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Billboard : Mick Jagger & Chadwick Boseman Talk 'Get On Up,' James Brown and a Rolling Stones Biopic     Find out what it's like when Mick Jagger makes you his movie's leading man in this week's Billboard cover story:
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Sahil Khan
Sahil Khan :         WARNING :

To all my facebook family and friends…

I want to introduce you to a guy named Sharique Aly, whose photo is attached for you all.

He got in touch with me over Facebook in the year 2009, requesting me for a job of photography and video editing to help him cure his brain tumor illness. He offered to work for one of my movie promotion on Facebook/ Twitter. I trusted him and gave him a chance. I gave him all my passwords of emails/ facebook/ twitter/instagram accounts eventually. I tried to help him by introducing him to other known personalities/friends. Unfortunately, my account was hacked sometime back and I came to know that he is the one behind it. He was sending mails to my friends on my behalf. I would like to warn you guys to not hold me responsible for his activities. He borrowed money from my friends. He has also tried to use my credit card for several purchases and I have put a police complaint on him. He is untraceable at the moment. And I want you guys to help me find him.

Just be careful, whom you meet online….DO NOT TRUST BLINDLY ! Thank you.

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Foreigner : Foreigner vs. the Cars - Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame Finals     We are now neck and neck and The Cars have been gaining ground fast. It's not the movie Cars! We need your help! Vote Foreigner! You can vote once an hour until the poll closes on July 31, 2014 at 11:59PM ET.
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Seagate Technology
Seagate Technology : Seagate Central & Roku     Seagate & Roke have partnered up to bring you unlimited movies and music all over your house.

Learn more about Seagate Central ~    
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LaMar Sonof Doward
LaMar Sonof Doward : Dear White People (OFFICIAL Movie Trailer)     Definitely going to see this Tineshia Fahie Omari Gore Haile Petersen Kisha Christian O'Neal DaCoolest Doward Phyon Christopher Alexis Lex Diamond Doward     The Movie 'Dear White People' is making waves. What do YOU say?
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Jack Haycox
Jack Haycox :     It might be known for me to do this     Me before the movie starts...
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Kevin Richardson
Kevin Richardson : Lions Attack Men Car     Hooray! Hooray! It's movie day and all the cats have come to play. What happens when the lions find something interesting inside a locked car?     Veyetsi gets a little too curious with the GoPro gang’s car. It goes to show that lions are powerful and dangerous creatures and should be treated with respe...
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Paulo Coelho
Paulo Coelho : "Today I am a woman torn between the terror that everything
might change and the equal terror that everything might
carry on exactly the same for the rest of my days.

"I change channels. I watch a soap or a movie and for a few
minutes or hours I forget everything. I’m terrified my husband
might wake up and ask: “What’s wrong, babe?” Because then
I would have to say that everything’s fine.

"It will be worse if— as happened a few times last month— he put his
hand on my thigh, slid it slowly upward and started caressing
me. I can fake orgasms— I often have— but I can’t just decide to
get wet with excitement.

"I would have to say that I’m really tired, and he, never for
one moment admitting that he was annoyed, would give me a
kiss, turn over, and watch the latest news on his tablet, waiting
until the next day. And then I would hope against hope that
when the next day comes, he’d be tired. Very tired.
ADULTERY, by Paulo Coelho AUG 14
Amazon: B&N (signed)

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Jessica Bass Byrge
Jessica Bass Byrge : Happy Friday y'all !!! #RAK #7 A lot of people usually watch movies on Friday nights and get red box . Well you could get a bag of pop corn and tape it to the screen with a nice note so when they pull it up they see it or you could also tape one of the free redbox codes to the screen if your not going to use it ( these are in some food bags like the banquet chicken nuggets ) . I know this may sound silly but I promise this would put a smile on someone's face . It's all about giving back and making this world a better place :)
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FatherLeo Patalinghug
FatherLeo Patalinghug : Still waiting in jury duty. They put on a movie to keep us occupied. Unfortunately the movie they picked is just making us dumber and dumber as a jury and as a people. Notice, I didn't name the movie. Instead we ought to watch "A Man For All Seasons" a real movie about a real lawyer and upholder of justice - St. Thomas Moore. What movie would you recommend we watch while waiting in court?
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Gregg Sulkin
Gregg Sulkin : 'Game of Thrones' Star Sophie Turner Faces Herself in Creepy 'Another Me' Trailer (Video) - TheWrap     My new movie "another me" to be released August 22nd in the USA! #thriller
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The Hockey News
The Hockey News : The goalie who became famous for robbing banks | Post-to-Post     Patrick Cote's sad and curious story brought to mind the wild tale of Attila Ambrus, the Hungarian goalie who became famous for robbing banks, says THN Editor in Chief Jason Kay. At one time, it was reported a movie was in the works about Ambrus that would star Johnny Depp. Would you have paid to see that?
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Ray Savage
Ray Savage :     FREEBASE(themovie) ft.raysavage #squadup    
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Heather Ray
Heather Ray :     i hope she finds another movie soon lol but shes so cute she knows all the songs an she calls the movie "FREEZEN" LOL my Gabba Doo is to stinkin CUTE    
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MAGIC 106.7
MAGIC 106.7 : Who Would Have Been Your 80's Movie High School Boyfriend?     Kind of a fun distraction! A little fantasy for a Friday!!
Moneen (in for Nancy)

