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Russ Streifert
Russ Streifert : John Debney - Dream House     I can't name any of the top 40 songs on the radio. But i love music. For some crazy reason i've yet to understand, i've always been drawn to film scores instead and have even been known to collect a soundtrack or two (or 100 or more). A good score is not meant to stand on its own (away from the film), but many do. I don't mean musicals where you're supposed to sing along, or film music like "Psycho" or "Jaws" where the theme will forever remind you of the horror. I'm referring to scores like John Williams "Hook", Randy Edelman's "DragonHeart", John Barry's "Dances with Wloves", Danny Elfman's "Edward Scissorhands" or John Debney's "Dreamhouse" - music that can be played separately and still evoke emotions not necessarily tied to those of the film. Tell me if you can sit alone, in a darkened room, with this music playing and not be taken to a place emotionally where you'd really like to spend some time. I'd like to know if i'm the only one who does this.     Dream House OST
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Steven Hall
Steven Hall : Mobile Uploads     Between reality and fantasy there is a space.
I contest that I live in this place.
Where humans race.
Adjusting to new meds that quiet the voices that scream in my head.
Tell me that I would be better off dead.
People wonder why I would rather fight than dance.
I wear black because I mourns the death of romance.
The American dream is dead as well.
The Republicans drug my Country through hell.
It's fucking Gonzo Jack unlike that Monkey on your back.
Only a desolated World of really rich and kinda poor.
Ain't much Middle class no more.
But don't give up.
Don't fall into despair.
If your looking for answers you won't find them there !!!    

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Melody Henson
Melody Henson :         Who is getting the kids ready for back to school? Tupperware is helping us out by providing all your needs for back to school at tupperific prices :) Some sales end this Friday, July 25th on the flyer below. Contact me directly to place orders or shop my website using the link below.

I'm also looking for Tupperware Lovers to share the Tupperware Opportunity with! Do you love Tupperware? What would you do with an extra $1000 a month? Being able to party for a living, meet new people everyday, and dreams coming true is just some of what I have to share with you Who wants to hear more?

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Lisette Marie Beaver
Lisette Marie Beaver : When years are passing by like days, and in my hand your hand is placed, a knowing smile crosses your face, a simple touch can still make my heart race. For you, I thank the Lord above. You’ve given me hope, inspiration and truth Because of you I feel never ending youth Because of you I feel that all my dreams come true. Many smiles for every tear, A rose for the past first year,What’s deep in our hearts is all that really matters May it be the beautiful anniversary ever. A year ago we were groom and bride, Be happy, be joyful side by side. Find love together and share your joy, Find your own way life to enjoy. HAPPY 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY MY LOVE!!!! xoxoxoxo
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Luciano Olivo NMLSR ID 508417 - Wells Fargo
Luciano Olivo NMLSR ID 508417 - Wells Fargo : Best places for vacation home deals - CNNMoney     Do you dream of buying a vacation home? CNN breaks down their top pick of places to find a bargain for those who love golf, water, the wilderness and amusement parks.
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Jeffrey David Ream NMLSR ID 168330 - Wells Fargo
Jeffrey David Ream NMLSR ID 168330 - Wells Fargo : Best places for vacation home deals - CNNMoney     Do you dream of buying a vacation home? CNN breaks down their top pick of places to find a bargain for those who love golf, water, the wilderness and amusement parks.
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Siti Norma Rifah
Siti Norma Rifah : Lyrics Lirik Lagu Maher Zain Artist: Maher Zain Copyright: Awakening Records    
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Takaaki Kondo
Takaaki Kondo : 【10 Daily Habits of Exceptionally Happy People】 【幸せな人はやっていない、今すぐやめた方がいい12のこと】    
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Celebrate Birth-Rebekah Baird Certified Birth Doula
Celebrate Birth-Rebekah Baird Certified Birth Doula : Midwives Nottawasaga     Include a doula in this picture and you have the dream team! I work with moms at OSMH, call or message today for a consultation!
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Sally Hope

I'm in this super strange place where all of the things I've set out to do this year have already come true.

It feels amazing, but something else strange happens. I get this restless feeling. This "what next" feeling.

I've always associated that with being bad. Like I can't enjoy what I've created. I know that's not true though and what I know about myself is that I need to give myself BIG dreams and goals, create big games for myself, or else I feel bored, lethargic, unproductive, and not good about myself and it makes it hard for me to be creative.

I like to be busy. I like to create. I like to vision. And I need all those things in order to feel fulfilled. Right now, I'm not 100% sure what the bigger game is. What I truly want to create.

