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Go to the bottom to see more. : Why You Should Never Stereotype Shonda Rhimes By Gender Or Race    
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Shonda Renee
Shonda Renee : bobby bare marie laveau     Marie LaVeau strikes again....Ooooweeee! Another man done gone     good song bobby bare marie laveau
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Daily Life
Daily Life : Shonda Rhimes awesomely shuts down Tweeter who complained about the 'gay scenes' in her shows     This is not you standard Twitter shut-down. This is sizzling.
5 minutes ago - View -
Shonda Sorrell
Shonda Sorrell :         CHILLING!
5 minutes ago - View -
Shonda TotalParadise Foster
Shonda TotalParadise Foster :     Adorable !!     Father of The Year
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Shonda Lovin JJ
Shonda Lovin JJ : Finna cook sum shells & cheddar with sum fried chicken wings sit bak an wait on hubby to get off an watch a movie if my back let me everyone have a bless nite
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Tanya Kersey
Tanya Kersey : LOOK: Shonda Rhimes Shuts Down Tweeter Who's Upset With Gay Sex Scenes     I love how Shonda Rhimes speaks her truth and stands her ground.
7 minutes ago - View -
Olivia Brandice Burrell
Olivia Brandice Burrell : Shonda Rhimes Shuts Down Complaint About 'Gay Scenes' In Her Shows: 'You Are Late'     DomiNique J. Johnson share this with the people lol
9 minutes ago - View -
Shonda LaCelle
Shonda LaCelle : Dance Attack in Dubai International Airport T1     This is so awesome!     Terminal 1 visitors got served !

Share ♥ Dubai ♥
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16 minutes ago - View -
Felicia Cherry Dixon
Felicia Cherry Dixon : Shonda Rhimes Shuts Down Complaint About 'Gay Scenes' In Her Shows: 'You Are Late'     Feliciaa Johnson and I just talked about this...
17 minutes ago - View -
Shonda Short Sht Moore
Shonda Short Sht Moore : I'm mad my bestfriend Ain't been texting me so we could plan that haven wood's shit and fright fest smh!!
18 minutes ago - View -
Shonda Hodson
Shonda Hodson : Well looks like I may be going back to work soon.
21 minutes ago - View -
Rayven Richard
Rayven Richard :     Nikka Marie Shonda Fields Shareese Harris     Don't F*CK with me!
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21 minutes ago - View -
Shonda Danielle
Shonda Danielle : You don't know what you have until it's gone...&&& I feel so incomplete and soooooooo lost without my phone!!! Don't know if I make it!
23 minutes ago - View -
Michael Vacirca
Michael Vacirca : Timeline Photos     Our Ally Shonda Rhimes completely gets it! (@shondarhimes)     I love this lady, and all of her shows!
26 minutes ago - View -
The Chicago Defender
The Chicago Defender : Shonda Rhimes Upset over Fan’s Remark | The Chicago Defender    
26 minutes ago - View -
Rant Lifestyle
Rant Lifestyle : Shonda Rhimes Deserves Applause For Defending Gay Characters And Love Scenes
    Shonda Rhimes is standing up for her creations.

27 minutes ago - View -
Ray Afam Shotta Steward
Ray Afam Shotta Steward : ldot shotta in our blood     ME N CUZ L Dot Davis NEW VIDEO "IN OUR BLOOD" GOOOOOO WATCH IT SHOW SOME LOVE
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Shonda Bables
Shonda Bables :         I need for all my kids to bring one of these home plus some type of Degree 😚😇🎓
29 minutes ago - View -
Wing Ma'am
Wing Ma'am : LOOK: Shonda Rhimes Shuts Down Tweeter Who's Upset With Gay Sex Scenes     Shonda wants you to know her shows don't have "gay scenes," they have scenes with people in them. And, if you haven't noticed this yet, you're not only late to the're not invited to the party! #love #equality
29 minutes ago - View -
Tomeka Jackson
Tomeka Jackson :     Lmbo I think I'm gonge hire her for. My next show aaahhhh help Shonda Beck lololol     Lmfao, Dead!
Insta @Reine_Jazzy
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30 minutes ago - View -
Citris McClain
Citris McClain :     Shonda u did it again HEFFA.....*faints*
30 minutes ago - View -
Shonda Shayshaymonet Hoskins

