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Liberty University Association of Marketing Professionals A.M.P
Liberty University Association of Marketing Professionals A.M.P : Marketing Students! Come out and join us for the first A.M.P. interest meeting of the year. During this meeting we will provide basic knowledge of our organization, as well as informing those interested how they can be more involved with our club. Did I mention there's going to be free pizza?! Please join the event below if you plan on attending so we can make sure we have enough food. See you there!
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Favour Elisha
Favour Elisha : Dr.Chukwuma Christopher Osaji     Life!!!
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West Liberty University
West Liberty University : Lady Hilltoppers Stay Unbeaten in MEC Play     Lady Hilltoppers will play again tomorrow (9-23) vs. Salem International University at home. Action starts at 7 pm.
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Maggie Prombo Mitchell
Maggie Prombo Mitchell : The Hillary Letters    
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Liberty County School System
Liberty County School System :         Students, parents, teachers, and community members joined together to celebrate science at Liberty Elementary's annual Science Night. Students had the opportunity to explore, discover, create, and enjoy hands-on science activities from a variety of vendors. Savannah State University, Armstrong State University, Georgia Southern University, Midway Fire Department, and Liberty County Sheriff's Department were some of the community members that helped make this such a successful event.
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Community Care Initiative Liberty University
Community Care Initiative Liberty University :         Care Team Leader Kelsey Baker leads team to Appomattox to help build a home for a needy family with Habitat for Humanity - 9-20-14
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Liberty University Varsity Club
Liberty University Varsity Club : Calendar | Liberty Flames     See what's on the schedule for your @libertyflames this week, #LUVC:
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Stephen Chapman
Stephen Chapman : 1989 Issue of The Cornell Plantations Quartly Magazine, Cornell University     1989 Issue of The Cornell Plantations Quartly Magazine. Published in Ithaca, New York, by Cornell University.

A Near fine collectible copy with very light soiling to covers.A 5 3/4 By 8 3/4 Inch ,20 page Periodical. See Photos .

Published quarterly. Contents include: Plants with Powers by Ian Merwin, Aboretums for the Dead by Daniel W. Krall, The Horizon at Turkey Hill by Liberty Hyde Bailey, In Memory and Book Reviews. Illustrated with black and white photos as well as drawings.

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Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson : James Bailey    
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Young Americans for Liberty: University of Alabama Chapter
Young Americans for Liberty: University of Alabama Chapter : Are any of our Bamatarians 21+ craft beer fans? Come volunteer for the Alabama Brewfest this weekend and sample beers from over 30 local and national breweries! You get a t-shirt and free admission to whichever day you don't help out. Text Bekah Blakely at (205) 394-7788 if you're interested!
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Randall Woods
Randall Woods :    
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Clare Mok
Clare Mok : Occupy Central (On Going)     HONG KONG - SEPTEMBER 22: Students attend the rally at Chinese University on September 22, 2014 in Hong Kong. Thousands of students from more than 20 tertiary institutions start the week-long boycott of classes to protest against Beijing's conservative framwork for political reform in Hong Kong by attending a rally at the University. (Photo by Lam Yik Fei/Getty Images)     this is what happening at home.

Every now and then I contemplate and fear for history repeating itself, where democracy is a price that will be paid by bloodshed, where basic human rights are not honoured by a government, where people who desires for freedom and liberty would have to live in constant fear.

Yet, I am just a hypocrite who do nothing but just talks. They are the true fighters.

#hkclassboycott #全城撐學生

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Ishee Go Oñate

We are free in Christ. Free from sin and death. Free from legalistic rule-keeping. But we are not free from responsibility-and part of our responsibility is to nurture those who are younger and weaker in the faith, even at the cost of our own personal liberty.

My friend Johnny Baker tells a story that illustrates this beautifully. Johnny was an all-American football player for Mississippi State who went on to play for the Houston Oilers. One Saturday Mississippi State played, and defeated, the University of Houston, which was no small accomplishment. Some alumni at the game passed out cigars to the winning team, and Johnny stuck his in his pocket during the trip home. The next day, back in Meridian, Johnny was sitting on the front porch at his folk's house, by himself. He felt in his pocket, and noticed the cigar, opened it, and put it in his mouth. Johnny didn't smoke, but he said he sort of shifted it around in his mouth, and thought about that big win the day before.

