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Aurèlie Saint-amand
Aurèlie Saint-amand : Popcaan "Everything Nice" OFFICIAL VIDEO (Produced by Dubbel Dutch)     Am feeling high ... Champagne fly...
Work hard everyday till wi reach to the goal

This a fi the people them weh work hard...
All who gone to the morgue ... RIP to a love one ... Put yo cups them high

Like the feelings right ... Going on high grade flight
Tugs a prole up ... girls a roll out
Everything is nice yea ... Everything is nice ... B|     Buy Popcaan's debut album "Where We Come From" on iTunes: Subscribe here now: "Everything Nice" is the first s...
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Jessica English
Jessica English : Surviving Hurricane Odile - My story    
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Ced Dula
Ced Dula : Aww shit my jaw feeling bout 70% better. RIP DC YOUNG FLY. Finna go record that HOP OUT THE GATE right now. #TTYL
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Sylvia S. Joe
Sylvia S. Joe : Lessons from Geese: Breakthrough Line of One         Breakthrough Tool, Line of one is a team value, a practice, and a set of behaviours, that members of a team can take on to create powerful results. It exists...
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Catherine Nolan
Catherine Nolan : RIP BUBBA anotha angel n da Skyz fly high
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Emily Corrie
Emily Corrie :         Blankets for sale

Wrangler fly sheet. 72". Some small rips but totally useable. $15

Wrangler 72" winter blanket. Needs repair (see photo) otherwise good. Free

Fly sheet with belly band. 78". Good condition. $20

Amigo rain sheet. 69". Good condition. One small rip (pic). $30

Navy cotton sheet. 78". Used once. Perfect condition. $40

Masta mid weight turnout. 70". Good condition - some repairs. $40

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Lisa Maitland Campbell
Lisa Maitland Campbell : Just heard the news that one of my best friends Susan Smith Simsheuser lost her battle in life. You will be missed sue. I pray for your family and friends. I find comfort in that ure not in pain any longer and u will be with your true love Roy. Sue I know you will be watching over all of us. Im not gonna say goodbye, just see u later, till we meet again my friend. if I could only get one of those famous hugs of ures. Rip Sue!!!!!!!!! fly high my friend fly high.
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George Tait
George Tait : Gone but never forgotten to my brother "rub"time flies wouldn't think it was 8yrs today rip xxx
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Michael Papaleo
Michael Papaleo : Dominick Scalise     Rip uncle Frankie
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Kissy Flannagan
Kissy Flannagan : Kissy Flannagan    
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Krissy Tayfel
Krissy Tayfel : Alexisonfire - Get Fighted | Sydney Farewell Show | Moshcam     I will always remember sitting at Alisha Bradburn's apartment when we were 19 or 20 and trying to sneak on a AOF song or some coheed while the girls were getting ready. You were hands down, the strongest woman I have ever known. I will never forget the night I dislocated my knee at Element and you were sitting there right at the table and watched it happen lol You were more horrified than I was, I remember you girls all getting mad at the guy who was trying to take pictures of me..You were my stripes twin, EVERY NIGHT we would drive Alisha nuts because we would be wearing stripes lol..I remember the time you gave me a ride up to Kelowna to the airport with the girls, and we went to Kelly-O's and we we're laughing so hard about the spicy bean story that we were crying. I love you so much and those and so many more memories will always be with me. I know I have one of the best girls to watch over me now..You wouldn't let shit fly if anyone messed with your friends while you were still here with us girl, I know that will never change. I have peace knowing that you are no longer in pain, and can listen to all the music as loud as you want now :) RIP Michelle...Thank you for being such an incredible part of my life. ♡♡♡♡♡     For exclusive Moshcam content, click here to register: To watch the full Alexisonfire playlist, click here:
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Lawrence Phillips
Lawrence Phillips : Surviving Hurricane Odile - My story    
20 minutes ago - View -
Kissy Flannagan
20 minutes ago - View -
Dominick Scalise
Dominick Scalise : Fly high Frankie you will be missed
21 minutes ago - View -
David Fisher
David Fisher : Timeline Photos     SBC let some dogs live past their due dates, as of this moment the killing has begun and its massive. God help humankind.
RIP all those sweet souls who are dying right now, fly free and at peace. I am so very sorry and ashamed. :-(    

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Kissy Flannagan
Kissy Flannagan : Kissy Flannagan    
24 minutes ago - View -
Kissy Flannagan
Kissy Flannagan : Kissy Flannagan    
24 minutes ago - View -
Kissy Flannagan
Kissy Flannagan : Kissy Flannagan    
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Kissy Flannagan
Kissy Flannagan : Kissy Flannagan    
26 minutes ago - View -
Kissy Flannagan
Kissy Flannagan : Kissy Flannagan    
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Kissy Flannagan
Kissy Flannagan : Kissy Flannagan    
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Kissy Flannagan
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Hugh Thomas McCarren
Hugh Thomas McCarren : Timeline Photos     Honoring Army Spc. Krystal M. Fitts who selflessly sacrificed her life for our great Country two years ago today in Afghanistan for our great Country. Please help me honor her so that she is not forgotten. — with Alan Macintosh and 5 others.     RIP SPC. and thanks Jeff Isenhart for sharing, and A/ATW...

