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Erik Oliver Ferdinandus Simangunsong
Erik Oliver Ferdinandus Simangunsong : 85-year-old defies death threats from Satanists to spend 22 years restoring 1,000-year-old church    
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Prince Charles Ensley
Prince Charles Ensley : Everybody is out at Halloween parties and I'm at home dressed as Michael Jackson playing Xbox One
27 minutes ago - View -
Ja To Tha Pe
Ja To Tha Pe : Timeline Photos     here it is mark the date BLACK FRIDAY WiFi Connectz Beantown Runna Bean-town Beans All-day Bake Ja To Tha Pe Imediate Famz Mizzoe LO Lou Cypher I-God Xcel DaKid Anthony Kash Monea Stallworth Charles Ruffin Sr. Chantette M. Stallworth Brockton Barbarian Brockton Prince Siah Law Stick Em Vic Chrissy Bruscato Alesia Daboss Duby Magalina Masso Randy Seymour Mark Tns Slade Sondro Castro Sandee Nogueira Tilly Lopes Holiveir Gomes Malik Ribeiro Betsy Santiago Rico Bonds Terrell Richardson Moody Mula     Its bout to go down u ain't gonna wanna miss this
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Nwanebu Raphael Chinemerem Chris
Nwanebu Raphael Chinemerem Chris : Scannews    
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Charles EF Prince
Charles EF Prince : I have read my bible from Genesis to Revelation,,, i never come across a verse where Female Angel is mentioned .... So Girls, If he calls you an Angel... "it is Fake"
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Crystal N Russom
Crystal N Russom : 85-year-old defies death threats from Satanists to spend 22 years restoring 1,000-year-old church     "You’ve got to do something when you retire – you can’t sit around watching the telly all day.’"
55 minutes ago - View -
David Stallworth
David Stallworth : Regalias     The Fabergé Empress Joséphine Tiara

This particular piece had quite a journey. It was commissioned from the House of in Fabergé, and was made by workmaster August Holmström. Upon Empress Joséphine's passing it was inherited by her son (and Napoléon's adoptive son) Eugène de Beauhamais, Prince of Leuchtenberg

At the outbreak of the First World War, the Leuchtenberg Family sold it, and it was bought by Queen Elisabeth of the Belgians. It was later inherited by her son, Prince Charles, Count of Flanders who passed it to his sister Queen Maria José of Italy.

After the fall of the Italian Monarchy, the tiara was put for auction. It was bought by the wealthy McFerrin family and has it on permanent loan to the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences, where it is currently on display.    

1 hour ago - View -
Yelena Mohammed
Yelena Mohammed : Mobile Uploads     On this day in 1517, the priest and scholar Martin Luther approaches the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, and nails a piece of paper to it containing the 95 revolutionary opinions that would begin the Protestant Reformation.

In his theses, Luther condemned the excesses and corruption of the Roman Catholic Church, especially the papal practice of asking payment—called "indulgences"—for the forgiveness of sins. At the time, a Dominican priest named Johann Tetzel, commissioned by the Archbishop of Mainz and Pope Leo X, was in the midst of a major fundraising campaign in Germany to finance the renovation of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Though Prince Frederick III the Wise had banned the sale of indulgences in Wittenberg, many church members traveled to purchase them. When they returned, they showed the pardons they had bought to Luther, claiming they no longer had to repent for their sins.

The term "Protestant" first appeared in 1529, when Charles V revoked a provision that allowed the ruler of each German state to choose whether they would enforce the Edict of Worms. A number of princes and other supporters of Luther issued a protest, declaring that their allegiance to God trumped their allegiance to the emperor. They became known to their opponents as Protestants; gradually this name came to apply to all who believed the Church should be reformed, even those outside Germany. By the time Luther died, of natural causes, in 1546, his revolutionary beliefs had formed the basis for the Protestant Reformation, which would over the next three centuries revolutionize Western civilization.    

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Charles Stacy Prince
Charles Stacy Prince : Mobile Uploads     With John Tufnell and 18 others.    
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