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David Stollak David Stollak : Rebekah Brooks admits to paying police         Rebekah Brooks (neé Wade) admitting to paying police for information, before Andy Coulson silences her. This was in front of a select committee in March, 200...
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Rachel Clark Rachel Clark :     This is defiantly a video that you will want to watch! It isn't a funny video, it's serious. It is so POWERFUL and TRUE. GOD is coming back one day soon and we have to be ready! You should not only watch it but you should share it with everyone you know! Tricia Clark Dianna Victoria Brittany Nicole Shantoria Marie Nancy Perry Clark Lydia Fortner Rebekah Landers Nicole Dean Cannon Matthew Dean Scottie Landers Christen Beth Gladden Kevin Crawford Haleigh Brooke Angie Williams Lauren M. Riddle Leisa Dean Ken Dean Don Clark Donna Whiddon Paul Macklin Kitty Long Shauna Hamilton Barrier     God vs Man
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Ryan McElheney Ryan McElheney : I was tagged by Connor Hooper to share my favorite bible verse. Granted I have three favorite, but here is my most favorite.

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. (Galatians 2:20 KJV)

Now I tag Rebekah Cundiff Ronald McElheney Todd N Brooke Jones to do the same. Thanks God bless y'all.

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Robert Cuthbert Robert Cuthbert : Having a discussion on facebook with a friend earlier reminded me how much I miss my students, when you all weren't driving me crazy...

Bonus points to any of my students that remember what I told them at the end of every class.

(bah, tagged the wrong person... sorry Katy... Meant to include my other Katie Brooke Humphries, Rebekah Foster-Nunn and Sarah Foster)

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Julie Atkinson Julie Atkinson : Rebekah Brooks 'intimate' with Andy Coulson during Ross Kemp marriage    
14 hours ago - View -
David Green David Green : Top 5 wcw

1. Taylor Marie Colton
2. Brooke Watson
3. Kylie Lewellen
4. Marlee Rebekah
5. Hayley Rose

14 hours ago - View -
Rondi Kirby Rondi Kirby : Talk about answered prayers :) I was sitting putting the babies toys away praying about a job situation and less then 5 minutes later I got the call that I got the job!!! So Karen Doyle Aulds Cunningham, Brook Best, Rebekah Manette Tucker Caudill, Shannon Owens, Kellie Horton Scarborough, Brigette Moody, Heather Kerns Webster, Sarah Landrum Lane I am now a Challenge A Director in CLAY!!! Now we can pray for students and a place to meet.
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Drake Markley Drake Markley : Top (5) Wcw
1. Rebekah Burkett
2. Shyla Arment
3. Brooke Bair
4. Josalyn Marie
5. Isabelle Nicole

16 hours ago - View -
Kristen Marona Kristen Marona : Since I had numerous additions and changes I'm going to redo the list. Please let me know of any corrections/ additions/ or changes before 11 PM on 4/24.
Sonya Boles-4
Debbie Jaqueth Manwarren-4
Amber Burrow-12
Jackie Hamilton Marr-4
Danielle Cooper-4
Ashton Gibson Fields-2
Connie Eller Mullins-2
Angel Knight Smith-4
Rebecca Lynn-4
Lee Waldeker-2
Kim Tripp-2
Misty Stone-2
Jessica Rhoden-15
Dawn Prince Tittsworth-8
Shelia Talkington Kennedy-2
Tereasa Nowlin-2
Lisa Pangle-1
Kim Cartwright-1
Sherry Hale-2
Christy Shrader Dickerson-2
Questa Hamilton Bachelor-6
Natalie Pritchett Scott-6
Tiffany Shrader-2
Kristi Evans King-6
Candace Hill Butler-2
Bonnie Guffey-8
Brandi Smith Bixler-6
April Conaway-2
Aretha Kesler-4
Priscilla Berry Fitzgerald-6
Jane Carroll O'Dell-2
Kassi Higginbotham Sisk-2
Theresa Pierce McDaniel-2
Ashley Hallman-2
Mitchell Varnell-4
Dusty Marona-4
Toni Talley-3
Brandi Prince Stevens-2
Donna Arnold Kirk-2
Christy Tinker-1
Jennifer Renfro Pierce-4
Linda Clint Leverett-4
EricandShelly Stevens-4
Tabitha Townson Higdon-2
Clay Moody Jr-1
Faith Watkins-4
Diana Denkler-3
Laura Farmer-4
Dianne Floyd-2
Leah Martin-2
Stacey Townson Fortner-2
Cindy Hill Aultman-4
Gina Parton Plumlee-2
Brooke Davis Smith-2
Susan Wooten-1
Cindy Smith Weeks-1
Below this picks up from Allison Lancaster
Rebekah Stoglin-2
Brenda Gass-3
Debbie Mike Kay-4
Laura Barnett-4
Kristy Sharp-2
Mia Melissa Burnfin-2
Christi Hurley-3
Trina Bethune-2
Jean Parris-1

