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Abisoye Adetunji Oyedepo
4 minutes ago - View -
Gaurav Kiddo
Gaurav Kiddo : In college, I had hoped to make a whole lot of friends. Alas, the reality turned out to be very different.

The college wasn't really the problem, the problem was with me. I had wanted to end school life and begin college very badly, because I believed that college would allow me to fit in, like my school never had.

I mean, in school people are just kids. They do not understand a lot of things, and cannot be expected to be very mature.

I on the other hand had always seen myself as an old man with the body of a teenager.

I had hoped that college would be better, that I would meet people who I would be able to gel with. I had hoped to meet a few enlightened souls who would make it all worthwhile.

Instead, I found that my classmates in college had nothing in common with me. Now I do not think that everyone needs to be alike, definitely not. Differences in interest and outlook provide reasons to converse and discuss more, and that builds friendships and relationships, true.

But to discuss something worthwhile, the other person needs to have an open approach and a keen ear. Discussions cannot be one sided. A certain minimum interest level must exist.

So I sought refuge in my thoughts.

My favorite past-time was to 'think'. My thoughts became my dearest friends.

7 minutes ago - View -
Alex Barker
Alex Barker :
8 minutes ago - View -
Deji Kolawole
Deji Kolawole : Oluwatoyin Aboh     Read and learn
10 minutes ago - View -
Marc Angelo Bovenzi
Marc Angelo Bovenzi : Indagila -
Nov. 23, 2014 at 1:46pm

Blacks need to quit sweatin’ the small stuff
like a violent teenage thug gettin’ his early,
he is no longer a problem to anyone.

They need to start worrying about
the very real issues soon to face them.
Issues like millions of foreign born
third worlders that even with language challenges,
can hit the ground on this side of the line
and out compete most of them with relative ease.

Barry has assured black people the bottom barrel status for decades.

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12 minutes ago - View -
Mike Gaspar
Mike Gaspar : FBI Sends 100 Agents to Ferguson Ahead of Grand Jury Decision    
17 minutes ago - View -