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Jay Tii
Jay Tii : Go The Mighty Samoans..!!
5 minutes ago - View -
Ian Armstrong
Ian Armstrong : Paul de Sousa    
7 minutes ago - View -
Helz Dii
Helz Dii : C'mon Kiwis!!!

Kilim ol Samoans ehh :@ :@

9 minutes ago - View -
Norm Byers
Norm Byers : Mobile Uploads     New Zealand have scored in the dieing minutes at Toll Stadium to deny Samoa victory in today's #4Nations clash.

New Zealand Kiwis 14 defeated Toa Samoa 12     A close win for the Kiwi,s 14 over the Samoan,s 12.Was a good game.

9 minutes ago - View -
Robert Marsh
Robert Marsh : Robert Marsh    
16 minutes ago - View -
Butler Hibo Junior Otio
Butler Hibo Junior Otio : A strong Samoan side. Toa Samoa. There are Samoans in the Stadium than Kiwi supporters. And they're playing in New Zealand. Lol!
17 minutes ago - View -
Faae Uele
Faae Uele : Samoa's #1 Hit Music Video/"MTV" 2013         Malo everypodies and everyones!
How you all doing today? TGIF on this side of the globe, ehkaa...looking forward to the weekend now. lol

Anyways, o ai o kau su'e se motivation mo legei aso? (Po'o saga lunch? lol) Oh well, here are some uso's from Samoa to entertain you today.

PS. You know you're Samoan when you call a music video an "MTV" i.e. 'Sole, seekkkkiiiiiaaaaa le mtv lea" hehe

Watch the video: video

29 minutes ago - View -
Joevila Muliaina
Joevila Muliaina : What did the samoan ghost say on halloween? ...Boo-kio... lol
34 minutes ago - View -
Football Federation Samoa
Football Federation Samoa : Photos of Football Federation Samoa     Get down to Drinks @ Home or Home Cafe over the weekend to get your tickets for their first ever movie night!

Next Wednesday (5th Nov at 7pm) Home Cafe will be screening the first ever showing of 'Next Goal Wins', the brilliant documentary film about the American Samoan Soccer team and their journey from worst in the world to the 2014 World Cup Qualifiers.

This is your one and only chance to see this movie in Samoa and 100% of the ticket sale proceeds will be donated to purchase essential items for the prisoners in Samoa.

The movie will be shown on a big screen in the intimate setting of Home Cafe. The licenced bar will be open all night long and there will be a BBQ and popcorn available too.

Tickets are limited! Grab yours now before it's too late. They are $15 each and only on sale at Home Cafe.     There's been a lot of hype around this movie so if you haven't seen it, here's the perfect opportunity!

36 minutes ago - View -
Tagata Pasifika
Tagata Pasifika : Felicia Manase – The Marathon Runner With Cerebral Palsey     Don't let anyone think you can't achieve. Meet Felicia Manase, a young Samoan woman showing the world her disability is no barrier to competing with the world's best.

Malo Felicia - such an inspiration to our community.     She's never been the sporting type, but in less than a year, 28 year old Felicia Manase is on the verge of becoming a marathon runner. What you don't know is...
Watch the video: video

36 minutes ago - View -
Vicki Letele
Vicki Letele : Leah Purea     God is too good!
36 minutes ago - View -
Grace Foundation Charitable Trust
Grace Foundation Charitable Trust : Leah Purea     Praise the Lord!
38 minutes ago - View -
Mt Olivet
Mt Olivet : "It's common sense really. If you know how to speak Samoan ae faasamoa aku ia Faasamoa mai. I don't understand. Why are yous twisting the video? Lol don't put the whole sit back and take a close look line at me i have been taking a closer look at myself. I speak better Samoan than English and im proud of that. This video ain't to you so how bout you sit back down and relax lol
K is Alu Loa e ai sou chill pill faamolemole a lou please"

It's not about how you have to speak a language, it's about you degrading your own kind as if only you can express yourself any way you want. Sui laia o lou panty ma e alu e ke moe.

