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Raf Hunter
Raf Hunter : Sin título     I sometimes think(even with me that im so heavy).. but no to you. Know you are a busy bee(joke again) but I "enjoy" with you a lot. (I know you work a lot, come on.. so ..and I have a friend (well ,married to a girl to Fabric(shh shh) papers.. :| (so ) I feel like if I were conected to London these last times... and . . I envy you. I studied "to b" producer but.. not was (jjmm jjmm) my dream to organice as a MIcky Finn , ... you have a future brilliant and look a girl with...the head in its place? . I li..I forget that you read your own facebook (or twitter) and you will have read my messages..but I mean that even me sometimes I forget that I started a conversation to you.... with that coffee...sorry if, any strange(I remember now the thing of dont need to reply. I insist dear HJmm ...good inglés flema) look proud.. Lucy Monkman. I Rafael de Santiago Juárez for my family, Rafis or Rafa for friends and Hunter Or DR Siki for the Twitter´s. maybe one day I can give u a had. sometimes I would like to return there for more than the thirteen months I stayed there(from 1999 march to march 2000). maybe I can give you a had... I keep on touch maybe , sometimes... i scrath myself that would you hate me... hehe.. not ...more or less ok... just backpain terrible or ..hah.. jungle and dnb was my fauvorite, but..... ik, :) now i like you and your friend B trits (briann). I close #dailyclose... first I wanted to be journalist.. I go to tell you (sometimes or if not.. that... a bit 9 I could write books and books heh , I just like writting (you can enter whenever u want
I just have from a few days ago to get entertainment. I haven´t and i´m not going to reblogg probably nothing. you are invited... is a I like you.
bye. mei lei is good chinese. pretty 0 hehejeejjej bye. see u)

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Uzoma Ichet
Uzoma Ichet :         Hello Everyone!
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Things are heating Up!

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Ovie Omo-Agege Mandate II
Ovie Omo-Agege Mandate II :         A Vote For Me Is A Vote For You

I dream of a Delta state where our youths can look at us with hope and we see them as worthy future leaders. I dream of a Delta state where our tomorrow will always be better than our today and our today better than yesterday.

The vision is one of national renewal, a state with drive, purpose and energy. A state equipped to prosper in a global economy of technological change; with a modern welfare state; its politics more accountable; and confident of its place in the world.

For Effective Representation & Good Governance; Vote Ovie Omo-Agege for Senate, Delta Central Senatorial District. Vote Great Ogboru for Governor, Delta State. Vote For Delta State Labour Party.

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Jesus Youth Kuwait
Jesus Youth Kuwait : Jesus Youth International         One Month Mission: Called to be God's 'Healing Hands'
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Starseed Gardens
Starseed Gardens :
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Ovie Mandate Omo-Agege
Ovie Mandate Omo-Agege :         A Vote For Me Is A Vote For You

I dream of a Delta state where our youths can look at us with hope and we see them as worthy future leaders. I dream of a Delta state where our tomorrow will always be better than our today and our today better than yesterday.

The vision is one of national renewal, a state with drive, purpose and energy. A state equipped to prosper in a global economy of technological change; with a modern welfare state; its politics more accountable; and confident of its place in the world.

For Effective Representation & Good Governance; Vote Ovie Omo-Agege for Senate, Delta Central Senatorial District. Vote Great Ogboru for Governor, Delta State. Vote For Delta State Labour Party.

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Judy Searley
Judy Searley :         A nice one to say goodnight on to all the 'beautiful hearts' on here, thanks for more Ah ha, and light bulb moments today from posts on here, if your day is just starting, have a good one and stay strong, goodnight, take yourself to a beautiful place to dream for those in my time zone.
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Noore Yajdani Ador
Noore Yajdani Ador : Looking to have the perfect body or to lose the extra weight, but don’t have the time to go to gym! It’s always hard to do it all alone but to have a personal trainer to guide you, motivate you, makes the task to achieve your dream body quite easy. Fat loss Training/Strength Training and Muscle Building in 3 months time at our own convenient time and in comfort of your own place with guarantee result! Personal Trainer Service please contact 01714212772
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Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation
Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation :         Zozo, 39, married with four children, three boys and a girl. Her eldest is 14 and youngest is 3 years old. She is expecting her fifth child soon. Her three eldest children are in primary education. She joined Al Tadamun Microfinance Foundation in 2007 with a loan size LE 500; she then dropped out for a year during 2010 and rejoined Al Tadamun again. Her current loan is LE 1,500. Zozo, is literate, she knows how to read and write.

