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Ryan Cottrell Ryan Cottrell : Three conference calls, traveled to Clarksville, Murfreesboro, Nashville now back to bg and it's only 2:30!
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Alan Lee Bolick Alan Lee Bolick : Michaels details store locations, dates in security breach     For my oldest...check the date.
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Tamika Tubbs Abdallah Tamika Tubbs Abdallah : Another Manager Road Trip.. Murfreesboro Tn Bound
13 minutes ago - View -
Nathan Reno Nathan Reno : GIANT Catfish Caught in Murfreesboro     Preston Villers check this out right here in Murfreesboro the kid caught it noodling 60lbs
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Daniel Haggenmacher Daniel Haggenmacher : GIANT Catfish Caught in Murfreesboro     Jared N Snow
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Stacy McCloud-Green Stacy McCloud-Green : Well .. I have made the commitment. I am competing in my first NPC competition. It will be the Flex Lewis Classic in Murfreesboro on Saturday June 28th 2014 .. then likely two more shows in August and one in November :) If anyone of my friends/family want to come support me ... let me know!! I heard tickets to Flex Lewis sold out last year!! I have my personalized "food & workout plan" in hand from my amazing mentors! Planning on doing a slow .. kinda warm up start of the plan next week and then officially start it the following week .. which is 8 weeks out. I am so grateful that my every day healthy/fit lifestyle is allowing me to get a later start on stage prep .. because it takes tons of discipline and planning to do something like this. I am also VERY grateful to have people helping me that believe in HEALTH first. So many coaches have their clients do things/supplements that damage their body and metabolism in the long run. I wanted to make sure I didn't fall into that trap. I am so excited to see what THE BEST ME really is!! Thanks in advance to any places that I go for stories that have microwaves I can use. Don't make fun of me when I ask where one is .. and for the food backpack I'll be carrying around :) #DoItStrong #StrongIsTheNewSkinny
42 minutes ago - View -
Alan Rose Alan Rose : GIANT Catfish Caught in Murfreesboro    
1 hour ago - View -
Layla Hantouli Layla Hantouli : So glad to have an actual computer now. It's a lot easier to decline your stupid event invites now.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. I really hope you have a great house party and enjoy all the Skrillex tunes, but I haven't lived in Murfreesboro since 2011, and I haven't been 19 in seven years, so I do not think I will be attending.
But thank you for thinking of me. It makes me feel younger and less cantankerous. Now get off my lawn.

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Secret Stuff Secret Stuff : We've got two shows coming up and they are both free! The first one is in Murfreesboro on Friday and the second is in Nashville at Exponent Manor on Saturday! Event pages in the comments.
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Mike Fletcher Mike Fletcher : Anyone know of or have access to a basketball court that is indoor? Murfreesboro area preferred. Church, School,... etc. Would even rent for 1 night a week if its within reason. Thanks...
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JasonandAmanda Gleyze JasonandAmanda Gleyze : GIANT Catfish Caught in Murfreesboro     Larry Ray Hamilton check this out!
1 hour ago - View -
Tammy Lowe Colvin Tammy Lowe Colvin : GIANT Catfish Caught in Murfreesboro    
1 hour ago - View -
John Phonhthongsy John Phonhthongsy : GIANT Catfish Caught in Murfreesboro     Shieeet!... Let me catch one in my town!! It's finna drag me in there!!! Soulalay Panyavong Noy Tanyavong Tony Anderson Thavone Chanthavong Scott Sihakhot
1 hour ago - View -
David Moore David Moore : GIANT Catfish Caught in Murfreesboro     Let's go fishing Catie Moore!!
1 hour ago - View -
Priscilla French Priscilla French : GIANT Catfish Caught in Murfreesboro     WHOA Terry Steele you better get out here- we goin FISHIN!
1 hour ago - View -
Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands : The Rutherford-Cannon County Bar Association hosts a free legal advice clinic every Thursday from 4 to 6 p.m. at Greenhouse Ministries, 309 South Spring Street, Murfreesboro.

Contact Andrae Crismon [Managing Attorney, Murfreesboro] at (615) 890-0905 or for more information.

1 hour ago - View -
Michael Tuberville Michael Tuberville : Trip to murfreesboro instead of being stuck in the shop hell yea
1 hour ago - View -
Nancy Payne Siler Nancy Payne Siler : GIANT Catfish Caught in Murfreesboro    
1 hour ago - View -
Jennifer Guthrie Jennifer Guthrie : HANG UP AND FUCKIN DRIVE MURFREESBORO!!
1 hour ago - View -
Savannah Tarpley Savannah Tarpley : How come when driving you can text, flick your cigarette, do your makeup, pick your nose but can't use your blinker???! Lol maybe it's just me with that pet peeve but coooome on nowww Murfreesboro!
2 hours ago - View -
Rutherford County Breaking News Rutherford County Breaking News : Meth lab found in vacant rental unit on Northfiled Blvd. on Murfreesboro News and Radio     UPDATE ON METH LAB found in Murfreesboro, with interview of a neighbor who said she saw cars on the property in the past. Also, a few photos.

