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Robert Fishback
Robert Fishback : Three Dog Night - Mama told me not to come 1970     Three Dog Night - Mama told me not to come 1970 Want some whiskey in your water Sugar in your tea What's all these crazy questions they askin' me This is the...
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Carrie Turcotte
Carrie Turcotte : Mama Told Me "Lynard Skynard Sample/Remix"         Listen to Mama Told Me "Lynard Skynard Sample/Remix" by Deciple #np on #SoundCloud
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Thelonious Lugar de Jazz
Thelonious Lugar de Jazz : Wynton Marsalis        
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Karen Noel
Karen Noel : Bill Anderson - Mama Sang A Song (with lyrics)     stuff my mom told me,, this song reminds me of family . sad song but a lovely one.
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Judy Albright Harness
Judy Albright Harness :
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Hollywood L.A.
Hollywood L.A. : Hollywood L.A. is feeling blessed.     Had a long talk with my mama today about my Lineage, you know "Family Tree. " She recounted some of the best stories and memories about the life/death of some my loved ones and family members. Told me things she had never spoken to anyone else. This has inspired me to put a challenge out to those individuals who may not know much about their Lineage. Take the time to talk to your loved ones about THEIR lives and their memories. Promise you won't regret it.

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Tucker The Corgi Master
Tucker The Corgi Master : Click here to support Bullitt's TPLO Surgery by Liz Greene     Please help my friend Bullet, himz hurt hiz leg real bad too and he has to have surgery, and himz mama sure could use some help with it. Please give a little, and share share share!! Thank youz furiendz ♥
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Bill Harvey
Bill Harvey : The PlanetRadio History of Rock & Roll
1970 (January through April)

Stone the Crows - "Raining in Your Heart"
Badfinger - "Come and Get It"
Simon & Garfunkel - "The Boxer"
Simon & Garfunkel - "Bridge Over Troubled Water"
Chicago - "Ballet for a Girl in Buchanan"
Chicago - "25 or 6 to 4"
The Guess Who - "No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature"
The Guess Who - "American Woman"
Argent - "Liar"
The Doors - "Roadhouse Blues"
Black Sabbath - "The Wizard"
Van Morrison - "Moondance"
James Taylor - "Fire and Rain"
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - "Mr. Bojangles"
The Temptations - "War"
Mountain - "Mississippi Queen"
Mountain - "Theme for an Imaginary Western"
Mountain - "For Yasgur's Farm"
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - "Carry On"
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - "Teach Your Children"
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - "Almost Cut My Hair"
Leon Russell - "A Song for You"
Three Dog Night - "Out in the Country"
Three Dog Night - "Mama Told Me (Not to Come)"
Joni Mitchell - "Big Yellow Taxi"
Elton John - "Your Song"
Elton John - "Take Me to the Pilot"
Elton John - "Border Song"
Paul McCartney - "Maybe I'm Amazed"
The 5th Dimension - "One Less Bell to Answer"
Melanie - "Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)"
Eric Burdon & War - "Spill the Wine"
Blues Image - "Ride Captain Ride"
Gordon Lightfoot - "If You Could Read My Mind"
Jethro Tull - "To Cry You a Song"

Thanks for tuning in! \m/ =)

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Allan Young
Allan Young : She was a year ahead of me at Pennington High School. (Being very tall myself, I always liked older girls!) She was tall and beautiful. I thought she looked like Lauren Bacall. She had long naturally blond hair, and was built like the proverbially brick outhouse. And she was an outstanding musician, playing piano for all our plays and minstrel shows. And that is where she shined. So many students who took music lessons in high school, either in band or piano, were so enthralled with their own playing that they wanted to show off their talent. But not her. She only wanted to help others perform. I learned this my sophomore year, when our director, Miss Gibson (later to become Mrs. Barron) wanted me to do a comedic routine in blackface on the song PISTOL PACKIN’ MAMA. I went to her to tell her I did not consider myself to be much of a “Singist,” (to quote a nine-year-old neighbor), and I was afraid of timing and performance. That smart girl simply told me to sing the song my way, not to worry about staying with her music – that she would stay with me. And she did – making me look awful good. I added to the comedy by wearing a pair of my dad’s oversized shoes (which I had painted a bright yellow) on the wrong feet, extending out from under my tuxedo. That’s when I realized that she did this for all the soloists and duets in the show. Such a wonderful girl. So intelligent, so considerate, so talented. I could have hugged her to death, and told her so. (Later, after the show, in my car parked in seclusion at Ben Hur I tried – and she hugged me back!) Memories!
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Brooke Taylor Fitness
Brooke Taylor Fitness :         Tag a Momma who needs to hear this encouragement today! This Mommy business is not easy, and none of us have it all together. I'm learning more and more though.. That although I will never be "enough" for everyone and everything... But When we trust and rely on Him to meet us where we are.. He will "fill in the gaps".... and fill us up, too.

A friend told me this quote a long time ago, when I was overwhelmed as a BRAND new mama with my oldest... Coming across it today brought back memories, I hope it speaks to you the way it did and still does to me!!

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FurEver Friend Finder
FurEver Friend Finder : Urgent Part 2 - Urgent Death Row Dogs         JUDAS>>>>>>STATUS UNKNOWN
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Marim Amgad
Marim Amgad : Mama Told Me (Ek Ajnabee) Full Song | Ek Ajnabee | Arjun Rampal    
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Buddy ~ The Christmas Husky
Buddy ~ The Christmas Husky :         Roo, Roo, Roo! Good Night and Sweet Dreams to You! I told Mama Shay to only take my picture where my boo-boo doesn't show much. I don't want anything to diminish my handsomeness! Iz Wuv Youz All!
#TheChristmasHusky #BuddyTheChristmasHusky

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Da comedians team
Da comedians team : Da comedians team updated their status.     A lady's INBOX:

1..I love u dear (Hubby) 2..Can i take u out tonight? (EX) 3..I always feel bad when I see u with another man (CEO) 4.. Sweetie don't forget d trip (MD) 5..Darling, have u seen the credit I sent u? (Chris) 6..Honey, I will do whatever it takes just for u to be by my side (Evans) 7..Consider it done (MP) 8..Baby, check your a/c bal and call me back (Chairman) :: ::

A Guy's INBOX:

1..yoUR data bundle will soon expire (WiFi) 2..Hey dude, give me a break! I told u am married (Jane) 3..Don't dare call me again, cheat (Patricia) 4..Am warning u, let this month not be a story telling event like the last 3 months (Landlord) 5..Please pay your balance debt of ugx200 (airtel) 6..My son, how are you? send money quick, (Mama) 7.. I am in the hospital, pls send $40000 quick quick for appendix operation or u can keep and use it for my burial (Father) 8..I haven't seen my cycles for 3 weeks (Neighbour's daughter). 9..Please call me (small bro).
Is this true?

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Firebrand Power Meche
Firebrand Power Meche :    
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