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Greg Chapin Joens Greg Chapin Joens : Timeline Photos     My goal in developing and writing Face to Face Where Life Meets Reality is to reveal the delivering, healing, and redeeming power of Jesus Christ to the broken, the hurting, and the lost.
God gave me the title of this book to bring light to the darkness that so many have encountered through life. This book talks about our face to face encounters with God, life, the world, and our own personal struggles. As we read through the Bible we find accounts of people who encountered the presence of God, as well as, accounts of those facing battles with the enemy and darkness. Sometimes our worst enemy can be ourselves. In Face to Face Where Life Meets Reality you will encounter my darkest fears and some of my most heartfelt moments. You will hear the heart of a teenager drowning in the ocean of life. You will also experience the journey of a boy traveling through life to become a man, and the obstacles that he had to face along the way.
God allowed my path to cross with a couple of amazing people that have also shared their testimonies within this book. Most importantly, you will read how each of us had our own unique walk with God during these times in our lives when we were faced with tough decisions. By the end of this book you will have downloaded a concept into your mind that will hopefully change your decision making process. This concept is designed to help you think outside of the box about the endless possibilities that surround you and the current problems that you face. Hopefully it will help you get past your Goliath size decisions and focus on the encounters that you face in life that lead you to your purpose and destiny. This Book will be available for everyone in the near future. I ask that you join with me as I pray this book through the rest of its journey.
May God bless you,
Tarrance Weaver    

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National Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Association National Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Association : Colorado responds slowly to psychotropic drug use among foster kids     A special report from the Denver Post on psychotropic drug prescription in foster care in Colorado:

"Diego spent most of his teenage years numbed by a combination of Risperdal and Prozac to tame his rage and drown his grief. Now 18, he has aged out of the foster-care system and is speaking up for the thousands of foster children in Colorado who are medicated with psychotropics because of mental and behavioral problems."

via Maine CASA

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Alixendrah Catherine Biggers Alixendrah Catherine Biggers : If you don't want to get butt hurt i sugest you don't read this post. I am tired of being taken advantage of. People who don't know shit need to keep there mouths. Only one person knows exactly wtf is going on in my head. She is the only person who actually has room to talk other than myself or Jt. Fuck all of you who say oh life is perfect life is easy!! No life is hard that's why we call it bitch!! I struggle hell my whole family struggles at some point. I got more than most of you can say and i still fuckin struggle !! Even with no house payment!! I got a extra 400 dollars a mpnth coming intp my house ANF STILL STRUGGLE!! life is not easy!! Wait until YOU HAVE to get out on your own and do it BY YOURSELF!! And when you fall i will be there laughing at you like most of you do to me!! I may be a fucking teenager. Bit i pay my bills take care of my children and always put someone other than myself before me. I do have a big heart and i do have a problem when it comes to helping people. But i don't see anytging wrong. I live the way my BROTHER EXPECTS ME TOO. No i don't have nice tgings. But i have amazing friends. I do have children but they want for nothing!! So fuck you all if you wanna sit there and THINK i got it made. Rant over
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Tiffany Wagner Tiffany Wagner : So I was just sitting at the instant print booth at Walmart next to a group of teenage girls and in the 10 min I was there, I realized several things:
1. I really don't like teenage girls
2. I realize why grown ups don't like teenage girls
3. I realize how minor their 'major concerns and problems' are in comparison to the real world
4. They live in their own little fantasy world where they are the center of the universe and it will just fall apart if things don't go their way
5. I used to be a teenage girl but I hope to god that I was not like those girls

Marlena Buzzell if I was ever a self centered, naive, stupid, arrogant, and obnoxious teenage girl, I am so sorry. I had no idea how ridiculous they can be!

