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Lenin Davis
Lenin Davis : Thrilling Free Fall Life Boat     OMG...Definitely not one of those Roller-Coaster rides...Next time better think twice before entering free fall Life boat while launching...     Be careful if you are in a Free fall Life boat.
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Wanda Gutoski
Wanda Gutoski :     no way hell to the no!!!!!!     Super Cool Roller Coaster, dare to try?
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Ruth Randell
Ruth Randell :         VIRAL VIDEO: 78-Year-Old Grandma rides a roller coaster for the first time in preparation for her first ever plane ride! Who else couldn't help but smile to this one? - Paul & Woods :-)
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All Aboard Travel
All Aboard Travel :     HAVE YOU BEEN ON EVEREST?

What is your favorite roller coaster ever?    
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Matt Kelly Pearce
Matt Kelly Pearce : World's Scariest Roller Coasters         A compilation of the 10 scariest roller coasters in the world. Who knows, there might be some scarier ones in the universe too. All credit to the owners of t...
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Rage Nationsquad
Rage Nationsquad : Joe Rogan - What is REALITY. The red pill or the blue pill.     This past month has been a rollercoaster of unfortunate events to say the least.
We are back at it, finalizing designs for fall production all this week. Headed to New York this Friday to catch Mr.Bassnectar with the wifey, but all new merchandise will be done before Nightmare Festival 2014!!! Thanks to Terence Mckenna and Joe Rogan my heads back on straight and this bizarre mathematical simulation we live in day by day will not taint my human experience with stress and outside forces unbalancing my well being. This Fall I plan on moving again far from civilization to drop everything that has inhibited my focus, and happiness. I'm thinking sometime disconnected from phones, social media, friends, etc. would literally turn my life around and bring clarity to what I see most important in my life. Heather, Rage Nation Apparel, and a motherfucking life without unnecessary stresses. Too many people, too many opinions, too many snakes, too much materialism, too much rat race to riches, too much bullshit for me to wanna continue living like I have been. This world is fucked so I just need a place to make the best out of it and really find true hapiness. Enough of this emotional bullshit peep this video, it's fucking brilliant!
#FreeYourselfFromTheMatrix     I sometimes wish that I hadn't taken the red one. Ignorance really was blissful, until I accepted the chilling realization that I know nothing and that I wou...
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Cynthia Smith
Cynthia Smith :     I'm ready who wants to go too
    Super Cool Roller Coaster, dare to try?
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Monique Jefferson
Monique Jefferson : Would You Like To Try This?     hell yeah, id ryde this but not a roller coaster haha
    Would You Like To Try This?

The Talocan Ride at Phantasialand Theme Park
Brühl, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Also ---->
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Linda D. DeGuise
Linda D. DeGuise :     Death by fear, speed, gravity, spinning, and screaming to shit yer pants     This looks terrifying! The world's first 4D roller coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas lifts riders straight up a 120-foot hill then flips them at least six times! Read more -->
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Gibraltar Hardware
Gibraltar Hardware : Pitbull Drummer Omar Taverez's Complete Rack Build pt1 | Brent's Hang     Watch Brent and Omar building Omar Taverez's roller-coaster drum rack for the 2014 Pitbull tour.
Pt 1

Pt 2

Pt 3     Pitbull Drummer Omar Taverez and Gibraltar Hardware's Brent Barnett begin the construction of Omar's new rack for Pitbull's 2014 tour. It was damn hot in Mia...
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Jamie Perkins
Jamie Perkins : Is there a way to get a petition going for a fifth theme park in Florida in wdw a more adult based theme park. I really want the dark kingdom to be built with the nightmare before Christmas in it as a section and Alice in wonderland the new verison included with the huge teapots and the famous frozen in time tea party with Johnny depp. a theme park for all the evil everyone loves.( the dark kingdom) I am thinking this could have more roller coasters and more bars and different restaurants or could we at least get a petition going for a frozen rollercoaster to be built. Anybody in?
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Richard Belcher
Richard Belcher :     Homemade rollercoaster    
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Celina Chappell-Miller
Celina Chappell-Miller : Luke Bryan - Roller Coaster     My other guilty pleasure     Luke Bryan - Crash My Party Purchase now on iTunes: Music video by Luke Bryan performing Roller Coaster. (C) 2014 Capitol...
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Isla's Adventures
Isla's Adventures :         Well my daddy was rallying in Friday night.. And it didn't go well. They rolled on one of the last corners of stage 1.. Everyone ok but Walter (the car) had a few bumps and a broken windscreen.. Dad always likes going upside down on the roller coasters but this is a bit much. The car looked so well at the start line though. Oh well.. 'Roll on" next year!!
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Everett Collrin
Everett Collrin : Most Extreme Roller Coaster in the World - Maior Montanha Russa do Mundo     There is no way on Gods green earth would I even think about going on this ride...... Would you do it?     Most Extreme Roller Coaster in the World - Maior Montanha Russa do Mundo Most Extreme Roller Coaster in the World - Maior Montanha Russa do Mundo Most Extrem...
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Michael Predmore
Michael Predmore :     William Hackworth. Life is like a friggin party. People pay for roller coaster rides an I get paid to take em. Life so good.    
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Cabins USA - Pigeon Forge/Wears Valley/Smoky Mountain Vacation Rentals
Cabins USA - Pigeon Forge/Wears Valley/Smoky Mountain Vacation Rentals : "4 Your Pleasure" 4 Bedroom Smoky Mountains Theater Cabin near Dollywood - Cabins USA     Watch the video for our luxurious and affordable 4 bedroom cabin, "4 Your Pleasure". These Smoky Mountain accommodations are conveniently located in action-packed Pigeon Forge where the attractions and restaurants are seemingly endless. Plus, you are only minutes to the famous roller coaster theme park Dollywood.