I have some ideas but I would love your opinions.

In a perfect world, what would you like to see Wildheart do? What is something you need in your life that you don't currently have? Any thoughts and ideas are MUCH appreciated. #inittogether

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Tracey McGrath
Tracey McGrath : Sunsuper Dreams | Make the world a better place | Vote for your favourite dream     Just one vote and it takes about one minute. DRN may win $5000! Imagine how many animals that would assist in rescue.
Thanks lets all 'pay it forward'.

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Will Carter
Will Carter : What mother actually sits and makes there sons watch The Bratz... Like really tho?? First it was Dream girls now its the Bratz... Get the tf outta here. They are boys,soon to be young men. In my opinion it shouldn't be on the roster at all. That should be a show a mother watches without her sons and any other feminine shows. When you have a house full of young boys you should allow/let them watch shows that Lil boys should watch. What we must understand is that kids are easily influenced by the things they watch, see, hear, etc. Especially if its on a daily bases. So in that case we should influence our kids the right way with the right things. Especially if you do not allow the father to take place in there life. And yes I said allow because in her case that's what it is. #wow#unbelievable #pisstfoff
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Stephan Pretorius
Stephan Pretorius : Mozart - The Marriage of Figaro: Sull'aria [HD]     "I have no idea to this day what those two Italian ladies were singing about. Truth is, I don't want to know. Some things are best left unsaid. I'd like to think they were singing about something so beautiful, it can't be expressed in words, and makes your heart ache because of it. I tell you, those voices soared higher and farther than anybody in a gray place dares to dream. It was like some beautiful bird flapped into our drab little cage and made those walls dissolve away, and for the briefest of moments, every last man in Shawshank felt free." - Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding from the Shawshank Redemption     "Sull'aria...che soave zeffiretto" is a duettino, or a short duet, from act 3 of Mozart's opera The Marriage of Figaro, K. 492, to a libretto by Lorenzo Da P...
Watch the video: video

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Mickey Krause
Mickey Krause : Click here to support Art Lovers Place-Working Artists Studio by Mickey Krause     I grew up in Webster Groves but have lived in Florida since 1999. I've been on disability since 2000 for a lung disorder called Pulmonary Hypertension. I took up Watercolor Painting in 2001. I now live in Largo, FL and have purchased a building that needs total renovation but is going to be awesome as a Working Artists Open-Concept Studio, Social Club & Gallery. I could sure use some help and have set up a Construction Fund at Any amount is appreciated. Maybe you could eat at home one night or drink water instead of a couple cocktails one day or skip this month's manicure and donate that saved money to help my dream of an Artists Studio & Gallery become a Reality. Thank you soooo much!
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Crystal Pomeroy
Crystal Pomeroy : I'm so Vero beach I remember crossing the ditch to get from the Highlands to lakewood park & THE HOUSE was the place too be at when it came to a party lol

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Julie Darling
Julie Darling : So, if one was planning an African Safari, how many days would one need and what are the the best places, Kenya? Nairobi? Tanzania? What is the best time of year to go? Should I stop in Europe on my way hither and yon? Seems like a far away dream but it'll be here in no time I know.
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Jim Pool
Jim Pool : Doing Racial Reconciliation: “Crossing Eight Mile in Sandals, Shorts and a Yellow Shirt”    
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Sinister Breed
Sinister Breed : When I was young my grandma told me to never give up on my dreams and someday I would live those dreams. She believed in me when no one else would. She encourage me to keep on with my art and music. She never told me anything negative or to turn down my music. She was my friend, a mom and the best grandmother a guy could ever have. I will always have a special place in my heart for my grandma who passed away 7/22/2014
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Jennifer Murciélago Vann
Jennifer Murciélago Vann : Timeline Photos     "It is amazing what happens when you learn to 'brave up' to your fears in the place of the dream. That adversary can turn out to be a friend in disguise, who has something that will help you. We need to remember that dreams are not on our case, they are on our side. In dreams, modern Americans are always running away from wild animals, especially bears. It is the bear that knows where the medicine plants are, it's the bear who brings through healing in native American traditions. So if you are running away from a bear you may be running from your own medicine!"

- From Robert's interview with Connie Hill at

Art: "Medicine Bear of the Bear Walker," James Simon Mishibiniima.    

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Melody Henson
Melody Henson :         Who is getting the kids ready for back to school? Tupperware is helping us out by providing all your needs for back to school at tupperific prices :) Some sales end this Friday, July 25th on the flyer below. Contact me directly to place orders or shop my website using the link below.

