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Kurere Chris

1. It’s not an easy road we are travelling to heaven, For many are the thorns on the way. It’s not an easy road, but the Savior is with us, His presence gives us joy every day.

//No, no, it’s not an easy road.//
But Jesus walks beside me and brightens the journey, And lightens every heavy load.

2. It’s not an easy road; there are trials and troubles, And many are the dangers we meet.
But Jesus guards and keeps so, that nothing can harm us.
And smoothes the rugged path for our feet.

3. Though I am often footsore and weary from travel; Though I am often bowed down with care. A better day is coming when home in the glory, We’ll meet in perfect peace over there.


1. Uwezo wa Mungu wetu twautambua...
Upendo wa Mungu wetu twautambua...
Bwana ni ngome yangu na wimbo wangu...
Tena amekuwa wokovu wangu...X2

Haleluya lisifuni jina la Bwana...
Enyi watumishi wa Bwana sifuni...
Ninyi msimamao nyumbani mwa Bwana...
Nyuani mwa nyumba ya Mungu wetu...
(Lisifuni jina lake kwa maana yu mwema, Liimbieni jina lake kwa maana lapendeza X2)
Kwa maana fadhili zake ni za milele, milele eh eh eh, haleluya amina..

2. Aliwaponya viwete twamtambua...
Alifufua Lazaro twamtambua...
Aliwaponya vipofu twamtambua...
Yeye ni kimbilio letu soteX2


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Tena Fleming
Tena Fleming : A Crow Rides a Lid!!     Funny. Smart bird.     A Crow Rides a Lid!!
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Tena Prescott
Tena Prescott : Timeline Photos     :)     If I had a cat.
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Tena Prescott
Tena Prescott : Timeline Photos     MAKE 2 HOLES — with Angela Recker and 9 others.     What a great idea.
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Tena Reif
Tena Reif : Timeline Photos     happy weekend everyone!! send in pics of what you have been up to over the weekend!!    
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Mochi Venky
Mochi Venky : SELFIYAAN Official Video | Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene | Zayed Khan, Ranvijay Singh & Tena Desae | HD         Presenting the Official Video of 'Selfiyaan' from Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene. Music: Meet Bros Anjjan Singers: Manmeet Singh, Harmeet Singh & Khushboo Grewal Lyr...
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Tena Pederson Hovey
Tena Pederson Hovey : I just want to say I'm truly blessed with amazing friends! ♡
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Tena May
Tena May : Mobile Uploads        
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HOTEL Christian Resort
HOTEL Christian Resort : Rate,Best Hotel, Accommodation in Tena- Puyo Ecuador.
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Lyhour Leng
Lyhour Leng : Tena - God, I'm Drunk (Official Audio)         This is just the song for you to enjoy and it's also a real story of someone who's contacted me to write it but anyway i'm enjoying this life story so i've d...
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Jozee Agrey Haule
Jozee Agrey Haule : Bata Battan Leo Cran Tena Uwanjan Magor Nyavun Ucngz Kitandan Walcot Moton Rojo Kikaangon Na Sanchez Kamban Huyo Bi Maria Jkon By Joh Mdontan Wakitaan Asilian Kama Unaubshan 2betin ARSENAL - 2 Vs MAN U - 0 twende mchzon...
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Manasey Kigamba
Manasey Kigamba : If a woman choses a man with a television over a man with vision..soon she will be watching the man with a vision on her husbands televion.( Martin Mugo)...those words today changed my view...sita force line tena..
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Tena May
Tena May :         I've had quite a few people ask me to upload this Mrs. Brown video again so here it is. This is one of the funniest videos online these days. :)
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Lerato Lala Matloga
Lerato Lala Matloga : Ke tena gampe ke motho wao nyonyobela ka inbox!!!

Relationship status:married to mang mang
Dp:wena le ur partner
Cover photo:ir partner
Errday status:road trip with wife,love my partner, my children are amazing

Inbox:hey lala ur beautiful, ur body hehe ur digits mxm

Lantena le tlo dira gore re ska tshepa our partners!!!!

