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Stephen Garfield Smith
Stephen Garfield Smith : A Mother Sings a Precious Song to Her Dying Daughter         A MOTHER'S UN-DYING LOVE: Lindsey Lourenco was 18 and battling Leukemia for almost 6 years. Five times cancer ravaged this beautiful child. After years of chemotherapy, radiation and a bone marrow transplant she couldn't fight any longer.

From her father Tony: Darlene, her mother, wrote Lindsey a song. She has sang it only once at our daughter's 1 year celebration of her transplant and it was an emotional performance.

Last night I came into Lindsey's hospital room to find Darlene strumming a borrowed guitar and singing to our little girl. She wanted Lindsey to hear her song one more time and I felt compelled to pick up my phone and record it.

I truly believe that even though Lindsey is in a coma, she can hear her mother singing and feel the love all around her. An unedited, unrehearsed, completely raw and shaky recording of a mother singing to her dying daughter, my precious daughter, Lindsey.

Lindsey passed away on March 14th, in Canuck Place, with her family, surrounded by love.
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Stephen Garfield Smith
Stephen Garfield Smith : Most Truthful Moment in Television         The most truthful moment in television delivered by an amazing actor Jeff Daniels

America will be great again, when it isn't run by greed and corruption.
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Stephen Austin Smith
Stephen Austin Smith : Mobile Uploads     :')

Full Metal Saiyans — with Ri'Chard Render and 6 others.    

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Stephen Austin Smith
Stephen Austin Smith : Timeline Photos        
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Renaye Elder
Renaye Elder : Air France Cruelty in 60 Seconds     Chris Wigmans Joshua Last Emma Debono Ben Cann Sarah Bullett Shannon Stephen Bourne Charlotte van Dalfsen Daniella Marie Emma Curtis-Smith Irene Fernandez Michelle Gerstmann Anneso Foucherand Helen Lapiejko Esther Godoy Josephine Keen Verônica Catarina Carigiet Adam Trent Wilton Regina Mielke Patrick Renny Peter Neal Anney Forde Andrew Pearson just want people to viral this coz it must stop .. It must .. We should protect those w no voice - I am sorry it is so confronting :(     This is what happens to monkeys Air France ships to labs.

You can see the terror in their faces. :(

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Jennifer Mixon
Jennifer Mixon :         HARMONY'S first day of School...Stephen Smith our baby is growing up ....Dear Lord watch over our baby guide her and show her your way so that she may grow into the young lady that is pleasing in your eyes
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Brian Armstrong
Brian Armstrong : Overdrive Gaming     **Thursdays mark one of Overdrive Gaming's most fun days**
That's right I'm referring to our "Commander League Event" we are currently heading into our 3rd week of the league and it's still anyone's game.

With plenty of prizes including the big prize of $100 voucher for cards or credit, it would be mad to miss your chance to win it all.
We will be starting this weeks event and every other week for that matter at 5:15pm and with only a $5 entry cost.

For those that are interested in the league you can join in at any time and if you see us in store we can help you familiarise some of the rules and strategies of playing the format.

Finally, as promised the current "Commander League Scores"; they will be printed out tomorrow for everyone to see but as for right now they are as follows: (Position, Name, Points)

1 Alex Bewg 7
2 Brandon Field 6
3 Jesse Grantham-Smith 5
4 Patrick Shortiss 4
5 Brian Armstrong 4
6 Rory Phillips 4
7 Stephen Miller 4
8 Jesse Spurrell 3
9 Ben Jordan 3
10 Tim Nolan 2
11 Chris Mckinnon 2
12 Anthony Armstrong 2
13 Ben Hambly 2
14 Byron Pike 2
15 Brittany Tibbitts 2
16 Haydn Wright 1
17 Andrew Ryan 1
18 Joshua Trembath 1
19 Jessica Kent 1
20 Janu Cannings 1
21 Tony Doyle 1

