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Prince Charles Armah Achen
Prince Charles Armah Achen : PRAYER FIRST
Acts 6:1-8
Possibly this has had as much to do with the breaking down of family prayer in this age as any other one cause. It is at this point that family religion has decayed, and just here is one cause of the decline of the prayer meeting. Men and women are too busy with legitimate things to “give themselves to prayer.” Other things are given the right of way. Prayer is set aside or made secondary. Business comes first. And this means not always that prayer is second, but that prayer is put entirely out. The Apostles drove directly at this point, and determined that even Church business should not affect their praying habits. Prayer must come first. Then would they be in deed and truth God’s real agents in His world, through whom He could effectually work, because they were praying men, and thereby put themselves directly in line with His plans and purposes, which was that He works through praying men.
When the complaint came to their ears the Apostles discovered that that which they had been doing did not fully serve the divine ends of peace, gratitude, and unity, but discontent, complainings, and division were the result of their work, which had far too little prayer in it. And so prayer was put prominently to the front. Good morning

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Anthony Abdullah-Nabawi El
Anthony Abdullah-Nabawi El : Is Card Playing A Pastime Of The Devil?     Hell........i did not know that...more research is needed
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Mamuna Sow Williams
Mamuna Sow Williams : H
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Danie Jansen van Vuuren
Danie Jansen van Vuuren : The 1001 Club - Bankers, Intelligence Agents, and Raw Materials Executives Striving for A...    
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Eliane Martine Francoual
Eliane Martine Francoual : 1985 Diana     December 23, 1985 Princess Diana performing a dance with Wayne Sleep to Billie Joel's song, "Uptown Girl" for a charity benefit at Covent Garden to surprise Prince Charles.    
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Prince Charles
Prince Charles : May the Holy Spirit lead, guide and help you through it all in Jesus' Name. #Blessed_day
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Magdalene Mythily
Magdalene Mythily : Timeline Photos     Nothing is too difficult for God!     Nothing is too difficult for God....... just believe Him...... He can do anything for u..... :) Rijoy Crasta Vijay Muthu Kalyani Anantharaman Esther Ani Jaya Sheela Ebin JacobVijay Raj Snehaline Viji Jose Jijith Maria Arul Maria Jeen Jennifer Manivannan Maria Selvadas Jo Magesh Mary Queency Rozita Crasta Raymond Derrick Crasta Raymond Derrick Crasta Selvarani Charles Michael Josderson Michael Selvakumar Charles Prabhu Mejo Chacko Sumithra Rajkumar Suresh Bala Surendar Sahaya Ignatius Santhoshraj Tejas Appu Antony Devaraj Deepti Devaraj Christina Nancy Santhosh Lourdraj Ajitha Lawrence Anuj Leslie Anu Simons A Esaiyas Lawrence Amala Dass Anto Ambrose Muthu Kumar Kevin Oliver Prem Kumar Jenifer Precilla Jenish Raj George Rajan Royston Crasta David Johnson Dais Regin David Raj Elizabeth Jesudass Edwin Christopher Lysa Edward Francis Xavier George Jose Tee Jay Jacobraj Jack James Victor John Sebastin Joseph Irudaya Raj Kani Raj Katherine Sheeba Prince XoChlit Catherine Prince Mary Regie Kavitha Durga Devi Prince Regan Kingston Ajith Maria Tony Leema Julious Stêãphên Rãj Savithri Raghavan Remya SasiKumar Varsha Bharadwaj Christo Red Wind Anto Rokz Melvin Antony Banu Priya Madnanban Dominic Bible Verse of the Day
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Santiago Montoya
Santiago Montoya : Timeline Photos     Acclaimed British actor Daniel Day-Lewis added a knighthood to his three Oscars after Prince William did the honors at Buckingham Palace today, again joining the royal family rotation for Investitures with the Queen, his father Prince Charles and aunt Princess Anne. Day-Lewis is no stranger to royal honors. His father, Cecil Day-Lewis, Britain's Poet Laureate from 1968 to 1972, received a CBE from King George VI in 1950 and advised the Queen on recipients of her medal for poetry. Sir Daniel said he was "amazed and utterly delighted" by the knighthood. His father was more irreverent, telling friends that CBE stood for "Commander of Broken English!" — with Yahya Isabell Suleman Daud and 3 others.    
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Charles Prince Nyamasve
Charles Prince Nyamasve : The Lord will Reign forever,to all generations.Praise the Lord,,,good day stay blessed
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Venkatesan Tr
Venkatesan Tr : Raghuveeran's Aviyal    
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Prince Charles Charles
Prince Charles Charles : Timeline Photos        
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Prince Charles Charles
Prince Charles Charles : Mobile Uploads     the queen of the heaven
mother always with us — with Roman Reeta and கத்தோலிக்க திருச்சபை கிறிஸ்தவர்கள்.    

