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HawkWatch International (HWI)
HawkWatch International (HWI) : Tracing Gold: Disappearing Eagle in the West Desert     A great profile of just one of HWI's efforts to protect Raptors and the environment we share. Kudos to Dave and Eric for doing the dangerous fieldwork necessary to unravel the causes of Golden Eagle decline.     Eric Chabot and Dave Buchanan stand on the edge of a cliff in a barren corner of the West Desert. Already, they’ve run into a snag. The original idea was for Chabot and Buchanan to rappel off the top, stop half-way down, grab a pair of...
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Rima Sona Das
Rima Sona Das :         ei pick tader jonno jara amr profile take fke bolchilo......
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Freunde von Freunden
Freunde von Freunden :         Our LA based contributor and friend Claire Cottrell provides curated tips for her city and shares her FvF favorites.

Discover what inspires her in an interactive 'Meet the Contributors' profile on FvF:

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Deepak Jha
Deepak Jha : Find Out Your Facebook Profile Analyzer Result.    
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Ian Oseino
Ian Oseino : Bullet Bucket Challenge     Bullet challenge anyone     Bullet Bucket Challenge for wrongful racial profiling
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Hannelore Morton
Hannelore Morton : London Imam Choudary to Hannity: You Have 'No Choice,' Sharia Is 'Coming to a Place Near You'     Not only is Choudary a controversial and high profile cleric, but his followers reportedly indoctrinated and radicalized Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, the main suspect in the barbaric beheading of James Foley. He also recently sent some terrible, treasonous tweets about Great Britain, for which there appear to be no consequences. Hannity highlighted one of those tweets at the beginning of the interview to set the tone.
During the interview the Imam did not temper his words with caution, but doubled and tripled down, going so far as to claim that the United States, too, would come under sharia law.

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Andy Lee
Andy Lee : WhitePins+ Startseite     Make money by rating pictures. Register for FREE and NO investments needed.
German company - Headquarters in Würzburg, Germany
When you register you have to enter my email and fill out your profile in order to get 10€ in your account!
For more Info, please contact me on Facebook.

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Bill Fritz
Bill Fritz : I don't know why, but it seems like last night my name got out on the internet. Or maybe it was because of my new profile picture showing me completing the ROC Obstacle Course. I got 5 women all wanting me to contact them - "Hello, darling! I'm young and hot. I do not want to cry my eyes out any more because of the stupid boyfriend who left me a week ago :-(. Are you ready to date with me today?" I think I'll check with Cheryl Ponte to see what I should do :) ! Their request is exactly the same but the names are different? What a coincidence :) ??!!
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Valentin Perez
Valentin Perez : Join Intro     Join, share your Join profile: share all your networks.
Just released in the AppStore.
AppStore link:
So here’s a video explaining why people would use it:

Personal websites kind of serve this purpose, but the average person can’t really make a website haha.
Also, does anyone know anyone from Facebook? They don’t approve the user_groups feature on apps on platforms that already have a Facebook app (basically everything), and Join would be so much more useful with Facebook groups (ability to group/find people based on your Facebook groups). That feature only works on my phone because I’m the tester, but does anyone have an idea for a workaround?

As always, feedback would be great.     Simplify your life. Share your Join profile: share your networks. Link your networks into one unified personal profile with Join.
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Uwe König
Uwe König : The Pretenders - Back On The Chain Gang HQ Music         "Back on the Chain Gang" is a single by The Pretenders released in November 1982. The song was also released on The King of Comedy soundtrack album (March 19...
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Skill Itaquera
Skill Itaquera : Samsung Galaxy S5 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge     Some people are dumping buckets of ice water over their heads to raise awareness for ALS. Others are dumping buckets of ice water over their head to raise awareness for their social media profile. Samsung, for instance, dumped a bucket of ice water over a waterproof Galaxy S5 to bash Apple’s non-waterproof iPhone.
Take a look at the video     We are calling out all of our followers for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Our Galaxy S5 just did it for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Donate here ww...
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Paulus Bennetticus III
Paulus Bennetticus III :         Exploring yesterday, a simple cup-marked stone ("it might have a slight ring round it," I said), turned into this evil grinning looking petroglyph when we looked at it properly, with triple-rings top-left. Only visible from one side, we found it when the light was just right. The (untouched) photos are by Paul Hornby. Rorscharch's notwithstanding - is this the earliest neolithic carved face in the British Isles...? (site profile forthcoming on The Northern Antiquarian)
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Alec Hall
Alec Hall : True Facts About The CuttleFish     Okay, I have to share this video. So I'm doing some scripting and character development for tomorrow's audition and the writer/ directed posted this link at the end of one of the characters profile.
This is how awesome the character is...I so need to get this role!!!!     Music : Clips: Cuttlefish Love/ Michael McCue Cuttlebone - cuttlefish bone - Cuttlefish shell/...
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Erik Husoe
Erik Husoe : Racial Profiling At Its Best? Black Producer Wrongfully Arrested.         "Producer Charles Belk was held by Beverly Hills police for nearly six hours last Friday after police mistook him for another bald, black man—one who robbed ...
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Erik Husoe
Erik Husoe : Racial Profiling At Its Best? Black Producer Wrongfully Arrested.         "Producer Charles Belk was held by Beverly Hills police for nearly six hours last Friday after police mistook him for another bald, black man—one who robbed ...
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Shirley Hargreaves
Shirley Hargreaves :     Lol Chris share too your profile.    
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Snowboarder Magazine
Snowboarder Magazine :     Check out @rileynickerson and the @686 am squad by clicking the link in our profile! See what kind of side jobs these guys take on, so they can shred and travel all winter. @lifeafterhours #686ReelTalk #ChillingEffects #Snowboarder #Snowboarding    
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Pauzina Cursed
Pauzina Cursed :         Serebro is taking over MuzTv Instagram profile since last night :)
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Idaho Statesman
Idaho Statesman : Bryan Harsin 'living his dream' as Boise State coach | Boise State Football |     "Just to see Bryan living his dream is the best feeling ever - knowing that we did this together and we're home, we're back on the Blue."

The best profile you'll read about Coach Harsin and the path that led him back to Boise. Outstanding work by our own Chadd Cripe:

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Bob George
Bob George : Blacks Beat up white man for coming into neighborhood     AND THEY CRY ABOUT RACIAL PROFILING!!>> WELL DUMB ASS'S HERE YA GO!!     You will be Outraged....
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Don Jon II
Don Jon II :         Assalamualaikum kengkawan semua.
May God bless us all Amen.
With the super response from all over the country.
We will open up the pre-order again for all our AprC8taZ Brotherhood.
We thank ALL for the overwhelming support.
Again pre-orders are open as of now till the 10th of September 2014.
I will only note down your orders once you have made a transfer of $33 each to
DBS Savings Plus 0027064613.
With your -
SIZE ( Refer to Size Chart )

Don Jon ( 93270781 )

Pls contact Mike Crazee.

Without Everybody
This would never happened.
Thank You again & again.
cc Dato Ijad Takde Brakes

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Hogs Haven
Hogs Haven : Hogs Haven 2014 Player Profile: Everette Brown, Outside Linebacker     Everrette Brown was running his Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchise in Charlotte, North Carolina when he got the call to work out for the Washington Redskins, now he's one game away from making the final roster.
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O-Town Fanpage Germany
O-Town Fanpage Germany :     Video by dans instagram profile    
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Sunny Loch
Sunny Loch :         Jajajajaja! ese mario.

Help me to report this profiles they are reporting my videos
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