Her project is producing leather jackets for ladies, men and children. Her husband helps her out in her project. She visits the leather tannery house in El Sayeda Zainab district and buys from them around 150 feet of leather for LE 1,000. She buys large quantities of zips, buttons, and underlay and plastic bags for packaging from Attaba district.

The best season for Zozo’s business is from October – March. During the month of October, she visits the shops that she deals with and shows them the designs available. They place their orders, in terms of quantities, colors, sizes and type of leather. She can produce up to 10 – 20 pieces of jackets per two weeks. She would sell the jacket for LE 400 to the shop. Her net profit per month is around LE 1,800. She produces different colors of jackets, depending on her client’s request.

She used to have a shop, where she displayed her products, but closed it down two years ago, since she wanted to be close to her young children.

Aside from her main business, Zozo also produces leather car seats and storage bags for blankets. Zozo’s dream is to expand her project and to have her own workshop and employees.

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TEra Mujse Hai Pehlle Ka Nata Koi.
TEra Mujse Hai Pehlle Ka Nata Koi. : "No, we didn't dream of this world. Society, circumstance, griefs,
compromises... No..!! They were not part of our world. That was
different. Beyond all these. And you know, beyond all the right
doings and wrong doings, there is a place. I'll meet you there." :')

11 minutes ago - View - : Lewis Hamilton: Bred for Greatness     Lewis Hamilton: Destined for Greatness from the Very Beginning
Are you an aspiring New or Used Car Buyer looking for your dream car? Visit
Lewis Hamilton is certainly on top of his game once more. With his impressive driving skills and a great car made by Mercedes-AMG, his 2014 Formula One World Championship was certainly sealed. However, some might not be aware that Hamilton has been winning races since he was still too young to even get a driver’s license. So, let’s revisit his earlier racing career to shed light to his colorful story. Lewis Hamilton in His Early Years As early 1991, Hamilton was already racing. But that time, it only involved radio controlled cars. Following that year, he bagged the second place in a BRCA championship event. That time, his father decided to buy him his... Continue Reading »

The post Lewis Hamilton: Destined for Greatness from the Very Beginning appeared first on - A Mercedes-Benz Fan Blog.

13 minutes ago - View - : Clozette | Tutorials     Summer is fast approaching and we're pretty sure you have all your travel plans in place!
So before you hit the plane en route to your dream destination, watch this video to find out what proper skin care routine and make up look you can follow that's perfect for the jetsetter in you >>

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Choong Yee Wen
Choong Yee Wen : Choong Yee Wen created a doc in the group: ■Parts Of Apollos□.    
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Broken Chains Biker Church
Broken Chains Biker Church : Exuberant Ruth says- Daydream About Possibilities

The Lord will work out His plans for my life--for your faithful love ,
O Lord, endures forever. Don't abandon me, for You made me.
Psalm 138:8, NLT

You must take the time to consider carefully course of your life. Where are you heading? What will it look like when you get there? Let your imagination take over. Spend time daydreaming about where you want to be in life. Read about it. Study that place. Write about it in your journal. Draw it. Paint it. Let your mind run free with the possibilities of what you can attain, what you can be, what you can accomplish. Transform your imaginations into intentions. Act intentionally rather than react unconsciously. Now talk about it. Line up your mouth the rudder of your life with where you are going. Then keep it steady and on course.

Nothing is impossible with God the Father
Therefor I will not limit what He can do to through me. I free my mind and my heart to dream. I called fall forth thoes dream the Holy Spirit place in my heart long ago, dreams I buried because of fear or unbelief. I command them to wake up. Father, Abba Father, my heart is open to receive Your desires for me only want to do Your will. Amen

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Jordaan Painting
Jordaan Painting :         At munsieville X10 krugersdrop. New development place. You wanna buy stand and build your dream house? We here to help you!!!!
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Juno's Eagle Jewelry
Juno's Eagle Jewelry :         Time to get lost in 55th Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair at the Impact Arena.

To all my jewelry loving friends out there, this place is an absolute magpies paradise. Literally everything jewelry related under one roof. Found some delicious pearls to decorate the new KOH TAO collection.

It sounds crazy but there’s something about buying my first string of pearls that makes me feel more ‘established’ as a woman. A girl can dream ;-)

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Expat International Pty Ltd - Visa & Migration Services
Expat International Pty Ltd - Visa & Migration Services : Home Search - Expat International. Click to Learn More.     One of the first things to consider before moving to Australia is finding a place to live. We'll help you find your dream home. You just worry about packing.
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Mr.R Space
Mr.R Space : Dreaming Of Maldives         What a fucking beautiful Resorts in Maldives ...
Such a dream place in the world ..

