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Kristy Price
Kristy Price : "I give myself away so you can use me here I am here I stand Lord, my life is in your hands Lord, I'm longing to see your desire revealed in me I give myself away, I give myself away so you can use me take my heart take my life as a living sacrifice all my dreams all my plans Lord I place them in your hands I give myself away, I give myself away so you can use me my life is not my own to you I belong I give myself, I give myself to you"

I belong to you Jesus! (:

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Carlton Perkins
Carlton Perkins : If your fantasies matches my dreams then we should meet somewhere in between.
No need to keep looking when I can show you things you have never seen.

I think of myself as being a romantic person and likes to take things slow.
Tell me what fascinates you and together we can grow.

Many people deny their feelings and live a life of neverending depression.
True love is awaiting as I am witness with my final confession.

No need to place up a guard for I mean you no harm.
But many remain hostile when they sound their own alarm.

Thats sad because my emotions only put out the best.
Still you question me like Im taking a relationship test.

Thats fine because I never have anything to hide.
And at the end I promise to still be by your side.

Remember though that often things arent always as they seem.
So keep that in mind when you compare your fantasy with my dream.

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Kim Postles
Kim Postles : a Wonderful sermon at church this morning.... Mercy and Grace have placed their grips upon me. I see all the blessings that abound . . . Some are small, some are great . . No Matter what God Is Good !!!!!
I do believe that God brought us to GA, I pray that he will continue to use me, and bless me as he sees worthy... I'm finally seeing my dreams pull through . . .

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Thomas Blessedhighlyfavored Robinson
Thomas Blessedhighlyfavored Robinson :         Day 51: This why we have to teach our kids to live everyday not to fight an kill but to fight for the dream that God has place in them. We all have a DREAM!! #100daysofhappines.
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Morgan Nichole Smith
Morgan Nichole Smith : Ive always wanted to write a book. 7 years ago I started one and I still have the manuscript (well typed version), but it was solely for me to read. It kept me in a reminder of a place that wasnt good for me, a place I knew other people had been which made me feel a bit better that I wasnt the only one, a place that did more harm than good. I stopped writing, tucked it away and never looked at it again. Well, God just changed all of that and reignited the dream of writing a book and gave me my title and purpose just like that. I didnt ask for it, hadnt thought about it in years, but I thanked Him for creative ideas and witty innovations I could never figure out on my own. Wow! Still amazed at His ability to use those not so good things for His glorious work. Just a little late night Sunday rant. So whatever u are going thru, dont beat urself up. Just know God is ABLE to use your square peg that to our natural mind doesnt fit into a round hole, a piece that would be worthless to us but yet still make it fit into His master plan....the plan that was written before we stepped foot on this earth. The plan that counts because ours is worth mere pennies compared to what He has the power to control.
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Ariel Ann Underwood
Ariel Ann Underwood : What do you do when it seems you've become nothing but a burden to those around you...? When you're told your every day mistakes and misunderstandings are too much to bear...? We all beg for life to be easy, but we also know, thats never the case... We plead and pray to know what step to take next..Where to go.. What to do... I've pondered that my whole life... Why my mother chose drugs over her two baby girls... would life have been different if she hadn't... my family is nothing but broken now... and yet, I pray each day for a true family... one who cherishes each day with their loved ones... I cant express how much I miss my grandmother, grandfather, and most of all... my sister... I know things happened and circumstances were terrible... But I miss being there for her more than anything... She was the only bit of silver lining I had left... I know I'm rambling, but I dont know what to do anymore.... Am I even welcome at "home?"... Is this place even able to be considered "my home?".. Where do I go from here...? Will my choices be the right ones...? I keep praying... with no answers in sight... I've been fighting for what seems like ages... fighting for my family, my dreams... I've never been one to give up...but now.. I don't know anything that runs clearer through my mind... I've always been a fighter... through the tough times and the better ones... but it seems I've run out of strength...
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Megan Smith
Megan Smith : I had a dream last night that Jeremy from A Day to Remember called me and said he's calling to connect with a fan. He said he'd be down to hang out with me but only wants to drink and play music, no smoking weed. Then he gave me a number to a place that could help with my weed xD
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Kelly Williams
Kelly Williams :         This weekend Rohan completed his first 100 mile ride at Virginia City 100. After a rocky start he was a complete dream and I could not have asked for a better day. He ate and drank like an old pro while slowly working his way through the pack. We finished in the wee hours of the morning in 10th place, earning Rohan's first Top Ten completion and a 6th place finish in the NASTR Triple Crown. This year there were 43 starts and 29 completions. The weather was perfect and the trail was beautiful! I can't thank my wonderful crew and friends that jumped in to lend an extra hand enough. Jr and I couldn't have done it without your help! Thank you NASTR for putting on an amazing ride and Baylor Gore Photography for the photos!
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Lisa Henry

My Dear, Beautiful Brothas;

Sorry, it's been a little while since I've talked to you, but I've been a little busy.....for YOU!!!