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Ziyah Naz
Ziyah Naz : Avadh Kumar    
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Ziyah Naz
Ziyah Naz : Avadh Kumar    
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Ziyah Naz
Ziyah Naz : Avadh Kumar    
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Prince Charles
Prince Charles : The morning is good, the birds are seriously rejoicing in their different types of melodies in the hood, am also cool. Gutten mogen everyone!
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Abi Kenny Godson Ajigo
Abi Kenny Godson Ajigo : I want to appreciate Johovah God almighty for seeing my through in my pursuit of Bs,c degree in Mass communication,
many started with us but not all of them made it to the end, some were withdrawn on the basis of one misconduct or the other, some dropped out because they could not meet up with the ever-increasing finalcial demands, some lost their lives in the course of the struggle but u kept me,
To the fallen journalists, your unforgetable memory lives on,
JESUS, i can"t thank you enough,
To my spiritual parent , Pst, & Mrs Oloche King Adaji i immensely appreciate you,
To my parents, Mr & mrs John and Alice Utah, thanks for your parental love, prayers and support, financially and otherswise, and parental advice which has built my morality, "Mummy and.Dad, you are the best parents in the whole wide world, yes, you could"t have done better;
To my siblings, OC Lilian, George, RB Dgame, Abeyi, Sharon, "you have been so supportive and i am indepted to you, i love you so much,to my loving uncle, father and name sake, Mr Jacob Ajigo O, i love u so much, thanks for always being there you are a father indeed, to my aunties, Mummy Susan, Ahegwu, Mavis, my uncles,,, Julius, Hon Charles, Ajigo Jacob, my cousins Kizito, prince Aj, Gladys, Fortunate and a host of others, i can't thank you enough, "God bless you"
To all my friends Reuben, Steve, Jerry, Prince, Brown, Dr Francis and Darlinton, Og Blonga, and so many other unmentioned, OShe! To all my lecturers, may God strenthen and preserve you in all you do,,,,,
To all my coursemates,,,,,so much love, I love you all, and i wish you God's blessing, favour and guardance in all you life's endeavor

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Prince Charles
Prince Charles : Timeline Photos        
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OviaMozze K More Katanda
OviaMozze K More Katanda : I Jx Wana Sy Shtout 2 Dis 21 Pipo....>
First1 Shuld Be
1 Orlando Rom Kago
2 Samuel Alemekezeke Mphande
3 Charles Maluxy Komala
4 Ruth Chinula
5 Oris Mlotha
6 Selac Princ Kabowa
7 Happy Chimyli Chimalizeni
8 Mwayi Billiat
9 Yamie Banda
10 Edina Kaunda
11 Princo Matemba
12 Prince Macheso
13 Ama Kri Ndi Nkaz Wake
14 Tapiwa Chigumula
15 Ng'amba
16 Alinafe Yoyola
17 Andrew Kalozwa
18 Memory Mlotha
19 Becky Mulanje
20 Ma Frnd Nonse Amene Timacheza Apa *Hv A Lovly Dy* #much_Lov

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Melissa Sykes
Melissa Sykes : Timeline Photos     Share with all your family and friends to let them know one more time that you love them! Join us at #WhatNext here>> — with Mary Kihm and 49 others.     God blessed me with some great friends Jantika Mcgee, Jack da Rippa, Debbie Romero, Prince Charles I'm thankful for y'all
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Charles Mayhemofems Imafidon
Charles Mayhemofems Imafidon : Stumik of Raekwon's Icewater ft. Mello Melodiez - My Bitch ©2014 Brain Kave Music Group    
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Liverpool News
Liverpool News :         Soldier puts Conspicuous Gallantry Cross medal up for sale for £100,000

Colour Sergeant Alan Dennis was awarded Conspicuous Gallantry Cross He had risked his life to rescue three comrades while under fire in 2009 Sgt Dennis broke his arm in explosion but continued to fire his rifle He had only just recovered from being blown up by roadside bomb Father-of-two selling his medals for a ‘life changing’ amount of money Says he is reluctant to sell awards, but must put family’s ‘welfare first’ Only 58 of the medals have been awarded since 1993 By Lucy Crossley for MailOnline Published: 07:04 EST, 26 November 2014 | Updated: 07:25 EST, 26 November 2014 A heroic soldier who survived being blown up by the Taliban twice to be awarded Britain’s second-highest medal for bravery has offered it for sale at £100,000. Colour Sergeant Alan Dennis was presented with the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross – second only to the Victoria Cross – by Prince Charles for risking his life to rescue three comrades while under fire. As he dragged the third colleague to safety a rocket propelled grenade exploded 5ft in front of him, sending him flying through the air and into a ditch, breaking his arm. For sale: Colour Sergeant Alan Dennis is selling his prestigious [...]

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Lou Esther Cookie Edwards-Brown
Lou Esther Cookie Edwards-Brown : THE DEVIL WANTS TO DESTROY OUR BLACK MEN. But, I rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus Christ. First of all, the prisons are newer & better than our public schools. Black men do not receive equal rights. The devil's aim is to lock up all of our black men, to turn our black females into lesbians, to medicate our black youth such that they cannot learn, & to silence our black seniors. If this is accomplished, there will be no more production of the black race. When are we going to wake up and see the light people of color? It's all the devil's scheme. Can't you see what's going on? Even Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles can see that we have real problems. But where do we begin? We begin by first acknowledging that we have a problem. Then secondly, we begin by listening to God's voice. And finally, follow the path already in place by God, our Creator. Our lily of the valley and our bright and morning star. His name is Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace, and Everlasting Father.
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Ronald Brisbane Sr.
Ronald Brisbane Sr. : Playing old Skool music (Ray Charles, J5, Temptations, Supremes, etc & helping moms cook....we aint done this in a long time --priceless moment, I'm cherishing this time because never can tell if she or me will be called home. ...then she gonna tell me don't sneak no food when she go to bed.....she know me well, hahaha. I'm a do like Nicky from Fresh Prince & be under the table eating, lol
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