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Canadian Running Magazine
Canadian Running Magazine : Involved with running full-time - Canadian Running Magazine     How much time do you spend coaching and running? Probably not as much as Jeff Enfield:
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Savannah Magazine
Savannah Magazine :         Guess what time it is?

Time to VOTE in Savannah Magazine's BEST OF SAVANNAH Reader Poll >>

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TruthSeekah :
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Sugarush :
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Corps of Army Music
Corps of Army Music : SOLDIER MAR 2015     The Band of The Royal Armoured Corps, Corps of Army Music, are pleased to announce that our very own Sergeant Moray Innes has secured a lead role as Frank Sinatra in London's musical 'The Final Curtain' showcasing at the end of this month.
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McGreevy Cakes
McGreevy Cakes : The Violet Cake Shop™         Be still my heart! I want to walk in that wood...
By The Violet Cake Shop™
(Check out one o' my FAV tools to get those stripes goin' ON,

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The Lanes
The Lanes :
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Intuitive Pet Care
Intuitive Pet Care : Article for March about 'missing pets' featured in Indigo Sun Magazine :)
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Philadelphia Folksong Society
Philadelphia Folksong Society :
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Glamour Linens
Glamour Linens : The Wedding Crashers' Tour!     Thanks Handspun Cinema for taking us all to the wedding crashers tour! Awesome video!     Our highlights of the day from the brides' point of view! A special thanks to the Richmond Wedding Collective for putting on such an incredible event, and letting…
Watch the video: video

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Downtown Market Grand Rapids
Downtown Market Grand Rapids :         Pat Evans will be signing copies of his book during #SaturdaySips tomorrow from 11a-2p. See you there!

"Pat Evans is a Grand Rapids-based writer who splits his time between Grand Rapids Business Journal, Grand Rapids Magazine and the Mitten Brewing Company. His work has also been seen in more than a dozen publications. He's a political science graduate of Michigan State University. Grand Rapids Beer is his first — of hopefully many — books. Evans is most enamored by food and beverage culture and why people do what they do."

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ASMP: American Society of Media Photographers – National Page
ASMP: American Society of Media Photographers – National Page : See the World's Largest Solar Plants From Above     We're thrilled to see ASMP member Jamey Stlllings' monumental images of some of the largest solar installations in the world featured by Time Magazine's Lightbox. This is an incredible collection of images that has something of an otherworldly feel, while representing the growing importance of alternative energy in our changing world.

You can see more of Jamey's work here:

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Infacare :         If you're heading to the Northants Baby & Toddler Show this weekend don't miss the Infacare Night-Time samples in the Bumps Babies & Beyond magazine goody bag :)
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UAMS College of Nursing
UAMS College of Nursing :         There was a frequent patient in the Virginia hospital where Claudia Barone, EdD, APRN, worked as a critical care nurse in the 1980s. More than once she had fallen asleep while smoking and burned herself. The last time it happened, she died of her injuries. Seeing that impacted Barone in a way that ultimately influenced her career path.

Read the story on page 11 of the 2014 College of Nursing Magazine:

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Fellowship of Reconciliation
Fellowship of Reconciliation :         Rockland for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel is joining with peace groups across the country concerned that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will address a joint session of Congress on March 3rd. Netanyahu will be giving this speech, without an invitation by the State Department, in opposition to the policies of President Obama. This comes at a delicate time when the US and its allies are trying to negotiate a deal with Iran regarding sanctions and nuclear weapons development. It's clear that Netanyahu is here to drum for war and to ruin any chances for diplomatic solution with Iran.

We stand against this unwelcome visit and Netanyahu's effort to dictate our foreign policy. We will be holding vigil to express our opposition, in solidarity with peace activists in DC and across the country. Please come to the Clocktower at Cedar and Main in Nyack, NY on Tuesday March 3rd at 5:30 P.M. to raise your voice against war-mongering and bullying, and for a peaceful resolution with Iran.

If you can, bring candles and signs. Here are some suggested signs:
Netanyahu does not speak for me
No War with Iran
Not in my name
Give peace with Iran a chance
Stop bullying U.S.
Stop the warmongering

(photo credit: FOR-USA's Fellowship magazine cover Spring 2007)

