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Kelly Prentice
Kelly Prentice : Zumanjaro Drop of Doom (World's Tallest Drop Ride)     Duncan Millar wat u think?     Would you be brave enough for the World's tallest drop roller-coaster?
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Saeed Karimi
Saeed Karimi :         Would You Ride This Crazy Griffon Roller Coaster
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Jeroid Stakks
Jeroid Stakks :     No more rollercoasters for me!     ROLLER COASTER ACCIDENT
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Renata Albright
Renata Albright :     Having a blast at Lego Land! Riding the dragon rollercoaster!    
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Tracy Webb
Tracy Webb : Well gang, glad to see your familar faces! As u know, 2014 started out on a downer for me, but u deal with it and u just take care of those in need.

The good: IE highlights
1. Been spending time with of course friends and family.

2. Fathers Day Car Show in Lakewood, Wisconsin, best fathers day ever for me. My parents came in along with friends and we had a great weekend. Pics to follow..of course, right?

3. Took my 11yr old nephew to his first amusement park (valley fair in MN,) We rode all of the roller coasters! Spent 11hrs there. Pics to follow again, right?

4. On my way back from MN, stopped at Taylors Falls, MN, and Stillwater. Always breath taking sights along that route. Pics to follow

5. Of course, the summer included a few benefit rides and multiple benefit car/bike shows..many thanks to all organizers and participants!

6. Purchased a NEW 2014 Vrod Muscle-been doing alot of riding with friends from our hometown. I have put on over 2000mi on it and purchased it on July 1st of this year.

Anyways, I hope you are all doing well too!

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Jamie Campbell
Jamie Campbell : This is on the back

I'm so SALEM that I went to school with one of the Ryan kids

I'm so SALEM that I'm Facebook friends with Tom Brophy, Melanie McKinnon, John Silk, and Ryan Davis

I'm so SALEM that I have a permanent scar on my butt from sliding down the Forest River Park cement slide

I'm so SALEM that I did my back to school shopping at Rich's Department Store

I'm so SALEM that me and my 35 closest friends got a ride across town to a kickball game in my Park Instructor's two door car

I'm so SALEM that I spent many a Friday night hanging out at Big Fred's

I'm so SALEM that I've NEVER been to any of the Salem Historical Museums

I'm so SALEM that I want to gag at the sight of a Black and Orange Panther

I'm so SALEM that I used to frequent the "Philly" a bit "earlier" than maybe I should have

I'm so SALEM that last call on a Thursday night meant a subsequent rush...risking life and limb to gain that extra 15 minutes of drinking time at the Port Hole

I'm so SALEM that I have 10 once used Wharf Rat glasses in my cabinet

I'm so SALEM that I remember riding the Tilt-A-Whirl and Roller Coaster at the Willows

I'm so SALEM that I have to fight the urge to run over an October Costumed Intruder

I'm so SALEM that I let an old guy named "RALPHIE" grab my cheeks and say to me "ARE YOU MY BOY" and "AM I MEAN AND ROTTEN TO YAH"

I'm so SALEM that I went to either Middle School East or West

I'm so SALEM that I was chased out of Forest River's salt water pool by a baby SHARK!

I'm so SALEM that one of my H.S. teachers was Homer Simpson

I'm so SALEM that I have fond memories of Popeye's Chicken and Little Cesar's Crazy Bread!

I'm so SALEM that I just made you read this shirt.........OUT!

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Jan-olov Hemsén
Jan-olov Hemsén : Zumanjaro Drop of Doom (World's Tallest Drop Ride)         Would you be brave enough for the World's tallest drop roller-coaster?
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Kimberly Summers Howard
Kimberly Summers Howard :         OMG! Behold, the World's Fastest Roller Coaster in the World! 0 to 149 in 4 seconds. You have to wear safety goggles in order to ride it! Be honest, Would you dare ride it?
More crazy rides here