In addition to teaching Legal Literacy workshops in the Kansas City, Missouri community (BTW: This teacher needs to see more BROTHAS in class:-), I'm very excited about a new program I've just launched.

THE BARBERSHOP PROJECT brings legal information into the one place I KNOW you can be found - the neighborhood barber shop. I created an informational brochure of laws, statutes and code dealing with police interactions with the community, and I distribute copies of the Missouri Constitution!! Between these two documents, EVERY brotha should come out of the barbershop looking good, AND knowing his RIGHTS:-)

So far, I have 7 barber shops on board. By the end of the year, I hope to have this information in at least 30 barber shops in Kansas City, Missouri.

THEN, I want to see this replicated across the NATION!!! I'm a big dreamer.....and no dream is too big for YOU!!!

If you'd like a copy of the brochure, please feel free to inbox me your address, and I'll pop it in the mail to you. Ask your barber if I can place this information in the barber shop you frequent.

Well, I have to go now and create something else amazing for you. Help me get the word out about the BARBER SHOP PROJECT!!!

I love you!!!

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Bruno Mastelini
Bruno Mastelini : Doctor Doctor (UFO/Iron Maiden) Acoustic - Thomas Zwijsen (Nylon Maiden)         Pre-Order the NEW "Nylon Maiden II" album now at and get FREE WorldWide shipping + your name in the booklet. The official WorldW...
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Brittany Gibson
Brittany Gibson :         Just spent an amazing weekend at Victory Junction. Such a great a experience with so many children and families. We also got to be apart of Victory Junctions 10th anniversary dream ceremony. This place is awesome! Victory Junction
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Deb Williams
Deb Williams :         Achieve will MAKE you Money, Every time. And that's all it takes, Time.
No monthly, no inventory, no personal recruiting, just time.
$50 makes you $400 Every time, for Every body, Every place.
No top, no bottom, no limits. Every $50 makes you $400. This is what network marketing is suppose to be, this is what we all knew was possible. This isn't like any other program and it isn't going to change. Any time you join us will be the perfect time.

Visit here & Watch the Videos and start Living Your Dream..
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#theachievecommunity #readytoachieve

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Light & Composition
Light & Composition : A Journey to Never Never Land     Remember Neverland? The Peter Pan story? Oh I love that story! How I wish I could go to the Neverland! In my dreams? Never! If you see what I see you’ll also know why I said NEVER! The place is in Bandarban, Bangladesh. Its called Neelgiri, m ...

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Noel Rose Bressler
Noel Rose Bressler : I could have done better.

As the week draws to an end, I'm forced to admit that I could have done better.

~In my relationships.
~In my productivity.
~In my diet.

I made more than one not so great choice this week...

As much as it pains me to admit that, I have to at least be proud of the fact that I have a higher standard of living to which I can now hold myself accountable.
I am not perfect, but I'm trying.

Tomorrow is a new day, the beginning of a new week, with fresh perspective and a chance to do right.

I have been so humbled by the words of my Fix challengers this week, and it's been the reminder that I needed.

This isn't JUST about me anymore. It is so much bigger than me. These dreams weren't placed in my heart to go unrealized because I was stressed over a missed deadline or disappointed in my poor food choices on a couple of days.

A dream this big isn't going anywhere anytime it's just about recognizing where I went wrong and ensuring I don't make the same mistakes moving forward.

Afterall, mistakes are okay. But allowing them to turn into bad habits would be the surest way to waste my potential...

Do you have a dream that you are so passionate about you literally can't wait to wake up to continue pursuing it...even at 530am on a Monday? What's holding you back?

I will do better.