I'm also looking for Tupperware Lovers to share the Tupperware Opportunity with! Do you love Tupperware? What would you do with an extra $1000 a month? Being able to party for a living, meet new people everyday, and dreams coming true is just some of what I have to share with you Who wants to hear more?

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Exquisite Danielle
Exquisite Danielle : Im counting my blessings and focusing on positive things :-) I love progressing and my ambition is getting me places beyond my dreams.
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Joe Harold Mason
Joe Harold Mason : ''tonight, tonight, the world is full of light.. with suns and moons all over the place..tonight, tonight..the world is wild and bright, going mad- shooting sparks into the world was just an address- a place for me to live in- no better than alright..but here you are..and what was just a world is a star...tonight. good night, good night..sleep well. and when you dream, dream of me..tonight..'' West Side Story
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Austin Kronenberger
Austin Kronenberger : Sometimes I wonder if I am slowly going insane. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be someone other than me. But the the world keeps turning, and I just on a ride of uncertain destinations. If only I could look at the mistakes I have made and not grimace at how naive and stupid I was, especially to how I treated people who I called friend, sometimes the pain is hard to bare, knowing full well I can never be like everyone else and will never be completely understood. I just want to know how to make up for these mistakes i have made and I can't find a solution because the people I want to tell wouldn't listen to my pleas for forgiveness. I feel the darkness trying to swallow me as I struggle to make my own existence worthwhile but I always keep hitting a barrier that prevents me from rising higher towards the light of freedom and understanding. But I have something some people don't have; what others fight to have in their lives: friends. I will always have people in my life who intentionally or unintentionally; directly or indirectly give me strength to keep going another day; to keep fighting for the piece of mind I want to achieve; the will to pursue my dreams; my desires. I hope to someday connect with the ones I miss more than anything. The smiles of the people I called friend guide me to a place I hope to see someday: I place were I belong; a place I feel at peace. I hope to share this place to you all when I find it. Thanks, friends!

Signed, with everlasting love,
Austin R. Kronenberger :)

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Passiion P-Say Roosevelt
Passiion P-Say Roosevelt : People want to know what's the secret to success? What's makes people successful especially celebrities? The answer is this: They don't make excuses, procrastinate or complain when it's time to do something. They don't sit back and watch others move while they're standing still. They will sacrifice sleep, food and play time just to get the job done. They don't depend on friends or family for validation. They are committed and focus by any means necessary. So if you haven't reached any kind of success in your life maybe your dream isn't as important to you like you want it be. Today is the day that you stop complaining, stop with all the little excuses and slap procrastination down. Go after that dream that was placed in your thoughts and on your heart. God is waiting to bless you because he gave you that dream so that it can be a reality to someone else. Now get to work. ~@mspassionr
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Dream Catchers
Dream Catchers : Anyone out there in Singapore looking for a job?

Work and earn on your terms, with flexible working hours and pay-for-performance commissions in a cool and innovative new business!

If you are dynamic, outgoing and enjoy presenting yourself and our products & services to clients, then we are looking for you. The ideal candidate should have good communication, presentation and interpersonal skills. The candidate would need to travel within Singapore and make cold calls. Passion for Facebook, Twitter would be very helpful. Perseverance and thick skin would be a plus! Connections with establishments like Hotels, Theme Parks, Malls and other hangout places would be a big plus!

Interested? Send us a brief write up about yourself at
Preference shall be given to Singaporeans and PRs.

Dream Catchers Vision is a Singapore based global online talent showcase company that promotes performing artists. The company is now expanding its business, to offer a unique product for social & digital marketing services for its clients. We are looking for dynamic sales folks who can help us pitch and close sales for our new products.

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MàDmôzéllè NaDa
MàDmôzéllè NaDa : If in my dreams is the only place i can hold you in it .... I want to sleep for ever -_-
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Sonnia Valverde Drouet
Sonnia Valverde Drouet : Timeline Photos     what are YOU afraid of?
To laugh is to risk appearing a fool.
To weep is to risk appearing sentimental.
To reach out is to risk involvement.
To expose feelings is to risk rejection.
To place your dreams before the crowd is to risk ridicule.
To love is to risk not being loved in return.
To go forward in the face of overwhelming odds is to risk failure.

Risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. A person may avoid suffering and sorrow but a person cannot learn and cannot feel and cannot grow or love. Chained by certitudes you are only a slave.