In a little while, a young boy walked up to the porch. "How 'ya doin'?" Johnny said. "Come on up here and sit by me a minute." And the boy climbed up to sit next to his big, football-playing neighbor. Johnny and the boy began to talk, and he said in a few minutes, he noticed the boy had a stick in his mouth. Then he remembered the cigar in his. Johnny talked a little more, then reached up, took the cigar out of his mouth, broke it in half, threw it down, and said, "You know, I think I'll quit smoking." The boy took the stick out of his mouth, broke it, threw it down and said, "Yeah. Me, too."

Our liberty in Christ extends only as far as it does not cause a brother or sister in Christ to stumble. When it does, responsibility supercedes freedom.

Memory Verse

ROMANS 14:19
So then let us pursue the things which make for peace and the building up of one another.

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Radford University Students For Liberty
Radford University Students For Liberty : Have We Reached the Point of Inevitable War?     "War serves many purposes. It distracts from the malfeasance of the political classes as it busies giddy minds with foreign quarrels. It creates a symbiosis in which the media serves the state in its relentless grab for bigger budgets and greater police powers; while the state feeds the media’s need for high drama and the narcotic of fear."
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James Cook
James Cook : THIS FOOTBALL PLAYER LOVES LIFE!     Liberty University recruit this young man!     You haven't seen a postgame interview like THIS from a football player before...
Watch the video: video

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Answers In Action
Answers In Action : Christian Apologetics Is Not the Gospel: It Is Both a Preparation and a...     CHRISTIAN APOLOGETICS IS NOT THE GOSPEL: It Is Both a Preparation and a Reinforcement
l#UniversityofN #SouthernBaptist #biolau #WheatonCollege #LibertyUniversity #HoustonBaptistU #DallasSeminary #Trinity_U #AsburyUniv #Apologetics #Pastor #Bible #Jesus #Christ #HolySpirit #Morality #ChristianPhilosophy #TheisticPhilos #God

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Mus'ab Muhammad
Mus'ab Muhammad : Chike Okonkwo    
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Chinenye Onyenayazi
Chinenye Onyenayazi : Dr.Chukwuma Christopher Osaji    
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Piotr Blass
Piotr Blass : Court Hearing Sept 23 2014 against BOA and LVNV Funding LLC initiated by Dr Piotr Blass    
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Community Care Initiative Liberty University
Community Care Initiative Liberty University :         CCI Care Team Leader Makayla Millington leads team to assist in paper drive for local many non-profits.

"During this project, we worked with members of the United Way, Young Leaders Society, and YMCA to collect paper goods donations from shoppers at Sam's Club. The products will be distributed to 30 local non-profits. It's really exciting to see how many organizations just in the Lynchburg area that reach out to those with a wide variety of circumstances and needs." - Makayla Millington

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Tino Phang
Tino Phang :         ****** New LAUNCHING! ! Selangor first to pre-order the new project ******

Modern New York design Serviced Apartments
Liberty Tower @ i-City Shah Alam
[Eat • Drink • Fun • Joy • all together]

Unique selling point:
✔ 72 arce freehold planning
✔ theme parks, 90,000 visitors per week
✔ 24 hours of entertainment and dining facilities
✔ near Hilton (Hilton Hotel), Best Western Hotels
✔ new equal Suria KLCC Shopping Mall area,
Thailand's largest shopping mall by the Central Group (Central Group) operators
✔ Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC)
✔ transportation convenient, accessible
✔ Integrated (LRT, MRT, KTM) station
✔ university nearby, shopping malls, hospital / medical center
✔ comprehensive city (shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, residential, theme parks, entertainment, convention center)
Liberty Tower's new!
✔ facilities and fully furnished flats
✔ New York design
✔ for the first time buyers
✔ lucrative rental rate of return
✔ 466 - 691 square feet (a total of 350 units)
* Just RM5,000 deposit!
* Early Bird enjoy a 5% rebate!
* Up to 90% of the loan!
* Free to Legal fees!
* From RM3xx thousand!
Do not miss this opportunity! ! !

