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Thabiso Lloyd
Thabiso Lloyd : There was a young boy, who one day went to the
neighbours' house only

to find the mother and the father arguing very
fiercely, insulting each

While standing there listening to the
argument, the man said to his
wife: "Ja, ebile o SEFEBE". Unnoticed,
the boy left the scene and went
home where he found his mother busy mixing
dough (ya go dira ledombolo lemagwinya ) and asked her "Mama, SEFEBE ke eng??",
the mother without interest to the question quickly answered him and said "ke se
ke se dirang" (Translates to - yilento endiyenzayo - she was busy mixing dough
for making "magwinya" )

The next day at the boys home, there was a
society (tsa ko kasi tsa
Sunday), so the mother told the boy to be quie
t in his bedroom until
the society is over, if ever he needed something
, he should just slightly
open the door and call her. Fine.

After a
while in his bedroom, the boy finally felt hungry and slightly
opened the
door "pssss, Mama, Mama" all the people in the living room
kept quite and
looked at the boy "ako o mphe difebenyana tse pedi moo
ke di jele ka mo
kamoreng yaka"

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Greg Dickey
Greg Dickey : Dogs Deserve Better    
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Judie Mindrum
Judie Mindrum : Dogs Deserve Better     RIP sweet dog....def in heaven you've been to hell already
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An Ge Lo
An Ge Lo :     Yeah, my mama she told me don't worry about your size
She says, "Boys like a little more booty to hold at night."
You know I won't be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll
So if that's what you're into then go ahead and move along

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Viki Rothe
Viki Rothe : Mama Told Me Not to Come - Three Dog Night - (HQ Audio)         "Mama Told Me (Not to Come)" is a song by Randy Newman. Newman says that the song was inspired by his own lighthearted reflection on the Los Angeles music sc...
Watch the video: video

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Jackson Ogola
Jackson Ogola : Odunlade Adekola fan    
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Steven Dobbin
Steven Dobbin : Mama she has taught me well
Told me when I was young
Son, your life's an open book
Don't close it fore it's done
The brightest flame burns quickest
Is what I heard they say
A son's heart's owned to mother
But I must find my way

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Jerry Gilliam
Jerry Gilliam : It is 4AM, Most of you Beautiful peeps are doing what I Love to do...SLEEP! Awakened @ nearly 4ish with alot of very uncomfortable Pain.....Perhaps I am seriously just adapting? I am grateful for everything in my Life, The Church, The People involved, My Plan is not according to Cheffy must be according to God. Last Pm, I thanked alot folks for being in Mama K & Cheffy's Lives...This has been the cornerstone to allowing us to Continue a Journey with God driving the Bus...Again, We all are just Human, I am also grateful for anyone who stands purely for God....I try to never "Act as IF"...This is not who we are....Our Why is greatly contingent upon God's Divine intervention, and simply put "If we are driving the Bus, Then...Where's God? Have I forsaken his Word? These upon future lessons will be told. My sincere Prayer & Hope is that everyone Please join hands in the cause of Loving one another..Especially those who may have fallen short. Remember it's just after 4AM, This is not my usual routine...Truth is in forecast for today...Always search your heart for this very Thing...God is about LOVE....Mama K & I Love all you beautiful lil Souls out there! If you are hurting, Know that we will Pray with & for yous....Amen....
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Michelle Wolf
Michelle Wolf : Adée - What My Mama Never Told Me (Official Video)     And she did it again     Made by; Reidar Pritzel Actors; Tove Blomdahl & Jacob Olausson
Watch the video: video

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Madhu Sudana
Madhu Sudana : Kannada Jokes    
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Afruitcan Roots
Afruitcan Roots : Meeting mama Ne'ema and her 4 week old daughter..... Uchira Childrens Fund     Another beautiful story of aid in Uchira childrens fund's latest video
Watch the video: video

