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Janet Hong Janet Hong : Timeline Photos     These were the first images to show America's landscapes in all their vivid colors.

This image is of Mulberry Street, New York.

Photo credit: Taschen    

10 minutes ago - View -
Rod Plooy Rod Plooy : Your PE teacher in high school was John Clarke aka stinker and took you down to watch the mullet run via the mulberry tree
12 minutes ago - View -
Jim Spencer Jim Spencer : The bid mulberry tree behind soldiers point shop
22 minutes ago - View -
Lynne Graham Lynne Graham : When there was nothing behind the Seebreeze. Just a concrete wall and next to that Queenie Stiens house! Oops except for that huge mulberry tree. That tree that no one ever snuck over to borrow mulberries!!
33 minutes ago - View -
Maria Zayas Clark Maria Zayas Clark : Morning Meditation
MY CHILD, you must desire after Me with all your heart and soul. You must increase your faith, just as My Son's servants sought to increase their faith. Remember the words My Son said to them:" if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree,"Be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it will obey you." Let words of praise be on your lips, that My Peace be upon you and that I may heal you. I will restore health to you and heal you of all your wounds. Therefore press against the crowds, fight your way through traffic, and let no one stop you until you get into My Presence. Hunger and thirst after My righteousness, and I will fill you. LUKE 17:5-6; ISAIAH 57:19; JEREMIAH 30:17; MARK 5:27-28
Prayer Declaration
O God, let me see You face-to-face so that my life will be preserved, I come to You in the midst of the multitude. I am hungrier for Your healing than food. I feel Your compassion for me and know that You will heal me. I humble myself before You, O God. I pray and seek Your face. I turn from my wicked ways. Then I know You will hear from heaven and will forgive my sin and heal me.
We are surrounded with a lot of negativity. We need to stay strong in God. What surrounds us,may weaken our faith. Fight through it all. Seek His Face

34 minutes ago - View -
Becky Emler Becky Emler : Well Thursdays always look better when a new Mulberry handbag is on its way to me!
35 minutes ago - View -
Dana Camp-Farber Dana Camp-Farber : Timeline Photos     These were the first images to show America's landscapes in all their vivid colors.

This image is of Mulberry Street, New York.

Photo credit: Taschen     I love this!

36 minutes ago - View -
Frank Elkins Frank Elkins : You can open your bible and see how God allows different ones to talk to you in it sometimes you see satan talking , man , donkeys , burning bushes , mulberry tree , God can use many ways and man to talk to use through this wonderful book our bread book our bible.
38 minutes ago - View -
Virginia Lloyd-Davies, Joyful Brush Virginia Lloyd-Davies, Joyful Brush :         Did you guess? My first version of the Rosemary root yesterday was painted to classical music on mulberry (sized) paper. This one was painted to Scott Joplin music on single shuen (raw) paper. The 'guess' picture was the start of this one.
42 minutes ago - View -
Narelle Adams Narelle Adams : I got two more H.Ds and a comment saying how articulate my answers are but they should be longer instead of straight to the point. I was like WTF do you want me to dance around the mulberry bush before I answer haha
1 hour ago - View -
Sharon Tonnette Mulberry Sharon Tonnette Mulberry : Timeline Photos     Always grateful! — with Andrea Kay Jones and 32 others.     KIMBERLY M. MULBERRY AN JAMES L. MALCOLM LOVR THE BOTH OF YALL GONE BUT NEVER 4GOTTEN
1 hour ago - View -
Kirsty Hayes Kirsty Hayes : Stoke st Michael school fair Saturday 17th May. Our fabulous draw tickets are now available. £1 per ticket. 1st prize: MULBERRY HANDBAG (rrp £795) 2nd prize: £100 CASH. 3rd prize: LUXURY HAMPER
1 hour ago - View -
Dara Mulberry Fairbrother Dara Mulberry Fairbrother : I got Watermelon - What fruit are you?     Oh. My. God. WRONG SISTER!!!!! Lol ;-) Beverly Mulberry xxx
1 hour ago - View -
Patrick Reggie Patrick Reggie : I'm done for today. I had two bowls of bayani salad from gosalads and mulberry anti-oxidant drink. Earth day it is! #healthyliving #goodnight
3 hours ago - View -
Iceni Post: News from the North folk and South folk Iceni Post: News from the North folk and South folk : Topcroft Open Gardens Sunday 25th May and Monday 26th May 2014: Topcroft Open Gardens