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Grasmere Gingerbread
Grasmere Gingerbread :         Bakery assistant Aleks celebrated his birthday today with a tasty dream car. His trusty Audi A2 is a place we often find him at lunchtime taking a power nap before the afternoon shift! Daudz laimes dzimšanas dienā Aleks, as they say in his native Latvia :)
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Phindi Candice Sikhakhane
Phindi Candice Sikhakhane : Guys I'm broke :'( I'm an addict I need help!! I'm addicted to Kipi.since I've known about Kipi I have not been able to keep money cos I only make big dreams R5000 upwards. this month I waited for all my debits to go through then bought groceries and took the rest of my money and created a dream. my purse is empty guys I need help. is thr a Kipi Anonymous place sum1 can refer me to :'(
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Northern Home & Lifestyle Association
Northern Home & Lifestyle Association :         It's time to make your dream home a reality. Come to the NHLA Home & Lifestyle Expo on March 14 & 15. Everything you'll need all in one place.
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Sacha Schwarz
Sacha Schwarz : Mixmag | THIS TUNISIAN FESTIVAL TAKES PLACE ON THE SET OF STAR WARS     ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
W O W ! Dream setting for a festival or what?!

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Edwards / Flares / Red Room
Edwards / Flares / Red Room :
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Briarlea Bouviers
Briarlea Bouviers : Good bye, Old Friend.

Hope this email finds you and your family well and looking forward to a wonderful Spring! Not sure if you will remember me, but my wife Sandra and I brought Bannon home to St. Paul from your farm back in January 2001 – he was a son to Robin! We then took him to Winona, MN that Spring where he lived with us for the rest of his 14 ¼ years. Yes, we had to finally put him to sleep yesterday… He was a true companion in the strongest sense. He looked like a champion, he was tough but yet gentle, and he was truly courageous. You know I could go on and on! He was doing great up until three weeks ago – still ate like a horse and walked around our four acres as if he owned the place! Then, we found out he had cancer and he went downhill quickly. It was amazing how fast. Anyway, I was really intending for this email to be more of a grateful and heartfelt thanks for your efforts in producing one of the most incredible companions anyone could ever dream of having! I have attached a picture of Bannon taken last fall before his 14th birthday and another of a Christmas Day 2014 selfie we tried to take with the boy, but as you will see, he was less than cooperative – which shows in the picture.

Again, I hope you are enjoying life on your farm and thank you again for Bannon. We will be eternally grateful. What a Prince!

Warmest Regards,

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Gayle Cook
Gayle Cook : Remember ღ Once upon a Time?         NATIVE HEART
Happy Wednesday
We hope you find your journey to the center of life, filled with awesome experiences.
Make your own way,. . .and enjoy being lost once in a while, it is good for you.
We wish you a day of new beginnings, power, strength, good health, love and many blessings.
God Bless You and Always Keep You Safe,
Randell, Gayle & Okie Sooner Cook
Eufaula, Oklahoma, 'Native America'

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DREAM Dachshund Rescue, Education & Adoption Mission
DREAM Dachshund Rescue, Education & Adoption Mission :         Guess what we found??? Trudy Treasure! This 15lb, one year old sweetheart was found caged up at a pound out west of Houston, where conditions were horrible. Thankfully the caring soul who discovered Trudy there, realized that this affectionate little girl deserved so much more. She wanted to find a place for Trudy where she could flourish and be loved, so she contacted DREAM. We're so glad to have her as a DREAM Dachsie. She is all wiggly and sweet and will stick to you like glue. She even gives the sweetest puppy hugs. Trudy gets along well with all people and other dogs and seems to adapt quickly to a new environment. Look at that smile! She's hoping the perfect forever family finds her soon so she can share the treasure trove of love and kisses she's saving for you
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Narrow Gate Ministries of Greensboro, Inc.
Narrow Gate Ministries of Greensboro, Inc. : Narrow Gate Ministries of Greensboro, Inc.        
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Narrow Gate Ministries of Greensboro, Inc.
Narrow Gate Ministries of Greensboro, Inc. :         Marriage Without Divorce Is Every Couples Dream

“The Divorce Prevention Guide”
By Minister William Edward Turner
Release Date May 2015

“The Divorce Prevention Guide” gives you God’s foundational principles you must have in place prior to engagement for a successful marriage.
“Marriage is a gift from God.
It is the most fulfilling awesome, wonderful, and
exciting relationship you will ever have with any human of opposite sex.” Minister William Edward Turner

A portion of the profits of this book go to the YWCA Domestic Violence – Shelter Programs
Contact: Minister William Turner

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