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Design World Network
Design World Network : Raising the profile of scientists and engineers through FIRST Robotics     Great group of kids right here. We always enjoy hearing about the FIRST competition. Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation
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US National Weather Service Great Falls Montana
US National Weather Service Great Falls Montana : WeatherStory2         Strong west winds will impact North Central and Central Montana today. A High Wind Warning is in effect for the Rocky Mountain Front and areas from the Canadian Border south to Lewis & Clark and Meagher Counties. The strongest winds are expected to occur late this morning into early afternoon as a Pacific cold front moves through the region. Sustained winds of 35 to 50 mph with gusts up to 75 mph are possible along the Rocky Mountain Front while the remaining warning areas will see 30 to 40 mph winds with gusts up to 60 mph. The main impact from the winds will be hazardous driving conditions for high profile vehicles, especially along north-south oriented roadways. However, the winds could also reduce visibility at times in blowing dust over the plains and in blowing snow in the mountains. For the latest information on weather highlights, please visit our Detailed Hazards Page at ''. For road conditions, call 511 or visit the Montana DOT Travel Information Page at ''.
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The Overlook At Lake Lure, North Carolina
The Overlook At Lake Lure, North Carolina : These 15 Epic Hiking Spots In North Carolina Are Out Of This World     Grandfather Mountain is only 40 minute beautiful drive from our cabin...this is great info on hiking the mountain.
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Rafaella Brasil
Rafaella Brasil : Rafaella completed the mission: Profile It in City Girl!!    
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Vyominishaadi :         #vyomini
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Paul Dion
Paul Dion : Sacheen Littlefeather-Declaration to SD Attorney General's Office~     Please share     Elder, Sacheen Littlefeather, Native American is a victim of an Internet Scam & Fraud conducted through a fraudulent Facebook account in her name: www.facebo...
Watch the video: video

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Dangerous Sexy Ecchi Girls n  Free Tags More
Dangerous Sexy Ecchi Girls n Free Tags More :         Greetings Fans by Juni
( Street Fighter ) Video Game
( Genzoman ) Artist

Plz Go Like Thx

Chun Li ~

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Awake at last
Awake at last :         Our east coast tour starts next week! Who's coming out to rock with us? Dates are in our profile pic
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St. Vincent's HealthCare
St. Vincent's HealthCare :         St. Vincent’s Spine & Brain Institute Doctor of the Day
Kenneth Hentschel, DO/PHD
Click to learn more about Dr. Hentschel.

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Rich Women Dating
Rich Women Dating :         Hi! Thank you for viewing my profile. I'm a corporate flight attendant who travels worldwide. Please have patience if you choose to send me a message. Thank you. smile I was born and raised in southern California. I currently live in Ventura, but I spend a lot of time in San Diego. Anaheim is the halfway point between Ventura and San Diego. That's why I listed it as my city.

To know more about me ?check me here

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Larry Stylinson takes my breath away.
Larry Stylinson takes my breath away. : Larry Stylinson takes my breath away. updated their status.     HE CHANGED HIS PROFILE PIC ON INSTA YES


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Candi Telford Photography
Candi Telford Photography : Katelinn         Please do not download, screen shot, crop, or alter any of Candi Telford Photography's photos. If you would like to share a photo with others, feel free to 'share' (by clicking the share button). You may also tag yourself and others, or use as your profile or cover photos.
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Adigi Advertising
Adigi Advertising :         Facebook Page Makeover $49.

-Cover photo design
-Profile picture design
-Content text polish
-Page shared
-Joined up to numerous community groups.

Contact Adigi Advertising for yours!

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Jennifer A Landphair Reeder
Jennifer A Landphair Reeder : Part 1- The End Game of Assessment     Part 1:
The Department of Education (DOE) and The Department of Labor (DOL) are no different than any other major corporation. Both have crafted a short term plan and a long term plan for America’s Education and Labor market’s future. Here in America you can obtain a copy of this plan or Blueprint by requesting a Freedom of Information Request. Here is what I have found thus far….