Sunday 25th May and Monday 26th May 2014

11.00 to 5.00 pm

Approximately 12 gardens, large and small, including Topcroft Hall Gardens with mulberry tree where Marjery Brewse wrote the first valentine letter to John Paston.

Exhibition in the church.

Refreshments available at 2 venues all day

Free parking, maps available on entry

Vintage bus transport Monday

£4 entry, in aid of St. Margaret’s Church Topcroft

MIKE DANIELS Trailer Sales 01986 893025 #_May_Events #charities #Events_in_Norfolk_and_Suffolk

3 hours ago - View -
Wow Creations Wow Creations :         Sarah and Cody's wedding cake was delivered to Mulberry on Swan last weekend.
Here are some photos.
I also received a lovely email from the mother of the bride that said:Thanks you so much Simone.

The cake looked amazing, was very yummy and was exactly as Sarah imagined it to be. You did a fabulous job, thank you so much for being a part of making the day as perfect as it was.

Kind regards


Thank you Dianne it is so wonderful to hear such beautiful words.

5 hours ago - View -
Camille Van Neer Camille Van Neer : Timeline Photos     These were the first images to show America's landscapes in all their vivid colors.

This image is of Mulberry Street, New York.

Photo credit: Taschen     I loooove vintage photos, this one reminding me of the movie Once Upon A Time in America. Seen it too?

6 hours ago - View -
Howard R Henry Howard R Henry : Okay, Mulberry Street Bridge Update! I've waited to report any news on the bridge until it seemed like all the agreed upon negotiations were actually going to be followed through on by everyone involved. I'm very happy to report that the bridge project will be completed while we, the contractors and Howard Tire Company Inc. co-exist, sharing the access ramp to my warehouse which; it turns out that the State "was willing to compromise" and build me a protective covering the entire way up the ramp allowing for unimpeded access during normal business hours. I really want everyone who cried out on my behalf to know, it was very effective and unbelievably appreciated! Thank You each and every one of you for being there for me when I needed your help! Lastly... To all of the prayer warriors, God answered your prayers! When judges ruled against me, God was for me! God Bless you all and Thank You!
7 hours ago - View -
Siratul Mustakim Siratul Mustakim :         Completely done printed on mulberry/rice paper.
9 hours ago - View -
Bendi Dunn Bendi Dunn : MCM Imasharpguy 2 yr old     Our Mulberry 2 yr old - Paul Cain Ranch has him broke     A Sharpfrenchman x Mulberry Canyon Moon 2 yr old gelding
Watch the video: video

9 hours ago - View -
Stacia Burkart-Brain Stacia Burkart-Brain : I wish the mulberry would go into hibernation. Forever.
9 hours ago - View -
Vera Simpson Spaeth Vera Simpson Spaeth : Can't wait to head to Indiana soon!!!!! We'll be at Mulberry Pub Friday night, come see us and have a cocktail.Hope we get to go Mushroom Hunting. Getting excited!!!!
10 hours ago - View -
Tanya Harrison Gardner Tanya Harrison Gardner :     Game winning catch. .2 outs on Tampa Catholic in the bottom of the 7th inning, Mulberry up 4-2 with 2 strikes and the girl pops up and Michaela Marie makes the catch to finish the game. .    
Watch the video: video

11 hours ago - View -
Lolokendra Rush Lolokendra Rush :         Brand new never used size 7.5
11 hours ago - View -
Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center : Todays Pollen Count - Pollen is very high and if you are experiencing allergies please call us for an appointment to find a solution. Our board-certified allergists can help. 205-871-9661
Trees: High Concentration - Mulberry, Oak, Willow
Weeds: Low Concentration
Grass: Moderate Concentration
#AAFA #FARE #allergies #pollen #birmingham #alabama #bsc