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Jeremy Battles Jeremy Battles : Lehigh Senior High School - Class of 2004 Reunion    
19 hours ago - View -
Prince Riz DawahSpace Prince Riz DawahSpace : Do you know who Tony Blair really is? He is a man that was caught cheating with Rupert Murdoch's wife consequently Who Murdoch then when onto divorce, Tony went behind Murdoch's back & stayed nights in his house with his wife while Rupert was away on business trips, Tony is also a man who was caught flirting with Rebekah Brooks ( a married women also) & also sent her countless texts with 'X's' constantly trying his luck LOL his a right hunter not the distinguished polished individual media portrays him to be, now I haven't brought religion into it BUT after all that would or could anyone trust him? He has no credibility even among his own circle now...ALLAH EXPOSES WHOM HE WILLS falsehood is bound to perish by its nature

He cheats with other ppl wives because he has a void in his heart an emptiness that his trying to fulfill after killing all those innocent children & civilians I don't think he'll ever fulfill that void, he will always be in pursuit of fulfillment (like a headless chicken from 1women to another), but he will always be restless in this life & May Allah bring him to justice in this life & nxt AMEEN

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Carol Gray Carol Gray : Kasia Madera presenting BBC Newsday on day Rebekah Brooks is arrested.    
1 day ago - View -
وقفة مع النفس وقفة مع النفس : Phone-hacking trial: three ex-News of the World staff plead guilty     Prosecution reveals news editors admitted charges as it outlines case against Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson and others Three former News of the World employees have pleaded guilty to phone hacking charges, an Old Bailey jury was told this afternoon, …
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David Stollak David Stollak : Rebekah Brooks admits to paying police         Rebekah Brooks (neé Wade) admitting to paying police for information, before Andy Coulson silences her. This was in front of a select committee in March, 200...
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Alyssa DeLora Alyssa DeLora : Lehigh Senior High School - Class of 2004 Reunion     Don't forget to buy your tickets for the LSHS Class of 2004 Ten Year Reunion! Looking forward to seeing you all there :)!
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Kaylee Reilly Kaylee Reilly : Lehigh Senior High School - Class of 2004 Reunion     2004 Lehigh Senior High Graduates- FYI
1 day ago - View -
Jade Starkweather Jade Starkweather : 15 likes ill answer:
Am I single? Yes. (;
Do I have a crush? Yes(:
Height? Well..don't judge, but 5'3.
Girl best friend? Carly Delgado
Guy best friend? Brooks, Evan, Nick, Eric, Zack and Parker(:
Snapchat? jade_stark88
Last person I texted? Denia off of Sam Horns phone (:
Biggest fear? Dogs, horses, and spiders
Someone I hate? Phoebe, Damon, Stanley, Rebekah, and Ashley Y.
Something I love? Sunflower seeds, my phone and iPod.
Kik? I have no clue of what that means? :/

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Marcus Miller Marcus Miller :     Joshua Targton Cami Ross Jay Bee Rebekah La'Shun Crystal Brooks Lisa Lloyd Jimmy Henson Dafani Richardson lol y'all see this lol     That one church song that masks out cry instantly....
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Chick-fil-A at Johnson City Crossings Chick-fil-A at Johnson City Crossings : HERE WE GO!...50 WINNERS OF A FREE PEACH MILKSHAKE!

Winners, please stop by Chick-fil-A Johnson City Crossing to pick up your winnings within one week. Give your name and be able to present ID. Thanks for all your comments!!

Lindsey Ghiultu, Mindy Little, Marcy Fleenor, April Lowery Prudhomme, Britt Kilgore, Ashley Hite Chatman, Rebecca Hennessee, Kevin Brown, Karen Stevens, Nola Hall Smith, Lisa Payne, Melissa Mellen Burrow, Marcia Curtis Whitaker, Rick Peters, Megan Franklin, Sheila Osborne Ramey, Amy Oliver, Kristen Taylor Spencer, Becky Webb Hughes, April Edwards, Cherith Brooke Autrey, Angel Foskey, Emily Mullins, Carrie Maggard, Jessica Cooper Lyle, Kimberly Hammons Jones, Valerie Wyatt Harless, Santana Vasquez, Tonya Bowling, Rebekah Paul Jennings, Jessica McKevitt, Suzanne Whitehead, Angela Michelle Miller, Stephanie Bauer, Angela Dale Davis, Carol Williams, Audra Garner, Deana Morganstern, Kate Smith, Ashlee Nave Carmack, Beth Edens-Tester, Heather Ebernickel, Leslie Rogers, Ashley Weaver, Lisa Layell, Tanya Foster Bradford, Amber Cullop, Rebecca Coomer, Kathy Phillips Togerson, Amy Clevenger

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Mailee Turpin Mailee Turpin : I'd like to just say that I am so grateful for how blessed I am in my life. I have an amazing family that loves me, I resently just finished my second year of college at BYU-IDAHO with pretty great grades, I was blessed enough to go on a super fun road trip to Seattle with one of my best friends Rachael Brooks, I have a great job that is always willing to take me back whenever I need to, and I get to have a great day today with my best friend Rebekah Muir going to the gym and then heading up to Yellowstone afterwards. So thank you to everyone that makes my life so blessed. I am very grateful for all of you, and I love you all!!!
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