Back in 1992 the DOL in concert with the DOE created the SCANS Report along with other white papers, letters, memos that describe the type of “Global Citizen” they wanted over an “American Citizen” in great detail by 2025. Please remember the definitions for “Global Citizen” is NOT defined by our perception of what we believe it to be, but of the DOL and DOE. Their perception is based on “Collectivism” as defined in their own legal terms. So how are you going to create “Global Citizens” in the classroom?

The DOE did a “Beta test” of this in Pennsylvania in the early 1990’s on a test called the EQA. Here is how it worked;
1. Gather data on the targeted community to gain a psychological profile of their beliefs.

2. Find areas of concern (based on the DOE perspective) and change the education curriculum in that targeted community.

3. Have the children assessed through exams to see if the curriculum change is working (based on the outcomes as defined by the DOE)

One Mom (Anita Hoge) uncovered what the DOE was doing and took her case to the Supreme Court. She won her case against the DOE (I have a copy of the court case).

Please listen

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The International Women's Leadership Association
The International Women's Leadership Association : Katherine Craig Hammontre - TheIWLA     PRESENTING Katherine Craig Hammontre, Owner of Kat's Korner. Read what she has to say
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Unity : Tindalos Interactive Unity Developer Profile Video     Made with Unity: Etherium by Tindalos Interactive has launched this week!
Have you seen our profile of the studio yet?     Studio Tindalos Interactive talks about developing their upcoming RTS Etherium with Unity. More developer profiles:
Watch the video: video

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3D Slots
3D Slots :         We are sorry that our Weekend Bonus system has not been working properly. To make up for it, this bonus is 5X larger than normal! Enjoy and be sure to share with all players.


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Highway 11 Cruisers C.C.
Highway 11 Cruisers C.C. :         Highway 11 Cruisers C.C. 2014 Sponsor Profile:

Lucas Oil Products Canada with the simple philosophy of producing only the best line of lubricants and additives available anywhere. Since its inception, Lucas has steadfastly adhered to this corporate objective. Through innovative product research and development, along with aggressive marketing programs, Lucas has established itself as a top selling additive line in the American truck stop industry.

For more information visit their website at:

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Ballistic Blonde & Double Tap Dolly
Ballistic Blonde & Double Tap Dolly : Ballistic Blonde & Double Tap Dolly updated their status.     With Facebook becoming more anti-2nd Amendment, I have been exploring new social medias that are less bias against our mission and cause. Recently we joined Reddit and Tumblr. You can find our content on these sites as well, and would love to see you y'all over there. We will also be ramping up our Google+ profile in the process. If there's any social media site we're missing out on, please let us know!

Reddit username: BBandDolly
Tumblr username: TheBallisticBlonde

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We Are Christians
We Are Christians :         Like, comment, share or use this image as your profile pic if you are grateful to be a Christian. 😎
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Whole Foods Market Local Forager
Whole Foods Market Local Forager : Profile in Obsession: Monica Spiller     Community Grains
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Emilio Jose Andres del Pilar / Philippines (Axis Powers Hetalia OC)
Emilio Jose Andres del Pilar / Philippines (Axis Powers Hetalia OC) :         OC chosen: Precolonial!Philippines [aka Bayani]

Activity chosen: "17.As a kid/adult"

One who has chosen the activity: Nick Sheep ( )

(( Thank you for participating!! ;w; ))

(( In his adult form, he'd more or less, look more of like his dad. ))

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I Support The Lakota 57
I Support The Lakota 57 : Sacheen Littlefeather-Declaration to SD Attorney General's Office~     I am the Publicist for this page and now for Elder Sacheen Littlefeather, who 42 yrs ago refused Marlon Brando's Oscar at the Academy Awards in the name of Native Rights!

Sacheen is the victim of an Internet fraud & scam! A fake profile: was used along w her pic, image & fame to solicit funds for fake Facebook groups for freezing Lakota on the Pine Ridge Rez!