Predictable information, please call:

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Answers In Action
Answers In Action : Click here to support Answers In Action Apologetics by Gretchen...     THANKS FOR YOUR ON-GOING COMMITMENT TO THE ANSWERS IN ACTION VISION: Answers In Action & Gretchen Passantino continue to provide solid answers to the toughest issues and challenges facing Christians today --faith, the Bible, theology, history, cults, entertainment, and holiday traditions. Please stand with us and 300 ministry partners in a monthly commitment of $25, $50, $100 or more. Now is the time for Answers, now is the time for Action. Make your commitment at:

#Apologetics #Pastor #Personalities #Youth
#Pastor #SouthernBaptist #biolau #WheatonCollege #LibertyUniversity #Apologetics

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Scharnelle Hamlin
Scharnelle Hamlin : Job Fair. Over 100 Employers!!
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Liberty University Online Intensives
Liberty University Online Intensives : Good afternoon, students! We hope you enjoyed the luncheon today, and to help you stay motivated on that full stomach, here's a trivia question!

Trivia Question:
If you are on campus this week for an intensive class, try to answer the question below. If you are the first to correctly answer the question, you will win a prize! Please post your course name and number (ex. EDUC 504, COUN 512, etc.) along with your answer. Only answers from students currently attending an intensive class on campus will be considered. One prize per student per week. Trivia answers must be posted before midnight on the same day the question was issued.

Question: What former 80s-90s television star and entertainment industry personality will be speaking at Friday's convocation here on campus?

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Dean Randall Gorby
Dean Randall Gorby : Timeline Photos     JOB FAIR: The WTRF Ohio Valley Job and Career Fair will be held on Thursday, September 25 at WesBanco Arena from noon until 6 p.m. Employers from multiple industries will be there, including EDUCATION field employers such as WVNCC, West Virginia Business College West Liberty University and more. If you know someone looking for a job, please SHARE this post!    
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Nagaraj Naram
Nagaraj Naram : Telangana: Intolerance to hostile media - Live Law    
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Young Women for America at Liberty University School of Law
Young Women for America at Liberty University School of Law : Joel Rosenberg Invites You to Come Rally for Israel, Oct. 5, 2-4pm, Washington, D.C. | CONCERNED WOMEN FOR AMERICA     A big thank you to Joel Rosenberg for his participation in and support of our upcoming "Stand with Israel" rally! Check out the video below and SHARE!
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Young Women for America of Liberty University
Young Women for America of Liberty University : Joel Rosenberg Invites You to Come Rally for Israel, Oct. 5, 2-4pm, Washington, D.C. | CONCERNED WOMEN FOR AMERICA     A big thank you to Joel Rosenberg for his participation in and support of our upcoming "Stand with Israel" rally! Check out the video below and SHARE!
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Michael Foster
Michael Foster : Cover Photos     Photo by Ty Hester, Property of Liberty University, LITTLE MERMAID — with Thomas Scott and Rachel Osterhus.    
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Mike MoonDog Burnette
Mike MoonDog Burnette : The premiere Christian radio production and media consulting firm in...     BUILD A DATABASE OF ALTERNATE/ OPPOSING opinions to use on-line/ on-air with a variety a pre-selected topics/guests.

#UniversityofN #SouthernBaptist #biolau #WheatonCollege #LibertyUniversity #HoustonBaptistU #DallasSeminary #Trinity_U #AsburyUniv #Apologetics #Pastor #Bible #Jesus #Christ #HolySpirit #Morality #ChristianPhilosophy #TheisticPhilos #God
#Apologetics #Pastor #ChristianPhilosophy

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Joel Williams
Joel Williams : Yay Yeah!

I just passed another Philosophy 201 test. I got 17 out of 20 correct.


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Mohamed Mcheu
Mohamed Mcheu : Jase Robertson's speech at Wildfire Liberty University Lynchburg, VA 3-8-14 Part 3    
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Community Care Initiative Liberty University
Community Care Initiative Liberty University : Praise from our Community Friends! I know we do not work for recognition or reward, but it's nice to know we are being a blessing!