42 minutes ago - View -
Luana Sacchetti
Luana Sacchetti : Animated short film based on a Samoan legend     Samoan legend - The turtle and the shark Luana Sacchetti Eliana Sacchetti     Animated short film based on a Samoan legend
Watch the video: video

43 minutes ago - View -
Leah Purea
Leah Purea :         Get home to more blessings for Grace Foundation thankyou NewLynn Samoan Church, thankyou Taula & Rachel, Epenesa & Va. May God continue to bless you in your giving TYL
44 minutes ago - View -
Noel Schaaf Aukafolau
Noel Schaaf Aukafolau : good go to the samoans gotta say though kinda thought they were robbed #matemaatonga
44 minutes ago - View -
Nth Melb Samoan Pathfinders
Nth Melb Samoan Pathfinders : Gday pathfinders.
Pathfinders tomorrow has been cancelled due to bad weather predicted. Sorry for any inconvenience:)
Enjoy the long weekend
#icHaLLeNGe 2014

47 minutes ago - View -
Monique Pee
Monique Pee : On a lighter note... have this a******e neighbour for several yrs now who loves playing God. An American Samoan who has called the cops, council, cops, fire dept, cops, noise control too many times to count, and did I mention cops on me on a regular basis! The last time the cops had enough which they have told me several times - this time though he was on the road still bitching half an hour later (after him trying to assault me) while they were trying to leave. In the end this cop yells - not so discreetly - "just fuck off", gets it the car and off they go. Getting to the point lol, some new people moved in a few houses down and they are also Islanders. The 2 young kids (primary age) were playing on the reserve and one kicked the ball and it hit his car. So he goes out screaming at them until the older one of the 2 (still primary school age Islander) yells "fuck up Nigger". It worked - stopped him right in his tracks hahaha. I don't think anyone in the street has had such a good laugh. Oh, and my dog doesn't want to maul them quite as much now since the police told him that him and his kids weren't to come near my place at all. Makes it kinda awkward for them being my neighbours. But I care why...?
51 minutes ago - View -
Abe Capone Aumua Samana
Abe Capone Aumua Samana :         Hi my frens ;)

Here's game highlights for those who missed it, plus some footage of SKD in the changerooms after the game.... Oh jokes!!! Hahaha

Proud to be Samoan!

#fui #paskalima #zerodaysoff #positivevibes
Watch the video: video

52 minutes ago - View -
Mark Chetcuti
Mark Chetcuti : It is cool to know that both me and Antonio Cesaro wrestled for the exact same promotion. I won with three hiptosses, a bunch of combinations, diving headbutt? dropkick, snapmares, samoan drop as my finish.
54 minutes ago - View -
Le-Manu : 2013 Manu Samoa vs Italy Rugby (Hilights)     It's next week guys. Our Manu Samoa will lock horns with the Italianas. A huge faamalo to our Toa Samoa for putting up one hell of a fight against the Kiwis today. One word Toa Samoa - WOW!!!

Its our Manu Samoas turn to put up a performance that we (Samoans) can all be proud of. Malo Toa!!! Malo Manu!!!    
Watch the video: video

54 minutes ago - View -
BIG BOY's CAR WASH :         Very interesting and excited game this afternoon Toa Samoa vz Kiwi. Malo le taalo faatamaalii to all our Toa Boys you put Samoa to top and make us all Samoan very proud. You guys are winner. They won the battle but you guys won the war. Big faamalo to Toa players, management as well as the front 4 people, Tagaloa, Tuiavii, Lauaki and the best of all is father ua ova le fee haha. Good luck next week with the Roos.
55 minutes ago - View -
Periccko Gonzalez
Periccko Gonzalez : Back on the rez the best way to learn lderlders. to sit around fluint speaker's. Shit i guess this is my samoan language class lol.
56 minutes ago - View -
Sam G Seau
Sam G Seau :         "Dont F#*@ to me ogay!"
Samoan lady vs palagi lady
Watch the video: video

1 hour ago - View -
Roy Joseph Crichton
Roy Joseph Crichton : FYI rugby is nothing without Samoans..
Kiwis are useless without Samoans .. And the whole world knows it..