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Ehab Abuo Tena
Ehab Abuo Tena : Timeline Photos        
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Tena Stafford
Tena Stafford :         Incredible moment as girl makes dolphin laugh.
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Ntwanano Sillz Mathebula
Ntwanano Sillz Mathebula : Nxa Teachers Of Bertharry English Private School -_- I Don't Know Where They Fucken Get My Phone Numbers ! O Mpotse hle Motho who is 42years nxa ke misa kae nna? Foooook #Pissed batho ba tena sies maan yoooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh +27 74 366 3196 n 0727899841 u can take this numbers n swear this people hleeennng yoh
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Tena Thomas
Tena Thomas : Good morning gonna venture on out n take my grandkids out for awhile hagd ppl!
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Francisco Javier Tena Villasenor
Francisco Javier Tena Villasenor : Francisco Javier Tena Villasenor added a life event: Moved to Pasco, Washington.    
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Tena Traughber
Tena Traughber : Hello Cedar Hill online family we have about 40 turkeys left to give away please come by Destiny Church at 1375 New Clark Rd Cedar Hill TX 75104 and get yours! First come first serve! Don't miss out on your blessing and you don't have to be a resident of CH no questions ask just drive up
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Tena Pachaya
Tena Pachaya : Mrr Hero ktey game
Kim Cody ktey tu tov
David Liv ktey ktir
Hong Love U ktey drink
Tena Pachaya ktey melody lol XD aww 9

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Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson :         Prancin' with the ponies! Lilly's Ponies, Tena Hill, Ashley Christina, Kenneth Johnson, Alex Johnson, Ryan Embay, Rose Harrington, Adam Harrington
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Tena R Monroe
Tena R Monroe : Timeline Photos     A little color and fallen leaf action on the Merced River from last week.     close your eyes, listen with your heart.. & FEEL my soul's "ZEN" moment PEACE


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Emily Bouchard
Emily Bouchard :         Tena Steele Daryl John Bouchard
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King's Olive Oil, Madison
King's Olive Oil, Madison : It's a sunny Saturday in Madison and we can help you get a jump start on the holidays! We have the best EVOOs and balsamic vinegars for your Thanksgiving dinner! Gift sets are 15% off! Medium bottles are $3 off! (shhhhh...don't tell TC and Tena). And...we've got Rice Krispie Treats made with butter infused EVOO for you to sample! We open at 11 and will be here until 4!
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Coolin Tena
Coolin Tena :         ខ្ញុំបាទសុំសរសើរអ្នកRemixដែលមានគំនិតច្នៃប្រឌិតខ្ពស់
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Tena Mae Albers
Tena Mae Albers : Timeline Photos     What do you use? Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

#christmas #merrychristmas    

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Tena M. Arnold
Tena M. Arnold : I just want to thank everyone for the great birthday wishes, emails, and texts they were awesome! I had a great day.
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Tena Frentress
Tena Frentress : While we were out yesterday, our VERY old terrier and our middle aged cattle dog had a serious disagreement. They do that once in a while, and we usually make sure they are well separated when we aren't with them. Came home to a very beat up, hypothermic, seriously out of it terrier. Warm bath, lots of rubbing, antibiotic shot, warm crate by the fire and fingers crossed into the night. He is upright this am, not moving well, still refusing food ( his mouth is very swollen) I think he lost some teeth. I hope he improves during today. I also hope he has finally learned he is NOT the boss dog anymore
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Tena R Monroe
Tena R Monroe : Mobile Uploads     With Jacob B Swarts and 49 others.     can I have FOREVER?????????
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Tena Rushing
Tena Rushing : Bouncing Baby     At first, I was like, wtf     Bouncing Baby
#Baby #bouncing #BVC
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Mrr Hero
Mrr Hero : ទុកអនាគតឲគេ គេថាយើងជាចេក Tena Pachaya Kim Cody
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Herivola Rabemarosoa
Herivola Rabemarosoa :         MITAFY AN'KRISTY TOKOA VE IANAO ?

texte:« Fa na iza na iza ianareo no natao batisa ho an'i Kristy dia nitafy an'i Kristy. » (Galatiana 3:27)

Mifono zavatra lalina tokoa ny hevitr'ity teny ray ity;maro be anefa ny olona na dia efa vita batisa aza dia tsy hitanao eny aminy ny fitafiana an'i Kristy NAHOANA ?

