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Kelly Jo McCaa Kelly Jo McCaa : The Farm of Cultural Crossroads     So proud of my Kaitlynn, even though they spelled her name wrong! Thanks Monica Watson, for getting her into the art program! She loves every bit of it!!!
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Devin Chapman Devin Chapman : Happy Easter to my family. Sorry I couldn't be there for this one. Sucks. But I love and miss you all! Sarah Chapman-Dumas Rebecca Dumas Margaret Chapman Green Jason Green Abigail Green Robbie Watson Phillip Puskarich Nick Buckman and Camren where the hell is your profile!?
1 hour ago - View -
Chris Broussard Chris Broussard : The Farm of Cultural Crossroads     I know everyone is anxious to see who made it through the preliminaries.....Art , Poetry & Craft top winners here. Top Ten on display all next week. Please share the news....
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Anne Anthony Anne Anthony :         The old neighborhood with Gail Reeves, Margaret Orto,Christianne Orto, Amy Rowland, and Edie Watson
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Jeff True Jeff True : Initial List for BRICK MANSIONS Movie Screening EARLY ENTRY 4/23. Was limited to two per person. Please no further requests. Will post final list on Tuesday.

Stephanie Moore 2
Julie Mckeon 2
Ashley Simpson 2
Kenny Phan 2
Tracy Newton 2
Sharon Morrow 2
Liono Setiowijoso 2
Helki Watson 2
Kamela Martin Kern 2
Sue Hibbing 2

Margaret Horton - Standby 1
Jeanne Somers - Standby 2
Bo Larsen - Standby 2
Michael Brown - Standby 2
Jayne Bailey - Standby 1
Brian Frazer - Standby 2
Steve Ciaffoni - Standby 1
Ted Titular - Standby 1

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Lori Langley Lori Langley : Happy Easter! On our way to Franklin to boil crawfish with mom, Margaret Fain, Phyllis Watson and my grandma. While traveling, my middle son just asked if he can go Black Friday shopping with me! Katie Martin I think I will have another crowd wrestler with me this year!
6 hours ago - View -
Powell's Chapel Baptist Church Powell's Chapel Baptist Church : PRAYER & PRAISE LIST

Homebound PCBC members: George & Ruth Barrett, Margaret Ward, Jan Watson, Nelle Sumnar.

Margie Dyer : cancer treatments.

Lynn Phillips : Has returned home, but still quarantined.

Billy Chafin (uncle of Brett Chafin) : At home with hospice.

Donna Bodily (aunt of Jack Holland) : Brain tumor.

Karen Swenson : Recovering at home.

Raheema Evans : At home, but still troubled.

Natasha Van Houten's father, Tahir : In Kyrgyzstan who has three brain tumors.

Debbie Whitmer's brother & sister-in-law : Marital problems.

Larry Wrather's sister, Nancy : Cancer treatments.

Charlie Wall : Recovering from heart surgery.

Christy McDonel (young friend of Opal Gilliam) : Cancer of artery, nerves and muscle in the neck and throat area.

Bobby Winsett : COPD.

Jim Crofts' mother & father : Both with serious health issues.

Our church has been asked to pray for a fourth-grade girl named Dasha at Mitchell Neilson.

John Williams, father of Bethany Hawkins.

Peggy Robertson & family : Father Denzil Barton passed away and brother Daniel is experiencing heart problems.

Pat Ryan's mother : Diagnosed with cancer.

Barry Crabtree : Recent hospitalization with congestive heart failure & complications.

7 hours ago - View -
Chi Wan Fan Chi Wan Fan : Bad Predictions    
7 hours ago - View -
Jane Wood Jane Wood : It constantly amazes me that so many folks interested in needlepoint belong to Facebook. But I should not be surprised--the urge to be creative is buried in all of us. Please congratulate the following folks for letting that urge run free: Terry Johnson Dean, Pat Furey, Margaret Quinn Bunn, Dyana Peyron, Jennifer Horne Bassett, Liz Watson, Patricia Felmar, Lisa Barber, Sheree Cox, Nancy Feldman, Susan Leonard, Magy Ch, and Biaggia Ryan.
9 hours ago - View -
Janet Bethea Janet Bethea : Gm for this is the day that the Lord has made we must enjoy and be glad in it lord I thank you for this day I thank you for allowing me to see another Easter Sunday may you continue to bless my family this morning the special man in my life and his family my church family may you continue to bless all the ones thats on my sick list this morning my brother Norman Quinton Coleman Maria Coleman Sammy glass Bishop Bernard Williams John Watson Margaret Jones Ronald Lindsey Mary Lindsey special prayer this morning for myself my relationship my son Tony my mother Richard Cummings and family my facebook family and friends amen
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Steve McDermott Steve McDermott : Steve McDermott    
13 hours ago - View -
Marianne Sue Watson Marianne Sue Watson :         Had a blast at my little sister's house watched all the kids hurt eggs & ate an Easter dinner & just having a good time with the family & friends so it was a great day with Margaret Watson & David Watson & Jonathan Watson & Abreal Watson & Jesse Jackson & Beth Willard & Joseph Willard & Chris Willard & Angie Willard & Arthur Cauffman & Robert Harrison & Aunt Linda & my mom & my sister in law- LeAnn & all the kiddos!!!!!!!!!! :)
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Sandra Avila Sandra Avila : Learn World Calligraphy    
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Margaret Watson Margaret Watson : Margaret Watson is sharing free Tile gifts!    
1 day ago - View -
Linda Metcalfe Was Cotter Linda Metcalfe Was Cotter : Great Night With My Daughter Sarah Hawkins Was Watson, Beryl, Mary Trigg, Mikey, Gerry, my Sister Margaret Williams Was Cotter, Andy Williams, my Niece Lisa Dimambro, Roberto Dimambro, my Nephew Kevin Williams & Stacey Apps, watching My Amazing Son Dave Watson win his Fight, woohoo
1 day ago - View -
Richard M Buckland Richard M Buckland : Steve McDermott     I'm With You Steve
1 day ago - View -
Verlinda Jackson Allen Verlinda Jackson Allen : The Governor of CA: Urge San Diego Police department to allow public or outside help.     Please sign this Petition . Just click on the bold print on link & it takes seconds to do.
James Alt and his beautiful love were victims of a terrible crime in Torrey Pines & we need your help to re~open this case .

