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Charles Seemion Charles Seemion : Looking at Rudy Gay to help the Charlotte Hornets improve further during the off season.
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The FoxTrap The FoxTrap : Timeline Photos     Drake basically said after trading Rudy Gay, things got better for the Raptors.    

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Dime Magazine Dime Magazine : Drake Admits The Rudy Gay Trade Changed Everything For The Raptors     Drake talks about the Toronto Raptors, and breaks down how the Rudy Gay trade affected the team:

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Todd Valentine Todd Valentine : 5 Pacer Facts:

1. Hibbert is trash
2. Paul George is the new Rudy Gay
3. George Hill is a bum
4. Frank Vogel doesn't motivate or adjust well
5. We lack intensity & heart

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Secona Pommells Secona Pommells : Timeline Photos     Drake basically said after trading Rudy Gay, things got better for the Raptors.    

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Oklahomas Dj lil Smurf Oklahomas Dj lil Smurf : Timeline Photos     Drake basically said after trading Rudy Gay, things got better for the Raptors.    

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Courtney Rex Courtney Rex : Dear Drake [aka he who shall not be named]...

Sit the fuxx down & shut up... We don't care about your damn lint roller or your opinion about Rudy Gay... You never liked the Wildcats until this year... & I hope Rihanna realizes shes too good for you.

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Rashad Ali Rashad Ali : Timeline Photos     Drake basically said after trading Rudy Gay, things got better for the Raptors.    

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Fr3sh Factory Fr3sh Factory : Drake Talks About How the Rudy Gay Trade Helped the Raptors Get Better (Video)     Drake Talks About How the Rudy Gay Trade Helped the Raptors Get Better (Video) It was the turning point in Toronto's season.      
Watch the video: video

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Julian J Cover Julian J Cover : Ideal Signings for Every NBA Team     Rudy Gay to the Bobcats? Carmelo to the Bulls? It could work.

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Sofia Malone Sofia Malone : The reason I don't like going to -gay clubs- is because gay boys have NO Respect for Anything (their bodies) or Anyone. I respect them, but feel no pitty for them. Straight men respect me! i'm not a Man or a Woman I'm a Beautiful human being who understands Higher knowledge. The reason I know I'm better than most, is because I have something most people take for granted or don't have. A FAMILY, Two Wonderful Brothers and a Loving Mother who love me no matter what I decide to do in MY life. Rudy is Gone, Sofia is a new person. Sophisticated and Spiritual with self-respect. She doesn't Yell, Scream or Fight because that is something Animals do. I'm going to Respect YOU and if you can't respect ME and my decisions in my life then you're OUT of it. Don't sit and cry when I'm no longer give you the time of day. The only thing I need in this life time is my family! Money runs out, big dicks shrink and don't get hard after such time has passed, however LOVE is something that never runs out only get stronger in time.Before you think you "know" me, think is this what she is showing me or who she is as an Individual.
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GameShooter Sport GameShooter Sport : GAMESHOOTER SPORT: Drake Admits The Rudy Gay Trade Changed Everything For The Raptors     Drake Admits The Rudy Gay Trade Changed Everything For The Raptors
7 hours ago - View -
Curvy Models Curvy Models : Drake Talks Raptors & Toronto Patrotism With Jalen Rose [VIDEO]

Despite that brouhaha with Rolling Stone, it looks like Drake still is doing interviews. The YMCMB rapper was a guest on Grantland and chopped it up with Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose about the repping his city, the Toronto Raptors' playoff hope and the kicking it in local clubs with the former NBA star.

Drake, who is the Global Ambassador for the Raptors, pointed out that the squad started playing better after trading star player Rudy Gay. "No offense to Rudy, but I think when Rudy went the guys started moving the ball the way they were supposed to and really just shining ," said Drake. "T. Ross (Terrence Ross) got to get back on the court and really become the player that he is."

This eight minute long clip is worth watching just to see Jalen Rose name dropping spots in Toronto. Sadly, the lint-rolling debacle, and fondue, was not discussed.

Watch below.


Photo: YouTube

The post Drake Talks Raptors & Toronto Patrotism With Jalen Rose [VIDEO] appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired. Alvin Aqua Blanco

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Elliot Motaleb Elliot Motaleb : Who would be the best free agent fit for the Hornets next year: Gordon Hayward, Lance Stephenson, or Rudy Gay ???
8 hours ago - View -
Francis Ramirez Miranda Francis Ramirez Miranda : Drake Admits The Rudy Gay Trade Changed Everything For The Raptors    
9 hours ago - View -
Arthur Morningwood Garries Arthur Morningwood Garries : Drake Admits The Rudy Gay Trade Changed Everything For The Raptors    
9 hours ago - View -
Dime Magazine Dime Magazine : Drake Admits The Rudy Gay Trade Changed Everything For The Raptors     In an interview with Grantland, Drake says everything changed for The Toronto Raptors after Rudy Gay was traded.