#realizeyourpotential #ownyourmistakes #dobetter

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Hyakkei Huang
Hyakkei Huang : Damien Rice - My Favourite Faded Fantasy New Album — My Favourite Faded Fantasy — Out November 11 Lyrics ( thanks Nico Bauer ): you could be my favourite taste to touch my tongue ...
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Wesley Ross
Wesley Ross :     This was my dream come true Garth Brooks is my all time favorite artist and his show was the best!! Here is all 3 verses to friends in low places! #GodBlessGarth #Garthlanta    
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Mud Gibson-Official
Mud Gibson-Official :     Here is a rough recording, just me and my guitar, a snippet of my song Dream (Come True), I hope you like it! Music coming as soon as I find a place to record!
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Delia Hernandez Garcia
Delia Hernandez Garcia :         I want to THANK the "HISPANIC CHAMBER OF COMMERCE SCHOLARSHIP AWARD SI SE PUEDE" committee for my wonderful "2014 DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD" and especiallyJose Rodriguez and Martha Arias for inviting me to be part of the committee. I am truly honored that a dream that I and a few others had has continued after all these years. That our dream has helped many continue their dreams in continuing their education which will make our future a better and brighter place. It was truly amazing to see people that I thought I would never see again after falling ill 4 1/2 years ago. Again THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING THIS A NIGHT MY FAMILY AND I WILL NEVER FORGET.
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Tracey Dunn-Kulka
Tracey Dunn-Kulka : In a few short hours you will have been gone for 5 years. Seems as though it was yesterday and in another way it seems as though I haven't seen you in a lifetime. Paul Jr, David, and I went to the cemetery today and then had dinner. It seems this has become a tradition. Paul doesn't like to go there. He says he doesn't feel you there. Still, he goes for me and I think you too. I have to be honest, I don't feel you there either. I feel you on the drive there (for people that don't know the cemetery is up the road from the house Kaine was raised in). You are the guy in the camo going out in the woods, you are the fella in the waders fishing the lakes and rivers, the guy standing at the bonfire holding everyone's attention while telling a long winded story, you are the wrestler jumping before the whistle blows, you are the little boy in muck boots, and the chubby dark haired baby in the grocery store. I see you everywhere.....I had a dream a few nights ago. I don't have many but in every single one you are laughing that BIG laugh of yours. The one that lights up your eyes and lifts your eyebrows. That is what you were doing in my dream this week. I like to think you are letting me know you are in a happy place and surrounded by love and laughter. I will see you again, Kainer. That I am sure of. I love you baby boy. Keep laughing in Heaven, let all those fine folks up there with you know we love them, and please watch over those of us left here on Earth (especially watch over Paul for me.) I love and miss you every second of every day...
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Taylor Morgan
Taylor Morgan : I am already thinking about The Angel Tree program with the Salvation Army and worrying about how many kids will be on those trees this year! Last night I had the most amazing dream about this because it's been on my mind, I had a dream that we as a community collected enough money so that there were no angel trees in any of the malls throughout the tri-cities, because we had collected thousands and thousands of dollars ahead of time so no child would have to be placed upon a tree, meaning they didn't need any trees up in the mall because we had collected enough so there was no need to put up those trees in the mall ! If only !! I have Big Dreams Folks! If 3 big businesses, 5 big churches, 550 individuals, if we all started sending money today towards the Angel Tree, that dream could just become a reality, if we as a community work together to make it happen! Soo , my goal will be this dream! I pray we can all make this happen! God delights in the impossible! If you want to give , please start sending your donations to the radio station and I will gather up all the donations to make this happen!
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Charla Anderson
Charla Anderson : Radio Star Worldwide     Well, my friends and my followers of The CharlaA Show, this Thursday, Sept 25th will be the one year anniversary of my Show. It has been an incredible journey after Jumping In with FishBowl Radio Network, the Blue/Talk bowl. The direction of my life has changed, as God has opened new doors, created amazing new connections and blessed me with unbelievable new possibilities. My credibility, my confidence, my dreams have exploded, just because I SAID YES to an opportunity. So, I say now, if an opportunity presents itself, SAY YES!!! I owe huge thanks to Angel Black of The Voice w/Angel Black for inviting me to be on his Show. Also, to Eula Dean's Kountry Kitchen for making that introduction. Sylvia StJohn Martinez has created a venue for anyone that wants to have a Voice on Radio, to have a place to start that journey with a beautiful Studio venue at a very reasonable cost. I have been watching and enjoying the birth of many new shows, many new opportunities, and met many new friends, not the least of which are Nate Miller of The Basement Show With Nate Miller, Joyce Divas Pray Washington with Rejoyz, Lisa Chazarreta with Chaza-Charity Show, Jackie Fishbowl, Rob FishbowlRadio, Mayava Maligi, and so, so many more. I wish MUCH SUCCESS to Sammi's dream to continue offering someone like me a place to have a voice. Thank you!!! My journey has taken me on a new turn, and October 2nd, The CharlaA Show will relaunch on a new network called, Noon-1pm CT. I hope you will continue to follow me on this new journey, with a new format, in a new location and a new branding, as I step into the next step for CharlaA. I am eternally grateful for where I have been, what I have learned, and where I am headed, with God's Will. God Bless YOU!
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Dwayne Burgess
Dwayne Burgess : Well, after years of hard, tedious, and sometimes emotionally painful work, I have been given an awesome, wonderful gift; a healthy, strong relationship with a loving, independent, nice, but sometimes stubborn woman. She has made my dreams come true by accepting my proposal of marriage, which will be taking place on November 17th, 2014. This is something I consider to be a major blessing in my life. I'm happy to say that this miracle is coupled with another amazing event; not only do I love and cherish Colleen Duke, but I am also eternally grateful and appreciate the fact that she has a wonderful, supportive family. I never thought this possible. My thanks go to God and all the people that have helped me develop and apply a new way of life. If you are struggling, please be diligent but patient. Your life will get better! This I promise from the bottom of my heart. If no-one has told you today, I love you all! No matter what!
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Sara McGuire
Sara McGuire : 6452 State St Northeast, Louisville, OH 44641 - Louisville Real Estate     Here's another of my favorite places that someone needs to buy and keep just the way it is! Beautiful little lake with 40+ acres and some out buildings. Run as a fishing camp now. Only half a million! Make my dream come true of keeping this place out of developer hands so it can be enjoyed by many in its natural state.

