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Mediaite Mediaite : Glenn Beck Calls Romney ‘Man of Honor’ for Fessing Up About Gift Beck Sent Him | Mediaite     Glenn Beck forgives Mitt Romney
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Aaron Nichols Aaron Nichols : If the 2016 Presidential election were held today, who would you vote for? If you don't see a candidate feel free to write in.
Hillary Clinton
Joe Biden
Martins O'Malley
Andrew Cuomo
Deval Patrick
Mark Warner
Cory Booker
Amy Klobuchar
Howard Dean
Bernie Sanders

Rand Paul
Mike Huckabee
Rick Santorum
Marco Rubio
Ted Cruz
Scott Walker
Ben Carson
Mitt Romney
Bobby Jindal
Chris Christie

Kip Lee
Darryl Perry
Robert Milnes
John Wayne Smith
Gary Johnson
Bill Still
Carla Howell
Jim Burns
Tom Stevens
Lee Wrights

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Ositadimma Ifeanyichukwu Ositadimma Ifeanyichukwu : His entire administration are tearing down the Nation while blaming the opposition, where in the world is that even done? Just imagine Obama blaming McCain or Mitt Romney for Boston shootings or other forms of terrorism. The job of the President is to do his job, no excuses!
1 hour ago - View -
The Nonprofit Quarterly The Nonprofit Quarterly : Romney’s Policy Summit Has a Nonprofit/School-Choice Side     Mitt Romney has reemerged in the political sphere, will the make his third policy summit nonpartisan?
1 hour ago - View -
Bernard Rambow Bernard Rambow : The "War on Women" continues............."Darryl Issa has already issued a subpoena to Chelsie Clintons 'unborn baby' to testify what it may know about Benghazi".........
"And a question being asked that's NEVER been asked about a male Presidential candidate before......will having a grandbaby affect Hillary Clintons military decisions, should she be elected President in 2016"?
(Mitt Romney, who has many grandbabies and aqquired 3 more during his Presidential campaign was NEVER asked that question or was it even suggested by anyone else)

Lmao........these insecure male politicians must have formed some sort of subversive group called the "Feminati".......that seeks to embarrass, undermine & eliminate women in politics that steal their jobs.
"They're much too emotional" says ten different male politicians (whom we won't mention)

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Alison Jackson Alison Jackson : Barack Obama VS Mitt Romney - Boxing     VIDEO: Barack Obama VS Mitt Romney - #Boxing

Subscribe to my YouTube channel now >     For more Alison Jackson classics visit ...
Watch the video: video

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Mark Eberle Mark Eberle : I'm sick of bob dole chris christie Harry Reid Wrong Paul (RON PAUL) Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio Sucks Impeach Nancy Pelosi throw obama regime out of office now... Throw Eric Hold in Jail for the Murder Brian Terry Throw harry reid, Debbie wasserman schultz, maxine waters, Dianne Feinstein Sheila Jackson Lee, john kerry janet napolitano, jay carney, george soros, billary clinton, susan rice all in jail and kick out john boehner and lindsey graham out of office Throw all the bums Out I sick of liberals fagits who don't care About Real Freedom

I will Say this again I will drill this into your head

liberalism + Socialism = Terrorism

1 hour ago - View -
Raymond K Johnsen II Raymond K Johnsen II : In Meanleys LJ with Mitt Romney....had to stop myself from asking for a selfie lol
1 hour ago - View -
Chris Sowick Chris Sowick : The Broads Must Be Crazy     THis and the part 2 are epic. So shameful.

"Will Hilary's becoming a grandmother hinder her ability to lead??
If I'm not mistaken, Mitt Romney has like a grandchild petting zoo; the guy added 3 new grandchildren during his campaign! He is the only candidate in history to get fewer electoral college votes than the number of chairs he has to put out at Thanksgiving!"     Hillary Clinton and Diane Feinstein receive different treatment than their male counterparts.
Watch the video: video

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Steve Frank Steve Frank : First on CNN: Romney takes sides in GOP primary battle     FYI: Romney Endorses Strickland for Congress

irst on CNN: Romney takes sides in GOP primary battle
Posted by
CNN Political Editor Paul Steinhauser

(CNN) - Mitt Romney is weighing in on competitive Republican primary for a GOP held House seat in California - the latest sign that the 2012 Republican presidential nominee plans to play an influential role in helping to shape the future of his party.

