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Benny Leofo
Benny Leofo : Samoan Thor would still beat Hercules... just
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SamTati Stowers
SamTati Stowers :     Taylor Moevanu Stowers ... TPS barbershop quartet?     Matthew Gifford (Māori, Cook Islander), Jeff and Will Hunkin (Samoan, Niuean) and Marcellus Washburn (Samoan) who are collectively known as the Wellington barbershop quartet, The Musical Island Boys. Earlier this month they competed and won 1st place in the 76th Annual International Barbershop Singing Competition held in Las Vegas. They are the second international group to ever win first place in the quartet category. Congratulations to these four talented young men.

Here is their winning performance where they sang Po Atarau/Now is the Hour, again breaking records in being the first group ever to sing in a language other than English.

Watch the video: video

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Alejandro Jose Rincon Romero
Alejandro Jose Rincon Romero : Mobile Uploads     I met with this Samoan brother and he and I are on the same path to teach our youth not to make the same mistakes we did. He and I are going into a maximum security prison next week to deliver moral education donated by The Way to Happiness Foundation. We will deliver to our pacific and maori brothers, who are doing it tough behind bars. We will impart how we managed to make it out from the streets of South Auckland, Gang life, Crime, Drugs, Weapons, School drop outs, to Property owners, business owners, successful parents and turned our lives around. We will to show them it can be done! We are the evidence! — with Leroy Mataia.    
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ChristieJean Corpuz Needham
ChristieJean Corpuz Needham :
10 minutes ago - View -
Kerisia Brogden
Kerisia Brogden : I really enjoyed my samoan delicious supper.taro was the best tasted like the taro from home(fiji).i made a puaka out of myself.oh well.
15 minutes ago - View -
Aida Lily Noa
Aida Lily Noa : Samoa's #1 Hit Music Video/"MTV" 2013         Malo everypodies and everyones!
How you all doing today? TGIF on this side of the globe, ehkaa...looking forward to the weekend now. lol

Anyways, o ai o kau su'e se motivation mo legei aso? (Po'o saga lunch? lol) Oh well, here are some uso's from Samoa to entertain you today.

PS. You know you're Samoan when you call a music video an "MTV" i.e. 'Sole, seekkkkiiiiiaaaaa le mtv lea" hehe

Watch the video: video

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Nils Bruno Bär
Nils Bruno Bär : Warriors: Attires and Armours     "A Samoan warrior with a beheading knife."    
18 minutes ago - View -
Faao Kasshmunny Nanai Fesolai
Faao Kasshmunny Nanai Fesolai : Timeline Photos     Conan O'Brien is right. Samoan names are cool.    
25 minutes ago - View -
Maryjane Mckibbin-schwenke
Maryjane Mckibbin-schwenke : Hercules is Samoan, how awesome is that!!!
Loved loved loved it!!!

25 minutes ago - View -
Aida Lily Noa
Aida Lily Noa :         Leimomi Hunkin Fainuulelei Translating the Samoan Bible scriptures in English. LMBO se mālo captain, sa sili ai ga e alu e kā apa mai i kua. Hahaha. Faimai le captain, "I may be stupid, but I'm the smartest person in the Word of God!" Aue'e, pe aka fia maliu ea?! Hahaha. I can't deal with her anymore.
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Orr Papalii Brown
Orr Papalii Brown : Manu Samoa    
33 minutes ago - View -
Manu Samoa
Manu Samoa : Next games:

Sunday 27 July:
G2: 07.08am: Samoa vs Malaysia
G3: 09.26am: Samoa vs Wales

*above times are Samoan times

35 minutes ago - View - : Pacific wins two weightlifting medals at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games     #Glasgow2014 - Samoan weightlifter, Vaipana Nevo Ioane won bronze in the 62kg class. #CommonwealthGames #Samoa #WeightLifting #BronzeMedal
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Karissa Elizabeth Nomura
Karissa Elizabeth Nomura : Timeline Photos     Conan O'Brien is right. Samoan names are cool.    
39 minutes ago - View -
Christina Mika
Christina Mika : Timeline Photos     Conan O'Brien is right. Samoan names are cool.     true!!! haha
41 minutes ago - View -
Pacific Wear
Pacific Wear :         Hawaiian/Samoan items on sale..ranges from flowers to laplaps to necklaces, earrings, fans and dresses. Prices range from K10-K50. Let me know if you are interested or check out our fb page Pacific Wear 4 Sale
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Jess Petelo
Jess Petelo : ., soooooo was given the number 20 by none other than le main hunnybuff Anee Leetah Leota (who also introduced me to this game like thing lol)

... Nominations ' #16 ;)
Jaye Petelo , Lillyan Savea M. Latu , Rochelle Maletino , Faukafa Sulupo , && Corey Reti ")

1. Full samoan ")
2. Proud mother of two !
3. Jess is actually my MIDDLE name LOL
4. 22 years young this year
5. Fav food ' WENDYS (mushroom melt baconator ;))
6. Fav drink ' FANTA !!
7. Fav colours ' white , black , grey , red and ... Red lol
8. Fav day of the week ' THURSDAY $$! ")
9. Second eldest child

51 minutes ago - View -
Teevao N Faitotoa
Teevao N Faitotoa :         How palagi's and Samoans discipline their kids.