1 day ago - View -
Jan Rosenquist-Smith Jan Rosenquist-Smith : The Governor of CA: Urge San Diego Police department to allow public or outside help.     We've reached 490 signatures left to go with your help! Isn't that FANTASTIC!!! With your help we can achieve getting this accomplished. If you have not yet signed - please consider doing so. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!! Please click on the bold caption below and sign. It is so quick to do and be sure to share this petition on your FB page so that your friends can have an opportunity to sign it as well! We appreciate your kindness and your willingness to help one another! Happy Easter weekend to all of you!
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Mark Shaw Mark Shaw : Steve McDermott     Come on my friends let's all share this and make it go viral please. We need to do something serious to get this trend reversed.
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Gary Popp Gary Popp :         Jackson Elementary School - 1915
osted By: Margaret Bradley
Date Posted: Feb 10, 2005
Description: 4th Grade Class in 1915.

Left to right from bottom of picture: 1st Row:
1. Bob Hodgson
2. Kirkwood Jones
3. ?
4. ?
5. Jack Peel
6. James Mason

2nd Row:
7. Edna Boyd
8. Alice Morgan
9. Bernadette Cosqrove
10. Jane Muir - Twin
11. ? Dunn girl
12. ?
13. Gladys Watson
3rd Row:
14. Frank Wilson
15. Vince Byrnes
16. ? Flynn
17. Flora Muir - Twin to Jane
18. Junior Smith
19. Clara MacFarlane
20. George Hanekamp

4th Row:
21. Thelma Boston
22. Helen Smith
23. ?
24. William Broderick
25. Mildred Bowers
26. Annie Glenn
27. Joseph "Bunker" Bradley

5th Row:
28. ? Humberson
29. Anna Cook
30. Francis Glenn
31. ? MacFarlane
32. John Anderson

6th Row:
33. Bill Donaldson
34. Johnnie House
35. ?
36. Teacher Mira Bill
37. ?
38. Jane Cochran
39. Holder Hanekamp
40. Arch Hutcheson
Date Taken: 1915
Place Taken: Jackson School
Owner: Bunker Bradley, given to him by John Anderson

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Steve McDermott Steve McDermott : Steve McDermott    
1 day ago - View -
Miranda Tamina Miranda Tamina : Mhae Sangria    
1 day ago - View -
LHG Designs (formerly Wedding and Baby) LHG Designs (formerly Wedding and Baby) : Wishing my bride Margaret Watson a fabulous wedding day tomorrow. Thank you for choosing LHG Designs.
1 day ago - View -
Bryan Finlay Bryan Finlay : Mobile Uploads     Could you win this new RLSS UK jumper/hoodie..
if you can guess the likes to this page so please like/ share and invite people to this page     Could you win A new Rlss UK hoodie Ross Fisher Murray McLean Murray MacArthur Danny Burnett Iain Fraser Helen Clark James Hay Sheena Harper Lynne Sturgeon Isobel Miller James Patton Taylor Jemma Hamilton Ross Sinclair Ben Witz Louise Johnston Lynsey Watson Sam Grieve Margaret Melrose Martin Clubber Laing Stuart Diack Jane Shepherd Paul Moore Terry Draycott Bill Brown Tony Wright Terry Brown Hilda McAdam Scottish Northern Branch Rlss Nottinghamshire Robert Cooper Mbe Scott Mackenzie Donna Scott Sandra Mcbride Daryll-anna McBride Fran Wightman Sarah Black Sarah Kennedy Laura Finlay Amy Finlay Chris Harper Pat Harper Melissa Bititci Samantha Law Marchburn Playgroup Penicuik
Royal Lifesaving Nz Rlss India Alison Dobbie Bell Alison Ketteringham
Jude Geddes McNicol
Ally Grant Hunter Gavin Taylor Gavin Hunter Claire Gately Bryan Finlay
All you need to do is follow /like the page invite your friends and guess the number before Easter Monday
Good luck

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Paul Baterina Paul Baterina : The Governor of CA: Urge San Diego Police department to allow public or outside help.     We have hit 498 signatures to go! Wonderful!!! Thankyou for your continued support for James Alt, and the Nantais family! God Bless! To sign the petition - just click on the bold caption and it is quick and easy!
1 day ago - View -