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Dyan Charming
Dyan Charming : "Komunitas Pecinta Drama korea Dan K-POP" [팝 한국 ]    
6 minutes ago - View -
Tracy Heard J Jordan
Tracy Heard J Jordan : prosper ok no spat out coffee ok may explain n use me for a pawn ok not do ok faiere al no realuse ok enough there n then ok no leaonad pasce n my daddys a counelling cock suckers ok n remnds al hiw corrupter ok n french kiss try daddy like fcking dogs ok fck off ok n write stements m hour of need n may explain alot more y thus far ok thmn at scene .,,this y n wot i done jus enough ok al n sndry ket alone bo thn urn up alibi wot or blacks n e how dare he i say tben had enough n if nit fcking no by niw id b protecting the lady n kuds nly o n no dam well used n yes not lt al no shagging a black n n artne his thought i so had to er depends distract as u cstalking demelza was u her . children n realuseru al blacke ok ur al more disabler in lepers n fear u most do tbose tyes ok n sadder explain hw could i right then , kind of me not to e,bass them al then ricci ok n stat up help hus buisnesses n my vusiness ok but c y shrug f cant stand by me cant u ok bro ex ok now ay it works ok more anything ok i ge hungteue ok for thoughts ok n temind me wot was it put me off so much n yes tell me bout al lovrs n al hotter times sadly u c stop there ok er right trun ff ok aln no nt slleep with partner nsseperate beds n n nmo money no privetly demelza sad this trying er take al off him so ex bro eot a to do n carry on i wouldnt of t court ok then ok or never ok r his would be said al no my own stoped me was waiting n er solictor done deal ok messy but enough nrarly get me jail ok niw n no innocenter ok respectrr bc to front
7 minutes ago - View -
James Jaybo Graham
James Jaybo Graham : ☠S*F*μ☠ ☠S*F*μ☠ Kow-A-Bunga was just iced by ⊕{W°МϨ}⊕ Rogu彡²ᵀ roop彡r ЩƧΛƬ, which brings the body count to 483,597 rivals.
{B-S} Bo Peep was just iced by ⊕{W°МϨ}⊕ Rogu彡²ᵀ roop彡r ЩƧΛƬ, who has whacked a total of 483,598 rivals.

15 minutes ago - View -
Minh Trúc
Minh Trúc : Timeline Photos     *** SHARE HÌNH INSTAX - NHẬN QUÀ TỨC KHẮC ***

Tin vui cho các Fan yêu quý của Instax Camera Vietnam nè! Nhân dịp "TẾT TRUNG THU", Instax camera VN dành tặng 100 phần quà là 100 bộ "Skin dán film Instax" đầy màu sắc và dễ thương cho các thành viên. Để nhận được phần quà này, các bạn chỉ cần làm theo 3 bước cực kì đơn giản:

30 minutes ago - View -
Justin T-bo
Justin T-bo :     Took two people to call me out (thanks Bren Bouza and Doug Penikas) but I accept the #icebucketchallenge, with sun in my face. This was a 20# bag of half-melted ice.    
Watch the video: video

32 minutes ago - View -
T BO Nmg
T BO Nmg : Uno spettacolare atterraggio senza carrello!     God is able     Un incredibile atterraggio nonostante un problema al carrello! Prima che il genio del giorno gridi la parola "FAKE" vi avvisiamo che questa è una spettacolare pubblicità della Nissan Frontier.
Watch the video: video

33 minutes ago - View -
Lyra Litami
Lyra Litami : "Komunitas Pecinta Drama korea Dan K-POP" [팝 한국 ]     Ice bucket challenge :v
37 minutes ago - View -
Zorica Milanovic
Zorica Milanovic : ONI TRAŽE DOM - Izložba        
45 minutes ago - View -
Shinta Ichigo
Shinta Ichigo : "Komunitas Pecinta Drama korea Dan K-POP" [팝 한국 ]    
52 minutes ago - View -
Kim Seul Rin
Kim Seul Rin : "Komunitas Pecinta Drama korea Dan K-POP" [팝 한국 ]    
56 minutes ago - View -