SHARE with friends that LOVE, Speed and excitement :)
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Jeep EXPERIENCE : TOR     Jeep Experience Rollercoaster :-P     Family Day w Tychach
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Tami Heidenescher-Gooding
Tami Heidenescher-Gooding : So the Dr. said no school for me this year. Working with half a brain is not conducive to the teaching profession. Some days I disagree when all synapses are just clicking along like they are supposed to,then the days when I can not focus, think or make good decisions come along and I am in total agreement. I certainly don't want to be a liability to my school or my students. This is so horribly difficult ! Physically I was cruising along since the heart surgery, until this past Saturday when I couldn't walk, then used a cane on Sunday, pain in the left leg is outrageous ! Off to the Dr. AGAIN ! So unpredictable, ready for a straight away on this roller coaster !
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Mykquan Cuda Simmond
Mykquan Cuda Simmond :     Going to va soon     Would You Ride This Crazy Griffon Roller Coaster
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Belinda T Bird Johnson
Belinda T Bird Johnson :     this is why i dont ride them omg     ROLLER COASTER ACCIDENT
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33 minutes ago - View - - US Car Hire - US Car Hire : POV on Manta Roller Coaster with Facts     Manta is a local favorite here in the Orlando area. Which roller coaster is most worth the drive?     Take a full length POV ride flying on Manta at SeaWorld Orlando. While you enjoy the ride get the fast facts that make this roller coaster one of a kind! #awesummer
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Sarah Chi-Chi Crow
Sarah Chi-Chi Crow :     Hahaha! Emotional rollercoaster at its finest. I love you... I HATE YOU AND YOU SMELL LIKE CHEESE!     Driving with a girl on her period.
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Brittney Daugherty
Brittney Daugherty :     First lil roller coaster The Mine Train    
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Jeffrey Darr
Jeffrey Darr :         ROLLER COASTER ACCIDENT
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Tammy Tourangeau-Paul
Tammy Tourangeau-Paul : I am doing a happy dance!! Got my acceptance letter for funding! Looks like I be going back to school! I am so fricken excited!! Always remember my elders teachings sometimes change is hard and we don't want it but accept the change follow ur heart and always keep ur faith and never give up on hope! This last 8 months have been a roller coaster for me and my babies!! But we got this!! Now to find a place!! So for the next 10 months please do not disturb jks!! So stoked right now!!
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DrStaten Medsker Jr
DrStaten Medsker Jr :     Getting motion sick extremely easy, she won't even let me drive fast or NO WAY get on a roller coaster. Thank you so much Chris for making this life changing moment so easy and accessible for my wife Courtney!!    
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Chris Schmidt
Chris Schmidt : Roller-Coaster     Heidepark-Soltau    
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SupaLow Jackson
SupaLow Jackson : Mane this season has been a rollercoaster!! Despite the record, I been here since day one, Derrick Brown James Morris Michael Sr Carlisle Tim McNutt it has been wat we said it was FUN!!
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Vamsi Krishna
Vamsi Krishna :     Crazy roller coaster selfie..    
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Amy Renea Lawson
Amy Renea Lawson : My husband leaves me tonight. It could be a month before we see him again. This is such a bittersweet time for us, something we have been waiting for, for a long time, but now I'm on an emotional roller coaster. Prayers for strength and guidance!
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Danielle Horan
Danielle Horan : And just like that the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games comes to an end. Thank you all for the endless support, text messages, facebook messages, phone calls, yelling through your computer (I heard you!), traveling all the way to CA and yelling in the stands, hugs, kind words, being by my side no matter what. You all inspired me to keep going when I was tired. It wasn’t the games experience I was looking for, but you don’t always get what you want, you get what you need. I am a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason, we may not know why, but I do believe it happens for a reason. The Games started with an ocean swim, a swim I was unsure I could complete (I sort of have a fear of the water, not knowing what is underneath me, not being able to touch the bottom, oh and sharks!), a questionable rep and a cyst rupture during the run on the Triple’s. I felt like I was stuck in the bottom of a sand pit and was crawling my way out. I wouldn’t let up or give up; I left everything I had on the competition floor. I learned a lot, it was an emotional roller coaster ride. I’m not really sore (must be the awesome CVCF programming!) just very mentally drained. This experience has made me a better athlete/coach and mentally stronger than ever and I am thankful for it. I felt honored to be able to compete on the floor with the best athletes in the world. I am extremely grateful I had all of you by my side. I couldn’t have done it without each and everyone of you! You are all family to me. Lastly, I don't think I can say thank you enough to Jade Jenny for being the best man, coach, boss, boyfriend, errand runner, programmer throughout the entire YEAR! He is an amazing guy and we're all lucky to have him in our life. Thank you all again for the continued support!
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Princess Kizzy Marie Johnson
Princess Kizzy Marie Johnson : Guess Through Out All The Shit Relationships Ive Been Hurt Cheated On Beat Up Controlled Made To Feel Like I Was Nothing That When Something Good Finally Came Along I Pushed And Pushed And Pushed Him Awayy Until It Was Too Late!!! Guess This Is A Learning Curve For Me Too Know Never Too Do Them Thingsz Again What Ive Done.... Lifes One Big Massiveee Rollercoaster Sometimesz Just Need Tuu Knoo When Tuu Learn From Thingsz And Guess I Can Sayy Ive DEFFO Learnt Now!!!!
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DrStaten Medsker Jr
DrStaten Medsker Jr :     Getting motion sick extremely easy, she won't even let me drive fast or NO WAY get on a roller coaster. Thank you so much Chris for making this life changing moment so easy and accessible for my wife Courtney!!    
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Angie Ridgeway Wallace
Angie Ridgeway Wallace :     Rock n Roller Coaster    
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Gratifly Music and Arts Festival
Gratifly Music and Arts Festival : ~This weekend was a rainbow rollercoaster of beauty, challenges, bliss, lessons, and growth. As many of you have heard, the music on Saturday night was cut short. This was due to a large amount of noise complaints by our neighbors. Both OPIUO and Gladkill were unable to play, though they send their love and hope we all get to party together in the future. We worked our absolute hardest to make sure something like this wouldn’t happen. Unfortunately there are too many neighbors in the vicinity of Avalon who were unhappy with the noise. We would love to return to this land, but it is going to take some serious work and planning. One way or another we will gather year after year to continue to advance creative transformational culture and evolutionary community in the southeastern United States.

