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Mike Jones
Mike Jones : Timehop Photos     It was Thanksgiving night around 10 p.m., and I was getting ready for bed. Then walks in Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher! I remember he was very kind, but he was a bit overwhelmed seeing this little baby hooked up to all those machines. It was definitely a big surprise!    
6 minutes ago - View -
Ivonne Boots-Darrough
Ivonne Boots-Darrough : Gary Owen    
10 minutes ago - View -
Stephen Greer
Stephen Greer : Gary Owen     At least the food & drinks were worth hanging around for! : )
12 minutes ago - View -
Elliott Wince
Elliott Wince : Cowgirl fans Jerry Jones on his way to the sidelines. He going to give them his Remember the Titans speech
12 minutes ago - View -
Juan Pete Mejia
Juan Pete Mejia : Denzel Washington voice from remember the Titans "let them plays Eagles lets the boys play" lol
13 minutes ago - View -
Roderick Wilson
Roderick Wilson : Gary Owen    
16 minutes ago - View -
Silas Not-the'usual Campbell
Silas Not-the'usual Campbell : Gary Owen     Lmaooooooo
19 minutes ago - View -
Charlotte Mack
Charlotte Mack : Gary Owen     Lol
20 minutes ago - View -
Brett Dowling-Jones
Brett Dowling-Jones : Anyone else remember me saying against Titans that Shady will come back?? Well I stick to my words get in boyyyyyy
25 minutes ago - View -
Nelly Simmons
Nelly Simmons : - "Remember the Titans" is the best movie ever 🙌 Then it's "When the game stands tall." They remind me of Lincoln soo muchhh, can't wait for Saturday 🔥🔥💪
28 minutes ago - View -
Tammy Anderson Patin
Tammy Anderson Patin : Watching this game, I feel like the coaches daughter in Remember The Titans! If these players could hear me through this TV.....
33 minutes ago - View -
Mike Fbu Scout Morris
Mike Fbu Scout Morris : Gary Owen     Lol. This dude...
35 minutes ago - View -
Albert RayRay Cole
Albert RayRay Cole : Gary Owen     Brittney HisQueen Houston
37 minutes ago - View -
Tim Bullock
Tim Bullock : Remember the titans. Never gets old. Denzel is the man
38 minutes ago - View -
Martino Boone
Martino Boone : Gary Owen    
44 minutes ago - View -
Jeremy Begley
Jeremy Begley : Gary Owen    
45 minutes ago - View -
Dorian Oglesby
Dorian Oglesby : Gary Owen     Hell naw lmao...
46 minutes ago - View -
Sito Fbam Bckwrdz
Sito Fbam Bckwrdz : Gary Owen    
47 minutes ago - View -
Erik E-Rich Richardson
Erik E-Rich Richardson : Gary Owen    
1 hour ago - View -
Natrice Tilghman
Natrice Tilghman : Gary Owen    
1 hour ago - View -
Vinny Da Don
Vinny Da Don : Gary Owen     Lol good one yo
1 hour ago - View -
Mark Ellis
Mark Ellis : Gary Owen    
1 hour ago - View -
Angel Pitts
Angel Pitts :         Watching Remember the Titans
1 hour ago - View -
Tracy Teemack Mack
Tracy Teemack Mack : Gary Owen     Awhhh I'm weak...
1 hour ago - View -
Chris Key
Chris Key : Why did the cowboys sign Sunshine from Remember the titans he jus cost them the game with that fumble
1 hour ago - View -
Loquicious McGee
Loquicious McGee : Gary Owen    
1 hour ago - View -
Janae Killian
Janae Killian : Gary Owen    
1 hour ago - View -
David'Deezy Didit Dixon
David'Deezy Didit Dixon : Gary Owen     Lol
1 hour ago - View -
Rojie Padilla
Rojie Padilla : Gary Owen     Sums it up best.
1 hour ago - View -
Trey Screwelli
Trey Screwelli : Gary Owen    
1 hour ago - View -
Gary Owen
Gary Owen : Why did the Cowboys sign Sunshine from Remember the Titans? He just cost them game w/ that fumble.
1 hour ago - View -
LP Covers and Around It
LP Covers and Around It : Sonny Rollins     By the time this LP was released, The Official Sonny Rollins Page already had such albums under his name as Worktime and Sonny Rollins Plus 4 in addition to his sideman exploits with the Clifford Brown - Verve Records/@Max Max Roach Quintet. Even the critics who had been slow in recognizing what fellow jazzmen already knew–that here was a young giant in our midst–could not help see the light. Tenor Madness, in which he was joined by the rhythm section from the Miles Davis Quintet, further substantiated and underlined his rapidly rising stature. The material is an effective mixture of Rollins's playing attitudes with an intriguing original, "Paul's Pal," and the mining of unusual material such as "My Reverie" and "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World." And, of course, there is the celebrated title track featuring the two titans to emerge in the Fifties, Rollins and his guest, visiting in the studio that day, John Coltrane. With John Coltrane, Red Garland, Paul Chambers , Philly Joe Jones

“I was the engineer on the recording sessions and I also made the masters for the original LP issues of these albums. Since the advent of the CD, other people have been making the masters. Mastering is the final step in the process of creating the sound of the finished product. Now, thanks to the folks at the Concord Music Group who have given me the opportunity to remaster these albums, I can present my versions of the music on CD using modern technology. I remember the sessions well, I remember how the musicians wanted to sound, and I remember their reactions to the playbacks. Today, I feel strongly that I am their messenger.”—Rudy Van Gelder    

1 hour ago - View -