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Rachel Flatebo
Rachel Flatebo :         Even through all of the hazy smoke this place is still a dream. So glad I got to show my dad my engagement spot! :)
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Patience C. Black
Patience C. Black : It's been a year since my mother has passed away. It seems like just yesterday that we were together. Yet we aren't. I feel I haven't come to the full realization that your gone yet, It just seems like a dream, but I'm dreading the day I wake up. I miss you so much mom and I'm happy your not suffering anymore. My brothers and I have learned to deal with the sadness we experience and have grown up a lot thanks to the support and loving family around us. We all love you so much and miss you just as much. We can't wait till we see you again so that you can wrap your arms around us like you use to. I'm glad your not suffering anymore and your in a better place. You fought a great fight and are forever a hero. We love you, miss you and can't wait to see you again! ++++++++

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Candess Chapman
Candess Chapman : Getting my stuff and me ready for work.. I'm so glad the Lord blessed me and allowed me to be drug through dirt bc I know how strong I am and I always get back up when I fall. Maybe everything that's falling apart is falling apart bc it's actually falling into place as it should. You can't fight faith and hope nor fight destiny. The creator knows us best and when I dream I am a beautiful snow white wolf. A Nashoba in my native language. And wolves are loving and caring but also brave hearted as well as strong. That is the strength the creator gave me..
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Red Bravo
Red Bravo : Why Can't it be - Rannie Raymundo

You came along, unexpectedly
I was doing fine in my little world
Oh baby please don't get me wrong
'Cause I'm not complaining
But you see, you got my mind spinning

Why can't it be
Why can't it be the two of us
Why can't we be lovers
Only friends
You came along
At a wrong place, at a wrong time
Or was it me

Baby I dream of you every minute
You're in my dreams
You're always in it
That's the only place I know
Where you could be mine
And I'm yours but only
Till I wake up

Why can't it be
Why can't it be the two of us
Why can't we be lovers
Only friends
You came along
At a wrong place, at a wrong time
You came along
At a wrong place, at a wrong time
Or was it me    
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Kent McDaniel
Kent McDaniel : hello everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alaska was beautiful!!!! I had a great time thanks to all my wonderful friends who contributed time, support, money to help with my annual cruise vacation project Thank You Thank you Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to my right hand man all week Timothy Ross You are indeed a pleasure to work with Tim Thank you for your hard work !!!!!!!!!!! I know it wasn't all easy for you but I really appreciate your hard work and dedication Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to Don Bader for helping me with the restaurant at the Pike Place Market Thank you Don!!!!!!!. I am starting a new fundraiser as a place to start for me to piece the building blocks together for 2015's trip I'll be working hard at my job to put my plan into action I'll be putting my own money from my salary into the piggy bank on If any of you would again like to contribute that would be great!!!!!!!!! None of you are under any obligation whatsoever to donate but I'll leave the webpage open so that if you'd like to drop something in at your leisure you certainly may and please help spread the word if you can. This annual event is essential in my life and it gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment. I was born with many, many, uphill challenges in life but you all stepped up to the plate to help me with my annual trip project. It's like I'm painting a canvas with my dreams and you loving people are helping me aim the brush.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Eric Folks
Eric Folks : Watching beyonce and
Jay-z's concert on hbo reminds me of how we shouldn't give up on our dreams. Listening to Steve Harvey and how he didn't own his first car until the 80's and was homeless a couple of times in his life reminds me that in 20 years from now each and every one of us myself included dreams may just could come true. We just have to continue dreaming and remember to never stop! If you research most of he ones the made it, it got darkest before the dawn. Just when it was the blackest, the darkest and it felt like the end was coming and time to give up the dream BAMMM! The light came threw! In any event it is amazing in life to me how you can go from what they were to 70,000 people showing up in one place just to see you preform. Simply amazing. Now I am far from wanting to be an entertainer, but I have my dreams like everyone else and have no plans on giving them up!

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Pat Davis Vasquez
Pat Davis Vasquez :         Victor n Dream of Hopes at City Swimming competition. Victor won 2 Silver(2nd) & 4th n 5th place. luv him
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