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Jojo Sordan Jojo Sordan : Timeline Photos     Share if you love your children.
4 minutes ago - View -
Jury TheClown Jury TheClown : Just confirmed for the new The Artist Point blog talk radio show is none other than the brilliant rapper Raiza Rapz I cannot wait :D
1 hour ago - View -
Diaz Grimm Diaz Grimm :     Currently chilling listening to Raiza Biza's band new album.

Feeling blessed to have been a part of such a dope project.
Check the whole album out here..    
Watch the video: video

2 hours ago - View -
Camo Mc Camo Mc : Raiza Biza 'The Imperfectionist' Exclusive Album Stream | Red Bull Studios Auckland     EXCLUSIVE preview & DOWNLOAD available of Raiza's new album NOW thanks to the good people at Red Bull....

...have a listen & you'll understand exactly why we're celebrating ;)

9 hours ago - View -
Branca Moura Branca Moura : Timeline Photos     Uma provinha das fotos que fizemos para a Fashion Girl Moda Infanto Juvenil Inverno 2014.
#fashiongirl #modateen #inv14 #REDmaisMELINDA

foto e edição: RED produção audiovisual Raiza Souza e Dennis Pombo
Beleza: Palavra de Melinda Branca Moura
produção de moda: Juliana Vital
agradecimentos: Norvino Luthier     job

13 hours ago - View -
Juvy Estrella Valderin Juvy Estrella Valderin : Ryan Valderin    
14 hours ago - View -
Ryan Valderin Ryan Valderin :         Just wondering what Raiza Valderin's favorite picture pose is....take a guess! Wahahaha - with Juvy Valderin, Raven Valderin,Jhoymarie Diane Estrella-Gagate,Rheymart Valderin
14 hours ago - View -
ليلى-نور اجان ليلى-نور اجان : happy trip Jasmine Manan Sarip and Sharra Raiza Ebus Saligan :D
16 hours ago - View -
Kiel Santos II Kiel Santos II : Couldn't put into words how proud I am for these two equally amazing BATCH VALEDICTORIANS! Congratulations to my sister Karla Koleen Santos and to her equally amazing dear friend Raiza Gonzales. Welcome to the club! :D
18 hours ago - View -
Kate Seccion Lapira Kate Seccion Lapira : AWAKE.
BLESSED. :) 💗 with Mathew Alabardero,Tee Jay Conde,ZHelle Cristobal,John Lawrence Briones,Shairy Soriano,Jacqueline Calalang,Cristina Raiza Yumul

22 hours ago - View -
Mary Anne Aquino Bullawit Mary Anne Aquino Bullawit : Thanks sa floodlikes ate Raiza
23 hours ago - View -
Laxa Coe Laxa Coe : Photos from John Shinn III's post in ZCin2020 (New Site)     04/24/2014......[IDP WATCH].....DEATH TOLL NOW AT 112:

Zamboanga IDP update: April 23, 2014. Raiza Mae Asmadul 7 mos. old from barangay Rio hondo died today, Lane 1 Zone c. A total of 112 number of death since September siege last year, not to include the death from home based IDPs. [Reported by LAZT's Gamz A. Hassan in Zamboanga City]
PICTURED: A sick child with her mother at the grandstand refugee camp.
Photo credit: EFE

1 day ago - View -
Kherwin Asanuddin Kherwin Asanuddin : Thanks you sa fl Raiza Jean Jalali ;)
1 day ago - View -
Jason King Jason King : Other WCW is Raiza Jissel Nava she's cute,smart,outgoing, she's just amazing and I want to fix the hold I coused
1 day ago - View -
Michael Fingal Michael Fingal : Drinksss at last night clubinggg with Celia Ludeña and Raiza
1 day ago - View -
Moriza Abdulhalim Johan Moriza Abdulhalim Johan :         Happy Happy Birthday 2 the BEST SISTER IN THE WORLD! Raiza Kingking😘😙May Allah grant ur every wish. We love u...wooohoooo...☺😃😄
1 day ago - View -
Ian Ramos Ian Ramos : Thanks Sa Floodlikes Raiza Ellorda Manimtim :D
1 day ago - View -
Gamz A. Hassan Gamz A. Hassan : Zamboanga IDP update: April 23, 2014. Raiza Mae Asmadul 7 mos. old from barangay Rio hondo died today, Lane 1 Zone c. A total of 112 number of death since September siege last year, not to include the death from home based IDPs.

Warina Alih Nova

1 day ago - View -
Avon Torres Avon Torres : Erica Raiza Gonzaga
Thnx sa floodlikes…:))

1 day ago - View -
Clark Xavier Jordan Clark Xavier Jordan : Mhine :( AcUe Xhii Raiza Abad
1 day ago - View -
Norjana Sumael Norjana Sumael : PAra sa mga tAong nsAktAn peo di sumukO at mULing bumAngOn sAL...     Sis Raiza NicoLe Dris hehehe i hope u like it diz..    
Watch the video: video

1 day ago - View -
Genevieve Oria Terrado Genevieve Oria Terrado : GROUP PLUG :)

Active Liker & Commentor sila :)
Kelangan lang nila ng mga new Friends :)

~ Ferlo Talisic
~ Raiza Khristine Balanoba
~ Lhene Santillana
~ Kurt Naldo
~ Jefferson Marzan
~ Junzz Oculam
~ Andrea Balagot

Add/Follow them :)
Pag tapos na Comment "Done" Like ko Last 5 status mo Aydol :)
wag Snob Plith :3

#DONE :)

1 day ago - View -