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La Shonda Chance-Mullen
La Shonda Chance-Mullen :     Here goes your great niece Auntie Glenda Cotten praising God!!     Look at my baby yall..Me and her favorite song!! She praising God!! We can only imagine!! Get it Miss Coogi!! Love my baby!!
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Shonda D. Woods
Shonda D. Woods : had a quiz on the Constitution and Bill of Rights and Made a 80 *highest in class* teacher gave me America the Beautiful playing cards
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Vashonda Moore
Vashonda Moore : Timeline Photos     Watch us make Drunken Vodka Popsicles:

- Blue Layer -
Blue Raspberry Vodka
Icee Free Blue Raspberry
- Orange Layer -
Orange Vodka
Orange Popsicles
- Red Layer -
Red Cherry Vodka
Red Popsicles


TAG ALL YOU PICS #TIPSYBARTENDER Each month the pic with the most likes will win a Tipsy Hoodie and the Tipsy Cocktail Book.

#drinkporn #cocktail #foodporn #cocktails #liquor #alcohol #booze #club #bar #drink #mixology #drinkup #yummy #amazing #instagood #dessert #vodka #drunken #popsicle #orange #cherry #raspberry #icee     Latrice PrettyBit Williams Mercedes Ford Shonda Johnson Tiffany Clayton Kyera Beyoutiful Natural Lets Make These!! Lol

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Shonda Bradley
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Cinema Nova
Cinema Nova : Super Showcase - Saturday Night Live     Saturday Night Live alumni Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader are pairing up again for The Skeleton Twins, and if this sketch from 2012 is anything to go by...we think it's a good move. For your chance to win a double pass for you and a friend to see The Skeleton Twins at Cinema Nova, 'like' this post and tag the friend you'd like to take with you! Who's the Shonda to your Vonda?     Subscribe to SaturdayNightLive: Game Shows: Popular Clips: SEASON 37: Crack U...
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La Shonda
La Shonda :     Say something....     My Neice & her Boo..
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Shonda Dennis FirstLady
Shonda Dennis FirstLady : A 3 hour update on this damn iPhone for what!!!!
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Shonda Thomas
Shonda Thomas :     Man my lil nigga was turnt up!!!     Mare swea he be hitin dem folks up llf
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Kristen Lynette Reynolds
Kristen Lynette Reynolds : Well have had a pretty good day!!(; Love my my best friedn Shonda Mae!(:
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Elizabeth McCaslin
Elizabeth McCaslin :     Now listen up, if this doesn't stir your heart, send chills down your spin, make the hair on your neck stand up ,or remind you of who is standing on the walls tonight there is something wrong with you!!!
Thank you Karen Cotton Long for sharing.
This is for Shirley Ray Dunn, Shonda Mehringer Nelson, and Kathy Cox! May you be moved!     Participatory worship. I love how excited the men get to sing this song & the camaraderie. "Days of Elijah"
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Shonda Ritchie
Shonda Ritchie :         Hump Daaaaaaaaayyyy!!!! Go Lil Man Goooooooooooo!!!!!
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Shonda M. Boetius
Shonda M. Boetius : Days 25 - 29 Update: Well, where do I start. On my last update I mentioned that I wasn't feeling well and was considering a trip to the ER. Well by the time my shift was over I was experiencing some shortness of breath. Needless to say, I went to the ER. Long story short I was transported from the ER I was currently at to a different location. I was told that I was very anemic and I would have to have a blood transfusion. I spent the weekend in the hospital and have felt completely drained by the whole experience. My good news is they thought I could have possibly been having a heart attack when I initially went in but Praise God that is not my testimony! I thought I might be able to jump back in to my routine but my body said otherwise. So on Monday I took some time to do nothing but rest. I did go back to work on yesterday but felt a little sluggish. Today, I am beginning to feel my strength coming back...Thank You Jesus. My plan is to begin walking again on tomorrow. Not sure what the distance will be, but I definitely want to get back into the swing of things! #thisisajourney #takingmyhealthbackonestepatatime #healthyandfabulousin2015 #youcantkeepagoodwomandownforlong :-)
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Shonda Thomas
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Shonda Miller
Shonda Miller : Reaching out to my church family and friends. Requesting prayer for a special friend from high school. She is really dealing with a serious family situation and decisions that need to be made. Praying for her to have peace with her decisions and comfort/strength with what lies ahead for her. 🙏
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Shonda Faye Williams
Shonda Faye Williams : Dinner date!
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Shonda Ducote
Shonda Ducote : It has been one long and trying day. God give me the strength!!!!! And the day is not over yet...
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Suzette Bumpas-Washington
Suzette Bumpas-Washington :         And I thought Ms. Iris London was no pump on the fitness side.....Ms. Shonda at Bfit-Fitness is a beast. ...thanks that workout was just what I needed
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Shonda Alston
Shonda Alston : I'm not even about to believe this frfr
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Shonda MzDenise Johnson
Shonda MzDenise Johnson :     Here is a video of a baby 11 months and his mother did this shit to him and MAN U HEAR CRYING IS LIL MAN FATHER CAUSE SOME SORRY AZZ BITCH WAS MAD AND BEAT THIS BABY. BECAREFUL WHO U MAKING BABIES WITH     This is not me... A guy Named David Bryant posted this video on his page and it brought tears to my eyes. I pray I am never in this situation cause I'm sorry but I'm going str8 to jail...
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Shonda Seaberry
Shonda Seaberry : Timeline Photos too
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Shonda Chappell
Shonda Chappell : I feel like poo! Migraine, belly hurts, feet hurt, I hurt all over!
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Kendrick Shepeard
Kendrick Shepeard : My lil man going sleep good tonight. The. Same work out my clients did my son did it an was still ready to do more. Shonda Bayonne Jennifer Webb Alexis Young don't let my 3 year old out do yall anymore
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Shonda Jones
Shonda Jones :         Snake shit...... ...Rashard love dam snakes
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La Shonda Brown-Yates
La Shonda Brown-Yates :     Here I can Shaun T     EXTRA 5min AB WORKOUT Tuesday!
Do these exercises for 1min each!
Good luck getting stronger abs!
(Don't laugh at how tired i am and me trying to do spider lunges in jeans LOL)
1. Spider Lunge Twist
2. AB Punches - (Feet 4 inches off floor shoulders off floor)
3. C-sit Clap
4. Knee to elbow wide in out ab
5. Same arm same leg.
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Vicki Weathersby
Vicki Weathersby :         We are going to miss you Shonda Guest
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Shonda Hatfield
Shonda Hatfield : Timeline Photos     Anti-pervert hairy stockings. These are 'leggings' with hair on them to prevent men from looking at ladies' legs. Hmmmmm.....     Hey Cathy Glanz Tassler, how about these leggins????? Lol
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Shonda Barron
Shonda Barron : Someone rescue me!!
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