Watch the video: video

1 hour ago - View -
Tyrone Ronald Matoka
Tyrone Ronald Matoka :     Samoan Jamm

Adeaze - E le Alofa e

Watch the video: video

1 hour ago - View -
Daina Rosario
Daina Rosario : Samoa's #1 Hit Music Video/"MTV" 2013         Malo everypodies and everyones!
How you all doing today? TGIF on this side of the globe, ehkaa...looking forward to the weekend now. lol

Anyways, o ai o kau su'e se motivation mo legei aso? (Po'o saga lunch? lol) Oh well, here are some uso's from Samoa to entertain you today.

PS. You know you're Samoan when you call a music video an "MTV" i.e. 'Sole, seekkkkiiiiiaaaaa le mtv lea" hehe

Watch the video: video

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Luigi Havea
Luigi Havea : UCE LEE (Uce-Jitsu Demonstration)         When I was a kid and I messed up real bad, my Mum would break out these ancient Samoan techniques, enabling my Mum to perform complex fighting maneuvers far beyond her physical capabilities. Powerful techniques called Uce-Jitsu, handed down thru hundreds of generations of loving and caring Samoan mothers wanting to provide their children with only the finest, freshest, world class ass-whoopings available. If you noticed the absence of the advanced weapon known only as "the Jandal" - those teachings are in the grandmaster-class, reserved only for parents with 9th degree exponent in the 36th aluminium vacuum stick of the Shaolin Temple.

Samoan Fighters
Watch the video: video

1 hour ago - View -
Kalala Mika
Kalala Mika : Lol! I havnt been tagged yet. Since I'm bored #Care here's my novel of myself ahahaha! #Enjoy :)

1. Born and raised in new-zealand Auckland,
middlemore hospital otahuhu.
Mangere 275
2. I'm full blooded samoan- sadly
can't speak it.
But I do understand and still trying
3. I have 3brothers and 3sister
including me (5th oldest).
including 7 other siblings :) #True
4. Ima proud catholic girl.

1 hour ago - View -
PNG Fashion International
PNG Fashion International : Timeline Photos     DIKA WINS PNG'S FIRST MEDAL
(Press Release)

DIKA Toua won Papua New Guinea's first medal at the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland, in the women's 53kg division. The Oceania and PNG champion won the silver medal, repeating her performance in the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

The woman from Hanuabada, who is based in Noumea, registered 82kg in the snatch and 111kg in the clean and jerk, hence registering a total of 193kg. Chika Analha from Nigeria won gold with a total of 196kg and Santoshi Masta of India got the silver.

Male lifter Morea Baru also made an outstanding performance in the men's 62kg division when he missed winning the bronze medal by 1kg. He lifted a total of 270kg while Samoan Ioane Vaipava lifted 271kg to get the bronze.

The gold was won by Cyprus man Dimitris Minasidis and Sri Lankan Sudesh Peiris took the silver. Coach Lakani Oala said he was happy with the results, in that the three weightlifters including Fred Oala - who competed in the men's 56kg division earlier in the week - were placed in the top 10 in their categories. — with Peter Larry and 5 others.     CONGRATULATIONS MISS DIKA!!!..

1 hour ago - View -
Jennifer Cox
Jennifer Cox :     Cool!     Awesome performance by Fortissimo Choir doing a Tongan & Samoan rendition. Dilworth school represent !! (Like/share/tag)

Watch the video: video

1 hour ago - View -
Gaylene Sheehan
Gaylene Sheehan : Timeline Photos     Like This Page ●►

Like & Share; Beautiful Artwork done by Samoan contemporary artist Lalovai Peseta - Manamea Art.

The emotions aren't always immediately subject to reason, but they are always immediately subject to action :)    

1 hour ago - View -
Enah Levi Tuialii
Enah Levi Tuialii : Timeline Photos     So a week or so ago I shared a "MISSING PERSONS" picture of one of our Samoan toeaina TUPULAGA TALALELEI aka Peter, 70 years old from Petone who went missing after being discharged from hospital etc (refer to the article.) I had not heard anything more about this so i thought nothing more into it thinking he had been found....only to find out today that he was still missing and that his daughter flew home from Aussie and had been scouring the streets looking for him! WTF! Why was this not on the news to alert everyone and highlighted? Why is it that only today police started door to door inquiries, Why as a community/Pasifika did we not organise search teams to help the family find one of our own?! If this was a palagi...would this had happened? Where was the communication breakdown or lack of? This is an old man who takes daily medicine and uses a walking stick! Its ELECTION year, make a noise! This is disgusting and needs to be addressed!! PLEASE CHURCHES, PASIFIKA, WELLINGTONIANS PRAY FOR SAFE RETURN AND PEACE OF MIND FOR HIS FAMILY!!
Avele Moreli Shainey Tuita'alili Moreli Fale Moreli Tuita'alili-Toomata Vailoa Tuita'alili Terry Tuitaalili Sana Faifai Noel Faifai Heta Soloa Lyndsey F Soloa To'omata Lise Soloa Mups Stanley Lee Noo Vai Kepi Faivaai Laalaai Maea Ana Pereira Seutatia Valasi Fourla Tiatia Frances Salesa Paul Ailua Claire Fa'amao Peter Fa'amao Peter Time Maria Peteru Alex TeleaTai Telea Lote PesetaJohn Faamao Fou Leavasa Sa Sulusi Sa Elsie Taulealo     Spread and share :)

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