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Sue Fehr Mertz Sue Fehr Mertz : Wishing my grandson Santino a Happy 8th birthday!!! Don't know where time is going??? We love you Tino,,, Nanny &'Pop Pop Mertz
12 minutes ago - View -
Polesi Luatutu Polesi Luatutu : Santino ahokava saemone milifusi

like how your hot
like how you got a big boot
like how you can get more then 3bars of wifi with a rise of an eye brow
like how you think your real good at rugby
like how you come out at night and think your tough
like how you wore those same rugby socks for more than 4days in a row
like how i made you go sleep with foam coming out of your mouth
like how you can krump
like how you can wait till august to get you $260+ for making 1st ;)

1 hour ago - View -
Paul Montinola Paul Montinola : Waiting for Tito Santino to pick me up. Dilim ng arrival area ninyo DMIA Airport Management ha!!!
1 hour ago - View -
Lauren Ella Renzi Lauren Ella Renzi : The fact that Ziggy Roscoe/Fabrizio Santino has favorited my tweet has make my whole 5 days in hospital so much more worth it!
1 hour ago - View -
Raffaele Melidoni Raffaele Melidoni : I Am the happiest Granddad in the world. First time and there's more. A double Nonno. Two adorable Baby's Boys Rocco and Santino. Just like my beautiful Samuela and my lovely Son in low Gaz. After Few weeks of terrible Pain That my Daughter suffer and more. I was so worry that some of the carpet in the house is consumed. But what a Fantastic conclusion. Thank you GOD for this two beautiful Easter Babies. Two Angels. Be ready My Rocco and Santino because Nonno (Granddad) is Coming. Happy Easter to all who knows me. Love you very much my Darling Daughter and Son. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1 hour ago - View -
Lance Roberts Lance Roberts : Video Footage of Act One, Starring Santino Fontana, Tony Shalhoub and Andrea Martin     Well, since the secret's out, here is a video montage of our little valentine to the theater saluting one of its legends, Mr. Moss Hart!

3 hours ago - View -
Eileen Lowe Eileen Lowe : Wiv aunt Lila santino and mam 👙☀️🍸
3 hours ago - View -
Jenifer Candinato Jenifer Candinato :         My two kids..Jb Anderson.....and bj santino candinato Domingo..
5 hours ago - View -
Arop Atem Arop Atem : Santino... Stop talking about Shima Mohmaed
5 hours ago - View -
Alex St. Kitts Alex St. Kitts : People that go beast mode: KC Roberts Santino De Villa Matt Giffin Matt Fullbrooke Stephen Dyte Christian Overton Jared Welsh Joanna Mohammed Lydia Persaud.... oh wait that's just KCLR. BEAST MOOOOODE NEXT FRIDAY AT Virgin Mobile Mod Club. You ready? Correct answer is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
9 hours ago - View -
Carmen Simone Terrell Carmen Simone Terrell : I love seeing Santino Marella on WWE. he's too funny.
9 hours ago - View -
Mary Beth Henderson Mary Beth Henderson :         Santino and Bebe. Sentinel looked out the window the whole time we were driving home he was advertising for COPR. Both are doing well
11 hours ago - View -
Vicky Salinas Vicky Salinas : Enjoying dinner with my two men.. Dino and Santino ... Then I'm off to work tonight...
11 hours ago - View -
Sheri Henninger Sheri Henninger : Love you Brittany Santino, Nyli Arroyo, Yamii Nd Gonzalez, Cynthia Casares, Lisandra Oliveras XOXO was so nice seeing all of you today!!
12 hours ago - View -
The Sexy Dancer Fan Dan Go The Sexy Dancer Fan Dan Go :     Santino Marella with Emma against FANDANGO with Layla

15-4-14 Nashville    
Watch the video: video

12 hours ago - View -
Reggie Rosales Reggie Rosales : Santino never stops to really make us laugh. Yesterday we went to SM City Sucat to have them join in their Easter Sunday Celebration. One of the activities is the Easter Egg Painting. Upon reaching the venue, Sam and Santino was given each an Egg to paint. When Santino got the Egg, you know what he did with it........he cracked it open. When his Mom saw it, she told him.....Santino why did you do that, that is the one you would have to paint. HIs classic answer........Oh....I thought I could eat it......Hehehehe.....We had no choice but to ask for another Egg for him to paint.
13 hours ago - View -
Christopher James D'Amore Christopher James D'Amore : Mobile Uploads     Happy Easter!! 🐣 — with Christopher James D'Amore.     Santino and the godparents
13 hours ago - View -
Nelisiwe Slendarella Portable Jezile Nelisiwe Slendarella Portable Jezile : Top 5 cute guys on ma account

Prince princiano Ngwenya
Santino wama U.L
skhumba shantra
sbooh makhubu
choi Shantra

Nibahle nonke bt had ta mention 5 bafowethu

16 hours ago - View -
Michelle Campbell Michelle Campbell : Bout to start my Sunday/Easter to a late start but wheres my bro santino Santino Greyand my chef it up partner Bandanna Blacc at???I need motivation...pandora on blast trynna chasing these negative vibes outta my life...Happy Easter though to all my friends and fam...enjoy!!!
16 hours ago - View -
Nokty Pongen Nokty Pongen :         ~Nick santino All i need is whole lotta you.. :* :p ~
18 hours ago - View -
Ann Magnoni Ann Magnoni :         Happy Easter to Santino, love you.
20 hours ago - View -
Steve Staccio Steve Staccio : Congrats to Santino Staccio and Danielle Piscioneri on the birth of their beautiful daughter! Happy Easter!
22 hours ago - View -
Marvin Teologo Gerona Marvin Teologo Gerona :         Santino Girls :D :D
1 day ago - View -
Arop Atem Arop Atem : Santino Dengg be acting light skin not replying to anyone beside Shima Mohmaed
1 day ago - View -
Janice Malinay Janice Malinay :         to our dear kuya santino happy 5th birthday wish u a good health and happiness be a good boy always we love u anak happy birthday mwahhhhhh love daddy mommy and baby rafraf
1 day ago - View -
BTC: Wrestling News BTC: Wrestling News : "CM Punk vs Santino at Wrestlemania? I would love that! Talk about stealing the show from Dwayne and Cena." -CM Punk during a battle royal before Mania 28


1 day ago - View -