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Margaret Watson
Margaret Watson : Made in 1968 - years of being awesome's Photos     Here it comes, For all those ladies who have missed the opportunity to buy this cool limited edition shirt, we have relaunched the shirt with the best new colors and better shirt quality, reserve yours now by clicking the link    
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Margaret Watson
Margaret Watson : So ill cant stad the smal of my owne cooking or even coffee or tea only water
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Margaret Watson
Margaret Watson : Timeline Photos     #bossbitch
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Margaret Watson
Margaret Watson : Timeline Photos        
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Ann Margaret Tinney-Watson
Ann Margaret Tinney-Watson :    
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Margaret Watson
Margaret Watson : Margaret Watson is feeling sick.    
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Ann Margaret Tinney-Watson
Ann Margaret Tinney-Watson : Follow me LIVE and cheer me on!     started a Runtastic LIVE activity.
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June Grigg
June Grigg : Has any one been prayed through and can be removed? Do I need to add any one? Thanks for all your participation. October 30: PRAYER WARRIORS: Any updates on anyone??? ROY MAY, my cousin's husband passed away this morning after a very short illness, RYAN HEBERT, BRO. HARDY ESTES, BRENDA EWING, MONICA MAHAFFEY, SARAH GORDON, BILL SWEAT, JOHN DOYLE, JASON LAVERGNE, ANN TURNER, MADINE TURNER, KIM BAILEY WITHERWAX, NATHAN STRETTO, KATHERINE JEAN BEARD, LINDA GIBSON, WANDA MARICLE, HARDY HICKMAN, GALE HARPER IS DOING WELL, Brady Pennington, Yvonne Peterson, BEKAH ESTES, AUDREY CARAVAN, DANNY HEBERT, SAM HENDERSON, JOHNNY MCFATTER, RUSSELL COOLEY, BUDDY AND ANNE SNEAD, VALERIE STRACENER AND HER FAMILY, LAUREN SARGENT, GLINDA JENKINS, JANELL HESTER, LEAH DUFRENE OWEN, Joan Burnett, Gracie Marler's grandchildren, Sam Cormier, D. A. Dowies, ADELLE SMITH, PAM BAILEY, Jan Horton, SHARON WALKER, ERNIE HARPER, Cheyenne Johnson, Ben Turner, David Marler, STEVE AND PAT LESTER, Mackie & Anna Duplechain, Kyle Watson, Billie Jo Strother, Mike Hyde, Bobby Mills, TORI TRAMMEL, Diane Bushnell, Perry Bruce, Jerry Gueringer, Nell Christopher, Roy Rivero. Ella Johnson, Margaret Guillory, Walda Faye Pickering, Rose Burnett, DUKE CAMPBELL, Jean Newman, Carol Johnson Broussard, Cody Leger, Kelly and Stacy Christopher, Hal Turner, Azaira Thompson, Lin Miller, MICKIE COOLEY, Jennifer Young. Please keep AARON GRIGG lifted up. Just so you know, we have prayed several people through so keep it up. I have removed some people I heard were doing well. But if I need to put anyone back on or add someone, please let me know.
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Janet Bethea
Janet Bethea : gm he saw the best in me when everyone else around could only see the worst in me I made it another day's journey God kept me here lord thank you for this day millions did not make it but I was one of the ones who did may you continue to bless you and family this morning my husband and his family my church family may you continue to bless each and everyone on my sick and shut in list my brother Norman my son Tony Quinton and Maria Coleman John Watson Bishop Bernard Williams Margaret Jones Mary Lindsey special prayer for myself my husband my marriage my children and my grandchildren Bethea family uncle Charlie and his wife and family the Nicholson family Richard coming and family McCoy family all my facebook family and friends amen
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Janey Jardine
Janey Jardine : Help raise £200 to support Matthew McCabe     Elaine Thom, Elaine Middlemiss Elaine Jamieson, Aah Aitch, Samantha Booth, Elizabeth Wilson, Elizabeth Paterson, Lyndsey Speirs, Isabel Cochrane, Isabel McCrae, Suzanne McGinty, Suzanne Crichton, Pauline Murty, Janet McAlister, Sharon McCreadie, Alison McCormack, Alison Scicluna, Alison McLachlan, Ann Marie Hake, Beverley Todd, Steve Robson, Neil McKirdy, Colin Fulcher, Colin Steele, Eddie Telfer, Shirley McFarlane, Hannah Macqueen, Shona Elaine MacKenzie, Christine Marr, Stacy Stacey Farquhar, Dougie McDade, Amanda Gibson Jason Steel. Sharon Steel, James Martin, James Mcalister, Joanne Martin, Joanne Craig, Deirdre Duncan, Caroline Jenkins, Carol Meldrum Brenda Sutherland Helen Lambertini, Helen Asmaz Lydia Nellis, Maggie Zav, Sandra Turner, Kay Berry, Lydia Nellis Mary Jane Mclean, Mary Laird, Lorna Cameron Michael Ivory, Paula Doolan, Jane Kane Thornton, Robert Thornton, Mandy Lilley, Mandy Mclachlan, Georgette H Denholm, Debbie Dunn, Debbie Mccormack, Debbie Jones, Clair Dickson, Roberta McFarlane
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