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iPS - powerful people
iPS - powerful people : Design Engineer Hydraulic Systems: For one of our clients we are looking for an experienced Design Engineer Hydraulic Systems. * Location: France * Duration: Permanent * Start Date: Q1 2015 Your responsibilities will be: * The Mechanical Design Engineer will have relevant design experience using (Inventor) ideally in excess of 5 years; * The main criteria is experience of designing of heavy industrial hydraulic systems; * This will involve calculating system capacities, power specifications, torque curves, cooling requirements, flow rates to achieve desired operating parameters etc; * The Mechanical Design Engineer will have experience of detailed design practices from concept and producing engineering drawings for system manufacture; * The successful candidate will be required to work in France as part of an advanced technology company, with responsibility to design entire hydraulic systems for new industrial equipment for infrastructure projects. Remuneration package is flexible, based on possession of necessary experience and to be negotiated.
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GeekyGadgets : Polyes Q1 SLA 3D Printing Pen Launching On Kickstarter Soon     Polyes Q1 SLA 3D Printing Pen Launching On Kickstarter Soon

Some of our readers might remember the Polyes Q1 SLA 3D Printing Pen match we featured here on Geeky Gadgets back in October of this year. If you have been patiently waiting to be able to …

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Sundar Srinivasan
Sundar Srinivasan : Sri Bhagavan's Darshan with Germany on 14-12-2014         A very important and inspiring darshan with Sri Bhagavan for Germany.
Watch the video: video

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David Lck
David Lck : Android Lollipop 5.1 Release In Q1 2015 Will Slowly Address Major Bugs     Faster Faster Release!! I can't wait Android Lollipop 5.1 Version!!
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Hjr Holland
Hjr Holland :     Less than 10 hours to go for the new website to be released. Looking forward to see what they have to present - with the new series starting in Q1 2015! First trailer should be the least to expect I guess... Thunderbirds are go!!!
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The Naughty Mommy
The Naughty Mommy : Chat Day Q1: How complete is your holiday shopping (percentage-wise)?
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Suvashish Mohanty
Suvashish Mohanty : Reasoning: Series Completion Quiz
What should come next in given series
Q1. 80, 10, 70, 15, 60, ...
A. 20
B. 25
C. 30
D. 50

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Feed My Sheep
Feed My Sheep : EBible Fellowship    
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Phuc Nguyen
Phuc Nguyen :         Diamond Q1
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Phuc Nguyen
Phuc Nguyen :         Diamond Q1
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Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar : Q1) If N is the set of all natural numbers, E is the
set of all even natural numbers and f: NE
defined by f(x) = 2x xN then f is
a) One–one, into b) One-one, onto
c) Many to one d) One to many

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Adam Tafida
Adam Tafida : Ramatu Abdulkarim    
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Mark Blessing
Mark Blessing : Beatles song lyrics quiz    
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Keith W. Williams
Keith W. Williams : WHOA (Words Having Odd Associations)

These challenges are based on words to be found in the 1924 Webster's New International Dictionary, which includes masses of obscure and forgotten expressions, as well as little-known subsidiary meanings of more everyday words. Players are asked not to research via search engines, but to use their wits and knowledge to answer the questions posed.

Page 124: Aristarchy – Armagnacs, & 125: Armament – Armor

Q1: From among the lesser-used meanings included on these pages, can people guess what word this definition refers to: “A body of forces equipped for war – used either of a land or a naval force”? (I think I may be able to predict the first wrong guess...); Q2: According to the WNID, what is 'Aristology' the science of?; Q3: What was the literal and the figurative meaning of 'Armer Ritter'?; Q4: Aside from 'Armor' itself, what words in today's range are connected to armo(u)r?

(Answers tomorrow.)

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Suri Suresh
Suri Suresh : Watch Video, Win New Year’s Ultimate Gift for Close/Distance View         Prize: 1 portable video magnifier Mars HD
How to win:
1. Watch the following Mars HD operation video
2. Answer any one of following questions rightly on our Facebook wall
Q1: What is the magnification range and weight of Mars HD?
Q2: How to use Mars HD to see blackboard?
Q3: How Mars HD can be connected to PC or monitor?
3. Like this Zoomax page
4. Share the video to your page and ask your friends to like it on your page

Winner: Right answer and the sharing with the most Likes wins.

* Activity Time: November 25, 2014 – January 12, 2015
*Offer not valid for employees & partners of Zoomax.
*Product test review is required from the winner after using the prize.