Your ultimate sacrifice does not go unnoticed, because I will
Fly with the angels sister!

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Vicktini Rangel
Vicktini Rangel : We went to Perkos this morning.. the service was bad there was flies and the menu's are DISGUSTING they had food stains, sticky and half ripped. .. they really gotta do something about that. Food was ok even though we never got refills or had our table checked!
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Chalton Johnson
Chalton Johnson : An Irish woman of advanced age visited her physician to ask his help in reviving her husband's libido.

"What about trying Viagra? asks the doctor. "Not a chance," she said. "He won't even take an aspirin." "Not a problem," replied the doctor. "Give him an "Irish Viagra. It's when you drop the Viagra tablet into his coffee. He won't even taste it. Give it a try and call me in a week to let me know how things went."

It wasn't a week later that she called the doctor, who directly inquired as to progress. The poor dear exclaimed, "Oh, faith, bejaysus and begorrah! It was terrible! Just terrible, doctor!"

"Really? What happened?" asked the doctor.

"Well, I did as you advised and slipped it into his coffee and the effect was almost immediate. He jumped straight up, with a twinkle in his eye, and with his pants a-bulging fiercely! With one swoop of his arm, he sent the cups and tablecloth flying, ripped me clothes to tatters and took me then and there, took me passionately on the tabletop! It was a nightmare, I tell you, an absolute nightmare!"

"Why so terrible?" asked the doctor. "Do you mean the sex your husband provided wasn't good?"

"'Twas the best sex I've had in 25 years! But as sure as I'm sitting here, I'll never be able to show me face in Starbucks again!"

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Rhonda Hart
Rhonda Hart : I know divorces happen everyday....More marriages fail than succeed. I've given the better part of 28 years of my life to Richard Hart and I can't put it all in words so I reckon I'll use Sugarland's song. Those of you who cannot befriend us both, please feel free to remove me from your friend list...Only those closest to you know what you've been through and how you've tried so I consider these the closing words to a long long tumultuous sad sad BAD unstable marriage...SUGARLAND'S OBVIOUSLY BEEN HERE TOO!
"Go ahead and take your best shot. Let er rip give it all you got. I'm laid out on the floor but I've been here before. Yeah I might stumble, I might fall. I'm only human after all l but aren't we all? But, hear me when I say....I WILL STAND BACK UP. YOU'LL KNOW JUST THE MOMENT WHEN I'VE HAD ENOUGH...9-21-2014. Sometimes I'm afraid and I don't feel so tough But I'll stand back Up! I've been beaten up and I've been bruised. I been kicked right off my shoes. I been down on my knees more times than you'd believe but when the darkness tries to get me...There's a LIGHT that just won't let me. It might take my pride and tears may fill my eyes But I'll stand Back Up. I've weathered all these storms so I can turn em into wind and Fly! Cause what don't kill you makes you stronger and when I take my last breath that's when I'll give up. So take your best shot, let er rip. But hear me when I say... I will Stand Back Up and you'll know just the moment I've had enough." Goodbye and Go Away!!!! We are both free and may we finally find some peace in this old life. It's way to damn short to live the way we've lived any longer.

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Ryan Tyler Snyder
Ryan Tyler Snyder : I wish all the flags I put on my truck wouldn't rip. I love flying massive American flag off my truck.
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Summer Bradley
Summer Bradley : Heaven received another angel this morning. You fought long and hard baby girl and you will definitely be missed. Fly high beautiful. RIP Payton Stone❤️
#teampayton #paytonstrong