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Steven Stringer Steven Stringer : I can count the times I've been to a Dr. for a cold or flu on 2 fingers, I think. One time I was a teenager and my mom took me cause I had a fever of like 104, and the other time I caught some type of "Russian Flu" while working on a boat with someone who lived in another country. I worked out on the deck in the rain and temperatures in the 50's for like a week without a rain suit, and bunked right next to somebody who had to be actually flown off by helicopter he was so ill. Today will be #3. Does this mean I am getting old? I guess this is what some people call "High Class Problems". I get it now.
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Lindsey R. Perez-Lopez Lindsey R. Perez-Lopez : Scrolling through my Facebook news feed.... And all I see are a bunch of broken hearted people here in Alamogordo.
Why, I WOULD ask, if I didn't already know the answer.

All the girls in this town lower their standards and chase useless sacks of crap type guys and then get upset when it doesn't work out.

There are so many that are far too pretty, far too smart, far too independent to be crying over their bad decisions to chase crappy examples of men.

Guys, here's YOUR problem, why your heart is broken..... You're all out there dating these little ass teenage girls who don't know an adult relationship from a rat's ass.
Man up, find you a stable woman. Just because she has a job, responsibilities, and can take care of herself, doesn't mean she doesn't know how to have fun. Doesn't mean she can't or won't be spontaneous.

Think about it, guys AND girls.... Alamogordo is a sad place to be broken hearted.

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Solange Sylvester Solange Sylvester : Ok.
I saw the video with the mom beating the child. Honestly, I dont see what the problem is!!
I got worse licks as a child and I turned out great! My mother use to hold on to my ears in public, take off she slippers and cut my arse right on the spot. It prevented me from teenage pregnancy, kept me in school and ensured I had a bright future.
Thats the problem in todays society! If more mothers did that we would have less incidents of crime, less teenage pregnancy, less school dropouts and more responsible adults. Thats what that cutarse saved that young girl from eh!

That's my opinion.

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Marcus DrFeel Miller Marcus DrFeel Miller : #DrFeelInboxQuestion: Doc, I need some help from your audience.....(please no names) I have been in a off/on relationship with a guy I know since the 6th grade (I lost my virginity to him). He wants to get serious now, we both are in our 40's. Problem is, he's in and out out jobs, ALWAYS complaining, no kids, no car,lives with family members, comes over my house HUNGRY ALL THE TIME and I'm SICK of it!!! And he wonders why I have "excuses" when he asks to come over??? I have teenagers and I'm divorced and I be damned if I would make the same mistake twice!
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Omari Edwards Omari Edwards : Wbt Raven Seshat Sat'Heru     MUST READ!!!
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Rittwik Bhattacharyya Rittwik Bhattacharyya : Only Narendra Modi, a person from a humble middle-class background, who sold tea in a railway station to earn a living in his childhood and teenage, will be able to understand and provide solutions to your problems and mine. #Modi4PM #VoteBJP4DevelopedIndia #PressButton4LotusFlower (Voting Day In Gauhati, Nowgong, Mangaldoi, Barpeta and Dhubri seats: Tomorrow, 24th April, Thursday, 7 am to 5 pm) (y)
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Millie Culbertson Millie Culbertson : Youth of today--teenagers older "young " people.missing what life Is all about.Life isn't doing your "own thing." Stop running everywhere to please your selvesLook around and you will see what life I'd all about. It isn't just us. Children, teenagers people your age. are going through things you need to thank God that you aren't going through.people my age are going through more than "hard,trying " times. People your age are fighting physical problems, struggling to live .some knowing there Is no known cure for their physical problem. Check out face book see what people your age are facing. Don't say "what's that to me?" Many know that their disease is terminal.parents are planning their children's funerals. If I offend someone that's OK. Look around, all of us need to.Find what Is really important.It isn't all about us.
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Zakiyia Forbes Zakiyia Forbes : Wbt Raven Seshat Sat'Heru     Just a sample of what makes me ADORE her and her magnificent mind.
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Allene Hecker Allene Hecker : Ok this is my morning so far..... got up ( I was up & down all night with Trouble barking outside all night at what I don't know but she is still barking ) my wonderful nephew was here helping me around the house ( he thinks I need help & follows me like a puppie since I fell ) he cleaned my ceiling fan in thel living room getting debrie all over the floor.... now I have black spots.... ok no problem , i made a pot of coffee & put some toast in the toaster..... got my rug shampooer out to shampoo the carper ... when i got the bottle of rug shampoo he did not put the lid on & it naturally spilled all over the kitchen floor..Now I am skating around like I am on an ice so I cleaned that up , went to shampoo the carpet & all the fluid drained out of the shampooer... so guess what I now I have to buy a new rug shampooer..... so I put that up .... went to pour some coffee & dribbled it all over & burned the toast..... lol .... is this what my day is going to be ? Don't know but it has been a hoot here this morning .... but I love my dear nephew so much.... he was in a bad car accident when he was a teenager & has severe brain damage... & is cripled but he does not let that stop him from doing anything.... I think Chip is my '' HERO '' for the day..... He never gives up..... he is in his 40's now...... he is so good to his auntie..... he keeps telling me that I look like his grandma Hecker & he sometimes calls me grandma.... :)....... thank you Lord for Chip.... Thank you Lord for all my family & facebook friends.... I just love them so... Most of all Lord thank you for your kind understanding of us here on Earth & all the blessing you allow us.... you are the most kind & wonderful Lord....
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Billings Gazette Billings Gazette : Support group offers refuge to teens who live with mental illness     There's support available for teenagers who struggle with mental health problems. And it's free. What other ways can our community help kids with bi-polar, depression, etc.?
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Ron Christian Ron Christian : I have a theory about why it took weeks to diagnose Shannon's condition. I think that when a doctor sees a teenage girl who is underweight, throwing up and in distress, there's a tendency to brush it off as bulimia or panic disorder, rehydrate her and send her home so they can get on to the next patient. And that's what they were doing. At the time there were no obvious symptoms to treat other than the nausea, barfing and panic, and doctors are under pressure not to dwadle.