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Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith :         Thanks Dr. Derek Stewart for the ice bucket challenge. Unfortunately it's been extremely hot and dry here in northern Alberta this summer and ice is it's just to valuable to waste on my head so I donated to the ALS Society of Canada. I would like to nominate Robert Justin Jones, Terry Milligan,and Jimmy Stewart to take the challenge and donate the dollar value of your choice or donate $100 to ALS society of Canada. Also read how ALS affects those who are dealing with the disease
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Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith : World's Biggest fart ever world Champion!         World's Biggest fart ever world Champion!
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Stephen Dale Smith
Stephen Dale Smith : Koptum gülmekten :)))     Judy Dawson     hahaha :)
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Frank Prigmore
Frank Prigmore :         Oh My What a Night Last Night. Love and War in Texas (Authentic Site) with Brett Dillon Khyi and the 6 Pack Songwriter Challenge with Jud Block, Bryan Adam Joyner, Chad Farris, Russ Lowry, Kevin Edwards & Tin Man Travis. Then it moved down south to The Tavern on Main Street and the Jeff Hopson Family of Musicians and the Heretics Mark Lafon Thaddeus Moore Bob Penhall & Mitchell Smithey and Jeff's right & left hands James Littleton & Kyle Wade Smith. I missed getting to see my Bruver Town Walsh's performance last night though but I also got to see Randall Gartman and our beautiful sister Melissa Auld. Special THANKS to ALL those that bought tickets for the 3rd Annual Wounded Heroes Benefit Concert Guitar Raffle at both Venues and to my very lovely Miss Taylor Dales for helping me out and staying out so late last night with Big Poppa :P Of course there are so many to list, facebook may not let me. Nicole Rodberg, Jeffrey Prigmore, Stephen Kelly Jeanine Adkin Brady Eggemeyer, Lynn Mckee, Rob Saw, Jesse Puente, Andrea Leonard, Jeannine Mead-Medart Diana Love, Brad Purdom, Vicki Smart Penhall, Greg Morris, Katherine Marie Morris and if I missed someone as I am sure I have remember... I AM OLD! LMAO! LOVE ALL Y'ALL'ns
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Wallen Alday Ajedo
Wallen Alday Ajedo : Derrick Rose - Show us Again     Can October hurry up?!     Derrick Rose is ok right now, and everybody wanna see that. Come on DRose, show us again! Thank's for watching! Team TrashTalk : - TrashTalk Productions : ht...
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Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith : Wowwww… Ultimate.. Unbelieveble Effort.. No Words.. Keep Sharing         Its Really Unbelievable ... :)) No Words to Say.., Great Effort.. Kudos to Car Driver..

For More Videos :
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Rydell TrueSpeech T
Rydell TrueSpeech T :     Stephen A. Smith always spits the absolute REAL when he speaks. #TRUESPEECH     Had to share..
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Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith :         "Ferguson Missouri" Michael Brown
When will we change as Black people.
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Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith :     Shannon Smith     Simplesmente fantastico...........
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Deion Dorsett
Deion Dorsett : Redskins show Ferguson support with gesture     Dear Stephen A. Smith,

I tolerate the opinions of others and when merited I respect those opinions. But with all of the significant media access at your disposal, you elect to run the same old tired attack against Blacks protesting in a volatile environment. "Blacks are destroying our own community", "Blacks are looting and vandalizing", etc. Mr. Smith the people who are looting and vandalizing are not representative of those who are engaged in meaningful protest of a frequent, an egregious injustice to low-income, underserved communities. Proper attention to the real issue at hand is being diverted to "looting and vandalism" because you continue to spotlight those handful of criminals. I'm sick and tired of folks saying give the justice system a chance. To that I say "what justice?" Are you referring to that corrupt system that bends over backwards for the "haves" and pipelines the "have nots" to prison? I'll pass. You along with the other fools sound like some pastors preaching that we should wait until heaven for justice, happiness, and dignity. We want it now. Let's be clear that the violence didn't start with the protestors and now that some of the protestors are acting in a "violent" manner you want peace. They're the bullies that were beating up on everyone and now that the bullied are standing up and fighting back, they want peaceful demonstrations. All of this could have been avoided had the "authorities" done their jobs from the beginning. You sir sound more like a coward every time a major social issue comes up:

Black community is outraged he doesn't give a damn. White community is outraged he's apologetic. Black community is outraged, he doesn't give a damn again. I think this may be a trend. You sir are a few comments away from joining Dr. Ben Carson on my list.

