by Thelma Compton

How quiet was my cathedral
On a sun stuck Easter morn
When I slipped into the forest
At the breaking of the dawn.
How still the woodland creatures;
They must have been at prayer!
The rustle of an oak leaf
As it drifted through the air
Was indeed, the only sound
That broke my meditation
While I sat in silent reverence
Of the Father of creation.
I was wafted to the heavens
With an inward thrill of awe,
Looked with muted adoration
On the perfection that I saw.
Suddenly the prayers were over
The hemlock sighed "Amen."
And the glory of an anthem
Swelled above the cloistered glen.
The birds joined in the chorus,
Loud the Allelujahs rang
As the woodland world rejoiced
And their Maker's praises sang.
Lowly creatures sang the paean
"Christ, the Saviour, risen Lord!"
Then a lowly, sinful human
Echoed humbly with accord.

May the JOY of this morning be ours today, tomorrow and for all eternity!
Happy Easter! Christ the Lord is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!!

21 hours ago - View -
Tasha Tripp Tasha Tripp : Happy birthday to my mother Thelma Tripp I am bless to have u as a mother...I love u so much enjoy ur day...
1 day ago - View -
Kaye Marlowe Anthony Kaye Marlowe Anthony : Please remember Thelma Anthony in your prayers. May God bless her with peace, comfort, and restful nights.
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Marla Watson Cilley Marla Watson Cilley : Thelma and Louise are in the road again! Look out Kansas City!
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