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Politice Nigeria
Politice Nigeria : Founder of Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, Rev. Father Dominic Adeiza, has said that individuals and organisations who hold rigid religious views have created different versions of such religion.

Adeiza also said that extremism was not limited to Islamic religion, noting that rigid views could be found among various faith-based groups.

The cleric, in his paper titled: "Building and sustaining bridges across divides for peaceful co-existence in Nigeria,” during a one-day workshop organised by the Centre for Peacebuilding and Socio-Economic Resources Development (CePSERD) said; "Extremism can be found among all religious, ethnic, political and social groups, although in this country, some elements that could be identified as Christian extremist have caused some problems."

The cleric explained that lack of quality and principled political, civil and religious leadership, overheating of the political space, were reasons for extremism.

"They are our kins, our children, our nephews and cousins who often feel cheated out of what is for all. We profile them as rebels without a cause who are just angry individuals, they are often more socio-politically conscious and more IT savvy than we are prepared to accept. These individuals grew in harsh and unforgiving climate and sought answers to rescue in religion.

"They found chapters and verses in the scriptures and traditions that appeal to them or address thier social ills," he said.

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Will Schroeder
Will Schroeder : I am searching for people, especially in the performing arts, who would be interested in free photo sessions. I work with people who want to explore their emotion and inner spirit, express their inner self openly and spontaneously not posing, and I capture the whole person in photos, I feel the real art of photographing people is to capture the inner person as well as the physical in photos. The people I work with are co artists in creating the photos. Photographing people is my art form and not a professions and I do not charge for my time, my reward is when the person views the photos and is move by them. The rights to the photos are shared but photo sessions remain personal and no photos are displayed or sessions discussed without their permission, am very protective of peoples privacy. I also do not sell any photos of anyone I photograph. I have some albums under FB profile photos and if interested feel free to message.
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Efunuga Joseph Lekan
Efunuga Joseph Lekan : ALL PROGRESSIVE CONGRESS NATIONAL YOUTH LEAGUE     I Dey Laf Tinubu & His Goats. They Are Calling 4 Equity With Dirty Hands. Mumucious People.
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Rich Lesovo
Rich Lesovo : Timeline Photos     Following on from our previous link, showing Muslim convert, Zale Thompson, attacking NY State police with a hatchet.

I think they share the same disease of ignorance and stupidity as forces in Britain who denied the Rochdale ISIS flag bearer was linked to extremism.

When asked if the unprovoked attack in New York was tied to terrorism or to recent calls by radicals to attack military and police officers, the police commissioner said, "there is nothing we know as of this time that would indicate that were the case," and a senior law enforcement official told CNN on Friday that investigators do not believe that Thompson, a Muslim convert, was driven by any radical Islamic views.

Here is a shot of his Facebook profile, what do you think?    

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Elma Salonga
Elma Salonga : Now Annabel knows who views her facebook profile, What about yours ?     Elma Salonga
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Thitima Klanboosaya
Thitima Klanboosaya : Timeline Photos skype jean.luc205 Jean luc L
Last Active:38 minutes ago Profile Views: 120 times Profile Skin: Default Member Since: September 28, 2014 Gender: Male Location: Montpellier, France Age: 49 Relationship Status: Divorced Interested In: Dating, Serious Relationship Languages: Français, Română, Português    

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Baba's Son
Baba's Son : How to chek your profile vistors
Step by Step 1
. Open up browser, go to your Facebook profile
2. Right click, click view page source
3. (Mac) Click Command + F (Windows) Click Control +F
4. Type in “OrderedFriends”
5. Now you should see number codes in parenthesis. Starting from left to right, the number codes indicate the profiles of people who view your page in order of views.
6. Open up a new tab, go to
7. Copy and paste any code and paste it ex. code here)
8. Find out who stalks the hell out of you(: Enjoy

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