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Pryse Ftf
Pryse Ftf : Photos from Chevroyl Ogilvie's post in Till The Death Remix Video Release         Coming soon straight heat the BX anthem yet!
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Devon Pryse
Devon Pryse : Blarg, have to work with The Beast three days next week. Faking my death seems more and more appealing...
1 hour ago - View -
Pryse Ftf
Pryse Ftf :     Damn internal soldier !     In A Never Before Heard Private Phone Conversation Tupac Shakur Reveals Incredible Details:

-Who Shot Him (the first time) and why

-HIs revolutionary plans to take back the community using rapper friends like Ice Cube & Redman

- Who he thinks are cowards & Much More

If you're a fan of 2pac (and even if you're not) YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS AUDIO
Watch the video: video

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Pryse Ftf
Pryse Ftf : Catch me at Suite 116 114 west 116th st. Between 7th and Lenox ave. 9pm - 2am Jan. 9th 2015 performing at Song List video release party don't miss this very live event ! Hit me up for tickets ASAP
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