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Holy Moly! Holy Moly! : Jasmine Waltz says Lee Ryan has 'gay tendencies'. Lee responds, well, quite sensibly     Cor blimey, Lee Ryan says something that makes a bit of sense.
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Attitude Magazine Attitude Magazine : Jasmine Waltz on Lee Ryan: 'He definitely has gay tendencies' - Attitude Magazine     Jasmine Waltz has spoken once again about her ex-boyfriend Lee Ryan’s sexuality. Full story below.

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Carlston Sung Carlston Sung : Timeline Photos         Jasmin Laksana Karen Sutanto Hana Lee Audrey Pranoto HAHAHAHAH.. get it?!
1 hour ago - View -
Sandra Godoy Sandra Godoy : U got my back n I got yours thats what friends r for 😎?Jasmin Leein Lee talk to u later😂😆
1 hour ago - View -
Toya Dionne Toya Dionne : Mobile Uploads     With Kiwana Jackson and Shavonda King.     All my cousins.... Shamekia Shay Warmack Shaye Elmore-Edwards Earlisha Jones Dreak Warmack Aerial Ayler calandra jones Rodgers Brittney Warmack Meegan MeeMee Turner Monique Bartlett Biondi Nicole Turner-Campbell Deborah Turner Bivens Kami Lee Carrie Benjamin Marketreis Cannon Marcus Brimley Kamon Brimley Brian Johnson Ernest Johnson John Brimley Moppy Ayler Teasha Perine Jasmine Ayler India Couch Stanecia Roberts I may have missed some if I did forgive me it's just so many of us.........
2 hours ago - View -
Jasmine Lee Jasmine Lee : SLC Launch     11 days left Like Love & Share the Launch too much fabulousness to miss out on!

Hi Ladies,

We are so thankful that you have purchased your ticket(s) to our #SLC May 4th Launch. We are so excited to share that we'll be having our launch at the ever so sophisticated:

The Richmond
477 Richmond Street West
Toronto, ON, M5V 3E7

We have a few tickets left, if you know of any ladies that would enjoy this exclusive event please do not hesitate to like, love and share on all social media outlets as you know you won't want to miss this. We only have (insert days) left.

Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite fb_action_ids=10153977872390066&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582

Or contact Stacey via cell: 647-338-4024

Please check out our Facebook page¬if_t=group_added_to_group&actorid=763230065
We can't wait to see all you Beautiful ladies in your Sunday Best. #Glitz&Glam

Jasmine Lee - @jasmineleeteam
Jacqueline - @Jacquelineforde
Nicolle - @Mortgagesbynik
SLC Founding Members

Best Regards,

"We are good on our own...but truly awesome together"

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Linda Duffy Linda Duffy : 15 of the Worst Logo FAILS Ever - Mommy Has A Potty Mouth     Ok designer peeps... Jasmine Lukuku.. Stephanie Lee... Mike Reid
2 hours ago - View -
Lindsay Joy Owen Lindsay Joy Owen : Sitting here thinking bout my beautiful aunty Doreen Jetta and all my sister's Leslie,Cindy,Michelle and brother Grant Nelson along with Jasmin Nelson-Gentle,kerry Hannah Nelson Tyson(rip)Ricky Lee and Claude and all the wonderful memories we all shared together in Alice springs missing you all and love you all with all my heart and soul forever💮🌺🌻🌸🌼💜💛💚❤💏
3 hours ago - View -
Seone Harris-Nair Seone Harris-Nair :     BAHAHAHAHAH JESUS CHRIST Leilani Harris-Nair Jasmine Lee Olding Jess Cronk     Sometimes, you just gotta let it go. ⛄️
Watch the video: video

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John Soh Wiliang John Soh Wiliang : Timeline Photos     20 photos of the Human Barbie that are seriously unbelievable:     Danson Thian Des Lee Sook Seow Jasmine Hong TianMee Nah Raine Chang
Omg!! Wth is this?

