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OKezi Osha
OKezi Osha : Okolosi Okeoghene Prince Mike     Praying just 4 dat too
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Dennis Clark
Dennis Clark : Learn Our History    
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Aceni Tanumi
Aceni Tanumi : Had an awesome night watching the Laughing Samoans at Prince Charles Park with Laisa Rauqeuqe and Mela Batidegei.........eeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!WALK ON, WALK STORNG-WOW KIDS FIJI.
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Liaison Artists
Liaison Artists : Aril Brikha & Chymera - T Room Sessions     Enjoy this 2hr set of Aril Brikha and Chymera b2b live from Prince Charles in Berlin....     Here's the joint live set that we did for the T room Sessions in Prince Charles back in August. No rehearsal. Something we will try again for sure! (but with rehearsal)
Watch the video: video

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Prosenjit Sanjay Kumar
Prosenjit Sanjay Kumar :         the king and I: spreading the love of frugal food,one recipe at a time.
with Prince Charles

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Doreen Thorn
Doreen Thorn : Learn Our History    
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Scarborough_UK : Scarborough UK: VIDEO: Prince Charles Pays Secret Vist to GCHQ Scarborough     VIDEO: Prince Charles Pays Secret Visit to GCHQ Scarborough
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Maja Jovanovic
Maja Jovanovic : Joe Kiernan    
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Dianne Wetherbee Dorn
Dianne Wetherbee Dorn : Learn Our History    
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Simon Wade
Simon Wade : Union Jacks at Glasgow 2014: The Enduring Britishness of the Commonwealth    
28 minutes ago - View -
Nikki Spiliotis Buchanan
Nikki Spiliotis Buchanan : Charles Spurgeon's Lost Sermons Surface as Intercessors Cry for Awakening    
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Pio Qerewaqa
Pio Qerewaqa : Timeline Photos     At Prince Charles Park.     Record turnout
LAUGHING Samoans Eteuati Ete and Tofiga Fepulea'i drew a record crowd at Nadi's Prince Charles Park on the first night of the Fresh off the Blane show in Fiji.
The stars kept the crowd entertained with their various skits during the two-hour show to raise MONEY for the Walk on Walk Strong (WOWS) charity.
Despite chilly conditions, the audience at the park laughed to the humorous show that has so far been showcased only in New Zealand and Australia.
Fepulea'i said this show was the funniest the Laughing Samoans had done.
"It's not out on DVD and you want to catch it on the two days.
"It's a great opportunity if you want to see us live," he said.
"We always expect a lot of laughter and joy. Our fans have supported us and kept us going. It has been 11 years since we have been running shows."
Fans of the stars were more than happy to watch their idols last night.
Nadi resident Tagi Kirikiti said she had been watching the comedians since high SCHOOL.
"For me, their DVDs are always a stress reliever and to actually come and see them in the flesh and to hear their jokes is even better than watching them on DVD," she said.
"I'll never get tired of watching their DVDs and tonight is special because their concert is also something that the whole family can also enjoy. People who don't attend this show don't know what they are missing out on."
The show also marked the first night of the Digicel Bula Festival.

31 minutes ago - View -
Michael David Rogers
Michael David Rogers : Timeline Photos     We are happy to be able to share with you a link new StudioGhibliForever website link to follow to a new site where all things #StudioGhibliForever will be hosted, most importantly which classic Ghibli films you can see where:
Fancy learning how to Build Your Own Bento Box? If so, head down to Watershed Tomorrow, where they will follow the workshop with a special tea party – preparations have begun already as you can see below!
Ghibli screenings continue this weekend with Porco Rosso @Wshed , Princess Mononoke at Showroom Cinema, Spirited Away at The Cornerhouse Cat Returns Broadway Cinema, Ponyo at The Prince Charles Cinema this Sunday     Spirited Away! :D:D:D:D

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David Henry
David Henry :         Prince Charles and Lady Diana attending their first official engagement following their engagement, March 1981
36 minutes ago - View -
Robert Dawson
Robert Dawson : Learn Our History    
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Bula Stee Kamali
Bula Stee Kamali : Wows - Laughing Samoans     This two Samoan jokers will make you laugh till you drop. Laughing is also good for your health because it relieves stress and other sickness in your body. Enjoy!     Fresh off Da Blane FIJI Tour 2014 Arrival into Fiji and shorts from Interview at Nadi Airport
Watch the video: video

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Okolosi Okeoghene Prince Mike
Okolosi Okeoghene Prince Mike : Dear God,Give me the nature of JIM IYKE never to allow intimidation, a heart like ramsey's to love my woman but please a wife like Omotola, not like Funke Akindele who'll beat me up and throw me out, a mother-in-law like Ngozi ezeonu and not Patience Ozokwo biko chineke, a father-in-law like Pete Edochie and not Chinwetalu Agu that will swear for me. A tolerant heart like Kenneth Okonkwo's, please God, do not give me a maid as Curvy as Mercy JOHNSON oluwa i beg you. please if i have Tonto Dike among my children, please may my wife abort her before i meet her, give me the Wealth of Olu jacobs because i have never seen him poor. I need neighbours like Mr ibu and Charles inojie so laughter wont depart from me, I need smart male children like Chinedu IKEDIEZE and OSITA iheme but with height, give me wisdom like Nkem Owoh . and oluwa i beg you to pls crown it all with a long life like that very old man that told the story of IGODO. amen.
Are u laughing alone?
Good nite n happy weekends Prince Mike friends

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Kevin Owen
Kevin Owen : Thursday 31st July 2014

The Duke of Rothesay will visit North Highland College Land-based Centre for Game Keeping and Veterinary Nursing, Dale Farm, Westerdale, Halkirk KW12 6UW.