Great effort & commitment to Davidica Littlespottedhorse for her investigation that led to uncovering this scam! Please view Sacheen's statement released to the FBI & SD Attorney General's office & public last night!-Tara Pretends Eagle Weber     Elder, Sacheen Littlefeather, Native American is a victim of an Internet Scam & Fraud conducted through a fraudulent Facebook account in her name: www.facebo...
Watch the video: video

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Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center :     MSK’s Carol Brown reflects on what it’s like to deliver a cancer diagnosis in this #CancerFilm profile.

Tune in to watch the Ken Burns (PBS) and Cancer Films documentary, CANCER: THE EMPEROR OF ALL MALADIES airing March 30th, March 31st and April 1st on PBS.    
Watch the video: video

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Percival D. Pelaez
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ढोल  ताशा  जनरेशन
ढोल ताशा जनरेशन :         सामना ढोल ताशा पथक

Page admin -Vaibhav_Kamble

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The yugioh council
The yugioh council : Deck Profile U.A. Ultra Athlete April 2015 Format
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Awesome Profile Pictures
Awesome Profile Pictures : Awesome Profile Pictures updated his status.     We Choose the Wrong
People in First Time..!
When the Right Person Arrives,
We Just Stop Trusting People.!!


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Pradeep Sharma
Pradeep Sharma : R A Podar College Profile (NAAC A+)    
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Vyominishaadi :         #vyomini
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Light & Life '15
Light & Life '15 :         Proud in declaring the winners of LIGHT & LIFE'15:

First Place: Praveen Balaji
Profile Link:

Second Place: Muhammad Harris

Third Place: Abhisheik N
Profile link:

a ''VeRy BiGg Thank YoU" for all your support!! We ll make it even bigger and better Next yEaR!! Until then CaYOnArA...

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Suodad Elhadi Mohamed
Suodad Elhadi Mohamed :         my drawing
14 years old
my page :

33 minutes ago - View - : Naibac #FreeBizAds (@naibacloud) posted a photo on Twitter     Connect with StarMakeupWorld on #Naibac, view their profile here:
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Antonino Moscato
Antonino Moscato : World Champion Profile -- Valentino Rossi    
39 minutes ago - View - : Chronus's Profile     Start planing ur summer vacation by calling us on +234(0)14542837. Lets start with ur budget. Join our BBM chanel C0020708A @cloudsurfersltd
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Kings XI Punjab
Kings XI Punjab :         Complete your profile, earn instant bonus points, and enhance your chance to meet the Kings XI Punjab lions.

Register NOW:

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Sara Kapor
Sara Kapor :         This profile page my
Like the

43 minutes ago - View - : AscomMedia's Profile     Let people looking for your services online find you now; Drive clients to your business website contact @ascommedia
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Eddy Kenzo
Eddy Kenzo :         Omanyi nze amanyi gange Gali mwabo abakiriza inti kyenkola kirungi kale nolwekyo easter eno tuli ku comprehensive NATETE me and my friends we a ready to make you happy on that day easter monday Luwero nabwetutyo situbasuliridde linaba sanyu lyoka mukisawe piki piki zempaka zezinasokawo olwegulo abali bemundago tukigale Nga J.J sound ne solid band bali steady nyo ku side eyo so nsaba buli mukwano gwange, nyamba share this poster with yo friends or make it yo profile picture May God bless you.
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PROFILE SALON :         It was a jean shirt day, apparently! Happy Saturday!
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Real Profile Pics
Real Profile Pics :        
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Awesome Profile Pictures
Awesome Profile Pictures :        
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Mahendra Yadav
Mahendra Yadav : Microsoft Dynamic CRM How to show facebook profile image     Microsoft Dynamic CRM How to show facebook profile image    
Watch the video: video

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Profile ツ
Profile ツ :         😂😂
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Rania Moaouand
Rania Moaouand : Hi Profile - Corporation X    
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Sexy Solutions
Sexy Solutions :         When diet and exercise just won't cut it, #SexySolutions is here to get you closer to the body you've always wanted. Know more about #SexyWithoutSurgery by visiting our website. See profile for the link. #SexyRevolution #WeFightForSexy Photo via Pinterest
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