CNN has learned that Wednesday Romney will endorse Tony Strickland for Congress in California's 25th district, to succeed longtime GOP Rep. Buck McKeon. The House Armed Services committee chairman announced in January that he wouldn't run for re-election this November.

Key races to watch in 2014

Strickland is a former California state assemblyman and state senator who represented parts of the traditionally Republican leaning congressional district, which is located in northern Los Angeles County and includes Simi Valley (home to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library) and the city of Santa Clarita. Strickland, who's been endorsed by McKeon, is one of a half a dozen GOP candidates running in the June primary.

"An experienced legislator, a devoted husband and father, and a longtime community leader, Tony Strickland is exactly who we need in Congress. Tony led the fight against the Democrats' excessive budgets in Sacramento and worked to bring California's crippling deficit under control. He will do the same in Congress," wrote Romney in a statement acquired by CNN.

1 hour ago - View -
Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress : Ticket splitting reached a 92 year low in 2012     "In 2012, the percentage of ticket-splitting districts slipped into single digits for the first time in 92 years. Just 26 members of Congress currently represent districts that the presidential nominee not of their party won in 2012 -- 17 Republicans hold districts carried by President Obama in 2012 while nine Democrats hold districts won by Mitt Romney."
2 hours ago - View -
Jacques Rufus Mukendi Jacques Rufus Mukendi : Watch Jon Stewart Blast Conservative Media's Anti-Hillary Sexism (Video) - Progressive Populist    
2 hours ago - View -
Hugh Frederick Hugh Frederick : Obama's Lousy Record Examined     I HOPE MY ARGUING FRIENDS WILL LISTEN TO THIS ~~~~~ !!!!
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Watch the video: video

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Cynthia J Emery Weaver Cynthia J Emery Weaver : Glenn Beck sent a rare (expensive) copy of George Washington's farewell address to Mitt Romney. Glenn felt Mitt should have it in his hands near the end of the campaign trail. He struggled with parting with the historical letter, but was compelled to give it to Mitt through Mitt's son. Glenn's only regret was, he never received a thank you note. Last night Mitt sent Glenn an email that could only come from an honorable man....The truth is not always easy, but it is the only way for a courageous man! Mitt thanked Glenn for his gift, but never received the letter. Somehow in the chaos of the final campaign days, it disappeared and Mitt never saw it.......Good news! he didn't blame it on Bush OR a video! That is the man that would have served this country with courage, truth and honor.
2 hours ago - View -
Barbara Mashburn Barbara Mashburn : Why the reactions to “Grandma Hillary” are sexist and ageist     Barbara Mashburn
2 hours ago - View -
Nancy Brooks Detweiler Nancy Brooks Detweiler : Eyewitnesses Testify: Pope Francis Raped and Killed Children; Sealed Vatican Documents Expose...     I hate to share this, but the sooner truth is known, the quicker we can more into the Light and the quicker children all over the world can be safer! I felt that Pope Francis was at least overshadowed by Francis of Assisi so that some good could begin to occur at the Vatican and for the billions of Catholics on our planet. But the Universal Law of "we reap what we sow" is neutral and will unfold. Truth is now emerging regardless of what we "hope" is true. Humanity has been taught the horrible concepts of God as revengeful, violent, intent on punishing people for an eternity in the "make believe" everlasting fires of hell, commanding that every woman, man, and child be killed in a village as the Israelites marched to the Promised Land,..... on and on with the horrible nature of God humanity has been taught. Many look to Jesus to stand between them and this horribly mean God. No wonder human beings are the only species that kills each other for no reason, but a lie they have been told. No wonder humanity can torture and turn their backs on the horror still going on daily in our world! Oh, it horrifies me to the depths of my being.

ON THE OTHER HAND, think of what our world can be like once we are free of the lies we have been taught and which many are still afraid to release less they be true after all. Jesus taught: "The Truth will set you free!" I can't wait for all that is hidden to be revealed and released into the transmuting flame for cleansing. AND WE WILL BE FREE!