"I am writing to you today to share my sincere thanks and gratitude as I have not only directly been the recipient of the love and care extended through the Community Care Initiative group at Liberty, but I have also had the privilege of being able to observe the way in which God has profoundly worked through the hands, feet, and hearts of these students to encourage, uplift, and serve others. ALL of it has resulted in eyes turned towards our Father and a realization that love is at work." - Kristen de Lepper, Rush Homes and No Walls

"I can not tell you how much we appreciate these students. Without them we would be several weeks behind and would have had to cancel last weekend's work day. What a blessing!" - Jonathan Watson with Appomattox Habitat for Humanity.

"Thank you so much for sending the four students to help with the Teddy Bear parade Saturday. They did great and I appreciate their help." - Frank Bowman, Boy Scouts of America and Kiwanis

"We love your students, they do such great work!" - Angela Trent with Special Olympics, Lynchburg

"They got here early, ready to work, jumped right in and never complained. They wasted not time and worked until the job was done." - Assistant Director, Randolph Hunston Community Center, Lynchburg, VA

"They have the best attitudes and work really hard, never complaining, never standing around." - Steve Mays, Parkview Community Mission.

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West Liberty University
West Liberty University : West Liberty Women Impress at ITA Regional     We're impressed!

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Rice University Federalist Society
Rice University Federalist Society :    
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West Liberty University
West Liberty University : Hilltopper Men Too Much for Fairmont     Tennis victory!
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West Liberty University
West Liberty University : Jordyn Smith, West Liberty University Theater Department, asks that we help them out with a prop need:

"I might sound like an odd request, but we're asking for empty Gold Peak Tea bottles, Coke and Dr. Pepper bottles for a production prop. If you could bring them by the Kelly Theater we would greatly appreciate it! Thanks all.

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Kelly Talbot Hauner
Kelly Talbot Hauner : Below is the latest update on Mandy's trip :) I have spoken with her via Face Time and text and so far all is great!

Dear Rwanda Team Family and Friends

. Below is an update received today from one of the team leaders:

"The Rwanda team made it to Kigali! Today, after a good night's rest, the

team is healthy and eager to begin the week. We spent the morning at the

Church of the Blessed Mango Tree where Professor Kevin Conner delivered a

sermon on the grace of God, a powerful message for many. Following our

time enjoying lunch with the congregation, we headed to the Genocide

Memorial, a sobering experience for all. This evening we finish the day

with the film "As We Forgive" in which we begin to see how the country

has come to reconciliation and forgiveness.

Tomorrow, the team will visit the University of Rwanda for a lecture by

the Head of Clinical Psychology, and then we will visit the Star School,

a beloved location of our Liberty teams. We plan to send another update

again soon. Thank you for your prayers!

We so very much appreciate your support and prayers for the Rwanda team, what God will be doing in and through them, and their continued health and safety!

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Brenda Ellender
Brenda Ellender : Football Players Intercept Atheists Bluff

Arkansas State University football players practice regularly in Centennial Bank Stadium -- but it's the practice of their faith that has had atheists so upset. The football players had placed crosses on their helmets to memorialize a player and manager who died earlier this year. The anti-Christian group that calls itself the Freedom From Religion Foundation began harassing the University with complaints. The University quickly caved and told the players to remove the cross and replace it with what amounts to a meaningless plus sign (+).

Our friends at the Liberty Institute then intervened and advised the University that the atheists' complaints were without a shred of legal basis. In fact, the University's censorship order violated the students' constitutional rights of free speech. "It is just shocking that anyone could do such a thing," Kelly Shackelford told me yesterday on Washington Watch radio.

Yesterday, the University finally backed down in a letter saying, "It is the university's position that any player who wishes to voluntarily place an NCAA-compliant sticker on their helmet to memorialize individuals will be able to do so." What amazes me is that these officials are so ready to cave the moment one of these bullying letters come across their desk -- even though the law is completely on the side of free speech and the free exercise of religion.

The reality is that of the last twelve times the Freedom From Religion Foundation has issued legal threats, the group has not followed through on legal action a single time. Their bluffing strategy can only succeed as long as we fail to expose the ways in which they prey on the ignorance of these officials. That's why we are so honored to stand with the Liberty Institute in defending these precious liberties that serve as the foundation for all of our freedoms.

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