Only a person who takes risks is free. ~osho     Love it

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Rnb Singer Chris Levingston
Rnb Singer Chris Levingston : Timeline Photos     Attention All Rnb Singer Chris Levingston Fans, We had Just been informed that July 27th will be reschedual to August 17th. After Our Phone meeting brought even bigger news, The reason why it was reschedualed was 50 cent himself made it his priority to Be present for Chris Levingston Creative Music On August 17th.I will tell you this I can't believe We had our First Official meeting, Dreams do come True.... So Watch out Fans Chris levingston is about to SHINE.First Place for His Tour will Be L.A... Yes we will be World Wide....... — feeling blessed.    
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The Griffis Team of Exit Realty Screamin' Eagle
The Griffis Team of Exit Realty Screamin' Eagle : $28,000 - 703 Gardendale Ln, Clarksville, TN 37040     Great lot located in the Church Place subdivision. Over half an acre, Perfect for building that dream home. Corner lot with tons of Sunlight as well as shade. Lot includes area fenced in by chain link as well. …
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Sharvan Saravanan
Sharvan Saravanan : feeling happy..joined in my dream officer in my fav place coimbatore.
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Scott Mormon
Scott Mormon : We were at the Catholic mission and Fransico hooked us up on 4 dozen more eggs and I was so blessed. Then I see a elderly man in his seventies sitting there looking ashamed. I said, Fransico why is he here and I found out the hospital had referred him because he needed some test from a out of town hospital and he was already for from home and needed place for the night to hang his hat. Well I said can we pray for him and we did,/and he just thank us in Spanish after Sof prayed. The Lord told me it don't matter if they understand us by cause just the care of being prayed for gave way for the Holy Spirit to love on them through our obedience. We got so much done in our in town casa next week will be the BF ranch house. Feeling so in my element. In the joint they would strip us of everything to try to break our pandilla up, and I learned where there is a will there is a way, but now in a good way for Jesus. I learned to be content with a plastic cup, or a homemade cloths line etc. Feel so undistracted and content. This is kinda a finalizing of the foundation of the work here in SV because now the team will run with it from here and I must dream new dreams on how to help the hurting meet Jesus and develop leaders to do the same. Peace and love 2 U and a good night 2
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Dante Salvatore
Dante Salvatore : Esoteric, Metaphysical and Spiritual     In5d Esoteric Metaphysical and Spiritual Database

25 Common Dream Symbols and their Meanings
Every dream is a story about the dreamer and is often times teaching us a lesson or showing us about who we are and why we are here and doing what we are doing. When you are interpreting your dreams it is important for you to work with your own meanings of symbols, places and people before reaching for a dictionary of dream meanings

Are Your Dreams Becoming More Intense and Vivid?
Have you noticed lately how your dreams have become more intense and vivid? If so, you are definitely not alone!

Animal Symbolism, Totems and Dream Analysis from A to Z
When an animal appears to you in a dream or out in nature, what is the symbolism of this particular creature? Nothing happens by coincidence and these animals are here to teach us lessons. Find out below the answers to animal symbolism — with Angel Spirit Medium and 9 others.    

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David Wee
David Wee : Opportunity 2014 - Registry     you re looking for :
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the chance to be at the right time in the right place ....... secure now your 100000 compoints until 25 july ,take this chance to change your live and order your enterprise bundle now !!!

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Dave Patterson
Dave Patterson : Celebrating 40 years in Canada
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Jamie Freshour Turner
Jamie Freshour Turner : 10 years in Gainesville will come to a close tomorrow. Thanks to this town for being the place where I grew into an adult, went to college, became a Gator grad, swam for the UF synchronized swimming team with some of my favorite girls and my best friend, found my dream job, met my other best friend, owned my first home,taught some amazing kids, had my first classroom, met some educational rockstars, worked with some awesome teachers, met some amazing friends that will be in my life forever, met my husband and the rest is......yet to come.
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The SF Swedenborgian Church
The SF Swedenborgian Church :    
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Raycardo Showtime Shannon
Raycardo Showtime Shannon : Don’t regret today what you did yesterday. Yesterday’s choices, wrong or right, are what have helped you to become the person that you are today.

Yesterday is the perfect compass to guide you through today’s journey...

Never live in fear of what you may come to regret; as you grow older you'll find that the only place in which regret exists, is in the not-doing.

Regret only exists in our inaction, our hesitation. Do you really believe that at the end of your life you will regret pursuing your dreams? Taking a stand? Living boldly?

Of course not.

So choose to live bravely; take action at every opportunity! Stand up, LIVE your life to the fullest and leave no dream behind. You won’t succeed at everything, but you will have tried – and that, you will NEVER regret.

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Julissa Bernardo
Julissa Bernardo : dollar && a dream! this place is hyped!
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