3 hours ago - View -
Michelle Spencer Michelle Spencer : Mitt Romney Steals Millions From Shareholders     And he wanted to be President, please.
3 hours ago - View -
Corrie Smith Corrie Smith : Mobile Uploads     I will never eat a corn dog again — with Sydney Smith and 40 others.     Is that MITT Romney
3 hours ago - View -
Susan Cullom Susan Cullom : Listening to Beck.....he gave Mitt Romney a very rare copy, 1st addition of George Washington's farewell address to his son Josh during the last election cycle. This is a book he thought Mitt could use for inspiration and was very concerned he never got a thank you or any comment on it, knowing Romney was a man of honor, perhaps the next George Washington according to Beck talked about it on his radio show. Apparently Romney was listening and send an email to say he never got the book, apparently it was misplaced! What a hard fact to admit...and just goes to the character of Romney....he may not be what many of you think would have fixed the Nation, but he is a good man. A man of honor and what a difference that would have made...a guy that understands the right things to do would have made such a difference....instead we got thugs, liars and thieves. They say people get what they deserve, turning a Nation away from God was a very bad move.
4 hours ago - View -
Greg Weaver Greg Weaver : First on CNN: Romney takes sides in GOP battle     First on CNN: Romney takes sides in GOP primary battle...uh, Mitt? We have a Democratic governor and a had a supermajority for two years here. They actually fixed the budget. If you didn't learn your lesson during the prop 8 battle, you really should stick to what you know...which isn't politics. Or public opinion. Or reality for that matter.
4 hours ago - View -
Tom Seay Tom Seay : Timeline Photos         I'm NOT a racist simply because I do not care for Barak Obama. I wanted Herman Cain to run for president. I would have taken him over Mitt Romney or several other white republican candidates, save Newt Gingrich. Half of my friends are African Americans. It's not that our current president is a black man, it's who this black president is and all the crap he has done to our country.
I am not a sexist because I don't care for Hillary-Killery Clinton. I would have loved to have had Sarah Palin in the White House. She should have run for president and not VP in 2008. But we got that bone-headed MALE, John McCain. So don't call me or others racists or sexists simply because we do not want traitors who happen to be black or female running our country.

4 hours ago - View -
Mike Stanfill Mike Stanfill : "Will Mitt Romney having grandchildren affect his decision to run for President?" SAID NO ONE EVER IN 2012.
4 hours ago - View -
Michael Scott Edwards Michael Scott Edwards : Why the reactions to “Grandma Hillary” are sexist and ageist     The men are running scared and grasping at straws
5 hours ago - View -
Gordon JazzBass Spencer Gordon JazzBass Spencer : Mitt Romney Steals Millions From Shareholders     Well Well Well
6 hours ago - View -
Richard Lundquist Richard Lundquist : Timeline Photos     We need pastors to boldly preach the Gospel in your churches. 100% Biblical Truth. No wavering. No fear of backlash, IRS codes, or threats from the government. Pure God-given fortitude. The future of religious freedom could depend on you. Read more:

Please SHARE or @ tag your pastor below to encourage them to pledge today to unite with thousands of pastors across the country for Pulpit Freedom Sunday on October 5, 2014. — with Tito Espina and 47 others.     Shut up Kracker!! Ha Ha!!

KB Toys got buried, Mitt Romney got paid

6 hours ago - View -
Priscilla Cuba Priscilla Cuba : 19 Things Mitt Romney Did In 2013 Instead Of Being President     And he'd still get my vote.
6 hours ago - View -
Kerry Tate Kerry Tate : Chelsea Clinton's pregnancy gives birth to new conspiracies     Just as old-school birtherism – "Barack Obama was actually born in Kenya!" – was really just code for "Holy hell, we can't possibly have a black man as president!", so the current birtherism – "Hillary can't possibly be a grandmother and run for office!" – is really just code for "Holy hell, we can't possibly have a woman as president, and an OLD one to boot!" Mitt Romney, to take one random and deeply obvious example, is the proud grandfather of 23 grandchildren, two of whom were born while he was on the campaign trail, and not once was this raised as a potential disadvantage.
6 hours ago - View -
Richard Lundquist Richard Lundquist : Timeline Photos     Sen. Rand Paul speaking with students at Josephinum Academy

Watch the livestream:     KB Toys got buried, Mitt Romney got paid

6 hours ago - View -
Bob Perilla Bob Perilla : Mitt Romney Donates Large Sum To Former Governor's Legal Defense Fund     Just another classic demonstration of the immutable ethical fiber of the GOP.