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Mahesh Kathi
Mahesh Kathi : My day is made !!!
Almost reaching the fund requirement for Pesarattu The Movie.
Soon a press meet to share the action plan.

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WISN 12 NEWS :     We can't wait to launch our new "Movies! Milwaukee" network on August 4!

What is your FAVORITE Classic movie? Favorite movie star?    
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NIGERIA ENTERTAINMENT : What is the name of the movie when a young girl losing her older sister because her older sister goes to Europe where she joins some kind of movement. She disappears/dies and years later when the little sister is old enough she travels to Europe where she meets up with her sister's ex (and I think they get involved) and follows her older sister's footsteps, possibly by letters she's received from her sister, trying to figure out what happened to her.
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Telugu Filmnagar
Telugu Filmnagar : Timeline Photos     Saheba subramanyam movie platinum disc function to be held at #Vijayawada #Haailand. We welcome all of you to attend the function and make it a grand success.

#PlatinumDisc #joyfull — with Dilip Kumar.    

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New York Magazine
New York Magazine : Watching Boyhood Made Me Wish I’d Grown Up a Boy     What a movie about boyhood can teach us about girlhood:
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Mix 106.5
Mix 106.5 :         What movie would you rather see? Scarlett Johansson kick butt in LUCY? Or Dwayne 'The Rock" Johnson kick butt as HERCULES? -Pope and Marla
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Supercat Bailey Sr.
Supercat Bailey Sr. : The part of the movie, when your momma tell you to cover your eyes O_O LMAO!
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KMBZ : Friday List: What is the best movie/tv weapon of all time? -Jonathan
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Swimming World
Swimming World : Favorite Movies For High School Swimmers on The Morning Swim Show     Did you enjoy yesterday's "Morning Swim Show" featuring some fun "Final Five" responses from high school swimmers? Here are some more, including their favorite movies and favorite seasons.    
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JOHN WAYNE : John Wayne Enterprises and Duke University    
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AK1200 : selfless act of the day. attn: producers, hundreds of killer samples in the movie "hollywood shuffle" from start to finish. you're welcome
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Choppertown : Road to Paloma trailer - awesome!     OK gang, here's the trailer for Road to Paloma. In the USA download the full movie at It's a cool biker film with the right spirit!    
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JOHN WAYNE : John Wayne Enterprises and Duke University    
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ACoreHealth - by Alyson Corey
ACoreHealth - by Alyson Corey :     Cardio doesn't always mean hopping on the treadmill or elliptical ... Get out of your comfort zone!

I did.

Warning: music will play! Who can tell me the movie that this song came from?    
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Pat Laidler
Pat Laidler : my great grand pa served with the tyneside scottish in WW1 and i knew him until i was 11 when he died. He was a glass blower for a german company before the war, and went over the top on the first day of the somme. His outfit suffered some of the worst casualties that day. He had shrapnel in his head the day he died, was a hard drinking and fighting man but loved us all. he never spoke about what he went through but i loved sitting on his knee and listening to his banter. Feel guilty about getting stressed by my stresses when next to his generation our stresses are nothing. What brought this on tonight well i was on my own and made the mistake of watching the movie warhorse. With that back drop a tear jerker that made me think about him.
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Tom Stedham
Tom Stedham : Cover Photos         TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! We film the first scenes for HIT OR MISS.... which I wrote and co-star in. Yay me! lol....
Send me some love, y'all. And be ready to send me some money, too!!! Because I can't shoot the rest of the movie without it....
HIT OR MISS. It's coming!!!

Douglas Walker Jamil Malik Walt BigTicket Harris Jeremy May Sheila Marie Sean De La Nuez Amanda Lopez Mannie Ayus Paul Sarah StrangDave Zeus Zalewski

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Good Morning San Diego
Good Morning San Diego : The San Diego Symphony (like most of San Diego) is in full Comic-Con mode, and KUSI wants to send you there in style to help celebrate music in movies!

Our Champagne Seats are up for grabs to go see either Danny Elfman perform the music of the films of Tim Burton or to see the Symphony perform the soundtrack to Star Trek - while the movie plays in the background! Just tell us below what your favorite movie music is (musicals do not count!) and we'll pick one lucky winner at random to win our seats! Good luck!

