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Hường Bili
Hường Bili : Nothing's impossible
Nothing's unreachable
When I am weary
You make me stronger
This love is beautiful
So unforgettable
I feel no winter cold
When we're together
When we're together

Will you stand by me?
Hold on and never let me go
Will you stand by me?
With you I know I belong
When the story gets told

When day turns into night
I look into your eyes
I see my future now
All the world and its wonder

This love wont fade away
And through the hardest days
I'll never question us
You are the reason
My only reason

Will you stand by me?
Hold on and never let me go
Will you stand by me?
With you I know I belong
When the story gets told

I am blessed
To find what I need
In a world loosing hope
You're my only believe
You make things right
Everytime after time

Will you stand by me?
(Stand, stand by me)
Hold on and never let me go
Will you stand by me?
With you I know I belong
When the story gets told

[repeat chorus]

Stand by me
No more darling I want you by my side
I want you hear with me

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Dawn Bell
Dawn Bell : A house inspection is WORTH every penny!!!! They see what you did not see!!!! In the long run, they will save you A LOT of money!!!! No more treehouse... I am thankful for an inspector who was very detailed in his inspection!!!!!
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Curtis Pitts
Curtis Pitts : Just want to tell the ladies at Renewal that it has been a wonderful experience working with them and I hope it has been helpful to someone over the years. I have decided not to continue and to hang it up. No more sermons on FB. Looking at moving either to HT or if that does not work out will move to Florida next year.
Unless the Lord opens another door somewhere the counseling and group materials will be packed and some shredded.

Plan to go see Louis this morning and have my bagel for the day.

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Charles Laslo
Charles Laslo : If you dont like seeing my selfies or my post unfriend me you are not my real friend anyway my real friends put up with them and love me regardless i dont want to to hear how annoying it is i dont care i was a 160 pound drug addict now i am in recovery and proud of myself for once i couldnt look in the mirror now i love taking selfies so if you dont like it bye bye i am not gonna let words and what other people think bring me down no more
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Ūffāñ Māñzøør
Ūffāñ Māñzøør : One Day.....
I will leave the world and never
come back........
You will cry when you will see my
You will miss me when you sit alone ...
won't be able to hear my laugh
and voice ever again...
There will be no more ME to
tease, make you laugh and say sorry stupidly...
Tears might flow out of eyes
but i will be gone long and
So Enjoy My silly stupid Company
as much Before i close my eyes forever...
Still Love U

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Cissy King Daniels
Cissy King Daniels : I'm very tired of seeing so much Ebola going around. HEY, I have a great idea that will illuminate plagues, (Ebola), and MOST terrorists in the USA. How about EVERYBODY GO HOME & stay there, no more flying to other countries, ALL air travels and cruises to OTHER COUNTRIES cease? Everybody STAY in their Country where they have LEGAL citizenship. Hey, I know it's a long shot.... but, you must admit, it would be an effective way of handling most controversial issues like terrorism & plagues & immigration.'s just my insight and nobody asked me my opinion.... LOL
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Tim Casey
Tim Casey : No more gifts required from anyone - My wife just gave me tickets to see STEVIE WONDER in concert - officially the most awesome gift everrrrrrrr !!!
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Jarden Deanna
Jarden Deanna : Thinking of anger still. My anger mostly comes at night, when im so exhausted barely holding open my eyes. Adaliegh is demanding a clean butt, Arrabellah is pleading for 'nommilk' bc sister woke her and she could use a little melatonin boost. Overwhelming frustration of anger sets in leading to me yelling at my so very tired, sweet bellah.

So caught up in it all not even realizing whats going on until Arrabellahs crying, "no mom, no scare me". My previous post was of 'the devil, in you, through anger'. Im just imagining the devil in me. Everyone always says babies and young children are so innocent and that that can believe and see things. Wondering if when im yelling, the devil is a mask on mom, scaring my baby. I pray she doesnt "see" this.
Its heartbreaking and motivation for change. Anger is so easily found, im sure im not alone. I pray for the Lord to strip me of that anger that grows in me. Its disgusting and i want no more of the devils games!

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Tay'Iz Grindin And'Shinin
Tay'Iz Grindin And'Shinin : Im livin and enjoyin lifes experiences whole time ppl hatin cuz im jus tryna win but real shit i laid down 3x and gave life i aint ask for the circumstances i had to deal wit but i over came them GOD AS MY WITNESS I'm not quittin if u dont wanna see us happy move around ifgaf who you are (friends family husband or enemy) if our happiness and well being ain't in yo best interest you can kiss my ass cuz Tay aint takin no more L's and I feel sorry for anybody in my way
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Michael Mernagh
Michael Mernagh :     See if I allowed bullying in my life could I be me n started a wonderfully group called.....