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Joshblackheartkid Smith
Joshblackheartkid Smith : Superman Fans     well said....
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Ash Ramdin
Ash Ramdin : A prisoner of hurt with no time of release,
A prisoner due to love, that part of me is deceased.
Awaiting to fly away like a dove,
Awaiting to be released by true love.
Nothing but a great wall around protects my heart,
The aching of needing love tears me apart.
Tired of the pain, the lies, the deceit.
Will my heart forever be deceased?
Who will resuscitate my broken heart?
Who can I trust that won't tear it apart?
I once loved a man with all my heart,
He broke my heart and ripped it apart.
He said our son was his only nephew
Due to what he had on his venue.
I took care of this man with my all,
Bathed him when he couldn't walk.
I held his hand while he was in pain,
My loyalty and dedication was something he gained.
I now refuse to give my love to anyone that easily,
you have to earn it and it's worth it.
To gain my trust, my heart my soul
Is to gain a love like no other.
I am a prisoner looking for release
Awaiting that special man who is tired of deceit.
One who can love me without pride and conceit
One whom I can bare my soul with.
I am a prisoner looking for release,
Someone to revive my heart that is almost deceased.

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Wade Ericson
Wade Ericson : Wade Ericson    
42 minutes ago - View -
Dogs in heaven
Dogs in heaven : Mobile Uploads     Today's update on Mezo . He was gonna fly in Friday from Egypt but we have postponed that there is no way he can fly in that condition. We are getting regular updates and will let everyone know when he is healthy enough to fly .

the blood test should come back tomorrow. Here's the vets comment and update on Mezo's condition. His 2 hind limbs are in bad condition. The femur bones are showing from two side and there are severe ulcers, in addition to almost 90% damage in his distal part of the leg. When he arrived, we dealt with him quickly and gave saline in canula and other meds. At night he drank and ate by himself     RIP MEZO. TEWARS FOR U BABY THEY TRIED TO HELP

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Lashannon Mosley
Lashannon Mosley : Mobile Uploads     R.I.P. #HIAWAYI #ROBINSON NEVER FORGOTTEN!!!     Luv u haiwayi and u will be miss rip babygirl fly high love
45 minutes ago - View -
Scotty Weeks
Scotty Weeks : RIP G . Time flies , keep smiling up there and shining down on your awesome family you got .love you
46 minutes ago - View -
Angel Johnson
Angel Johnson : Mobile Uploads     Peace at last.

Around 2:40 am last night, Ben Snowden took his last earthly breath while peacefully laying in the arms of his true love, Allison Snowden. None of us could possibly hope for our final hours to be filled with more love than were Ben's.

No amount of time could have prepared us for the hole in our lives left by his passing.

As we take a little time to regain our footing, please know that we are so grateful to all of you who continue sharing your love, encouragement, and support for Ben, Allie and the rest of us. What beauty and grace God has shown us through all of you.

You are finally free, my baby brother. Fly high and stake your claim to the peace I always prayed you would find.

Tanya Weiker, Jerry Snowden, Sharon Snowden, Rhonda Snowden-Imoo, Brittany MacDonald Mary A Page, Niccole Snowden Willoughby, Kaije Guynn, Jennifer Spaulding, Lisa Sauce, Brent & Jessica Gray, Mak Imoo, James and Jill Rogers Whitson, and Bryan Bishop all surrounded him with love on his last day — with Ben Snowden.     Life's too short. RIP Ben Snowden, I'll always remember your kindness and your smile the most. Peace be to you on your new journey, my heart goes out to your family:(

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Jabier Razak
Jabier Razak : Gym done.... back to revision with a chilled can of fizzy drink. Just taking all these cravings away before starting the challenge.

I will be doing this with video that shows exactly what method works for me to get to ripped shape.

There are many methods to choose from. ... there is no wrong or right answer. It all depends on your body type , genetics and determination.

However this will be hard for me as I will be doing the challenge while flying around and will also make my flat mate do it as well.

Since I came to dubai his health is improving and so I believe he can do it

All I want to do is inspire and help people by showing them how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy doesn't mean you have to starve yourself... nor you have to go to gym everyday.

P.s..... you are meant to rest for the muscle to recover but very few days I do rest as I choose to gym everyday as gym is my life. I am used to that by now. Just saying as I don't want to be hypocritical.

