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Aboobacker Sidheeque Kadengal
Aboobacker Sidheeque Kadengal : Manchester united vs Hull city

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Step Parents Perspective
Step Parents Perspective : Mom Post

Can you post for me please:
I am a BM and a SM I have a handsome SS4 & beautiful twin BDS1 I have been in my SSs life since he was 15 months. If some one can please help me understand something. Why is it that WE (SMs) are supposed to love and care and do everything for our SK just like they were our own but yet we have no say whatsoever. When we get with a man who has child/ren we should already know he's a package and that comes with a BM. We have to be the better/bigger person and even if BM is horrible to us we are expected to play nice?? But what about the BM ? Why isn't se expected to be the bigger person? Why isn't she playing nice with SM? Why don't BM except us SMS that are in the picture?? We are going to be helping raise the child/ren so shouldn't we all get along? If your child loves there SP why would you get mad? Why would you be upset at your children for loving another person? I can't imagine being a spiteful person or putting my feelings ahead of my child's if there happy I'm happy. And if a SM was in my child's life I would do whatever it takes to get along because I would want what's best for my children. I just don't understand. In my position I have been raising my SS 50% of the time. My SS started pre school & the BM is telling the school that I'm not allowed to be there. :( why can't I help and enjoy these moments with my lil guy? I've put in just as much work raising him as she (in the first year of his life my husbands sister took care of SS) But when I came around she decided to be a mom.

Lucky jewel
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