Vaai le mea kei ua vevesi loa .. Lol

1 hour ago - View -
Allison Kay
Allison Kay :         This is how Samoans celebrate Grand Final week. Someone teach them how to siva fa'amolemole!
Watch the video: video

1 hour ago - View -
Sooze Johnston
Sooze Johnston :         Great night out with these two at The Laughing Samoans tonight....LOL! My face hurts from laughing so much! Good times!
1 hour ago - View -
Juan Martos
Juan Martos :         Bobble Head KO from the Samoan monster Mark Hunt.

Watch and you'll see what we mean.
Watch the video: video

1 hour ago - View -
Karauna Taito
Karauna Taito : Tribute to Fallen Soldier: Samoan Soldiers, US Bravo and Charlie Company         Watch this video clip of Samoan soldiers of US Armed Forces Bravo and Charlie company 100BN/442INF rehearsing 'E lo'u Tama e' for a memorial service for a fa...
Watch the video: video

1 hour ago - View -
Puna Ngatupuna
Puna Ngatupuna : POLYNESIAN TATTOOS BY UPS     custom cook island mix samoan    
1 hour ago - View -
Leonie Qk Hunt
Leonie Qk Hunt : Is me or is like Samoan supporters acting like Aussie when they loose to Nz. Bunch of sooks!!. Lol I bet you would of congratulated Roberts and the ref if you did win! Lol Cummon we all the same!. Lol let's take our bad energy and use it against Auzzie an England! Lol Samoan Blood, NzBlood. Love both . ❤️
1 hour ago - View -
J'Dean Tivalu Teatulohi
J'Dean Tivalu Teatulohi : Watching replay of Toa Samoa v Kiwi game n just realized Perenara, the reff every Samoan wants to kill, is a New Zealander. That is unfair. Why get a
NZealander to reff a NZ game??? Make it worse, the dude was born in Porirua :/

1 hour ago - View -
Posu Tue
Posu Tue : 10,000 Reasons - The Katinas (from the album "Sunday Set")     The Anointed voices of the KATINAS - Samoan sons!     First release from the upcoming album, "Sunday Set." The Katinas take on 10,000 Reasons (written by Matt Redman), with their distinct style of worship. "We a...
Watch the video: video

1 hour ago - View -
Big NRL : Kiwis survive Samoan scare     NZ prevail by the skin of their teeth, beating a passionate Toa Samoa side 14-12 in Whangarei.
Watch the video: video

1 hour ago - View -
Frances Balemaiwai
Frances Balemaiwai : wajin the laughing samoans... lmao!!!!!! :) :) =D
1 hour ago - View -
Pauly Inu
Pauly Inu :     Probably best game so far in four nations this year     Hi my frens ;)

Here's game highlights for those who missed it, plus some footage of SKD in the changerooms after the game.... Oh jokes!!! Hahaha

Proud to be Samoan!

#fui #paskalima #zerodaysoff #positivevibes
Watch the video: video

1 hour ago - View -
Mason Vince Gatoloai
Mason Vince Gatoloai :         "Dont F#*@ to me ogay!"
Samoan lady vs palagi lady
Watch the video: video

1 hour ago - View -
Charlene Vaigafa Malu
Charlene Vaigafa Malu : Just walked into Kmart nd met a lovely Samoan nurse telling me manaia lau malu, o oe lava o le teine Samoa moni! Thanks for the compliment Pula :-) always a blessing to meet Samoan elders, matais nd those who know our roots!! Small world she's from Poutasi, Falealili lol #inlaws
1 hour ago - View -