Just to confirm , Yes, Prince Charles did visit next door to me, but unfortunately he didn't have time to pop in for a brew and a biscuit, perhaps next time......

41 minutes ago - View -
Rosa Lewis
Rosa Lewis : Learn Our History     Learn in history
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Etienne Chouard
Etienne Chouard : Innombrables expériences démocratiques non athéniennes : lire Graeber, Dupuis-Déri et Rediker    
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Carol Burke
Carol Burke : Timeline Photos     Some fact about : Charles Spurgeon:
Charles Haddon Spurgeon is history's most widely read preacher (apart from the biblical ones). Today, there is available more material written by Spurgeon than by any other Christian author, living or dead. Spurgeon read The Pilgrim's Progress at age 6 and went on to read it over 100 times. Spurgeon's personal library contained 12,000 volumes - 1,000 printed before 1700. The library, 5,103 volumes at the time of its auction, is now housed at William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri. Before he was 20, Spurgeon had preached over 600 times. When Spurgeon arrived at The New Park Street Church, in 1854, the congregation had 232 members, by the end of his pastorate, 38 years later, that number had increased to 5,311,altogether, 14,460 people were added to the church during Spurgeon's tenure. The church was the largest independent congregation in the world as at that time .Spurgeon typically read 6 books per week and could remember what he had read, and where, even years later. Spurgeon once addressed an audience of 23,654 without a microphone or any mechanical amplification. During his lifetime, Spurgeon is estimated to have preached to 10,000,000 people. Occasionally Spurgeon asked members of his congregation not to attend the next Sunday's service, so that newcomers might find a seat. During one 1879 service, the regular congregation left so that newcomers waiting outside might get in; the building immediately filled again. His methodology of preaching in the pulpit earned him titles such as "the preaching boy wonder" and "the prince of preachers    

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Ceres Wholefoods
Ceres Wholefoods : Latest Project. BBC Knowledge | PREDITOR    
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John Clinton
John Clinton : Union Jacks at Glasgow 2014: The Enduring Britishness of the Commonwealth    
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Smokegang Mac
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Kingka DaVillain
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Tracy Heard J Jordan
Tracy Heard J Jordan : rigbter business my dad always diwn in houses social housing loves queens lands n cards sssh n er der i was er cliser missed him der n he me er n lord leonards wishes would be stay freer n leave plan a for socialer more welfarer n faiere ladies . gentlemnen n romany well move on to beatuifuller chridtianity plans n al can be a comunity n got lost n yeserday only n walked n found by pass pass er n down road .icer ladies n to tireder to walk n two dogs n bus n directions up road n turn left n no seat n er others have a fying seat at bus stop so apoligies sat on curb ok time it took ok look after socialer types n yes dads plan keep growing n reminded one vatdener is so beaautifuller n al blesd it i c n so inname of leinarder angryer n wishes al save er foc land n gardens any country n love to er grow veg for anuone hungrey n every other houser n der im not yes please do zuppirt prince charles duchy n yes duke n duchess n say esquire herad met him isles n any better advice best do or er c other plans ok n grow as a team n community flowers n appler trees ok n tskes er electric out of air n saves community any other ambushes ok send er off ok v
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Paul Welsh
Paul Welsh : Timeline Photos         PRINCE CHARLES,S HANDLER.

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K Alan Line
K Alan Line : Learn Our History    
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Madrid K. Danner-Smith
Madrid K. Danner-Smith :     Prince Okafor     Awwww Shit...A new Challenge from Charles R. Patrick...Make it viral...
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Laura Sol
Laura Sol : Today in history: Prince Charles and Diana's wedding     Super Celebrities

Today in history: Prince Charles and Diana's wedding Hundreds of thousands of royal fans took to the streets of London and 750 million from all over the world tuned in to watch Prince Charles marry his first wife, Princess Diana, on 29 July 1981, in what became the biggest royal event of its time. Scroll ...

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Jared Boucher
Jared Boucher : 12. Blotter: Emily Smiles (Parts I - V)    
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Jimmi Bones
Jimmi Bones :     #12barchallenge let's get it Nick Nickels Destiny Nikole Benjamin Stack Perf Peshii IAm Logic Json Crushon Wade Slaughter Hella Stacks Prinse Rah Dollas OG Hood LB Layed Back Gurilla Light Jamaal Cyrus Lawrence Christie Daniel Charles-Moore OneSlimbiggins Stack Billions Arkeen Nasim Nisbett Picasso D'Artist Pat Riot Queentheyall Boss Chick Envy Prince Johnson Storez L Torch Banga Savage Krak Pgr    
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Jayne C. Seidel
Jayne C. Seidel : 1985 Diana     December 23, 1985 Princess Diana performing a dance with Wayne Sleep to Billie Joel's song, "Uptown Girl" for a charity benefit at Covent Garden to surprise Prince Charles.    
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Cup n Cakes
Cup n Cakes : Sophisticake     Cakes finished for delivery tomorrow, then Im off for the weekend to see my lovely friend Dawn from , cant wait, pop over to her page and see the wonderful work she does...Did I mention she made Prince Charles and Camillas wedding cake !!! Yes she is that good !!
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Bob Hayes
Bob Hayes : Learn Our History    
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