a-mbola manjaka ny filan'ny nofo:
« Fa itafio Jesosy Kristy Tompo, ary aza miahy ny amin'ny nofo hahatanteraka ny filany. » (Romana 13:14)

b-mbola tsy manao ny fahamarinana:
« Aoka ny mpisoronao hitafy fahamarinana Ary aoka ny olonao masina hihoby. » (Salamo 132:9)

c-mbola tsy nandray ny famonjena akory:
« Hifaly dia hifaly amin'i Jehovah aho, ny fanahiko ho ravoravo amin'Andriamanitro; fa notafiany fitafiana famonjena aho, ary nakanjoiny akanjo fahamarinana, toy ny mpampakatra misatroka hamama tahaka ny mpisorona, ary toy ny ampakarina miravaka ny firàvany. » (Isaia 61:10)

d-mbola mankamamy ny fahotana
« ka mankahalà na dia ny akanjo voapentimpentin'ny nofo aza. » (Joda 23b)

e-Mety mbola manana toetra ratsy mamatotra tsy mahatonga fahamasinana:
« ary mba hotafinareo ny toetra* vaovao, izay noforonina araka an'Andriamanitra amin'ny fahitsiana sy ny fahamasinana momba ny fahamarinana. » (Efesiana 4:24)

Conclusion: Mila hita eny amintsika ireo zavatra vitsivitsy ireo izay vao tena azo lazaina hoe mitafy an'i KRISTY isika fa tsy hoe izay rehetra vita batisa t@ rano akory dia manana izany fitafiana izany daholo mba tsy ho tahakan'ilay hazo misy ravina nefa tsy mamoa isika ka hilazan'ny Tompo hoe"tsy fantatro akory ianareo". AMEN

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Israel Tena
Israel Tena :        
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Vaite :         Kikwetu production shooting maisha bure at baby blessing childrens home- Nairobi tena estate
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Renata Nepe
Renata Nepe : Chē! Kātahi anō ētahi o Te Mānu Manu ka hoki mai ki te kāinga mai i Mangaroa! Tēnā koutou te rōpū kapahaka me tō mātau whānau o Ngāti Kahungunu ki Heretaunga, nā koutou katoa tēnei tira i tāwharau, nei ka mihi! Kua tau rawa tēnei tūhonohono i tēnei pō nei, ā, kei te tino ora tātau katoa! Pō mārie!
57 minutes ago - View -
CostyCostyca Irimia
CostyCostyca Irimia : SELFIYAAN Official Video | Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene | Zayed Khan, Ranvijay Singh & Tena Desae | HD     Presenting the Official Video of 'Selfiyaan' from Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene. Music: Meet Bros Anjjan Singers: Manmeet Singh, Harmeet Singh & Khushboo Grewal Lyr...
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Tena Joh
Tena Joh :        
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Tena Joh
Tena Joh :        
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Tena Joh
Tena Joh :        
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Tena Frentress
Tena Frentress : Mobile Uploads     With Marium Shabbir and 3 others.    
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Tena Strong
Tena Strong : Tena needs Science Tongs!    
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Tena White Porter
Tena White Porter : U fought a good fight...u earn ur wings uncle Richard..
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Jane Calverley
Jane Calverley : OMG nearly had my third tena moment of the week! ! Girls were running in and out the lake, it's really muddy and slippery when a woman with a big fat staffie appeared on a lead. The dog decided it wanted to say hello to mine so it dragged the woman acrooss the mud straight for the lake. At this moment I had to keep walking or would have lost control! ! She didn't end up in the lake luckily but it was sooo funny!!
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Sokić Tena
Sokić Tena : OneRepublic - Love Runs Out     Oh, we all want the same thing.
Oh, we all run for something.
Run for God, for fate,
For love, for hate,
For gold, for rust,
For diamonds, for dust.     OneRepublic - Love Runs Out Buy Now!
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Tena Strong
Tena Strong : Tena needs a Milk Crate!    
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Esteban Tena
Esteban Tena :        
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Tena Strong
Tena Strong : Tena needs Chicken Mix!    
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Tena Bell
Tena Bell :     Lol. So cute     MINE! ALL MINE! ~ This little dog ain't gonna share! Too Funny!
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Mphoza Letokana
Mphoza Letokana : batha bahlago tena megweta masepa
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