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Marilyn Kalinowski
Marilyn Kalinowski : In Buffalo, N.Y., a new vitality is giving the once-gritty city wings    
5 minutes ago - View -
Ayang S. Ikiram
Ayang S. Ikiram : AIM Global-Life Support     ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL NIGERIA
6 minutes ago - View -
Richard FUller
Richard FUller : The 1983 blasting of Terrapin Point - Photo Gallery - The Buffalo News    
29 minutes ago - View -
Political Rift
Political Rift : Political Rift » Adam Zyglis, The Buffalo News – Cleaning up Albany     "Adam Zyglis, The Buffalo News - Cleaning up Albany" - in #PoliticalHumor section of Political Rift
35 minutes ago - View -
Htet Htet
Htet Htet : The Express Times     myanmar proverbs
40 minutes ago - View -
RAhul Chavan
RAhul Chavan : Timeline Photos     Beef eaters beware of cancer !
If you eat beef then it is scientifically proved that you will suffer from cancer. This was reported by the research team in great Britain. According to the study conducted by Hardward University, the people who ate beef were more prone to suffer from lung cancer. This research was conducted by subjecting one lack people who ate beef. The research conducted in 2006 stated that by consuming flesh of other animals could also lead to cancer. The outcome of the research was that the cancer was more vigorously spreading towards developing countries like india. According to the experts one who eats flesh of cow, bull, buffalo, ox, there will be formation of lumps in their stomach. The research concluded by stating that the consumption of beef & other flesh of animals were not basically good for human health and mankind. This article was first published by an urdu based news paper called ‘sahafhath’ !

When we are new born babies we drink the milk of our mother. “Mathru Devo Bhawa” mother is the only visible god. When we grow up we drink the milk of cow. The cow is also mother to us as we drink her milk everyday , so we call cow as “Go Maathe”. Can anyone imagine eating flesh of your mother ? No Never. Then why should humans eat flesh of cow ( who is also a mother to all humans) ?    

53 minutes ago - View -
I Practice Golf
I Practice Golf : Golf lessons from the pros: Pre-shot routine - The Buffalo News     Golf lessons from the pros: Pre-shot routine - Sports - The Buffalo News
1 hour ago - View -
Ei Nge
Ei Nge : The Express Times     ****** Myanmar Proverbs as English ******
1 hour ago - View -
Bills Fan for Life
Bills Fan for Life : Lt. governor says Buffalo Bills shouldn't be moved -     Lt. governor says Buffalo Bills shouldn't be moved
Lt. governor says Buffalo Bills shouldn't be moved. By News 4 Digital StaffPublished: July 24, 2014, 10:14 pm Updated: July 24, 2014, 10:14 pm. Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy. Related …

1 hour ago - View -
Devonte Sutton
Devonte Sutton : Realy fun day yesterday, can't wait for our next time & hopefully it's better. I Jump off the pear in grand have, I was under pear pressure. Lolz jking. My mom was pissed about that. Me & Zander found a spot with no rocks. The water was cold. Went to tgi fridays ordered endless buffalo wild wings. Still hung with my friends in gr & went to muskegion after that. Then we decides to head back home. I got back to my place at 1 in the morning with my mom in my face in the door way asking if I'm high then asks to smell my breath. News flash I did none of those things. I was with Hayden Hartger & Zander Draper. Well I guess I'm grounded. Not too sure thought. And not sure what I did wrong. I'm really tired right now, so good night everyone.
1 hour ago - View -