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Mandy Andringa
Mandy Andringa :         My son Mason. 3 years old . Mom:white Dad:Samoan and Chinese
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Samoa breaking news
Samoa breaking news :         Seki kama hamo e iloa fai le umu haha..The umu is the in ground hot rock oven used 4 cooking delicious traditional samoan..

Best lava Samoa

10 minutes ago - View -
The Samoan Entrepreneur
The Samoan Entrepreneur :        
18 minutes ago - View -
National Park of American Samoa
National Park of American Samoa :         Terrestrial hermit crabs (uga in Samoan) occasionally seen crawling around the tropical rainforest floor, use empty snail shells to protect their abdomen and to provide a moist environment for their gills. When threatened, they withdraw quickly into their snail shell with their legs forming a clever protective door.

Whenever your hiking, what other creepy crawlers do you see?

33 minutes ago - View -
Samoa Bowl USA
Samoa Bowl USA : Samoa Bowl USA updated their status.     In 6 days we will be meeting for the first day as a team! We look forward to seeing our Samoan High School Senior Players and their families! Thank you to everyone for your support with our first Samoa Bowl USA game!
Are you coming to the game? Questions? Just ask! See you there!!!!!

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The Samoan Empire
The Samoan Empire :        
35 minutes ago - View -
Three Flowers Tattoo
Three Flowers Tattoo :     Samoan Calf piece add on Add on.. (old piece not mine)

Watch the video: video

42 minutes ago - View -
The Inertia
The Inertia : Samoan Snapshots: 10 Reasons to Add Samoa to Your Bucket List     Undeniably one of the most fascinating spots in the entire South Pacific...
45 minutes ago - View -
Ranaye Corley
Ranaye Corley : Good afternoon brownies juniors and family or cookie orders have been entered just to give everyone a heads up we will have six savanna smile extra we will have 11 samoan cookies left over we will have 9 rah rah raisins leftover six tagalong's leftover which would be a total of 32 boxes of extra cookies we need to to sell so if anybody else wants cookies that's what we have thank you scouts for all your hard work and dedication
56 minutes ago - View -
Hawai‘i Pacific Parks Association
Hawai‘i Pacific Parks Association : National Park of American Samoa         Good afternoon! You needed this, right? It IS Friday Eve after all...

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