2 hours ago - View -
Melissa Crunk Melissa Crunk : Meeting in Murfreesboro going to be away from my boys's nice to get away but I miss them when I'm gone!
2 hours ago - View -
Stacey Grace Spencer Stacey Grace Spencer : To All Murfreesboro Mom's & Kids Bible Study at the Park: Starts May 13th!
I am excited to announce the Bible Study time for this summer. It will be at the Siegel Soccer Park - Play area. On the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the months of May - Sept. From 11:00a - 12:30p (ish). Everyone bring your PEANUT FREE Lunch and we can eat together and fellowship at 11a, then start a bible study and prayer time about 11:40a. Every mom and child is invited. So invite your friends!!
This will be a great time to connect, spend time in the word, and with The Lord!

This park is great, in the way it is set up, we can watch our children while having bible time. We want you to come when ever you can, even if you can't come every time. We understand if in the middle you have to run and be with your child in the play area. We are moms and we know how to multitask! So come out and try this relaxed way to enjoy the Lord, fellowship and still be an active mom!!

If you are a lady without children (as long as you love them) - you are welcome to come join us too!
Invite your mommy friends - see ya at the park!
Hit Like - if you think you might be interested in this sometime this summer.
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Graham Farrell Graham Farrell : Drunken Murfreesboro man mows someone else's yard     It's just getting harder and harder to be a good neighbor these days
2 hours ago - View -
Dianne Davidson Dianne Davidson : Does anyone remember the Cabin restaurant on Murfreesboro road? It was in a trailer. They had great steak sandwiches.
3 hours ago - View -
Jordan Elizabeth Kuykendall Jordan Elizabeth Kuykendall : Anybody looking for a place to stay in Murfreesboro? I need someone to take over the rest of my lease (ends august). Rent is $374.00 water, electric, cable and internet provided (just pay overages). It's in university gables. Pm me for more info please :)
3 hours ago - View -
Murfreesboro Breaking News Murfreesboro Breaking News : Four Mobile Meth Labs Found In Murfreesboro     METH LABS IN MURFREESBORO!

4 mobile meth labs found by officers this morning at an apartment.


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Pa Bunk's Natural Market & Café Pa Bunk's Natural Market & Café : The sun is shining, and new goodies have arrived at Pa Bunk's! Get out there and get your shine on, and be sure to stop by for some lunch and a sunny juice drink.

Pa Bunk's: Helping Murfreesboro Eat Healthier since 2011!

3 hours ago - View -
Tracy Beno McPherson Tracy Beno McPherson : We will need to be in Murfreesboro on May 3rd at 8:00 am for the State Shoot. I will have directions for everyone at practice Monday.
Also we will practice next week on Monday AND Friday in hopes of getting two more practices in before the shoot.

3 hours ago - View -
The Daily News Journal - The Daily News Journal - : Meth labs found in vacant Murfreesboro home     Murfreesboro Police officers found four mobile meth labs in a vacant house this morning. Crews are currently cleaning up the toxic mess.
3 hours ago - View -
Chris Davis - Multimedia Journalist Chris Davis - Multimedia Journalist : BREAKING: Clarksville is getting a Cookout. This MTSU student (that has a Cookout in Murfreesboro) is rejoicing!
3 hours ago - View -
Citizen Way Citizen Way : MercyMe Music, Jamie-Grace and Citizen Way tour starts tomorrow!

April 24| Tuscaloosa, AL
April 25| Shreveport, LA
April 26| Winnie, TX
April 27| Abilene, TX
April 30| Oklahoma City, OK
May 1 | Clovis, NM
May 2 | Andrews, TX
May 3 | Belton, TX
May 8 | Williamsport, MD
May 9 | Charleston, WV
May 10 | Greeneville, TN
May 15 | Brunswick, OH
May 16 | Murfreesboro, TN
May 17 | Franklin, NC

3 hours ago - View -
Willie Jarrett Willie Jarrett : Where's a dope ass tatoo shop in Nashville /franclin /Murfreesboro area yo.?

---> Gettin tatted dis weekend 💯👌💉

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Rutherford County Breaking News Rutherford County Breaking News : Meth lab found in vacant rental unit on Northfiled Blvd. on Murfreesboro News and Radio     Meth lab found in vacant home on Northfield Blvd. in Murfreesboro. Police on the scene right now.