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Erin Pizzey
Erin Pizzey : I remember Mama: One man (and boy’s) odyssey through abuse     I will be interviewing Edward on our VOICE forMen radio show on Saturday. Please take the time to read his brilliantly told story and his tender conclusion. At the end of the day it's not the beating or the emotional or sexual abuse that does the major damage. It is the knowlege that we were not loved. Please like and comment we need to talk.
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IAm-Nhyiraba SabatoSey
IAm-Nhyiraba SabatoSey : life is short buh mama told me if I live it I"m gonna live it longA
same2U my dear peers

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Don Viffy
Don Viffy : When I was a little boy
Mama told me
My boy chase your dreams
And keep believing
And the sky will be your beginning...........#love my Life

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Fine boy jr
Fine boy jr : Mama told me not everyone who shows you is teeth truely express a symbol of love towards you coz some they are just posters.
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Julius Muhimbo
Julius Muhimbo : The Independent Magazine - Uganda    
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Kelly Gunderman
Kelly Gunderman : Mobile Uploads     URGENT! PLEASE SHARE!

Gorgeous Mama Darla A310721 and her babies (Destiny A310722 & David A310723) have been owner surrendered to ACS, a high kill shelter in San Antonio. Please consider fostering or adopting to save them! — with Anne Humphrey Counsil Burkholder and 22 others.     MOM & BABIES IN DANGER!!!!! I was told mom Darla will be in real danger once the last 2 puppies are out-they are only holding her bc of babies. 4 have been adopted. I think her name is Darla. Very sweet dog. We need to help her ASAP!!

42 minutes ago - View - : FUN TIME!!!
Answer: NO NA MY HIPS.
2) Guy how far? NA YOU BE THIS?
3) On ur wedding, one idiot walked up to
you as you are about to take ur wedding
pix with ur wife...
4)Give me your phone number -
0803476... ....THANKS.
Answer: NO!!! NA NEPA I DEY USE.
5)I listened to 9 o'clock news, it was announced that the election was
postponed. WHO TOLD YOU?
6)Take this mosquito coil; e dey
kill insect fast... Thanks bros. E DEY KILL MOSQUITOS?
7)Standing in front of a police station*
Answer: No! Na CHURCH one worrd

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SQ Ngoejana
SQ Ngoejana : Mama always told me boi Facebooks

It's like she knew I'd get likes. Notifications status updates etc

Now I tell mom that pple like me now that I Facebook then she smiled boi u smart


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Richard Kioko
Richard Kioko : Nickson Mutunga    
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Debbie Smith Martin
Debbie Smith Martin : Danfung Dennis     This proud mama has to share this
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Sharmaine Malano Osma
Sharmaine Malano Osma : Yeah, my mama she told me don't worry about your size
She says, "Boys like a little more booty to hold at night." ♫♫♫

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Adée : Adée - What My Mama Never Told Me (Official Video)     #tbt video to the song "What My Mama Never Told Me"
Watch the video: video

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Melissa Abbott
Melissa Abbott : Our cat went to sleep, yet she will never awaken anymore. She was so very weak, you could see it in her eyes. Sitting on the back of the couch, she started sliding behind. She couldn't hold on and my mama was afraid to hold on to her paws, fearing that it could break her leg.
For the longest time, we could tell something was wrong with her, but didn't know what. She was eating and drinking more than normal and looked as if she was pregnant. We kept waiting, day after day, for her to have the kittens. She never did. She looked like she was ready anytime, but losing weight everywhere else on her body. As we looked behind the couch, where she laid, we noticed she was convulsing ( like in a seizure). We thought she was dying then, but she held on. We would check on her every few minutes and noticed that she seemed to be sleeping. We thought maybe the seizure had drained her, so we let her rest. She continued to breathe very steady and peaceful. Almost 3 hours had passed and she still slept, still breathing and we were becoming hopeful that it was just a seizure. She wasn't crying out in pain but then later we heard her start to gurgle in her sleep. Mama told me that was the death gurgle that happens when someone is dying in their sleep. Yet, a small part of us, wanted to believe that it was just our overthinking and imagination. After 30 minutes had passed since her gurgle, we checked on her again. She had stopped breathing. She lays in the very same position, but she's gone..... We lost mama's dog, last month, due to a driver not paying attention and speeding. Now we've just lost our cat, too.

