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Cedric Brown
Cedric Brown : Timeline Photos     Teenage Pokemon problems     Teenage Pokemon problems
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Starlite Creations
Starlite Creations : Congratulations to Leanne Partridge !! you are the lucky winner of our July Giveaway. We have sent you an email to claim your prize.
Carla Williams and Eugenie Wu - please contact us to claim your runner-up prize of a Toe Ring.
Thankyou to everyone who entered.
Leanne wrote: "I absolutely love all your beautiful Barefoot Sandals, why because, believe it or not, I do not wear shoes (except when I have to go to the shops, because I work from home and I have lots of problems with one of my heels and nothing helps, so I think your stunning accessories would suit me perfectly. Plus my teenage daughter would love to wear them also

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Andrew Angel C Mercado
Andrew Angel C Mercado : Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) Official Trailer - Live Action Movie HD     In the 90s Teenage mutant ninja turtles became More a cartoon Micheal angelo Leanardo Raphael and Donnatealio Along with Apriloneail The teenage muntant ninja turtles the Movie one year later teenage muntant ninja turtles 2 The Secret of the oz We own Both Movies Hopley this movie dosent destroy like footloose the remake was OK But the original movie was footloose Tmnt new more grapicts beater video speed yes in 3d HD high Max Dephachens But 3Ds cool But Danger Could Hurt eyes anytype of heart problems our anytype of apactic HD Also has great movies yes 3d HD our bluerays cool Even high Deff Has a great picture also     Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Subscribe to CLASSIC TRAILERS: Like us on FA...
Watch the video: video

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Leslie Gregory
Leslie Gregory : Ray Winbush    
18 minutes ago - View -
Larry Bolick
Larry Bolick : E. Calvin Beisner     I almost posted a rant today about my business and an ungrateful customer. I deleted it twice because I didn't want to start anything or sound like I was whining. Reading this article has put my mind at ease. And I know that no matter what, I am building a truly respectable brand that I'm proud of. And I'm proud to be the man I am, and not the man who easily downgrades others.
19 minutes ago - View -
Michael Bourke
Michael Bourke : one of the biggest problems of teenagers lifes today are l "what am i doing tomorrow",ffs in poor countries theyre thinking will i be alive tomorrow
39 minutes ago - View -
Amy Himmler-Valentine
Amy Himmler-Valentine : Rant: i live in a trailer park. I have 3 active teenage boys that like to throw football in the road and we have a portable basketball hoop that we drag to the end of the drive way. My problem is i have 2 woman in my neighborhood that always trip out everytime they play. Seriously kids need to be outside no ones yard is big enough and we have a serious tick problem in the field. So should i let my kids be kids and let them play and flip out on them women everytime or let my kids become fat slobs????
41 minutes ago - View -
Machelle Moore
Machelle Moore : How about today my mother and I go inside of walmart to do our shopping and this teenage boy. Starts to flip on us. His sister tell us to stop following him, but we just getting there with nothing, but three items in our buggy. We go get the worker to go get the officer. Which nobody couldn't get him under control. The parent wasn't nowhere in sight. And all the while he still following us. Out the blue is sister say that he has a mental problem. But not the way he was cussing. Talking about he was going to lay hands on us. It took everything in me not to go the jail. We left after the call themselves holding him down. I told them my business will go somewhere else. This never have happened to us before. But it will never again. I don't care what condition you may be in. Parents if you have a special needs child, don't let them run free in the store.
42 minutes ago - View -