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Michelle Tricca Photography
Michelle Tricca Photography :         This is my recent editorial for the March 2015 issue of Germany's Golf Time Magazine, featuring golf pro Alex Cejka. I was a bit surprised by their choice for the cover shot, which I guess they felt best illustrated his personality, and the magazine's sense of humor. Thank you to my awesome photo assistant Cesar Alsina Imagine!
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Mercy For Animals
Mercy For Animals : Should You Eat Tofu? Four out of Five Experts Say Yes.     Time magazine is basically saying what we knew all along... tofu is awesome!
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❤ ☮ We Are His Legacy ☮ ❤
❤ ☮ We Are His Legacy ☮ ❤ : Michael Jackson - The Visual Documentary        
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Peace, Love and rock n' roll
Peace, Love and rock n' roll : Flamenco rumba, Andrei Krylov guitar, Portugal live concert     Andrei Krylov (born 3 March 1961) is a Russian 7- and 6- string guitarist, composer and poet.
He studied classical guitar, arrangement and composition in St.Petersburg, Russia and is now living in Canada.
In the 1980s and 1990s he worked as a guitarist for the Russian State concert company Lenconcert and the Old Petersburg music theater.
He has given recitals in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, USA and Canada.
Krylov has recorded and performed for Russian, US and Canadian radio and television.
He has composed original new flamenco and New Age music for films in Russia and the USA.
His music has been featured in Time magazine
Andrei' guitar music was downloaded 900,000 times from the website     Flamenco rumba, Andrei Krylov guitar, Portugal live concert Фламенко Румба, Андреи Крылов,русская гитара,
Watch the video: video

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Time Attack Magazine
Time Attack Magazine :         Oreca Nissan seems to be ready for the 24 hours of Le Mans
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GeekWire : Fashion magazine-retailer hybrid Need sees huge growth with new e-commerce model - GeekWire     GeekWire is on the road again — this time in Big D for UP Global's Dallas Startup Week, presented by Chase. We came across a fast-growing fashion startup here — Need — which has racked up nearly 300,000 users with a unique magazine/e-commerce hybrid model.
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Olympia Entertainment
Olympia Entertainment :
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Sidelines Magazine
Sidelines Magazine : Horses-Videos     Time for another "goat rides a horse" video! Sidelines Magazine     ☛ Goats and horses are amazing !!!
Watch the video: video

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USS Slater
USS Slater : USS SLATER on Twitter     Don't forget to follow us on Twitter. The post below is taken from our account. The photo comes from our museum archive.

While everyone may be familiar with the drama of the Japanese surrender signed on USS MISSOURI, a slightly smaller version of that played out much later on a DE.

USS CARROLL DE-171 was constructed in the Norfolk Navy Yard and named for Herbert Carroll who had lost his life during the Battle of Savo Island. CARROLL escorted eight Atlantic convoys and toward the end of the war was sent to the Pacific.

There, on 6 October, 1945, well after the official surrender, she accepted the surrender of Sonsorol, Funna, Merir and Tobi islands. At the time it was not uncommon for Japanese soldiers who had not heard of the surrender to continue to hold out. Some soldiers also heard of the surrender, but either refused to believe it or acquiesce. As late as 1972, Time magazine reported the surrender of a Japanese soldier in Guam.

CARROLL was decommissioned 19 June 1946 and sold for scrapping in 1966. Thankfully her historic moment was preserved and her contribution is remembered and honored.

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Daniel de los Reyes
Daniel de los Reyes : Jennifer Lopez Love Don't Cost A Thing Live Musica Si     Around the last time on SNL with JLO Yes, short hair. Daniel de los Reyes (Percussion) SABIAN GON BOPS KickPort International Drum Talk TV Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) Regal Tip Remo Drumheads Protection Racket DRUM! Magazine DRUM Magazine    
Watch the video: video

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I Love Being Black
I Love Being Black :         Happy Birthday Jackie Joyner-Kersee from I Love Being Black!

Jackie Joyner-Kersee is ranked among the all-time greatest athletes in the women's heptathlon as well as in the women's long jump. She won three gold, one silver, and two bronze Olympic medals, in those two events at four different Olympic Games. Sports Illustrated for Women magazine voted Joyner-Kersee the Greatest Female Athlete of the 20th century. On the cover of the September 14, 1987 issue of Sports Illustrated they gave her the nickname ‘Super Woman’ which stuck with her throughout her career.

Joyner-Kersee was the first woman to score over 7,000 points in a heptathlon event and at the 1988 Games in Seoul, she set the still-standing heptathlon world record of 7,291 points.

“If a young female sees my dreams and goals come true, they will realize their dreams and goals might also come true.” - Jackie Joyner-Kersee


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303 Magazine
303 Magazine : 10 Reasons Why We Love Illegal Pete’s - 303 Magazine     #303DAY: Throw on your favorite Colorado t-shirt, it's time for free chips 'n queso!
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Stacey J. Gholar
Stacey J. Gholar : Hello everyone!

Tomorrow, we'll be meeting for our first training and Stacey is quite excited! We don't have the t-shirts yet but please come looking cute as we will be taking promotional pictures. You could end up in a magazine write-up! LOL The address and time are below:

6214 Providence Club Dr
Mableton, GA 30126)

Please contact me with questions.


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Hunting Illustrated
Hunting Illustrated :         H.I. Fan Poll Time

How many of our Facebook fans are current subscribers to the Hunting Illustrated magazine?