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The Irish Times
The Irish Times : James Garner led the way for Clooney, McConaughey & co     When the great James Garner died last weekend, more than a few obituaries unkindly noted that, though huge on television, he had never really burst through as a movie star.
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E! Online
E! Online : Fifty Shades of Grey's Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson Talk Sexual Acrobatics—Watch Now!     Still blushing from watching the Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer?

Just imagine what *filming* that was like for Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson...

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Amber Schamel Christian Author
Amber Schamel Christian Author : Kathi Macias' 12 Days of Christmas - Volume 4 - Heavenly Haven     Here's your first chance to win!
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Clevver Movies
Clevver Movies : X-Men Apocalypse & Fantastic Four Details From Simon Kinberg - Comic-Con 2014     We got some #TheFantasticFour & X-Men Movies details from writer/producer #SimonKinberg at Comic-Con International-->     Simon Kinberg Spills Fantastic Four & X-Men Details! Subscribe Now! ► Dana Ward sat down with Simon Kinberg & David Filoni fro...
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Zach Braff
Zach Braff : Wish I Was Here     New Jersey friends, Just to be clear: the movie is playing all over New Jersey. Just check out the Fandango link below. (It wasn't on that large list I posted because "technically" the theaters fall into the NY and PA markets... long story.) But it's all over my beautiful home state.

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ISKCON London - Sri Sri Radha Londonisvara
ISKCON London - Sri Sri Radha Londonisvara : Mission Impossible     "Mission Impossible" - who says spiritual life cannot be fun? Watch this amusing movie made by some devotees of the ISKCON London Mentorship programme. Hope you all enjoy it!
    This movie was made with my Mentee Group for the ISKCON-London Mentorship System Maha Sanga on Saturday 12th July 2014. The theme of the sanga was 'Devotee C...
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Candace Cameron Bure
Candace Cameron Bure : Lisa and Speed's Kidney Transplant Journey     Update on Lisa. Her surgery was success, removing her two toxic kidneys!! She still has a long road of recovery ahead of her and I thank you for all your prayers. If you haven't read about my precious and dear friends the Young family, would you click below and considering praying and financially helping them along with me? $1 makes a difference. I want to help them reach their goal. Bless you all; you rock for all your support! (You can also read my post about them a few scrolls down about how I know the Youngs and what they mean to me.)
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WILD 94.9
WILD 94.9 : The JV Show     JV saw Hercules Movie yesterday & this dude sat in front of him with this WEIRD set up! He put a plastic sheet over his seat and his head looked like this...

What was he DOING?!?

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Matthew Cronin
Matthew Cronin : Years ago I purchased the novel "50 shades of grey" for my mother as a gift because it was highly recommended for women according to amazon . This is the single greatest mistake of my life and I had made solid progress moving on from this tragedy until the movie trailer was released and it took over my news feed .
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989 Radio Now
989 Radio Now : Producer Talks Beyonce's 'Crazy In Love' For '50 Shades'     A lot of mixed reviews on the version of "Crazy in Love" they're using in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie....take a listen. What do you think?
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Gumball 3000
Gumball 3000 : Gumball 3000 Road Movie 2014 presented by Betsafe     Our friends at Betsafe have made this epic road movie of the #Gumball3000. Check it out! #WorldOfBetsafe     The Official Gumball 3000 Road Movie takes viewers to the heart of the action across two continents in the exciting 2014 edition of the rally starting from M...
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3 Idiots Movie
3 Idiots Movie : Vinod Chopra Films     Presenting, Anupama Chopra's brand new review of the movie "Kick".

Watch and share!

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Dave Barry
Dave Barry : Dave Barry Learns Everything You Need to Know About Being a Husband From Reading 50 Shades of Grey     If you're one of the millions of people who have drooled over the Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer, it may be time for you to re-read (or read for the first time) Dave Barry's "Everything You Need to Know About Being a Husband From Reading 50 Shades of Grey"

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LaLa Unscripted
LaLa Unscripted :     Someone is SUPER excited about this movie viewing experience. LOL     Me before the movie starts...
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Newsarama : TRAILER: Documentary On Failed SUPERMAN Movie w/ TIM BURTON, NICHOLAS CAGE, KEVIN SMITH     Would this have been worse than BATMAN & ROBIN? Yes or no?
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Lia Flores
Lia Flores : I don't usually cry over movies or tv series these past few months but you know what... only Korean dramas make me have those "feels" like your heart's breaking or something and you started to cry just because of a sad scene.💔 Korean dramas really gets me everytime👍🙌😏
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Polygon : Wait until you see the light up suit    
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