4 hours ago - View -
Joe Yount Joe Yount : It seems like all of my friends living back home in Murfreesboro are eternally enrolled at MTSU.
4 hours ago - View -
Ruth Dearing Ruth Dearing : If any Murfreesboro moms want to meet up at Old Fort Park at 11, I am meeting with some local moms to do a mini habits of health workshop and give our kids a fun playdate at the park! I may or may not have a fun "door prize" to give away ;-)
4 hours ago - View -
The Daily News Journal - The Daily News Journal - : Celebrate William Shakespeare's birthday today with a free book! Drop by The DNJ, 224 N. Walnut St., for a copy of Peter Heller's The Dog Stars or look for World Book Givers throughout town today, handing out other titles. A trio of givers will hand out copies Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet at Stones River Mall this evening, too. And you can find givers later this morning at JoZoara's coffee shop with "Where'd You Go Bernadette?" Givers will be at the YMCA in Murfreesboro, too. Happy reading!
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Nic Rose Nic Rose : According to Murfreesboro we are soccer players playing with footballs.
4 hours ago - View -
Uncle Bud's Catfish Shack Uncle Bud's Catfish Shack : Howdy folks! I want to know if our friends from Nolensville, Smyrna, Murfreesboro, Franklin or Cool Springs have been to see us in Donelson lately? We've made some changes that we'd like y'all to come check out. We are full service, so you have a server come to your table. The servers will be bringing our delicious cole slaw, white beans and hush puppies to the table before you order...and the fixins are all you can eat! We also have huge Mason Jars for drinks! Tuesday is All You Can Eat Catfish (and Whole Cat) for $14.95 and Sunday is still All You Can Eat Fried Chicken for $7.95. Come on in to see us soon and tell a manager what you think!! Oh, also kids 5 and under eat free and we still have a 12 and under menu for a great price with fixins when dining in! We look forward to seeing you! ~Christy~
4 hours ago - View -
Tennessee State Veterans' Homes Tennessee State Veterans' Homes :         TSVH Murfreesboro had a Jam Fest yesterday! Several musicians played their wonderful music on several units and then joined forces and sang and played together while enjoying some drinks and snacks. What an amazing event, everyone loved the music and had a great time! A big thank you to all the musicians who made our residents so happy with their music!
5 hours ago - View -
Rose Williams Rose Williams : As the weekend is getting closer....the more excited I am becoming as I am making sure my "babyboy" is together for his "SENIOR" Prom (yayyy) this weekend.
Even though he's in Murfreesboro, mama is still with him every step of the way. The check-off list should be all completed...
So proud of my son. Doing great things & going great places bc he puts God first in all he does...can't wait for pics!!!!

5 hours ago - View -
Rutherford County Breaking News Rutherford County Breaking News : The producer of the Barrett .50 rifle will hold a Murfreesboro class for you to learn more about...     This may be an interesting and fun learning opportunity... Barrett Manufacturing in Murfreesboro will be teaching folks how to properly maintain their .50 caliber rifle - AND MORE. Pretty cool stuff here folks, especially if you are a gun enthusiast.

5 hours ago - View -
Terry Giles Terry Giles :         Had a great day Monday at Barfield Elem. School in Murfreesboro! I was one of the guest speakers for Career Day. I spoke with hundreds of kids from grades K-5 about the Navy, my job as a Machinist for the Navy and my civilian job as a machinist for Permobil. WOW at the questions and what a response from the 5th graders after my presentation of the power wheelchairs we manufacture at Permobil! It was amazing to see the responses from so many on how I help people everyday. Warmed my heart to no end. Thank you Barfield Elem for letting me be a part of your special day!
5 hours ago - View -
Daisell BigDee Kennedy Daisell BigDee Kennedy : Ladies Day Special Starting The Morning Off With A 🎉
$15-Any Piercing(All Week)
$20- Name Tattoo
$25- Starting Price on All othr Tattoos..So Come On Down To Inkwell Murfreesboro And Get Tatted&Piercing From The Best Shop In The Area .

5 hours ago - View -
Dave Netherton Dave Netherton : Hi everybody. My brother from another mother ( Bill Shaver) will have a booth set up at a Craft fair this Saturday from 8AM to 2PM at the Rite Aid Pharmacy in LaVernge. Located on the corner of Murfreesboro Rd and Stones River Road. Drop by and check out is hand made items. :-)
5 hours ago - View -
Good Neighbor Station Good Neighbor Station : Our WGNS / Rion Flower Shop Good Neighbor for Wednesday is Tiffany Maynard. She is a mother of two with another on the way. She is a hard worker with Caregiver Services of Tennessee off the Murfreesboro square. It is called CSI. She is always there for everyone and gives her all to her family. Today she will receive flowers from WGNS and Rion Flowers and Gifts.
7 hours ago - View -
Crystal Humphrey Tompkins Crystal Humphrey Tompkins : I come home from work sick today. Hubby says if im not better soon we going to Murfreesboro er. Need few prayers please
8 hours ago - View -
Lecia Marie Winchester Lecia Marie Winchester : Does anyone know if other businesses are going with the new Speedway being built on Murfreesboro Pike and Franklin Limestone Rd. Surely they didn't demolish all those trees for just one place?
12 hours ago - View -
Brittany Smith Brittany Smith : Come August it's ✌️out murfreesboro
13 hours ago - View -
Walter Hinkie Hamilton Walter Hinkie Hamilton : Ok family, beginning Tuesday the 29 I will be starting Zumba classes at Patterson Park in Murfreesboro. They will be held every Tuesday and Thursday going forward under the direction of my awesome friend: the daring, the joyous, the funny, the booty-shaking, hip gyrating, mistress of the mat ....Mrs. Amy (Hendrickson) Meyers. Classes start at 9:30 am. Come get in shape with us !!
14 hours ago - View -