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Thelma Newsome
Thelma Newsome : Get some Coins!    
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Roberto Testi
Roberto Testi : John Morales Club Motown Thelma Houston Saturday Night, Saturday Morning     Thelma Houston-"Saturday Night, Saturday Morning"(John Morales M +M Mix)     Specific Permission To Use Audio Given By John Morales And Club Motown To Promote The Original Video Rotation By Steven Bogarat http://store.universal-music....
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Carmen Soto
Carmen Soto : Happy Early Thanksgiving to all. Gonna be a busy night and day tomorrow. I am going to have my babies, their dad and stepmom, my love Leroy Smith, his daughter Brittany and his mother who is like my mother Thelma Smith and Leroy's dad. Very blessed. Have a great Thanksgiving and spend time with ur loved ones. God bless
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Jussalete Costello
Jussalete Costello : Mobile Uploads     Hi guys how about fitting in to that dress😊 or just feel Great for the Christmas season this is your chance Thelma and Gary they are getting there
Call or Text me on 0872613598    

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Jussalete Costello
Jussalete Costello : Mobile Uploads     Hi guys how about fitting in to that dress😊 or just feel Great for the Christmas season this is your chance Thelma and Gary they are getting there
Call or Text me on 0872613598    

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Thelma Tammi Tahere
Thelma Tammi Tahere : Thelma Tammi has sent you a heart.    
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Thelma Johnson
Thelma Johnson : First 3 Lucky Clickers Win 350 Coins    
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Steve Ackerman
Steve Ackerman :         Terrific morning at Asquith station this morning. Lots of requests for more services and better platfom access from the west side.
Great help from Justin, Thelma and Chris.

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Thelma Chen
Thelma Chen :     Mami's funnest joke    
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Jill Houghton
Jill Houghton : The Sun's Photos     Pick up your instant redeem £5 Morrisons voucher in The Sun this Thursday.     Dorn Proud Thelma Parkinson Helen Taylor Sheila Walker Jean Walker. Liselle Younger.
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Thelma Brown
Thelma Brown : Happy birthday ms Thelma Jones may God bless you with many more.
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Bozo Mc Cloud
Bozo Mc Cloud : Harpo Marx in Horse Feathers [1932]     and lovely Thelma Todd     Harpo plays "Everyone Says I Love you"
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Thelma Rother
Thelma Rother : Timeline Photos     "The 12 Days of Winter Faire"

On the fourth day of Winter Faire, the Faire did give away four tickets to Brunch with Santa.

To enter to win, Share this post and comment below on what Faire vendor is most likely to have something on your Christmas wish list. You can see all our vendors at

The winner will be randomly selected tomorrow, right before our fifth contest. Good luck!    