6 hours ago - View -
Rashawn Tunechi Rashawn Tunechi : Am I Wrong For Being Upset That My Vote For Mitt Romney Meant Nothing ? Lml
6 hours ago - View -
Miles W. Rich Miles W. Rich : Mitt Romney Donates Large Sum To Former Governor's Legal Defense Fund     I am surprised. In the past, Romney only donated large sums to Mormon charities. He is giving $100,000.00 to defend public corruption.
6 hours ago - View -
Reginald Canty Reginald Canty : Mitt Romney Steals Millions From Shareholders     These kinda guys are OK as far as GOP and Tea Baggers are concerned!!!! Remember who told you about this guy, because more just like him are waiting for a chance to get under the radar and steal their golden goose!! And you wanted this guy for POTUS?
7 hours ago - View -
Mary McDonald Olson Mary McDonald Olson : Why the reactions to “Grandma Hillary” are sexist and ageist     wow
7 hours ago - View -
Bill Well Bill Well : I am going to WORK today. Mitt Romney probably will not. Even IF it's true that his son hired him, and he's doing something, it's probably the same sort of "work" he used to do- talking his way into some money... And, even if he sits at home, he makes twenty million a year. So folks who are actually productive, do actual work, make a hundred, maybe two hundred dollars for a full day's work. And a couch potato makes millions, and we call that "success." We accept that. What a failed nation this has become.
7 hours ago - View -
Bobby Putnam Bobby Putnam : White House Hosts ‘Next Generation’ Young and Rich     Hmmm, isn't the white house still closed to the rest of us?
Yet side door is open- for those that are willing and able to play

8 hours ago - View -
David T. Kurtz David T. Kurtz : Why the reactions to “Grandma Hillary” are sexist and ageist    
8 hours ago - View -
Shawn Hossain Shawn Hossain : ''Government does not create jobs''-Mitt Romney
''As a Governor of Massachusetts i have created many jobs''- Mitt Romney
lolz. He is very good for a good laugh.

8 hours ago - View -
ABC 7 News - WJLA ABC 7 News - WJLA : The defense fund for former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen McDonnell, has amassed $150,000. The McDonnells, facing corruption charges, have received a handful of high-profile donations, including a $10,000 gift from 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Would you donate to McDonnell's defense fund?

Click here to read more:

9 hours ago - View -
George Hovaness Donigian George Hovaness Donigian : Timeline Photos     Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, has donated $10,000 to former Gov. Bob McDonnell’s defense fund, according to a Washington Post report. -     SMH
9 hours ago - View -
Louis Pushkin Louis Pushkin : Timeline Photos     Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, has donated $10,000 to former Gov. Bob McDonnell’s defense fund, according to a Washington Post report. -    
11 hours ago - View -
12 hours ago - View -
Steve South Steve South : Eyewitnesses Testify: Pope Francis Raped and Killed Children; Sealed Vatican Documents Expose...    
12 hours ago - View -
Brock Cheshier Brock Cheshier : Eyewitnesses Testify: Pope Francis Raped and Killed Children; Sealed Vatican Documents Expose...     There is nothing Christ like about the office of the Pope or the vatican. They have been responsable for so much pain, suffering, and death, and war.
13 hours ago - View -
Populist Patriot Populist Patriot : Romney Gives $10K To Defense Fund For 'True And Trusted' Pal Bob McDonnell     It sure helps to have very rich friends when you get indicted....
14 hours ago - View -
Sevorg Assilem Sevorg Assilem : Who Said It: Romney Or Mr. Burns? mitt romney still makes me laugh
15 hours ago - View -
Ype Beerda Ype Beerda : Eyewitnesses Testify: Pope Francis Raped and Killed Children; Sealed Vatican Documents Expose...    
15 hours ago - View -
Wilson Ojales Wilson Ojales : Look Who's Back: Where Mitt Romney Is Lending Campaign Help in 2014    
15 hours ago - View -
There are thousands of Mitt Romney supports across the half dozen or so FB group pages devoted to him. Can you imagine the impact it would have if we all jumped on each article written about Mitt and flooded the comments section with pro Romney comments?

I guarantee the media, politicians, and people in general would sit up and take notice. When we hear Shawn Hannity and Megyn Kelly talking about this on their programs, we'll know that we've been successful. This is a very worthy goal to work for if you ask me. LET'S DO IT!!

16 hours ago - View -
Holly Dawn Hewlett Holly Dawn Hewlett : Why the reactions to “Grandma Hillary” are sexist and ageist     WE all know what is really going on here...ONCE a woman runs this country...we will have NO excuses!!
16 hours ago - View -