11 hours ago - View -
Lynn Reesor Lynn Reesor : Dinner at Mulberry' s and Fran 'n Ceil for dessert!!!
11 hours ago - View -
Shelby Fickle Shelby Fickle :         $50 has changing table that matches pick up mulberry
13 hours ago - View -
Joyce Biggs Joyce Biggs : Okay, my fingernails are painted "Mulberry Street" (compulsory)and my toes are teal green/blue ( not compulsory, just to get in the mood)...I am ready for Regional Competition! Will need all of Saturday morning to put on all the other stuff! Think of us @ 12:20 p.m., Saturday, April 26!
14 hours ago - View -
Gav Pettifor Gav Pettifor : Album Launch Gig List -

May 24th - Offical Album Launch Gig - Mulberry Conwy, North Wales
May 25th - Proud Camden, London
May 26th - TBC
May 30th - TBC
May 31st - The Eagle, Manchester
June 6th - Awareness Festival, Bangor, North Wales
June 14th - Snowdonfest, Snowdonia, North Wales

14 hours ago - View -
C&C Sales C&C Sales : Timeline Photos     Mill Hollow Nursery and Mulberry Creek Herb Farm will have a variety of herbs and garden plants for sale at the Herb Fair this weekend! Plant sales will take place inside the Carriage Barn at Mill Hollow.     Kathy and her brand #Sinsatiables will be at this weekend's upcoming annual Mill Hollow Herb Fair. Sinsatiables will be inside the lobby at the carriage barn from 10-4 Saturday and 12-4 Sunday with a variety of Healthy Jams, Jellies, Herbal Teas and Essential Oils.
14 hours ago - View -
Jan Harrison Jan Harrison : Cath Brewer and Mary Delaney. My name was Janice Keyworth and I and all my brothers Geoff Kenny and Colin went to Mulberry Street School and we lived on Cuba Street.
14 hours ago - View -
Eugene May Eugene May : 24 April 2014
Have you every thought about the statement Jesus made when He said, “If you have faith as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be pulled up by the roots and be planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you?” I have been thinking about that statement and I have asked the question, “What is faith as a mustard seed?”

To many that I have heard speak about “mustard seed faith,” the common characteristic is the smallness of the faith. As I have looked at Jesus’ statement, I have noticed that He said “as a mustard seed,” not “the size of a mustard seed.” You must admit that there is a difference. Size is not the issue. In fact, when we make size the issue we, in effect, say to those listening to us that it’s OK to stay weak in faith.

Jesus on the other hand was speaking of the power within the mustard seed. God placed in the mustard seed all that it will ever be: all the potential. The mustard seed does not have to try to produce the mustard plant. It simply has to be a mustard seed. When the mustard seed is planted and germinates, it releases all of its potential and becomes the producing plant that it was intended to be.

Child of God, the same is true of you. God has locked within you the potential of all that you will ever be. He is not looking for you to be something that you are not. He is looking for you to be what He created you to be: a man or woman of faith. The kind of faith that simply says, “God said it, I believe it, that settles it.” It is then that you can say to the mulberry tree and to the mountain, “Be removed and cast into the sea.”

“…For assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.”