...and they had me believing it. We wasted a lot of time trying to treat this as a panic disorder (because I knew it wasn't bulimia) and she just got worse. And every visit to the urgent care is a couple hundred dollars, and every visit to the emergency room is fifteen hundred to two thousand dollars.

It wasn't until she developed a fever that doctors really started making a concerted effort to find a problem. And they did, finally. So she's getting antibiotics now as well as saline, and started to look better after just a few hours. I don't know what the take-away is from this, except maybe, don't develop a condition that could be misinterpreted as a psychological condition because it will be. Or, don't go to the doctor when you're just feeling bad, because they won't pay attention until the condition is life-or-death.

Yes, I'm a little frustrated.

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Kendall Nell Brown Kendall Nell Brown : Facebook I want to take a moment to be real serious.

We all complain about Chicago and all the bad things that take place on the regular in Chicago. We all place blame on the parents of the teenagers that is responsible. Allow me to ask you all this, how many of you stopped and looked at those who complain or worry the most? An asked them, why haven't they attempted to move out of the enter city? Or, to a better area in the city.

You can complain, worry, and pray but you yourself isn't physically doing anything to take your child out of harms way because it's convenient for you.

Now in my honest opinion and lucid state of mind, it come to me that even though you as a parent may not be a advocator of all the negative things that Chicago inner city embody. You still are not putting your best foot forward to place your child in the best environment possible. I say this because there are suburbs that are much safer and cheaper that Chicago's baddest neighborhoods and I'm not talking about Harvey, Dolton, or any areas like those.

My point is, if you as a parent have the attitude that your comfort is priority over your child's well being than you are the problem for your child. It's not so much the environment, but you priorities as a parent are really messed up.

In closing I speak from experience, I made sure I took my kids out of the environment that I was raised in. I did this so they wouldn't fall victim to Chicago inner city ways and the peer pressure that come with it.

