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Mabel and Harley
Mabel and Harley :         hi. this is harley. after a very long weekend of playing in the snow and snuggling to stay warm, i am back on the job today!
yes, i, harley, went back to work as a read-to-me pup!
(mabel can talk about mama #2 and ducks tomorrow. today it's MY turn!)
i don't know why, but all of the books my kids read to me today were about a cat named, "bad kitty." i learned lots about bad kitty, 'cuz he does lots of stuff, like get into all kinds of trouble.
except, he's really trying to do good, he's just misunderstood a lot.
you know, bad kitty looks kinda like my cat sister, millie. i wonder if they are related?
anyway, i loved being around my kids again today. we told each other stories about playing in the snow (they built something called, "snowmen") and i stole a couple of kisses again when no one was looking.
i love my kids!
i love my job!
this is your favorite read-to-me pup signing off.

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Nahnah Abynah
Nahnah Abynah : What Baby Mama! Flavour says he is still single & searching     Flavour may be looking loved up with his baby mama but has confessed he is single and searching .
He told City People

"Yes though I have a baby mama, I am still single and searching. Not that I wouldn't want to get married one day, I will definitely …

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