5 hours ago - View -
Yuri Song Yuri Song : Lee jasmine
Fuck off from korean government
Fuck off from korea

5 hours ago - View -
Rita Rizk Rita Rizk : Burning Sun - Feat. Rita Rizk (Radio Edit)     Track we worked on check it out !! It's a bit of a old school trance funk... :)

Patricia Rizk Tony Rizk George Rizk Jason Rizk Joey Rizk Odette El-achi Alev Oncu Arinn Eryasar Khalil Khouri Mirella Khalifeh Jasmine Moosa Nancy Kaaoui Roza Abdel-nour Albert Sande Sarah Ge Akatta Lokeni Savea Luke Akauola Jaime-Lee Robyn Nadia Jai Taua Onofia Leesa Hill Hiiba Derbas Rachel Campo Rachel Semaan     Original Track by Elegnito Lyrics by Ioannis Singing by Rita Rizk Mastering by John Hresc 22nd April 2014
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Elyn Chong Elyn Chong : 16 cafes to go to for waffles in Singapore     Rafe Ho Tan Hui'eLee Keng Song Lee Zong Han Genie Wong James Leong Jasmine Ng Bryant LuSky DeLongDandan Zhuo shall we?? :P
7 hours ago - View -
Ann BReal Lassiter Ann BReal Lassiter : MESSAGE 4 Jasmine Jackson, Its yo lie tell it how u want and yea u CANT. Call me homeless if u want 2 but u can't call me broke... LMAO. anything lee break I can pay. But ima let it go cuz u can't pay and looks lik u need da 30$ more anyway..
8 hours ago - View -
Eric Tijerina Eric Tijerina : Therapeutix - ACal     ACal - one of the most respected underground poet & artist in San Diego. Show some love for his #NEW Music video. #SumthnHazee #Texas2SD S/o to Osceola Dubois for the dope camera work!


Allen Calpito Johnny Hang Jon Castaneda Oboi Kong Bigup BigBoo James Ricky Nguyen K Stay Rude Kevin Chhum Kevin Tijerina Da Bizz Eloy R Tijerina Thee Sorinsay Nathanael Tijerina Nate Rhoads Adlai J. Pacificar Vannarong Bo Vie Savant Family Brandon Hbk Nambounmy Steven Young Happy Payola Gee Q Pham Baybe Fatt Lilly Nambounmy Vuitton Louis Jasmine Lee Scugger Young Raida Joshua Strickland     ACal of Sumthn Hazee Single off "Letters2thaMorningLp"
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Gabriella Lu Gabriella Lu :     You guys know what I think of right? XD Man-Chung Ko刘巡Meimy ManoiiJullaputt Eric WeerapongRichard Rex VisavutanontPark Phol邹恒发Jasmine Lee et al     This rocks!
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Lindsay Marie Colombe Lindsay Marie Colombe : The Pink Ladies Rock It     I LOVE MY AWESOME TEAM! WE ROCK FACES!

(Tag your Downline Pink Ladies)

Holly Buck Brenley Duncan Holli Hair Jenifer Murphey Drown Dia Edinger Nickelsen Amber Flor Anna WhitingNatalie Kelly Wilburn Jordin Walker Mary Lee Freand-Northcutt Michelle Carrera Kendra Wildberger Sarah Matson Anita Smallwood Tanya Hatzenbiler Kelly Whitney Olague Erin Wyckoff Stacy Lee Van't Hul Jasmine Pecora Annette Crabbe Hayley Brockenshire Alley Cordova     Join The Movement! Contact your Pink Lady Today! I do not own the music used
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Georgia Gipson Georgia Gipson : Timeline Photos     With Jessie L Carpenter and 7 others.     Jasmine Lee. Tyler Del Gipson. I love you
13 hours ago - View -
George K Tan George K Tan : Konvo Luar Biasa

Convo at Universiti Malaya..........TOP 10 UNIVERSITI IN THE WORLD ?????.....................Is this a convocation ceremony or is it a Malaysian Ronggeng Dance?........did you guys performed as well on that day ????......Denise Liew Cheng Yan, Rachel Liew, Jasmine Sau, Ziguan Liew, Alex Tan Hoong Sze, Lim Ee Sheu, Shong Hoi Wah, Jonathan Ngau, Antony Shong, Chris Soo, Kenny Lee, Tham Yit Mui, Benjamin Ng, Yeekun Ng, Alfred Ng, Sharon Ng, Keatkeng Ng, Ki Young Sing, Yune Ki, Tan Lee Yong, Mindy Tan,..........................................     Something you don't see everyday - convocation at University Malaya.
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15 hours ago - View -
Jacob Standiford Jacob Standiford : List of my best friend