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More fun stuff over at

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Shonda Whodeywanna B
Shonda Whodeywanna B : Really 💭thinking about starting this new journey....I am a 🔱#YungQueen🔱...It's time I started acting like one and Its sho time I started getting treated like 1..... got sum changes to make..starting with self...... making preparations to "live" in da future is great.. but the future may never come... The past...I can't get back... so instead of wasting the present trying to plan to live better in the future or regret not living in the past...I just gotta start living....presently... #changecoming
33 minutes ago - View -
Dea Lovingmemore Paige
Dea Lovingmemore Paige : Fan Complains Of Too Many Gay Sex Scenes In TGIT Shows     There seem to be an uproar over the sex scenes between men on how to get away with murder. Do you take issue with it and why? Also, are you ok with it and why?
34 minutes ago - View -
Shonda Donaldson Lane
Shonda Donaldson Lane : MercyMe - I Can Only Imagine     MercyMe - I Can Only Imagine     Music video by MercyMe performing I Can Only Imagine. (C) 2008 MercyMe
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35 minutes ago - View -
Dennis Reed
Dennis Reed : Fan Complains Of Too Many Gay Sex Scenes In TGIT Shows     i am one of them fans!!!!
35 minutes ago - View -
Dominique Dickey
Dominique Dickey : Fan Complains Of Too Many Gay Sex Scenes In TGIT Shows     And I thought it was just me smdh ... Too much of anything is not cool
36 minutes ago - View - : Shonda Rhimes Lashes Out At Homophobic Tweet [Photos]     Shonda Rhimes took to Twitter to defend the LGBT community after someone came for her about her shows.
37 minutes ago - View -
Shonda Marie
Shonda Marie :     What??????     Adrien Broner 'marriage proposal' after his fight...
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39 minutes ago - View -
Shonda Short Sht Moore
Shonda Short Sht Moore : Bitches love playing hard to get but easy to fuck! 😁😳😂😂😂😭👏✊👌✌✌
40 minutes ago - View -
Shonda Denise Woods
Shonda Denise Woods :         Mya reading a book to Knox lol Knox & KJ being boys
41 minutes ago - View -
Cotter Homes
Cotter Homes : Key & Peele - Georgina and Esther and Satan     Bruuuhhhhh!!!!!!
You gotta watch all the way thru
Brittney Campbell
MrsMissy Porter
Shonda Stylezbyfresh Porter
Santanna Prince
Tag yaw man in to watch too lmmfao     Let's be honest. The devil has no chance against a couple of old ladies and their "prayers" at church. New K&P tonight 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central!
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42 minutes ago - View -
Kwabena Sharif
Kwabena Sharif : Fan Complains Of Too Many Gay Sex Scenes In TGIT Shows     Shonda wants to be a gay white man who's in love w/ a married white man. Lol
42 minutes ago - View -
HuffPost Black Voices
HuffPost Black Voices : Shonda Rhimes Shuts Down Tweeter Who's Upset With Gay Sex Scenes     Go Shonda go!
42 minutes ago - View -
Angelina Rivera-Porter
Angelina Rivera-Porter : Timeline Photos     That traffic tho :/     Karen Spearman, Shonda Mzsingle Tye, Schata Boonee Henderson. Look
43 minutes ago - View -
Jana Shortal
Jana Shortal : Shonda Rhimes Shuts Down Tweets About "Gay Scenes"     I cannot TELL you how many situations I am in where I am forced to say "bye, Felicia" -- work, dating, all the spaces in between I get in dozens of these a week. But Shonda wins on the best use ever of "bye, Felicia"
45 minutes ago - View -
Leslie Richards
Leslie Richards : LOOK: Shonda Rhimes Shuts Down Tweeter Who's Upset With Gay Sex Scenes     I think me love she! #OneLove #MoreLove #LessHate #BetterWorld #MsShonda #Yassss
46 minutes ago - View -
La Shonda Anderson
La Shonda Anderson : Pasadena teacher charged with improper relationship with student     WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE TEACHERS having sex with these students. A lot of female teachers too!

46 minutes ago - View -
Shonda Harris
Shonda Harris : Hungry Baby!     Toooo Cuuute!!!!     Isn't it cute?! |
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48 minutes ago - View -
Jamunta Clear
Jamunta Clear : Shonda Rhimes Shuts Down Complaint About 'Gay Scenes' In Her Shows: 'You Are Late'    
48 minutes ago - View -
Tanya Brown
Tanya Brown : Shonda Rhimes ‘Riled Up’ by Fan Upset with Shows’ ‘Gay Scenes’    
51 minutes ago - View -
Shonda Hill
Shonda Hill : Niggas Be Like... Bitches be Like BEST VERSION!...     Ha kmsl rite    
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53 minutes ago - View -
Karen Anderson
Karen Anderson : Shonda Rhimes is becoming a bit much for me. I think I need to pull back from her shows and go to one of my favorites. Project Runway. Love Tim Gunn.
53 minutes ago - View -
Jenell B Stewart
Jenell B Stewart : Fan Complains Of Too Many Gay Sex Scenes In TGIT Shows     What do you all think of the complaints? What about her responses?
54 minutes ago - View -
Shonda Montana
Shonda Montana :         Me n my only.son thuggin today!!! :-)
55 minutes ago - View -
Renee Campbell
Renee Campbell : Alright, they are still saying shonda is gone, she left with kony or with theta group in Mexico. But I thought Anita said, shonda stayed over by sea world? She said, that's why Gladys keep clicking, going both ways and to watch her. Hmmmmm, my aunt said Gladys scard cause she was involved with Toni, Daryl , Dian, Menda and Shirley. She said, Menda. Gone and she heard Gladys popped a plea and still afraid they are coming to get her next. That's why she's clicking
55 minutes ago - View -
Jeffery Brinagh
Jeffery Brinagh : Timeline Photos     Here's the link: Shonda Rhimes blasts homophobe upset with gay sex on How To Get Away With Murder:     Its about time were on television. America just because you see it on television it is not gonna make or turn you or your children gay . You are born gay. You can't be turned, or anything else . If you had half a brain you would know you have the right to say no but i guess its easier for some people to believe that you can be turned. Either you're gay or you are not . if you aren't good if you are even better at least you have the courage to live your life out and proud. Now stop being such small minded people and live and let live and accept the fact that gay people are born , live and love just the same as you do . And we have a right to be here and be happy .
57 minutes ago - View -
Foxie 105 WFXE
Foxie 105 WFXE : Shonda Rhimes ‘Riled Up’ by Fan Upset with Shows’ ‘Gay Scenes’     so, #htgawm fans do the scenes bother you like other fans?
58 minutes ago - View -
Michael Cabrera
Michael Cabrera : Shonda Rhimes Shuts Down Tweets About "Gay Scenes"     "There are no GAY scenes. There are scenes with people in them."


59 minutes ago - View -