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Kærölê Ðïvåh Nyamburrah
Kærölê Ðïvåh Nyamburrah : I DON'T DATE SINGLE MOTHERS     Moved...really moved #SuchIsLove #Beautiful #SimplyBeautiful
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Emmanuel Otaka Fyll
Emmanuel Otaka Fyll : check out the difference..
1..I luv u dear (EHIS )
2..Can i take u out tonite? (Andrew)
3..I always feel bad when I see u
with another
man (MOSES)
4.. Sweetie don't forget d trip (MD)
5..Darling, av u seen d credit I sent
u? (Collins)
6..Honey, I will do whatever it takes
just for U to
be by my side (Samuel)
7..Consider it done (Senator)
8..Baby, check ur a/c bal and call me
1..Your data bundle will soon expire
2..Hey dude, give me a break! I told
U Am getting
3..Don't u dare call me again, cheat
4..Am warning u 4 the last tym oo
5..Brother am still expecting the
money for the
admission form (young bro)
6..My son, how re you? Please send
us some
money (Mama)
7..I have not seen my period for 2
8... u just transferred N1000 airtime
to chioma
and ur new acct balance is N0.00

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Regional Science High School - X Confessions
Regional Science High School - X Confessions : #1218



Last October 20, 2014, another typical night. I was reading at the same time texting with the lights off (don't ask me how, I have night vision). Then suddenly, my sister shouted ""MAMA"", not in a nervous kind of way. I asked my sister what was wrong but she just told me nothing. Then i resumed reading. Few minutes passed, my sister told me to lay beside her since we have separate beds. I was puzzled, I asked her why and she said ""Ugma ra nako ignun"". Okay, so at that moment, I think I know what she's trying to say but I leave it at that.

The day after, my parents went to work, my grandma went to ran her errands and my sister went to finish something and I received a text message from my sister. When I read the first line, I immediately stopped because I know what it was and I don't want to be scared especially that I'm alone in the house. When my sister arrived an hour later, I read her message and it goes like this:

""Nakasimhot man jud ko ug tabako ug baho jud kaayo ug ilok kagabii.. gilingi nako sa bintana and there it was, a pair of red eyes ug murag gabaga nga sigarilyo and from what I observed, it's staring right at you bantog taka gipabalhin, since murag wala ka kabantay.. hahaha.. that's all :3"" My family and I talked about this matter and planned to just ignore it but I don't think I can ever forget this.

P.S. naay nakoy naignan ani so please lang let's keep it mysterious :)"

-Don't ask, I wouldn't tell you


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Daddyeo Mac
Daddyeo Mac : If your gonna run your mouth. At least do it in person. Don't be a fbook champ and beak off then block a mate. That's some Goofy action if you ask me. P.s just cuz you think you got weight nd have Tattoos doesn't mean you got parts. My mama once told me the bigger you are the harder you fall. I know that from my own experiences. Your obviously a squid. Talk shit nd won't meet. Then block a native. You Got Parts Champ. Pfft. Not even worth my time. W.e you think your ready to meet or actually grow some parts you can message me nd ill meet up with you any day anywhere CHAMP.
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Daphne Tugume
Daphne Tugume : The Independent Magazine - Uganda     Cant help to notice the kabale part of story..intresting!!
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CJ Tickle
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Abby Ghail
Abby Ghail : Timeline Photos     This beautiful family lost their first babies, twins, when they were born prematurely. When the mama, Mia, got pregnant again through fertility drugs, they were told there were 6 fertilized eggs in her womb. They chose to keep them all, even though that meant they might lose them all. And here they all are, healthy and happy. ♥ — with Ruth Lagne and 14 others.     what a blessing!!!!
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