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Rebecca Bratton Rebecca Bratton : I know you don't want to move out. You don't have any responsibilities there. I sure wish you could move on with your life and stay out of mine. You might be happier that way. Try living your life instead of worrying about mine and trying to invoke sympathy by during all of your problems on the interne. You know people get tired of your drama. You act like a spoied teenager that isn't getting their way. Im done talking for the day.
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Kirsten Larsen Kirsten Larsen : Many of my clients take up pilates when they are in their early 40's and realise the benefits, only to wish they had started earlier in life. When is the ideal time to start? Anytime really but if I had my time again, I would have started as a teenager as the long term benefits are fantastic and teenagers (particularly girls) have a hard time finding a workout that they like and enjoy. I am thinking of starting up a pilates class for teenagers.

What are the physical benefits? Strength flexibility, balance, coordination, posture, bone density, breath capacity and not least, helps improve self esteem, improves cognitive function, facilitates better self embodiment. Let me know if you have a teenager who would like to try pilates. Classes would be after school and I would initially run a 5 session intro pilates group.

The earlier you start, the less problems you will have later in life.

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Sheldon Mendoza Sheldon Mendoza : Whats wrong with how the children acting or what the big men doing? didn't your Prophet Muhammad marry a LITTLE GIRL....younger than TWELVE??? and wasn't the VIRGIN MARY a TEENAGER??? is anything wrong with SEX??? who decides the Age??? If God made your Body ready then who is to say you're not???? Is PUBERTY a DISEASE????...Or is this just a Problem based on Society??? Aren't there different Legal Ages for Sex in different Countries and even for Marriage??? So who decides when is right??? Your Body, your God, The Devil, your Government? or Yourself???
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Eric D Dobbs Eric D Dobbs : Shakespeare 450. Years old, that is. If you're thinking of drawing up your will or granting a power of attorney, see a lawyer; but first see King Lear or read it. Troublesome teenager in the family? Maybe the problem is more with the family than the teenager; see Romeo and Juliet. Called to jury duty? See Much Ado About Nothing before you lend too much credence to that eye-witness testimony. Thinking of engaging a woman as your lawyer? Good idea; see The Merchant of Venice and see why. I could go on, but the point is that Shakespeare is relevant to our lives AND our legal system and all things human.
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Penny Faunce Penny Faunce : Last nite my grandson was jumped by four men in Trenton nj it's a shame that our capital is so ugly. He was a block and a half away from my husbands job where we lived for three years. It was right in front of the sun center how do have events there if your teenagers are not even safe in this town they took his 5 month old I phone c and they all four of them continued to punch him in the face although he got a few licks in they knocked him onto the ground and continued to kick him . Now I love my grandson and I know that phone meant a lot to him and he knows it was hard to get it, he is up set his face got fucked up and his eye is black and blue if I could get these four guys but then I would be the same god will take care of it all and karma well karma is karma and it always get you in the end.trenton is not a place for kids or good enough to be our state Capitol the police donot patrol these problem areas and no one is safe. I hope that you keep your kids safe since I let mine get hurt because I thought he was safe and he wasn't
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Cristela Rodriguez Cristela Rodriguez : Yesterday my sisters and I had an unexpected experience. Our kids Lynnzey, Alcee, and Andrick got invited to perform at Hanna High School. We didn't even know what the event was about until we arrived there last night. To my surprise it was a fundraiser called The Catwalk for Cancer. We got to meet teenagers who are now cancer survivors. I was able to see how close this disease is to us and how devastating it can be. My heart feels grateful today. Our kids might b a handful but they are healthy kids. My family might be full of problems but everyone is healthy! I have made a lot of mistakes in my life but I AM HEALTHY!!! And for that I AM GRATEFUL!!!! Claudia Flores Araceli de la Cruz Daniel de la Cruz
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Katrina Hall Katrina Hall : Mommy Story Problem: A teenager has attended school for approximately 30 weeks. The teenager just purchased 2 new shirts. On the third day of the week, the teenager says she has nothing to wear. How is this possible? And, more importantly, what happens the rest of the week?
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Nicki Johnson Nicki Johnson : Carroll man accused of trying to arrange 'risky sex' with teen    
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Mark Hatfield Mark Hatfield : Richard M. Roche     Richard im supporting a man for congress that is new to the government he never ran for nothing before he stands strong for coal he does think that our state could be number one not last in progress his name is KEN REED lets give someone else a chance to fix our problem's he dam sure cant be any worse than what we got