For those who are not, stay tuned for a special offer for our Facebook fans

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Felix Inden Photography
Felix Inden Photography :         "Alien veins"
One more from a nice evening at Skagsanden beach near
Flakstad on Lofoten islands, Norway.
The Aurora was not at a very high intensity, but hey... we can´t have it all.
What i really love about this place is that it is changing all the time.
Depending on weather and the tides it always looks different.
These veins were to find just next to the flowing stream at the beginning of the beach.
I guess right now it will be looking totally different... would love to check it out right away. Maybe Colby Brown Photography can post a little bts to let me look :D

I hope you like it and wish you a nice evening!

#northernlights #auroraborealis #lofoten #norway #d810 Nikon
Aurora Borealis Landscape Photography Magazine FineArt-photography Fine Art Photography Digital Camera magazine Digital SLR Photography Magazine

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Don Jamieson
Don Jamieson :
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BP Magazine for Bipolar
BP Magazine for Bipolar : Research: Our busy brains | bpHope - bp Magazine Community     Once upon a time, scientists gleaned discoveries about which regions of the brain link to what functions based on people whose brains had stopped working properly because of head injuries or neurological diseases such as stroke.

Then came the ability... Click the link to continue reading the latest research!

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Wedge - A Cheese Shop
Wedge - A Cheese Shop : Calling all Wedgies! Today we are looking for extras for a photo shoot for Taste Magazine. If you’re available, bring your photogenic selves into Wedge today around 4pm. To thank you for your time, you’ll be able to eat the beautiful platters that will be featured in the photo shoot!
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Tranquil waters
Tranquil waters :         🌸 Would you please be good enough to nominate our website
🌸 My Angel Card Readings - 🌸
(if you like it!) in the "Favourite spiritual website" box (number 13) in the 🏆 Soul & Spirit magazine awards 2015 🏆
You need to go to their awards nomination page at
🏆 🏆
and you will then see what you have to do to nominate us - and there are other categories for you to nominate your favourite experts etc in too (it's quick and easy). All those who nominate are in with a chance to win a prize from Soul & Spirit magazine - so you could win something too! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this ~ we really appreciate it xx

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Patrick Chief-Callum
Patrick Chief-Callum : Interesting indeed.
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Mount Gilead Public Library
Mount Gilead Public Library :         Effective today, current issues of magazines can now be checked out. So the next time you visit M.G.P.L., Check out our magazine collection.
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La Casita Family Child Care, LLC
La Casita Family Child Care, LLC : The sun and the stars         Class magazine time with CLifford the Big Red Dog
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Robby Hecht
Robby Hecht :
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Sami Ibrahim Al-Najar
Sami Ibrahim Al-Najar : -Have you read the article ………. Time magazine ……….. Google?

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The Green Flamingo
The Green Flamingo : The Wedding Crashers' Tour!     Handspun Cinema captured this creative event put on by Richmond Wedding Collective fabulously! Well done Whitney & Josh! We had a great time meeting all of the couples that toured that day!!     Our highlights of the day from the brides' point of view! A special thanks to the Richmond Wedding Collective for putting on such an incredible event, and letting…
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Uth Time - India's Youth e-magazine
Uth Time - India's Youth e-magazine : Top Reality Show Fights of 2014!!     This is Insane!
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Marginal Press
Marginal Press :     IT'S UPDATED, BAE
Watch the video: video

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Billy Catfish
Billy Catfish : James D. Gilmore - "Middle of Nowhere" music video     I recently had the opportunity to reconnect with a former guitar teacher I had about 23 years ago, James D. Gilmore. Check out his new video! While I never picked up the virtuosic tendencies that he surely possesses, it was great to see that we're both playing music, albeit in very different directions, and it reminded me of an interview Robert Pollard did recently with Premier Guitar magazine - he said:

"I’ve always considered (the guitar) primarily, if not solely, a vehicle for writing songs. That was the reason I needed to learn how to play to begin with. A friend and I started at the same time—around 1975 after I graduated from high school. After about a year or so I had gotten to the point where I was proficient enough to write. I got together with my friend to check out our progress. I had 50 or so songs and he knew the entire lead from “Aqualung” note for note. My point being that the guitar serves a different purpose for different people."

Thanks for getting me started, Jim! Not the least of the skills you taught me was to tune my guitar before playing. Hope to see you play out soon!     James D. Gilmore's official music video for the remastered classic "Middle of Nowhere" created to coincide with the new EP "Virtuosic Inventions". Worldwide ...
Watch the video: video

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TravelhostFTL :         Wishing this #SpecialLady a Happy Birthday!

Today we celebrate our Publisher, Ina Lee’s 69th year. Every year Ina’s life has been filled with love, accomplishment and compassion. Ina is a loving wife, mother, grandmother, friend and an incredible leader for our magazine and the community. Ina has selflessly devoted much of her time serving Greater Fort Lauderdale, whether it be through lobbying for beach restoration, serving the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association or leading her complimentary guided meditation classes every Tuesday night – The list is endless! Ina never ceases to dazzle us, and we can't wait to see what she’ll accomplish this year and years to come. We LOVE you Ina - Thank you for being a bright light in our World!

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