15 hours ago - View -
Family Allergy Clinic (McKinney) Family Allergy Clinic (McKinney) : TODAY'S POLLEN COUNT

ASH: 62
ELM: 0
FUNGUS: 8449
MAPLE: 232
OAK: 46

15 hours ago - View -
Hayley Thomas Hayley Thomas :         Accidentally set fire to my mulberry bag 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫
15 hours ago - View -
Reliance Trust Realty and Investments Reliance Trust Realty and Investments : 63 Mulberry Street, Cocoa, FL 32922     Vacant Lot For Sale with River View! In Cocoa

16 hours ago - View -
Shannon Elliott Shannon Elliott : Timeline Photos     Come out to the Mulberry Market at central city park! We have fresh picked onions and strawberries! — at Central City Park.    
16 hours ago - View -
Fee Poole Fee Poole : Northern soul night date for Mulberry Cavern coming soon!!
16 hours ago - View -
Lucie Hawkes Lucie Hawkes : Proud of my boy in he's new job, new mulberry with the extra income?? 😁😜😜😜 Lewie Smith
16 hours ago - View -
Allergy & Asthma Care, P.A. Allergy & Asthma Care, P.A. : As expected Pollen count is still high today. Our metro air is full of ash, mulberry, Birch and oak pollen this morning. Oak trees are now starting to come into full bloom. A lot of other tree pollen grains also have been releasing in K.C. area. As the weather continues to be warmer and dryer we will experience higher pollen grain count and increase of the mold spore number in the air. Total pollen count HIGH @ 1083 (Ash, Mulberry and Birch mostly). Mold count is LOW.
17 hours ago - View -
Sammy Dolan Sammy Dolan : Maybe I will wait to see if Mulberry do drop their prices before buying my travel bag 🙊👜
17 hours ago - View -
Teresa Warner Brown Teresa Warner Brown : Merino top and batts     Huge luxury batts with merino, mulberry silk, muga silk, bamboo     My latest of signature batts. What are your favorite colors in batts?
17 hours ago - View -
Mulberry Conwy Mulberry Conwy : Ben's Mulberry Quiz tonight.
Win Cash prizes, Carvery vouchers
Complimentary food Leak and Potato soup.
Starts 9.15 all welcome.

18 hours ago - View -
Mulberry Jeans Accents Mulberry Jeans Accents : Know what tomorrow is huh huh ? Well it is the biggest sale of the year at Mulberry Jeans Accents!!!! It is gonna be huge mark downs !!
19 hours ago - View -
Mulberry Street Mulberry Street : Mulberry Street     A International Journal of Workplace Health Management study said having your dog at the office can reduce stress. Do you agree? #adminprofessionalsweek
19 hours ago - View -
Bunk N Luella Stwalley Bunk N Luella Stwalley : Mulberry, Kansas     Hope i am out of hospital. Want to give hugs to family.
20 hours ago - View -
Tanya Harrison Gardner Tanya Harrison Gardner : Mulberry Lady Panthers is on the road to Tampa catholic tonight. Pull through and play hard. You got this.
21 hours ago - View -
Todd Whetstine Todd Whetstine :         This is Spy Rock; it's close to Redding Campground on the Mulberry River.
22 hours ago - View -
Kitano Hideto Kitano Hideto :         A sport of 'Mulberry Jazz'. Bought it at a local nursery.
22 hours ago - View -
Mulberry Hills Golf Club Mulberry Hills Golf Club : Mulberry Hills Golf Club     Thinking about a golf league in 2014? League secretaries get a free membership ($679 value):
23 hours ago - View -
Anita Cooney Anita Cooney :         Ft. De Soto Park , Fl-- Has several large Mulberry trees that attract all kinds of birds migrating through the area- which also attracts Birders & Photographers! I seen so many Life Birds! I enjoyed helping Out of State Visitors- explain what a great event they are seeing- A lot of New Birders were Made watching this amazing feast. The sounds of the birds, the clicking of cameras, the hushed and sometimes loud exclamations of joy as someone just seen certain bird for the first time! Pure joy- I drove 1 hour each way- and spent the day- but you could see all types in less then 20 minutes! Just a few photos- the best I knew how to take- so many birds -not show here: Black-throated Blue Warbler- not in the tree- Tennessee Warbler, Yellow Billed Cuckoo, Oven Bird, Swainson's Warbler,- Barn Swallows, and then all the water birds you could ask for! Need to plan your trip around this migration period- the Park has camping, swimming, everything!! Check it out! Got to go to work- Will ID all later today
23 hours ago - View -