On a side note the organizers of Gratifly noticed that when the music didn’t play, something beautiful happened. People connected on a more intimate level and realized that they were the real headliners. We learned that when there is silence there is also magic, creativity, and opportunity for people to weave fun, play and creation in any and every possible way.

Thank you to everyone who showed up as their highest selves with open eyes, minds and hearts. We love you all!

See you next year! ~

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Linda Doogan
Linda Doogan :     LOL...just like our road trips right girls!!!!!!! roller coaster.....its time for the perculator....go and fix your makeup girl its just a bread up girl......hahahhhaaa
    we all have that one friend
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Sue Schultz
Sue Schultz :     Kate Katie Cumberledge     OMG! This is one of the most AWESOME roller coasters I’ve ever seen. With an unexpected TWIST!
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Sunday Dyan Faulkner Evans
Sunday Dyan Faulkner Evans : Go figure...we are at the perfect place for everyone with a beach, pools, and roller coasters and it is 66 degrees outside and the wind is crazy! Are you serious....?
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Jordanah Ben-sin Guialani
Jordanah Ben-sin Guialani :     Faster roller coaster formula. .    
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Tyrell Libranatic Foster
Tyrell Libranatic Foster : Can't wait til Friday it's over I'm getting on a roller coaster lmfao Ramell Foster Jonathan H. Mercado MonstrositySupreme Felix
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Martin Duran
Martin Duran : Lots of mixed emotions this Monday morning, we had our class reunion and that was fun, we had our first organizational meeting for the nonprofit we are setting up for the scholarship we are going to start up and that went well, I will share the details with everyone later, but we had a tragic accident in the Mora Valley that took 2 young live. This weekend was an emotional Roller Coaster
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Matt Castle
Matt Castle :     When Katie Southgate Gavin Southgate try getting me in the roller coaster in Blackpool.     When you get invited to Meow Chat..
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1 hour ago - View - : Less than One Week Remains to Get the Independence Day Special GTA Online Content | Rockstar Games     There is less than one week left to get the limited-time content made available as part of the GTA Online Independence Day Special.

Get vehicles like the Sovereign motorcycle and the Liberator monster truck, weapons like the Musket and Firework Rocket Launcher, or any of the patriotic tees and masks in-game before it's too late!

The seven new properties, the ability to ride the Ferris Wheel and the Leviathan Roller Coaster, and the 17 new Jobs will all remain open permanently, while the Firework Rocket Launcher along with its ammo will be available again during future holidays and other special events when fireworks are traditionally let off.

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Guillermo Campillo
Guillermo Campillo :     Gianna overcoming roller-coaster's fear ;-).    
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Lindsay Paluch
Lindsay Paluch : The grieving process is such a roller coaster. For months now I had anger and frustration built up that I did not let out bc it wasn't anyone's fault. This past few days fighting alongside my friends for something I whole heartedly believe was such a release! Use my anger toward something good!. It reminded me of why I am still here and who my husband loved. I'm not saying the downs won't happen but now there is room for ups :) There is excitement in my heart again.#giraffe #goodvsevil #SaveMB
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