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Michelle Brown
Michelle Brown :         My mc birthday is
Friday 26 14
And she will be 1year old and time fly
This is to my brother p... rip your nice is getting big

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Arbia Jost
Arbia Jost : Photos from Lara Margaret Sansour's post in Gaza     IOF murdered these 2 human advocates,both were trying to save children when they died,These Angels are now flying in heaven with our children,Rest in peace RIP precious souls
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James Medeiros
James Medeiros : Jefferson Airplane - Eskimo Blue Day (Live 1970)     won ist de tip -s lon -e ness wrap dead place tea lie ed pre-
sir verve ed purr et tea drunk dun kirk ed head bare reed
bent breath les paw eu els srtung ah long ging poor fresh

win foy her burnt brite lee undt day wilts week mist dead soma
tima owt poor shire lay bear white pass ted fed red ova flew
ewe choice now change purse coin mint con ditt shun mar chess

break fast shoo last tings lou oose fly flung use ruse chi eek
sped spree ding lim bergs mass turd tip rip bot tums re creek
dead dead head pound ache haight full va vah ice ice she leek     Jefferson Airplane was a psychedelic rock group formed in San Francisco. It was the first of several Bay Area psychedelic groups of the 1960s to become inter...
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Charisha MzDutchess Nickens
Charisha MzDutchess Nickens : Mobile Uploads     Rip # bj Southside rep # fly high hommie!     #RIPBJ #BJStrong #Southside #WilkesBarre
1 hour ago - View -
Gar Time Lord Jennings
Gar Time Lord Jennings : Hots and nots:

I've not been so sore after a larp for a while. Granted it could have been worse (shout out to James for a get well soon).
Having to wear normal clothes again
Cratering myself! Durp

I thoroughly enjoyed being part of team Fabulous Distraction, even if I did go to pirate murder mode in combat (still flying the red and pinky-purple though!). Both the roleplay with Steph and Alex was great fun, not least the main reason I survived was Alex's inability to choose a knife to shiv me with at every terrible joke. Did I secretly want his piece? WOOF! Also a big thanks for you two for making sure I didn't bleed out (5second arm woo!).
WOOF - and thank you for everyone for putting up with lord flashgar
Norsemen were amazing again, especially on friday night when it was decided that I was liked & Mark's corrections of WOOF.
Being a troll. Always good fun!
Singing shanties whilst assassins lurked in the woods
Playing Woderwic on sunday morning! Thanks Lisa for requiring an orphan! I thoroughly enjoyed that roleplay, for everything from the swearing to the recruiting and axe swinging.
Metting frisky. WOOF
Not being a sneaky bugger in the woods. Too clank for that, honest guv.
The pictures genuinely make me feel happy with my appearance for the first time in a long time. Big thanks to Poppy for doing my beard! WOOF And a massive thanks to Clara for fixing the massive rip in my pants and blinging them up further & Mark for the bacon & egg sammich!

I've probably missed bits but I'm still frazzled by that and work!

This was one of the most fun weekends I have had in a long time and thank you to all the players, monsters and especially the refs for such a wonderful weekend. I really mean that.

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Bibaball Elizabeth NoNsme
Bibaball Elizabeth NoNsme : Timeline Photos     As a singer / songwriter, he was in a class of his own. It was 41 years ago today that the music world lost Jim Croce.

On Thursday, September 20, 1973, during Croce's Life and Times tour and the day before his ABC single "I Got a Name" was released, Croce, and four others were killed when the chartered Beechcraft E18S they were traveling in crashed while taking off from the Natchitoches Regional Airport in Natchitoches, Louisiana. Others who died in the crash were charter pilot Robert N. Elliott, comedian George Stevens, manager and booking agent Kenneth D. Cortose, and road manager Dennis Rast. Croce had just completed a concert at Northwestern State University's Prather Coliseum in Natchitoches and was flying to Sherman, Texas, for a concert at Austin College. The plane crashed an hour after the end of the concert.

An investigation showed that the plane crashed on takeoff after clipping a pecan tree at the end of the runway. The plane failed to gain enough altitude to clear the tree and did not maneuver to avoid it, even though it was the only tree for hundreds of yards. It was reported as dark, but with clear sky, calm winds, and over five miles of visibility with haze.

We know we ask this often, but, if Jim could come back to play just one song, what song would you want to hear him play?

RIP to JIM, Robert, George, Kenneth and Dennis. We wish we could have saved time in a bottle. — with Jim Croce.    

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Jimmy Doyle
Jimmy Doyle : FLY ME WITH BALLOONS... ! RIP ETM. You club footed maniac
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Jon Fo
Jon Fo : MOOD SIX - Brief Encounter     cheerio     Mood Six, 1981, London, Uk. One of the most acclaimed bands of the called British New Psychedelic Rock. In 1984 their debut LP "The difference is..." is rele...
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Heidi Grosse
Heidi Grosse : "Change My Mind" (One Direction cover) - Four Directions     RIP Ian my heart goes out to your family
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Jon Fo
Jon Fo : MOOD SIX - Brief Encounter     poppies     Mood Six, 1981, London, Uk. One of the most acclaimed bands of the called British New Psychedelic Rock. In 1984 their debut LP "The difference is..." is rele...
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