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Trail T Potter
Trail T Potter : Video Released of Police Killing Mentally Ill Teenage Girl in Police Department Lobby     Brave police at work - see how they handle a distraught teenage girl.

This is uncut footage of police killing 17 year old #KristianaCoignard in Longview Texas. It's a good demonstration of how police violence is not limited to racism - police will use inappropriate deadly force and fail to calm a potentially dangerous situation, regardless of the race of the perceived or imaginary threat. Some cops solve problems by killing, and the rest of the police are complicit.

Here, there is absolutely no doubt that the police had an unstable girl on their hands. The obviously well trained and professional cop throws her down a few times, but never put her in any kind of safe restraint. They just wait until she loses it, then they shoot her. The most revealing part of this video is (once again, like #tamirrice) how they act AFTER the shooting. Other cops are a lot more concerned for the shooter, and several minutes pass before anyone checks on the condition of the victim. Especially enjoy the actual, literal, pats-on-the-back of the cop who killed a small teenage girl. Good Job, Cop. Troubled girl taken care of. Have a medal, keep your pension, go find someone else to kill.

There are three police dealing with the situation, one shoots. The others will form the blue wall, and protect the cop, along with all other #badgebunnies. No one in blue will dare ask, could he have handled that situation differently to prevent death? Was there any negligence or failure on behalf of the cop? Nope, they will say in unison: we never question a police kill. Ever.

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Palwinder Singh
Palwinder Singh : Timeline Photos     “As a school teacher, giving grades is a part of my job, but I never try to judge my kids from these grades. I always try to work hard on the weaker kids and I try to teach them by being on their level. When they don’t understand any chapter from the textbook, I try to make them understand with a different set of examples. I never show any signs of anger to them for their slow learning, if I do that they will never come to me with their problems. I mostly deal with students who are about 14-18 years old, and this time period in a student’s life is very crucial. There are always students who don’t listen and avoid studies which may lead them into bad companionship as well. As a teacher, my job is just to teach them, but I always try to listen to the problems going on in their lives. I do this because when I look back at my teenage days, I remember the problems I had, probably you did as well, probably everyone. But when I look back at those problems now, they don’t look like problems, they were just teenage issues. That’s why I try to develop that little personal space with the students, it might help them somewhere in clearing their vision, it might stop them from becoming a person, they aren’t proud of in future.”    
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Titan Gamer
Titan Gamer : Life is Strange: Chrysalis PC review     Life is Strange: Chrysalis PC review

Yes, Life is strange. One moment, you’re a quiet photography student grappling with teenage popularity issues, the next, you’re Veronica Mars with the ability to warp time.

That’s Max’s life, anyway. Life is Strange’s half-pint protagonist and amateur sleuth has all the problems of a teenage girl in a new school, with more piled on in the form of a newly-discovered ability to rewind time and a missing person to find. Adventure games: they never just give you one problem to deal with.

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