More information about Mars HD, please visit
Watch the video: video

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Mrinmoy Chakraborty
Mrinmoy Chakraborty : OVERNIGHT U.S. STOCK MOVERS
Rite Aid (RAD +4.30%) reported Q3 EPS of 10 cents, double consensus of 5 cents, and then raised guidance on fiscal 2015 EPS view to 31 cents-37 cents, better than consensus of 31 cents.

Joy Global (JOY +0.20%) was upgraded to 'Neutral' from 'Underperform' at Longbow.

Starwood (HOT +1.01%) was initiated with a 'Buy' at Evercore ISI with a price target of $87.

Accenture PLC (ACN +2.93%) reported Q1 EPS of $1.29, higher than consensus of $1.20.

Exxon-Mobile (XOM +3.02%) climbed over 2% in pre-market trading as crude oil rose over +$1.00 a barrel.

Navistar (NAV +4.26%) gained over 2% in after-hours trading after activist investor Carl Icahn reported a 19.99% stake in the company.

AK Steel (AKS +6.11%) climbed over 5% in after-hours trading after it said it sees Q4 EPS of 5 cents-10 cents, above consensus of 4 cents.

Discover (DFS +3.31%) was initiated with a 'Buy' at Jefferies with a price target of $75.

Sally Beauty (SBH +2.11%) was initiated with an 'Overweight' at Piper Jaffray with a price target of $37.

Tupperware Brands (TUP -0.02%) was initiated with an 'Overweight' at Piper Jaffray with a price target of $77.

Jabil Circuit (JBL +1.93%) jumped over 4% in after-hours trading after it reported Q1 core EPS of 55 cents, higher than consensus of 48 cents, and then raised guidance on fiscal 2015 core EPS view to $1.85-$2.15, above consensus of $1.79.

Herman Miller (MLHR +3.29%) slid 6% in after-hours trading after it reported Q2 EPS ex-items of 51 cents, below consensus of 52 cents.

Oracle (ORCL +1.30%) rose over 4% in after-hours trading after it reported Q2 EPS of 69 cents, beter than consensus of 68 cents.

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WAROENG DOWNLOAD : IceCream Media Converter | All Soft Download     IceCream Media Converter
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Delta Sohkhlet
Delta Sohkhlet : Facebook Paper
Q1 . Define Add As Friend ?
Q2 . What Does Status Means ?
Q3 . What Do U Mean By Poke ?
Q4 . Give Two Reasons For Liking The Girls Comments ?
Q5 . What Is Pic Tag ?
Q6 . What Is Inbox Msg ?
Q7 . Give Details Of Info ?
Q8 . Draw A Profile Pic ?
Q9 . What Is Page ? And Why We Prmote It . Givereasons ?
Q10 . Define Comments On Post ?

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Nisha Franklin
Nisha Franklin : Timeline Photos     Its just you and your cycle..


A get together of all cycling enthusiasts of Bangalore, the CYCLISTS’ DAY 2014 will have something to offer for all cycling enthusiasts

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Geekeey : Polyes Q1 SLA 3D Printing Pen Launching On Kickstarter Soon    
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News Red Radio y Pc
News Red Radio y Pc : Polyes Q1 SLA 3D Printing Pen Launching On Kickstarter Soon    
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ForexWorldWar : Accenture Q1 EPS $1.29 vs. $1.15 a year ago; FactSet consensus $1.20    
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Alessandro Cremona
Alessandro Cremona : #f1h2o Q1 : 1st Chiappe 2nd Alex Carella , 3rd Jonas Andersson
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Sang Lii
Sang Lii : Sang Lii added a life event: Moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.    
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Ashley Grupi
Ashley Grupi : I was just listening to the radio. I was listening to Q1 05 and they got a phone call there is a vet in Tampa in his last days with cancer. Medical bills have piled up because he did not qualify for veterans benefits because he wasn't wounded during battle.nobody is remembering what he did for our country just that he did not get wounded in battle. Boy, if I were rich! Thank your veterans today.our government has got to change!
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John Brier
John Brier : TinBu is pleased to announce the release of a new Responsive Celebrity Entertainment Channel, which will be formally released to digital media customers in Q1 2015.

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Joseph Franklin
Joseph Franklin : Timeline Photos     Its just you and your cycle..


