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Preemie Support And Awareness
Preemie Support And Awareness :         FAN SHARE
I wanted to share, my son was only 24 weeks 1lb 5oz and its been 70 long days on the "NICU Roller Coaster" but he is now 3lbs 5oz and hopefully coming home in April! The difference and improvements he has made is a true Miracle! Don't stop believing! Better days are coming! #preemiepower

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Fifty Shades the Movie, Lights, Camera, Action
Fifty Shades the Movie, Lights, Camera, Action :         Fifty Shades Darker was definitely my favorite book of the trilogy ..... Definitely an emotional roller coaster and it should be an amazing movie :)

Can you guess what part of 'Darker' this line comes from?

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Surender Sharma
Surender Sharma : Boji         Have you ever dreamed of riding a 500 foot tall roller coaster? This is "Skyscraper" the world's tallest roller coaster coming to Orlando in 2017!
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Evette Moore
Evette Moore : Anyone going or considering going to see Bleachers this Saturday in Boulder on Saturday or Mat Kearney w/Parachute next weekend? I could use a concert buddy for both...oh and I'm still looking to purchase tickets for both shows which are sold out. Bleachers was one of the best live shows I saw in 2014.

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Natalie Marshall, Realtor
Natalie Marshall, Realtor : Boji     Holy cow!!!!!!!!! Would you ride this?     Have you ever dreamed of riding a 500 foot tall roller coaster? This is "Skyscraper" the world's tallest roller coaster coming to Orlando in 2017!
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Shane's Village
Shane's Village : Feeling very protective of my family right now. Meaning... we DESERVE happiness and I plan to make sure that happiness happens for us!! This roller coaster ride JUST AIN'T CUTTIN' IT! I am claiming our health, safety and happiness BACK!!!! This constant strain on our family is NOT ok!! I am feeling so determined! Life's turbulence for the Rogers' family WILL be calm waters and beautiful blue skies ahead and ONLY positive, happy changes! I will not settle for this craziness... I will NEVER settle for this craziness!! So, whatever evil is trying to take down my family... well, YOU can go TAKE A HIKE!!!! Because, if we can help it... we WON'T allow it!! WE ALL have a lot to contribute to this world for MANY years to come! END RANT.
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Meteorologist Tim Buckley
Meteorologist Tim Buckley : So how are you liking this roller coaster so far?
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Hope for Audrina
Hope for Audrina :         So happy to be together again! they definitely missed each other.

What it crazy emotional roller coaster ride this past week was. still have no answers of what happened but they seem to be settling on an air embolism even know there's seems to be no signs of where air would be normally.

After getting good news about her heart cath. It was taken so long for us to be able to see her in the pacu. after pacing the halls for a while something was calling me down the hallway to the pacu doors. I'm normally a patient person. I found myself staring at the doors I was turned away and knew I would be. I had no idea what was happening in that moment. As I seen her dr. grabbing a stethoscope and rounding the corner behind the nurse guarding the door. Forcing a smile on her face.

I can't even explain the feeling of my heart breaking when someone tells you, your daughter stop breathing. So many things rush to your mind of what the future would be like. I thought for sure we were losing her. So one week and a day later I'm truly amazed to be here right now. Rocking her to sleep in her own room.
Listen to her brother talking to her. And the very loud dinner we had that Matt and I just smiled from ear to ear. We always enjoy the few date nights we have with a quite dinner out. We alway enjoy that we can hear each other. But not tonight! Our home was a home again.

I want to thank everyone who prayed for our family this week. Seeing the power of prayer working miracles on my baby was just amazing . the kind texts messages and comments you all left we're very thoughtful! Thank you! Now off to enjoy my own bed. Hopeful for the week ahead that her heart will keep improving. Good news would be wonderful for her follow-up appointment.

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