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Zeta Flare P
Zeta Flare P : Fanime-con 2014     With Cloverclub Cosplay in San Jose, CA.     Happy birthday to the cutest NEET ever!
Cloverclub Cosplay as Anzu Futaba from iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

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Wax-Heart Records Ltd.
Wax-Heart Records Ltd. : "Something Ventured, Nothing Gained." EP Trailer by More Machi...     Happy Birthday to #QueenOfElectro, Tasha Katrine of More Machine Than Man! This is a clip from their forthcoming EP, 'Something Ventured, Nothing Gained," coming out next month via Nilaihah Records!     Teaser Trailer for new EP by More Machine Than Man titled, Something Ventured, Nothing Gained.

Including two new songs, Constructive Criticism and Bliss. Also featuring guest vocals by Dan Neet of The Clay People and remixes by Steve White (KMFDM and PIG), Legion Within, GoFight, Ego Likeness, Razed in Black, Panic Lift, I:scintilla, and Microwaved.

Available September 2014 through Nilaihah Records.
Watch the video: video

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Sandra Neet
Sandra Neet : Sandra Neet added a life event: Started School at Port Townsend High School    
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Neet Childers
Neet Childers : Timeline Photos     CHEESE RECALL: Kraft Foods is recalling 7,691 cases of its single-slice American cheese. The company says the recall comes after a supplier did not store an ingredient at the right temperature.

The package codes of the affected cheese all start with 0 21000 then have the suffixes 60464 7, 61526 1 or 63360 9.


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