1.Caleb Lee

2.Caleb Hill

3.Brandy L Thomas

4.Brandy Faye Bolin

5.Autumn Nicole Raisor

6.Austin Michael Kelley

7. Abigail bud

8.Jasmine Berry

9.Jasamin Fisher

10.Jacob Grover

15 hours ago - View -
Alan SpiceBoy Chalmers Alan SpiceBoy Chalmers : Jasmine Waltz: Blue singer Lee Ryan has slept with ‘multiple men’    
15 hours ago - View -
Alexis Semrow Alexis Semrow : How To Be A Volleyball Player VIDEO     I've always wanted to know how to play volleyball.

Jake Semrow Christopher Voight Tyler Potter Amanda Riek Lauren Nourse Jasmine Ropers Danielle Nakatsuji Macalah Finstad Brittney Reilly Lee Killian Jess Sabey Kayla Voorhees EliZabeth Mahsem Scott Burie Jackie Koepke Tiffany Orcholski Rebecca Anne Lizzy Tratar

16 hours ago - View -
Le Magnifique Le Magnifique :         Gorgeous Palmdale Estates wedding from Jasmine Lee Photography on the blog this afternoon!


16 hours ago - View -
HuffPost UK Entertainment HuffPost UK Entertainment : Jasmine Waltz Talks Lee Ryan Arrest     Jasmine Waltz has spoken out following the arrest of Lee Ryan for drink-driving, describing an incident where he left her alone while they were on holiday in Thailand.

Read the full story here...

17 hours ago - View -
Tracie Twine Tracie Twine :     Say that !!! This is amazing... Love it ! Tierra Jones Monica Bond Carla Goodman Starr Stepney Gordon Leah K Twine Joy Smith Shilonda Modlin Nikki Harris Miracle Brumsey Jasmine Dunnaville Ganelle Gaddy Sutton Chelsey Lee Zsamil West     Wow! Had to share dis
Watch the video: video

17 hours ago - View -
PinkNews PinkNews : Jasmine Waltz: Blue singer Lee Ryan has slept with ‘multiple men’     Blue singer Lee Ryan has slept with "multiple men", claims ex-girlfriend.
21 hours ago - View -
Sarah Beth Potter Sarah Beth Potter : I just handed over a paper that represents some of the largest rocks I've had to push past in my undergraduate career. I cannot say thank you enough to those people who picked me back up when I was down, lended me a hand when I was tired, cared for me even when I was pushing them away, and helped me, nearly a year later, finally close that chapter - Tyler Dunn, Edgar Harrell, Jasmine JI, Faith Collins, Alice Perez Blackburn, Jason Blackburn, Morgan Winslow, Anna Lee Potter - thank you so much.
22 hours ago - View -
Catherine Govis Catherine Govis : Timeline Photos     :)     Andrea Pritchard Amy Michelle Daleiden Austin Smith Shayann Raylynn Bartelt Taylor Caudillo Colleen Nelson Chad Rozay Ochoschencko Katie Parry Lee Jones Paige Jones Larry Kabobz Jeffrey Eric Roer Viv Tevo Jasmine Govis Jamie Mae Hartel Jason Hartel Justin Afryl Jessica Miller Scott Kee Kevin Prace Ramona Lyn Moreno Matthew Lance Torey Nichole Ballard Katelyn Cox Glenda Michelle Mendez Vanesa Magdaleno Angela Matejka Amber Norman Amy Owen Shweta Raj Tony Stine

Thanks guys!!

