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Coy Leistner Coy Leistner :     Steven Smith     Can you smell the fear?
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1 minute ago - View -
Stephen Spriggs Stephen Spriggs :     This could be us on Saturday night...hammer off!!! Steven Smith Dean Fabian Terry James Langtree Matthew Willshire Chris Willshire Mike Gleaves Ian Willshire Jon Hopperx Alexander Scott Carl Taylor Brian Gleaves Steve Mccusker     LOL...Darth Vader dance !!!
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51 minutes ago - View -
Teresa Smith Teresa Smith :     To my Thomas Steven Smith, what a GREAT song.. This song says it all!!     To all my family and friends in heaven love and miss you. This girl is awesome. I listen to this song at last once a day
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1 hour ago - View -
Sean O'Brien Sean O'Brien : Team- Rangers
Do I like them - YES!!!!!!!
Best players - Steven Smith / Lee Wallace / Nicky Clarke /Bilel Mohsni
Worst player - No one Really we have won the league without a defeat -cups have nothing to do with this STATUS!!!!
Like for a team...

1 hour ago - View -
Turtle Bay Golf Turtle Bay Golf : The results are in! Mahalo to the following Golf Plus Members for participating in this month's event:

Alapatai Manutai, Cory Ohman, John Iyoki, Neal Manutai, Larry McGuire, Rampal Singh, Jeff Irvine, Abraham Manutai, Steven Smith, Brian Matsuura, Scott Brown, and Baxter Cepeda


• 1st Place: Alapatai Manutai (-8pts)
• 2nd Place: Cory Ohman (-10pts)

• 1st Place: John Iyoki (-10pts)*
• 2nd Place: Neal Manutai (-10pts)

*scorecard playoff

3 hours ago - View -
Saurabh Patil Saurabh Patil : M11: RCB vs KKR – AB de Villiers Wicket     Last night Steven Smith & tonight Lynn
Aussies _/\_     IPLT20 - M11: RCB vs KKR – AB de Villiers Wicket
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4 hours ago - View -
Dena Champion Smith Dena Champion Smith : Timeline Photos     Heck Yeah! Clay J.D. Walker — with Jody Cook and 2 others.     Steven Smith I could so see you doing something like this!
4 hours ago - View -
Chris Alban Chris Alban : UDDAM | Whit Clips     UDDAM going in Adam Coupland Luke Mcbean Connor Jordan Cylkowski Steven Smith Scott Smith Conor Adamson Greg Selby Ben Moore Theo Jackson Ant Crowson Brendan Keating Brandon Batty     Adam going ham at whittelsey skatepark! not sure what happened to the logo in the conor it keeps flickering for some reason. subscribe! MUZZLE CREW
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7 hours ago - View -
Sara Walter Sara Walter : Happy 50th to my best friend and soul mate for life!!!! Mark Steven Smith I'm going to have to marry you!
11 hours ago - View -
Sherri Mcguire Sherri Mcguire : I can't wait to be called Mr &Mrs. Steven smith!! This could be the longest 90 days ever!!!! I can't wait baby!!!xoxox
19 hours ago - View -
Chuck Coughlin Chuck Coughlin : Holy Crap! We are almost at 300 members! Welcome Michael Hopkins, Sean Mohler, Patrick Bush, Bryan Arthur, Josh Kephart, Dennis Call, Frank Mcwhorter, Clay Jones, Matt Niday, Casey Shaffer, Nick Russell, Amy Rothwell Frick, Jim Daubenmire, Zack Pampers-Houser, Matt Mast, Jason Harlan, Steven Smith, Anthony Essex, Charles Essex, Diego Duran, Michael Rupp, and Bill Hammer. These are just the adds from the last 7 days! Take a second and tell us about your rig! Post some pics if you have them...
21 hours ago - View -
April Dawn Smith April Dawn Smith : I'm gonna WIN!!!!! Your worse than a 13 year old girl lmao!!! I'm already thinkin about the place ima pick and I think it's gonna be somewhere in the city.... Hmmm yes!!!! Lmao😂😂😋 Steven Smith
1 day ago - View -
Mukesh Bangva Mukesh Bangva : Timeline Photos     This great catch by Steven Smith to get rid of Brendon McCullum set the ball rolling for Rajasthan. In the end, Chennai haven't made much, but their bowling attack and the slow wicket will make runs hard to come by for Rajasthan. We could be in for a low-scoring thriller tonight on #IPL2014. Live action here,    
1 day ago - View -
Rachel Discenza Rachel Discenza : So excited Steven Smith got drawn for a deer hunt ! I hope he fills my freezer
1 day ago - View -
Kingson AJ VJ Marker Kingson AJ VJ Marker : Its Jadeja again picks up steven smith.
Dhoni missed him by a inch. But jadeja picks him. On the other hand Iswar Pandey picks up Faulkner.

1 day ago - View - : IPL 7, Match 10: Chennai on top as Rajasthan's Steven Smith goes for 19. RR 75/6. Live Score
1 day ago - View - : Rajasthan 66/5 (12/20 ov)
Rajasthan require another 75 runs with 5 wickets and 48 balls remaining

Rajat Bhatia 2*
Steven Smith 12*

1 day ago - View -
Brahma Mahadevan Brahma Mahadevan : CSK - 140/6

RR - 66/5 IN 12 OVERS




1 day ago - View -
Prabhakaran Balakrishnan Prabhakaran Balakrishnan : Dhoni missed a stumping chance,gave life to Steven Smith...
1 day ago - View -
Santhosh Raj Santhosh Raj : steven smith face the ball with enthu :)
1 day ago - View -
Mazy Smith Mazy Smith : Love you daddy ;) Steven Smith hahahaha
Ow yeh who's the best !!!!!?!?
.... me ;) !!

1 day ago - View -
Sandip Mistry Sandip Mistry : Steven Smith you really awesome..what a catch that !!!
1 day ago - View -
Vishnu N Babu Vishnu N Babu : Steven Smith U beauty
1 day ago - View -
Sidhant Lohani Sidhant Lohani : Oooooo what a catch!!!
Steven Smith u beauty....
Csk 35-1

1 day ago - View -
Arshu Mon Arshu Mon : Awesome STEVEN SMITH :)


1 day ago - View -
Ubaid Kaim Khani Ubaid Kaim Khani : What a catch
1 day ago - View -
Ajay Chandel Ajay Chandel : Super Man !!! Steven Smith..@@--@@
1 day ago - View -
Sam Gill Sam Gill : Steven Smith my fav
1 day ago - View -
Priya Sharma Priya Sharma : My power player for today is Steven Smith :p doing experiments #engineers :p
1 day ago - View -
Matthew Tramel Matthew Tramel : "God does not regret saving you." -Dr. Steven Smith
1 day ago - View -