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Insert Coin 1P
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Edition: Q1: 2015



"Ice Flow" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0    
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Family Food Paradise
Family Food Paradise : Tam Hảo Handpull Noodles     Check out our New Tenant in Family Food Court Le Thanh Ton Q1
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Nadia Nuntida Zainurin
Nadia Nuntida Zainurin : 1 month in 2015 has gone by. Time truly flies. Was just talking to someone, he said my Q1 will be very busy. In fact, my Q2 will be busy too with exams and travel. Sitting for my ACT and I was told there is only a 15% global pass rate. There goes my 3.5k if I flunk it.
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Kelly Marie Hurd
Kelly Marie Hurd :         #22 - Kid A - Radiohead (2000)

I was introduced to Radiohead in college when my dorm friend's dad took a liking to me and set me up with his son (her brother) by deciding that he had to get us together, so he gave me the title to his son's car and told me that his son needed that so he would tell him to come find me to get it. We met and I definitely fell for this guy. He was tall, dark, and handsome, an English teacher at a private high school (I was an English major), and a long distance runner. Our first (and only) Christmas together, he gave me this album. But about a month later he told me he decided he wanted to be with men, so that was that. Oh, and friendship over, because that was my fault. In spite of all that, I still really like Radiohead.

Everything In Its Right Place is my go-to focus and get shit done starter song, so I listen to this album a LOT in the first quarter every year. I'll be listening to it today. Treefingers is beautiful in a David Lynchian kind of way. And I just love Optimistic (which is perfect during Q1 as well).

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Terry-Ann Blake
Terry-Ann Blake : 2015 Q1 Lesson 5: The Blessings of the Righteous (Jan. 31)     I am enjoy these lesson Amen     Dr. Tim Jennings leads the discussion and study of this lesson in the "Proverbs" study guide for 1st quarter 2015.
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Raquel Cruz Alonzo
Raquel Cruz Alonzo : VALORA TU NOVIAZGO     .q1     El amor en el noviazgo merece respeto... espero les guste.

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SkyArena :         How to make RM100k in these challenging times by buying early, buying low and buy the right product at the right location and most importantly buy with knowledge. .come to know what is in for FY2015 Q1

Investment talk
1030am and 2pm

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Janet Moore Mull
Janet Moore Mull : Beatles song lyrics quiz    
26 minutes ago - View -
The Lyrical Elitist
The Lyrical Elitist : 15 Workers Missing as ISIS Seizes Northern Iraq Oil Field     15 Workers Missing as ISIS Seizes Northern Iraq Oil Field
26 minutes ago - View -
Center for Women Writers
Center for Women Writers : Writing like an Asian: Feature: Five Qs with Cathy Linh Che     Great 1st questions lead to great responses ~

(Q1) Your collection Split includes a focus on sexual violence against a young girl, which you recount in a brief Q + A with fellow poet Debbie Yee. In this context, you've also referred to the image of Persephone being abducted by Hades. Is there a particular artwork of Persephone and her story that you drew upon for the poems in Split?
No, there is not. I learned my Greek mythology in the 9th grade, and then, in researching the word rape, I discovered that it had also once meant abduct. In fact, some versions of the story refer to the story as “The Rape of Persephone.”

I think I psychologically connected to that archetypal story: a young girl taken, against her will, to the Underworld. That, to me, is what trauma and its aftermath looks like. One minute, you're the child of spring. The next, you're in a dark place, deprived of love and light. I also think about this notion of

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Barbados ICT Professionals Association (BIPA)
Barbados ICT Professionals Association (BIPA) : Caribbean Telecommunications Report Q1 2015 - New Market Study Published     Caribbean Telecommunications Report Q1 2015 - New Market Study Published

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Knowledge MY passion
Knowledge MY passion : Q1. Which company has aquired a
controlling stake in the scam-hit
Satyam Computer Services,
Hyderabad ?
(A) Infosys
(B) Accenture
(C) Larsen & Toubro
(D) Tech Mahindra

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Feed My Sheep
Feed My Sheep : EBible Fellowship    
37 minutes ago - View -
Cindy Rivet
Cindy Rivet : P-D-Q1-L05: Lost and Found     Charo Felix     Jesus comes looking for me when I am far from Him. “ ‘Your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost’ ”(Matthew 18:14, NIV).
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Ranjeet Singh
Ranjeet Singh : Q1 - The highest volcano of the world is . ?

B- stramboli
C- Atna
D- kilimanjaro

39 minutes ago - View -
No Emotion
No Emotion :         Chi o o sai gon.tai Q1
46 minutes ago - View -
Chiru Malyala
Chiru Malyala : Indian Administrative Service (IAS)    
46 minutes ago - View -
British Lure Angling Championships
British Lure Angling Championships :         It's going to be a tight finish in Q1, it's been a tough day, I predict a metre could be enough to qualify. Lots of people hoping for one more fish in the last hour.
47 minutes ago - View -
Adib Rahal
Adib Rahal : Medical MCQs    
53 minutes ago - View -
Kim Tien Angel
Kim Tien Angel :         Grand Prix Contest - Q1/ 2015
1 hour ago - View -
Ann Kuzma
Ann Kuzma : Chris Bokunewicz     Jenna H
1 hour ago - View -
Joe Ortiz
Joe Ortiz : Timeline Photos     Heavenly Launch 'Under The Rainbow' Studio Services. Read brochure for details and contact us if you require more or other information ;-)     The pace is hotting up peeps so book yer session soon as dates are going fast and only limited slots are available for q1, 2015
1 hour ago - View -
Chris Bokunewicz

I would have given him 100%!
Each answer is absolutely grammatically correct, and funny too.
The teacher had no sense of humor. :)
Q1.. In which battle did Napoleon die?
* his last battle
Q2.. Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?
* at the bottom of the page
Q3.. River Ravi flows in which state?
* liquid
Q4.. What is the main reason for divorce?
* marriage
Q5.. What is the main reason for failure?
* exams
Q6.. What can you never eat for breakfast?
* Lunch & dinner
Q7.. What looks like half an apple?
* The other half
Q8.. If you throw a red stone into the blue sea what will it become?
* Wet
Q9.. How can a man go eight days without sleeping?
* No problem, he sleeps at night.
Q10. How can you lift an elephant with one hand?
* You will never find an elephant that has one hand.
Q11. If you had three apples and four oranges in one hand and four apples and three oranges in other hand, what would you have?
* Very large hands
Q12. If it took eight men ten hours to build a wall, how long would it take four men to build it?
*No time at all, the wall is already built.
Q13. How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?
*Any way you want, concrete floors are very hard to crack.

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Aqsa Sheikh
Aqsa Sheikh : last day was quite tough for #me n #bushi....
sub kuch nai bt kuch na kuch makra maar hi dyty hy hum Q1 ... :D

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Man Snow
Man Snow :         56 Paradise island, Surfers paradise.

I'm looking for 2 persons

One for the second bedroom,

and another one for the private own room.

This is a modern and stylish unit with 4 bedrooms, and 3

bathrooms, and one study.

The available second bed room comes with a single bed, work desk, chair and

built in wardrobe.

It is close to Q1 Building and tram station,

Rent price includes all the bills.(Internet, Electricity bill, Water,)

If you are interested, please contact Martin(0401210984)

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Varsha Singh
Varsha Singh : Markets from the Desk of Dwarkadas Agarwal     Oil price will average less in 2015 than during financial crisis
1 hour ago - View -
Gagaor Daniel
Gagaor Daniel : I thank you Lord for adding another feather in my professional career as a 1st Rate Gunner,coming 2nd best in Q1 class.
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