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Marie Facepainting Lepage Marie Facepainting Lepage : Strange day so far, chatted to a London photographers who's gf just died 3 weeks before, then got chatting to a men with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair, then on the train with a guy who's got extreme skin condition that is dry scaly and red bless him he's only a teenager, and can overhear a family with a girl who's got severe ADHD screaming then laughing then crying then being irrational... Not sure if they know... I guess sometimes it makes you think about your day and puts your life into perspective, and all your little problems disappear... So all you having a hard time, medical issues or what ever, take a sec for yourselves today x
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Jordann Stark Jordann Stark : I absolutely fucking hate the fact that probably most teenagers that have facebook would post about a family member or friend that's going through some medical problems or some life taking issue, like who the fuck has the audacity to reveal something like that to people you probably don't even know for attention? Why can't people fucking keep these things to themselves and the mutuals to the problem, if you want attention, go talk to someone about it, don't be posting this shit all over facebook.
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Ben Stokes Ben Stokes : Jake Stokes - Midnight     Jake's video for one of the tracks of his album.
As much as I love living in Wellington, every man and his dog reckons their a musician or an artist or in someway an unmissable asset to the creative arts. Self included. Which is all well and good, but my brother or not, I'm endlessly impressed at this kids ability to actually walk the walk and produce. Reason I'm having a rant, is for every person who's given him a boost there's been ten who've felt the need to understate the effort. Tall poppy syndrome or whatever, couldn't give a fuck. His whole self funded, self produced album is an insane piece of work for a teenage musician, and I wish anyone who's got a problem the best of luck in honing their masturbation technique into an art form.     Music video of Midnight. Footage taken at The Grand, Wellington 14/12/13 and in studio at STL Audio in Feb 2013. ©: Apollo Music Ltd 2014 Album available on ...
Watch the video: video

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Christina Luvshim Teeters Christina Luvshim Teeters : Carroll man accused of trying to arrange 'risky sex' with teen     What's wrong with people
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Daphne Engle Stovall Daphne Engle Stovall : I told Nate he needs to start cleaning his room out and get ready to pack it all up. He says he is staying with grandma. :-/ Teenager problems. The Brat.
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Admin Bebs Admin Bebs : Hiring Admins! @Boom Panes @Teenage Problems!
pipili na lang kami goodluck

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Bigbirdovernite Pappie Cool Bigbirdovernite Pappie Cool : HAPPY MARRIAGE STORY
Well we've been together for 15 years (married 12 next month). After a lot of years, 4 moves, and 2 kids, we still enjoy each others company and are very loving to each other. We have worked through many issues to include drinking problems, in-law (out-law) issues, family deaths, and waxing and waning libidos to name a few and have come out of it stronger for having gone through it.

We still are "active" with each other and now have a LOT of fun trying to "steal" moments away from others to be together. My family was in town a couple weeks ago, and after dinner, grandma was giving the two kids a bath upstairs... my wife pulled me into the laundry room, locked the door, pulled down her pants and stuck her bum out and gave me the old, "hurry up before we get caught - stud !!!" It wasn't very romantic or lasted very long, but we BOTH agreed it was VERY hot and giggled like a couple of teenagers when I told Grandma thanks for giving the kiddos a bath so we could clean up the kitchen, do laundry and take out the trash :)

Its fun after 12 years to still sneek around like a couple young lovebirds.... I hope it never ends. I always joke that I'm going to grow into a drity old man and my wife says, "I hope so, b/c I'll be your little ol' horny housewife !!"

Can't wait until the kids get old enough to start having sleep-overs at their friends houses.... then the antics will really start !! :P

MwaHugZZZZ & MwahKiZZeZZZZ!!!!
I luv u all xse!!!

CoolneZZ xse... CoolneZZ!!!

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