Remember to book your Smoky Mountain cabin online to receive a 15% discount on your reservation.

#SmokyMountainsTN #CabinTheaterRoom

    "4 Your Pleasure," an enjoyable Smoky Mountains theater cabin near Pigeon Forge, provides your family with a real theater setting, complete with great acoust...
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Rock1053 : Families on Roller Coaster Splattered With Blood During Ride After Horrifying ... [Video] | A.D....     WARNING: Photo Is Graphic #PNSFW

All I Can Say Is THIS REALLY HAPPENED! Can you imagine riding a roller coaster with your family and then in one split second, you're splattered in blood?! #VIDEO ....

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Zee Khattak
Zee Khattak : Another good bye status, Time to say good bye to Karachi and a wonderful team of South region once again, guys though I had a very short roller coaster ride of the region but I had a great time working with a gem team, thank you for your never ending support throughout the year, am sure u guys will keep it that way and bring the region on top inshAllah. My wishes n prayers with Muhammad Saeed Akhtar for his new role at the same time Need your prayers for my new challenges...

PS: thanks for bearing with me and my story telling, specially Noor Qazi :) who was the greatest victim of my story telling hehe

Thanks for the love n care, love you all.....remember am just a click away...

Please tag everyone

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Connecticut's KC101.3 FM
Connecticut's KC101.3 FM : VIDEO: Families horrified on roller coaster after blood sprays all over them during ride | Adam...     WOW: These families were HORRIFIED after a roller coaster sprayed blood all over them during a 50mph! See what happened...
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Mike Kurtz
Mike Kurtz :     Would be sweet     This looks terrifying!
The world's first 4D roller coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas lifts riders straight up a 120-foot hill then flips them at least six times!
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Terry Humerickhouse
Terry Humerickhouse :     Death of a Coaster
Long before the Beast at Kings Island I rode the Comet many times as a teenager in Ohio
So sad to see it go     Meyers Lake Park & COMET roller coaster
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Brandy Riffe
Brandy Riffe : Luke Bryan - Roller Coaster (With Lyrics Below) !!!!     *** ALL RIGHTS GO TO LUKE AND HIS LABEL!!! *** From the Crash My Party album She had a cross around her neck And a flower in her hand That I picked from the ...
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New York Daily News
New York Daily News : Stunned rollercoaster passengers showered in blood after ride hits and decapitates deer     This was a thrill they didn't expect.
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Kevin Springer
Kevin Springer : Update: Julie Ann Springer has had a rough go of it, 13 day roller coaster ride in the hospital, not much improvement (as we expected) and she remains extremely weak but we are headed HOME! A view of the sunrise and sunset over the lake with her puppy and husband by her side will be much more therapeutic than any four hospital walls could give her at this time. Her faith and spirits remain strong as she has decided to fight the Big C to the end. Tomorrow she will begin further treatments on her lung, Dad is holding strong as always but mentality wiped out along with my sister and I. Thanks again for all your love and support
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Angelo Pagan
Angelo Pagan :     Recording the roller coaster, because... why not    
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David A Gennock
David A Gennock :         Cedar Point has just announced a new roller coaster that will open next spring, but you can take a virtual ride now!

Named after a terrifying werewolf-like creature in French folklore, Rougarou will feature floorless trains that'll take riders on an epic journey at speeds reaching 60 mph as their feet dangle just inches above the track and the murky waters below.

Read much more about this new coaster here:
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Max Bryan
Max Bryan :         This looks terrifying!
The world's first 4D roller coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas lifts riders straight up a 120-foot hill then flips them at least six times!
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Samantha Lackey
Samantha Lackey : Starting to feel a little guilty about not bringing my 10 year old with me to WDW in December...But the main reason is just that I don't think he will ride hardly anything...too old for the (what he would call) kiddie rides but terrified of rollercoasters. I'm going for the first time to check everything out...and for my 30th birthday. So to lessen my guilt, I am already planning a week long trip for his birthday around the beginning of May next year!! Yay!
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Paula Honroth
Paula Honroth : Journey - Only The Young     Honroth Phil Happy 19th Anniversary to the love of my life, my one and only, my best friend, wow 22 years ago we locked eye we just knew, danced the night away, two children later, and a roller coaster life, Can't wait to jump on the rest of our Roller Coasters! Love you, Paula
This ones for you ❤❤
    From The Original Motion Picture Soundtarck - " Vision Quest " From the band that defines the word AOR
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New Heavy Metal Engine
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Christine Rice
Christine Rice : Well it's been a roller coaster 2 months of crazy health issues! But to make a long story short I had 5 procedures (if we include having Carlie) within 7 weeks, and after the final one last week the doc called today to tell me I am cancer free. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, but they were able to get it all out! Very few people knew because I didnt want everyone to worry just yet...but now I can celebrate and No one has to worry! I have never been so happy in my life!! A big weight lifted off my chest!
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