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Emergency.Life : Phoenix Fire Department         #RIP
34 minutes ago - View -
Kath Brooks
Kath Brooks : Deepyst Sympherphy to you all on the loss of your little Prince RIP Rocco. Sweetheart gone to soon but now in gods garden playing WHITH all thee other little angels 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈fly WHITH the wind ️xxx
38 minutes ago - View -
Diminishing Generations
Diminishing Generations : Gayle         This is why my project is so important!! I could just imagine the stories he could have told... RIP
52 minutes ago - View -
Debbie Holden Hanson
Debbie Holden Hanson :         I know its early, but does anyone need an 81 fly sheet Weatherbetta freestyle with neck cover, belly band and tail cover. was $89.99 new asking $50 + shipping unless your local for pickup. Its in perfect condition no rip tears or snags, its been washed and line dried, does have some stains and discoloration
Located in Vancouver, WA can accept paypal or ?? and willing to ship (buyer pays shipping)

56 minutes ago - View -
Juno the Pit Bull Bulldog Goddess
Juno the Pit Bull Bulldog Goddess : Raven Pines Dog Rescue         RIP Oogy♡♡♡ Fly Free ('''') :'(
1 hour ago - View -