A get together of all cycling enthusiasts of Bangalore, the CYCLISTS’ DAY 2014 will have something to offer for all cycling enthusiasts

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Shannon Roberts
Shannon Roberts : Springfield Riders Group     new road rules for motorists and cyclists in Queensland.
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Angie Elliott-Decker
Angie Elliott-Decker : Q1 2015 Dental Explorer     My most recent Dental Explorer publication.     Education, Dental News, Q1 Promotions
Watch the video: video

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Siyaka Abdulmumuni
Siyaka Abdulmumuni : Ashwaaq Reyhana Atikah    
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IMS_Ahmedabad : Quiz Time
Q1. Which car will James Bond be driving in the upcoming Bond film Spectre ?
Q2. Why did Real Madrid decide to remove the Cross from its logo recently ?
Q3. Who markets and owns the old antiseptic brand for burns Burnol in India ?
Q4. From where did India launch its Communications satellite GSAT-16 ?
Q5. Himalaya created a Guinness record recently. What was the record ?
Q6. Which video broke the YouTube counter that it had to upgrade from a 32-bit counter to a 64-bit counter ?

Ans1. Alfa Romeo
Ans2. Because of tie-up with National bank of Abu Dhabi
Ans3. Morepen Laboratories
Ans4. French Guiana
Ans5. Mass facials simultaneously at Narsee Munjee College, Mumbai
Ans6. Gangnam style by PSY when it crossed over 2 billion hits

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Lukáš Budkyns Budka
Lukáš Budkyns Budka :     zdravím, výborně zpracovaný výklad téhle problematiky, vzhledem k blížící se zkoušce se k Ekospace upínám jako k poslední naději:) a jen jeden technický dotaz: u toho druhého vzorečku pro elasticitu poptávky tedy ((Q2-Q1) / (Q2+Q1)) / ((P2-P1) / (P2+P1)) mě to vychází neustále o dost jinak, u chleba kde bylo Q1 rovno jedné a Q2 rovno 1,5 to vyšlo prvým způsobem 2,5% zvyšení množství při 1% zvyšení ceny, u druheho způsobu výpočtu mi to vychází neustále 1,8% , ve videu je zmíněno že by to mělo vyjít cca. 2,25%, nejsem si vědom chyby ve výpočtu tady ho raději přikládám ((1,5-1) / (1,5+1)) / ((8-10) / (8+10)) = (0,5 / 2,5) / ( -2 / 18) = 0,2 / -0,111111111 = -1,8 => 1,8
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Shamsuddeen Adamu Hadejia
Shamsuddeen Adamu Hadejia : Mohammed Inuwa Jikamshi     Don't be Preoccopied 4 the western education only,but concentrate on islamic education fully 4 the benefits of hereafter!
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Ashraf Abdelfadil
Ashraf Abdelfadil : Q1: You are presented with the following blood gases on a 31 wk infant who is 2 hrs old:

pH 7.35 HCO3 20.4

pO2 3.1 BE -4.2

pCo2 4.9 FiO2 0.21

a. What is this show?

b. What further piece of information do u need?

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Adamu Jamiu Osidimibe
Adamu Jamiu Osidimibe : Muslim Students Society of Nigeria    
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SCC Pepsol Training
SCC Pepsol Training : ATTENTION students,
PEPSOL classes info for Sunday, December 21, 2014
WORSHIP @ 530pm

Post Encounter Guys and Girls - 4-5PM
Sol 1 Lecture 230-4PM
Sol 2 CLASS DISSOLVED - current SOL2 levels will be joining the SOL 2 Batch of the current SOL1 students currently on Q1 of 2015

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Mary Hughes
Mary Hughes : Q1-_
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김경민 : 국방기술품질원-연말이벤트     정답 :
Q1. 4개
Q2. 경상남도 진주시
Q3. 6개

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KingSolomon Chinemerem Ikpeama
KingSolomon Chinemerem Ikpeama : KingSolomon Chinemerem Ikpeama    
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Mustapha Jumoke Idris
Mustapha Jumoke Idris : Usman Ibrahim Ringim    
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Varsha Singh
Varsha Singh : Markets from the Desk of Dwarkadas Agarwal     ** REVIEW :
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Kasim Ibrahim
Kasim Ibrahim : Muslim Students Society of Nigeria    
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KingSolomon Chinemerem Ikpeama
KingSolomon Chinemerem Ikpeama : Once ago, it came to public notice that this account is for goodnews and Gospel dissemination courtesy of KINGSOLOMON WORLD OUTREACH.
Our Lord Jesus Christ never relented in carrying out divine assignments bestowed on Him. So did He (Jesus) command us to take up the cross and follow Him.
I have questions to ask vineyard workers and indeed all missionaries cum preachers of our Lord's Gospel;

Q1: What're your messages/sermons all about; Kingdom lifestyle or earthly desires?

Q2: How has your messages affected the listeners?

Q3: How has your life affected your followers, the congregation and or even the entire populace around you?

Q4: What seal do you have?

Q5: Who is your role model?


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