9 hours ago - View -
NBA RANTS NBA RANTS : Drake Rides for the Raptors | Bill Simmons, Jalen Rose, and Drake | NBA RANTS / BLOG / BASKETBALL     Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose are joined by entertainer Drake to talk about his Raptors' improvement after the Rudy Gay trade, the great fans of Toronto, and when Jalen used to bump into Drake at the club in Toronto.!Drake-Rides-for-the-Raptors-Bill-Simmons-Jalen-Rose-and-Drake/cu3f/EE32E52B-6266-41F5-A85A-40067EC7BECA

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Toronto Raptors Fans Toronto Raptors Fans : Chemistry Major Key For Raptors Resurgence     Rudy Gay trade has increased team chemistry, leading to a Raptors resurgence.
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Reyaud Mohamed Reyaud Mohamed : It's crazy that Paul George, John Wall and James Hardens annual salary is less than Rudy Gay's. #wut?
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Frank Bang Bang Gomez Frank Bang Bang Gomez : Some dumb ass told me today the Bulls don't need Monta Ellis or Rudy Gay cause D-Rose is coming back and he's gonna be their scorer, "WTF". Look I'm a Bulls fan since birth but, even Stevie Wonder can see my Bulls can use a player like Gay or Ellis...
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Caroline Hanner Caroline Hanner : Video: What Makes a Great Leader?    
1 day ago - View -
Tyler Cooper Tyler Cooper : Well my guess Wil probably come true. Bye bye Rudy gay
1 day ago - View -
Tyrell Westbrook Tyrell Westbrook : I think the lakers should try to get Rudy Gay this off season. See what they draft pick looking like, and trade this yrs pick and next years 1st pick for kevin love
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Martin Ortiz Martin Ortiz : Guys being looking gay wen they being taking fotos of themselves just makes me think dat there door swings da other way like Rudy
#eat #sleep #conquer #repeat
#dagreatonemartin #dapplschamp

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Fresco Buxx Fresco Buxx : If the lakers Get Rudy Gay I'll be a Laker Fan
1 day ago - View -
Los Angeles Lakers from B/R Los Angeles Lakers from B/R : VIDEO: Rudy Gay Enticed to Opt Out, Test Free Agency     He may be a good fit.
1 day ago - View -
Sacramento Kings from B/R Sacramento Kings from B/R : Rudy Gay Enticed to Opt Out, Test Free Agency     Would he leave all that money on the table?
1 day ago - View -
Sactown Royalty Sactown Royalty : Kings used this season to 'recruit' Rudy Gay     The Sacramento Kings held a media luncheon with General Manager Pete D'Alessandro yesterday. The wide ranging conversation covered a variety of topics including one tidbit we found particularly interesting...

The Kings used this season to 'recruit' Rudy Gay.

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Daniel McCalister Daniel McCalister : If the Thunder could get Rudy Gay for a decent price next year... That'd be sick!
1 day ago - View -
Ryan M Harris Ryan M Harris : So Rudy Gay is opting out of his contract. I would much rather have him and another quality piece than just melo. If we can get Rudy for the player price they should consider that.
1 day ago - View -
Chris Hammer Chris Hammer : Bulls fans should get hyped on melo Rudy gay is a free agent this summer I'll take him with his cheaper contract ny day
1 day ago - View -
Jerel Williams Jerel Williams : Yessss, Rudy Gay can opt out his contract and become a free agent. #NYKnicks pay attention! Grab him while you can boiiiiiii
1 day ago - View -
Mike Ballance Mike Ballance : Video: What Makes a Great Leader?    
1 day ago - View -
USA Basketball Academy Southern California USA Basketball Academy Southern California : Video: What Makes a Great Leader?     WWW.SOCALUSBA.COM
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Tay DirtyMoney Walls Tay DirtyMoney Walls : Bulls need to get rid of Boozer & Kirk..dey shouldve kept Luol n grabbed Melo n tried to get Rudy Gay
1 day ago - View -
TCRfm TCRfm :     Last weeks Move On Up with guest John Sheehan


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Screenwize Screenwize : Review of ANY DAY NOW     Review of ANY DAY NOW
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Rodney Dickerson Rodney Dickerson : I hope my Bulls at least go down fighting... This team has a lot of heart and D but no playmaking scorer that can take the game over during tough times, I'll be praying for Roses knees Melos Decision and maybe even Rudy Gay tonight... #GoBulls!!
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Eli Rix Eli Rix : Bulls top targets this off-season =
1. Gordon Hayward
2. Rudy Gay
3. Avery Bradley

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