We are against bullying n try save life n bring smiles     Steel dead nutts
Watch the video: video

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Arthur Levi Rainville
Arthur Levi Rainville :         “It’s like looking into a full-length mirror and seeing nothing but pure beauty in the reflection…and then watching helplessly as it shatters into a thousand pieces before your eyes, knowing that you can do nothing to keep it from breaking…”
― J. Sterling

Guilty as charged…I am a professional, but usually with the best of intentions, procrastinator. Time and time again I beat myself up because I so know that life is short and nothing is for sure. As Sterling tells us; “Just because you tell someone you'll talk to them later, or you'll see them tomorrow, there is no guarantee that either of those things will happen. You hope they will. Hell, we all assume they will. But we don't really know. Life can change in an instant. A single instant.” Ya it does…and it does…and it does. But we (I) are human.
We (I) mean the best, do the best…and sometimes actually are the best we can be. So for all the gazillions of near ‘n dears that I should have written to, called, visited with, told how much I care…and didn’t… shame on me, I feel the burden every day. And pray on me that I get it right tomorrow…. I really do, you know, have the best of intentions…I really do, you know, care.
More Hugs

Ps…yes, Mary Louise, I will let you drag me into the black & white challenge.
No procrastination here….. ☺

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Plexus Slim More Than Weight Loss
Plexus Slim More Than Weight Loss :         This is my dear friend Dusty Duncan ...The last 18 months have been so life changing for me.
I am no longer prediabetic, no longer have diverticulitis issues, no more chronic bladder infections, I have not had a skin issue that I battled for over 10 years( I was covered in this stuff) You see my skin issue was awful, itchy red and no matter what I did I could not get rid of it.... Thank God for plexus! I don't have any issues with it anymore. I found out finally it was a yeast over growth I had all over me! I have great energy, sleep better than I have In Years and have been able to eat onions and bananas again!! So no more food allergies to those anymore
my outlook on life is just plain better!! I am thankful for plexus daily!! Oh ya and I have lost about 30 pounds too
I feel better than I have in years. What a blessing plexus has been! The financial blessing are just amazing too! So thankful to be a stay at home mom now. To say I love plexus is an understatement!

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Nadia Blackpearl Pharr
Nadia Blackpearl Pharr : I about gave up but god told me hold on I got you so I held on my life starts over now no more let downs cause I want be there to be let down or hurt its about me and my babys the ones that will never leave me even on my worst time they always gone be here thank u god for seeing me through everything truley blessed 7
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Luke Le Cube
Luke Le Cube : Public Image Ltd.- (1/2 MIX Death Disco)     Seeing in your eyes
Words can never say the way
Told me in your eyes
Final in a fade
Never no more hope away Vocals:John Lydon Guitar:Keith Levene Bass:Jah Wobble Drums:David Humphrey Seeing in your eyes Words can never say the way Told...
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Avyduff Ballack
Avyduff Ballack : Jokowi would eventually make Indonesians claim their dignity back. No more poverty hopefully. Wishing him the best in his work to ensure Indonesia becomes a developed country. Lets see the contrast between Indonesia and Malaysia from here on.

His feature has some resemblance of Obama at one glance.

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Gerry Clifford
Gerry Clifford : 5 Seconds of Summer - Voodoo Doll     I don’t even see my friends no more
'Cause I keep hanging out with you
I don’t know how you kept me up all night
Or how I got this tattoo
I can feel you watching even when you’re nowhere to be seen
I can feel you touching even when you’re far away from me    
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Matthew B Bambrick
Matthew B Bambrick : Sometimes we walk, lost in the dark, our thoughts are cloudy with evil remarks , it feels like emptyness of grey and bitter, we feel like rubbish, we feel like litter. We don't know who we are, why we are here and what we will do, but today I'm gonna say, god has a plan for you. Only because we are lost, that doesn't mean we won't be found, just look and see our father is all around. Can you see that light that flickers there? Can you see it shine, light so sharp that it makes you blind? There is hope, Jesus came to set us free,to place us on the right path, oh just wait and see.
Open your hands and open your hearts, lets the holy spirit in and that's where it starts. From there we are new born and fresh, not like the rest, a new creation, no longer with frustration, god is our only determination ,and our final destination. A place of eternal peace, but that is the least, we will be filled with a golden feast, a place to rest, a secure nest , there we be no more dark, Jesus has save us, he is our new testament ark. He has a plan for you, dont give up, and don't give in, your are beautiful and strong, the kingdow of heaven is where you belong#mbb

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Took a Leap Farm
Took a Leap Farm : Excited to get home and see our newly-poured barn concrete! No more hard-to-clean dirt floors in our kidding and family pen areas, woot!
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Karen Klinker
Karen Klinker : I think one of my cats is trying to kill me. In the bathroom she moved her water dish from the original spot to the sink and back again. Water all over the floor. I walked in and ended on the floor. Water dish is no more in the bathroom. If you see me with a new fur collar, you will know why.
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Wendy Dawn Smith
Wendy Dawn Smith :     See....kid was minding his own business. Bet ya he won't get fucked with no more.     Bullying has to stop.
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