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Thelma Schell
Thelma Schell : Mega Win    
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Thelma Delgado
Thelma Delgado : Timeline Photos    
37 minutes ago - View -
Thelma Tapasei
Thelma Tapasei : Seven Dangers to Human Virtue
37 minutes ago - View -
Amanda Sharp
Amanda Sharp :         Ben's foot with his stitches in. Thelma McArthur
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Thelma Dreer
Thelma Dreer : New Murder Case!    
40 minutes ago - View -
Jackass Magnets
Jackass Magnets : Thelma and The Sleaze - "High Class Woman"     We are so excited to be opening for these ladies on December 6 at the Mutiny, along with Slop Sink and Jesse Alexander. You should be there.     ....single from These Boots Won't Lick Themselves EP available at THELMAANDTHESLEAZE.BANDCAMP.COM BOOKING: DRYERBABYRECORDS@GMAIL.COM "HIGH CLASS WOMAN" dire...
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Thelma Alvarez Falcón
Thelma Alvarez Falcón : Árbol de Navidad    
44 minutes ago - View -
KL Wilson
KL Wilson :         This has not been a good day for me, not that i'm not thankful, this is my first thanksgiving without my mother or being around some family! Was feeling really sad and then the mail man ran and to my surprise I got a card from my Thelma! And two minutes later I got my tea for the next two months. It feels so good to feel loved! Thank you Antoinette Collier Randles aka my Thelma that means the world to me! I love you ane miss you and the girls so much!
49 minutes ago - View -
Cori Alejandro Pantoja
Cori Alejandro Pantoja :     Fur baby needs a home     My name is Thelma and I love running and helping my foster daddy do yard work. I am sponsored also. I am heartworm positive but I'm on preventative and will be getting the slow kill since it's too chaotic here to do the fast kill. Won't you fill out your application to make me you family member? I don't care for cats or younger children though.
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Lisa Carbone
Lisa Carbone : A break from Thanksgiving prep and a few minutes to reflect....I have so much to give thanks for...Thanks for my Savior who loved me enough to give His life so I may be saved! Thanks for my children who every day bring me joy...for my friends who may be few but they are mighty! For my wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ, who are always able to share my burden and a word of encouragement...Pastor Mike and Shirley who have watched me cry and have directed me always to Jesus...for my wonderful, beautiful, patient Carmen soul partner in crime...the Thelma to my Louise, we have been through so much in the last year...laughed so hard we cried...cried so much it are such a blessing! I love you more than words can thankful friends...
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Thelma Barber
Thelma Barber : #FindMalik: Search continues for missing toddler    
52 minutes ago - View -
Neil Mclennan
Neil Mclennan : And another one bites the dust bye Thelma Nae games sorry
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Thelma Hernandez
Thelma Hernandez : Timeline Photos        
55 minutes ago - View -
Amanda Murphy Mullins
Amanda Murphy Mullins : Timeline Photos         Sue Cornett Thelma S. Crase...right?!
56 minutes ago - View -
Thelma Black
Thelma Black : Mobile Uploads     My New Book is FREE - STRONG WOMEN ONLY INTIMIDATE WEAK MEN -VISIT for the instant download --->    
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Thelma Astralia Washington Akbar
Thelma Astralia Washington Akbar : "People Get Ready" The Impressions         Of all the songs of the 1960s,"People Get Ready" probably best represents the civil rights era. Written by lead singer, Curtis Mayfield and performed by The ...
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Thelma Steele
Thelma Steele :         This was the Christmas tree that Deanna Ferguson and I put up we made the decorations for it
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Thelma Cosipe Mercado
Thelma Cosipe Mercado :    
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Thelma Wieringa
Thelma Wieringa :    
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Thelma Jaminal
Thelma Jaminal :         On our way back to Arizona..Hoover dam!!!
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Thelma Abernethy
Thelma Abernethy : Timeline Photos     Imagine the possibility of unknown limitless possibilities! Circles Of Inspiration by Anna Pereira You will love my Newsletter > < Sign Up ~ Blessings Anna xo    
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Thelma Mhang Imbul
Thelma Mhang Imbul :        
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Thelma Vargas
Thelma Vargas :         BADASS NIGHT!!!
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Thelma Pasquariello
Thelma Pasquariello : Timeline Photos        
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Antonia Misspinklipstick Titi
Antonia Misspinklipstick Titi : My house don't do thanksgiving so who's cooking? Yarma Russell Precious Morris Thelma Hney Jennifer Weah
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Thelma Shinn
Thelma Shinn : Search ongoing for Morton woman missing since Sunday    
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Christopher Quinn Sr.
Christopher Quinn Sr. : Man I Miss The old times like: when my mom Thelma Charleston. Worked 3rd shift and We had The most fun
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Thelma Vicinus
Thelma Vicinus : Timeline Photos     We have got 200 pieces of Play Station 4 that can’t be sold because they have been unsealed. Therefore we are giving them away for free. Want one of them? Just SHARE this photo & LIKE Our Page and we will choose 200 people completely at random on December 1st! as your Christmas gift!

40 winners selected still 160 remaining SHARE! COMMENT(done) and you could be the next one.

Good luck    

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Thelma Moore
Thelma Moore : Little Grandmother Keisha Crowther performance Earth andBeyond 2014         Little Grandmother Keisha Crowther performance Earth and Beyond conference, 21th of June, 2014, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Netherlands. More information about Little...
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Donna Marie Duggan
Donna Marie Duggan : Thelma Houston - You Used To Hold Me So Tight Original 12''     Wicked tune     You Used To Hold Me So Tight is a Dance-pop song written and produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis for singer, Thelma Houston. The song was released as a sin...
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Thelma Pilcher McCloud
Thelma Pilcher McCloud :         6"x 6" Jewerly box. needs some TLC inside ,wooden with cermic tile top. see comment sb .25
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Thelma Astralia Washington Akbar
Thelma Astralia Washington Akbar : Marvin Gaye "What's Going On - What's Happening Brother"         Marvin Gaye "What's Going On - What's Happening Brother"
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Thelma Fouche
Thelma Fouche : Look, It's a Cat! It's a Fish!    
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Thelma Hawley-depew
Thelma Hawley-depew : Timeline Photos     10 Ways to Be a Class Act
Lynda Field Life Coach
Life Coaching and Confidence Boosting at    

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Hazel Dia Solon
Hazel Dia Solon : Usjr Gradeschool     Joanne Belciña Nuñal Abellana
Luz Ursaiz Antiporta
Welou Dil B. Diaz
Realla Faye Tabura
Rose Capol Labios
Rubilyn Delos Santos
Judith Menioria Canlas
Pearl Selyn Capala Adlawan
Rowena Pernia Dayanan
Thelma Ventura
Rhoda Q. Talaugon

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Jennifer Young
Jennifer Young : Great afternoon! Got to leave work early and have lunch with one of my favorite people Thelma Kay Ferguson, her grand daughter Olivia, another friend Maddie and the girls at La Isla...Let the long weekend begin! Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)
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