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Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith : Volbeat - Heaven Nor Hell         Music video by Volbeat performing Heaven Nor Hell. (C) 2010 VOLBEAT under exclusive license to Universal Music Domestic Rock/Urban, a division of Universal M...
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Dalton Free Public Library
Dalton Free Public Library : 8/20/2014 New Titles:

Adult Fiction:
Love Letters, by Debbie Macomber
Back Channel, by Stephen Carter
Fatal Conceit, by Robert Tanenbaum
Courage For Beginners, by Karen Harrington
The House We Grew Up In, by Lisa Jewell
Close Call, by Stella Rimington

Adult Mystery:
The Second Deadly Sin, by Asa Larsson
I Can See In The Dark, by Karin Fossum
Sunshine On Scotland Street, by Alexander McCall Smith

Children's Non-Fiction:
Now & Ben: The Modern Inventions Of Benjamin Franklin, by Gene Barretta
How Do Helicopters Work?, by Jennifer Boothroyd
Planes And Helicopters, by Clive Gifford
Invention, by Lionel Bender
Super Simple Things To Do With Bubbles, by Kelly Doudna

Children's Fiction:
Clementine And The Spring Trip, by Sara Penny Packer
The Abominables, by Eva Ibbotson
Muppets Most Wanted, by Annie Auerbach

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Stephen 'Esquire' Smith
Stephen 'Esquire' Smith : We're finally, FINALLY, here ! I'm eating breakfast, and then not moving lol
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Jamie Ford
Jamie Ford : Derrick Rose - Show us Again         Derrick Rose is ok right now, and everybody wanna see that. Come on DRose, show us again! Thank's for watching! Team TrashTalk : - TrashTalk Productions : ht...
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Stephen Philip Doyle
Stephen Philip Doyle :     Unreal! Luke Smith Timmy Andrews Stefan Stewart Nathan Smith Ryan Mcpeake Ty Cowden David Irvine Joey Cowden Grace Mckee Stephen Love Aidan Mcswiggan     Wouldn't be nearly as much crime here, if we responded like this :)
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Nick Smith
Nick Smith : Best drummer cat ever     Liz Spidel Smith
Stephen Cox
Craig Waterman
Carl Eversole     :3
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Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith : Ever wondered what an Eargasm looks like?         When the Bass hits you, it feels good.
#Bass #Soundsystem #Cars #Eargasm #BassTest
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Jeremy Reed
Jeremy Reed : Kanye West getting schooled by Kobe Bryant     Like having conversations with Stephen Reed ... Ivan Dashon Smith Calvin Taylor Janna Golden     It never gets old
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Stephen Smith Jr.
Stephen Smith Jr. :         I, along with my grand daughter Miryssa accept the ALS Ice Bucket challenge from my beautiful niece Vanessa Mcallister-winch. In turn I nominate my dear, dear friend Gail Noti Convertino,(love you) cousins Tom Dwyer and Steven M. Evans and my grandson Dustin Smith. I will donate $10 to ALS research for each one who accepts the challenge. You have 24 hours.
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Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith :         powerful video
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Ricardo Stephen Urfey Smith
Ricardo Stephen Urfey Smith : Mason went 11 months today time is flying by
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Uel Pollock
Uel Pollock :     Thanks to rab Rab Smith & Claire Wilson for my nomination I'd like to nominate Andy Pollock Mary Mc Atasney and for laughing at th ford u to Stephen Atasney lol 24 hours    
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