1 day ago - View -
Nenelette Mendoza Pascual Nenelette Mendoza Pascual : Humayao Elementary School     to our beloved pupils, please invite all your friends to like our school's official page, Humayao Elementary School, punta lang kayo sa page na ito and then click Like. Kaya ba natin, 500 likes for this week? Kaya! :)
- Mitch, Mckuletz Precious, Thrisha, Teresa, Lee Ann, Jaypee, Louis Dee, Honey, Aleeza, Kieve, Milhousnixon, Daisy, Justin Morfe Jasmine, Leigh, Cristine Jane, and others (sorry hindi ko na mamention lahat)

1 day ago - View -
Alexus Hernandez Alexus Hernandez : Definite eye opener for me this weekend for many reasons..
To say life is short is yes a cliche but very true. We are given one life here on Earth to prove to Our Savior that we belong in the Kingdom above.
To Carmela Pantoja, i wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you and I'm still praying for your grieving. My mom and I are planning to see you soon.
To Hiram Garcia, be strong and keep being the awesome Grandpa you are to Roman. We appreciate everything you and Janie did for us and Roman. Please keep in contact with us.
To Rene MrSaturday Nite Garcia, Michelle Davis Garcia, I'm praying for a strong recovery and I hope that the blood pressure scare is behind all of us.
To my family: Angelika Lee, Steven Medina, Esmeralda Arizola, Jasmine Arizola, Ariana Ambriz, Alma Arizola you guys be safe this week and be careful on the road. There's a lot of car accidents happening. Love yall

1 day ago - View -
Mei-la Chi Mei-la Chi :         W/ Jasmin Lee and Thess wakas nagkita~kita rin after so many years....
1 day ago - View -
Angela Wallace Angela Wallace : OK Steelettes...... 3 weeks to go and our Season begins for TAG!!!

Rain, Hail or Shine we will train our butts off so lets not get confused & question if there's training on tonight lol....... Lets train Hearty and if it hurts or burns its GOOD and will only last for a lil bit!!!! See you all tonight Ladies...... #FEELtheSTEEL2014 Reina Wrapologist can you please tag Amber Selina Te Are can you please tag NayNay & Jasmine Paora can you please tag Vicky Lee :)

1 day ago - View -
Eric Roque Eric Roque : to all former AdUChESS officer alumni,

AdUchESS 2014-2015 will be holding its team building again next month...the date is yet to be fixed but would probably be after the summer term

As usual, we would like to ask your support on this....

please tag whoever else you can tag...thank you

Ro Del, Jeonalyn Jasmin, Kathleen Gaye Llona, Rolly Tallod, RollyVida Tallod, Titan Atlas, Tonzy Lee, Nheng Abellera, Tina Barrozo Antig, Dexter Ancheta, Loui Rodriguez, Dax Salazar, Jho Redoloza, Aileen C. Angon, Cristina Lopez Cajipe, Robert Robby Gaylan, Roxanne A. Rivera-Galero, Karen Perea Poblete, Melody Jay Ison, Rachel Raneses Acusa, Joseph Rafael, Jacqueline Sentero Densing, Briggs Briggs, Sonsi Irma, Irving Maglaya, LadyBernadeth SeraJose Riesgo, Harold Hazel A. Larete, Ta Mariano, Girlie Ballesteros,

1 day ago - View -
Tank Mugga Mason Tank Mugga Mason : Im So Fuckin Real Gunna Tank ft Vee     Jamal Carter Oboy Breathe Ezy Mally Parker Mar Freak'bull Geez Anthony Jennings Miko Sackel Rafiq Np Archie Veronica Green Donte Smith Calvin F Baxter Calvin Coachswagg Damn U Gotit SoBeautiful Goffney Christine So Pretty Miller Carrime Shine Tomika Caison Ty Too Thurl James I-Know Brasco Thornton Amina AkaP-nut Mcfarland Britt Been Hadhim ButtaCup Obey Chip Johnson Denzel Johnson Don Beck Elijah Lane Naheima Hawkins Haleem Shields Day Day Dewitt Simon Dee Simp Ameen Morris Sharon Prayin'forhisFreedom Rogers Spaz Gunsmoke Freeblizz Fernando James Hutt Foster Adam F. Presentation Johnson Gexex Jah MoneyHungry Hason Pressley Rasheen Ward Rysheeda Ward Ryan Trust Worthy Malika Richardson Montashia Hall Smooth Obh Sonnie Hoodstar Danielle So DarkkSkin Taylor Walter Hall Tracey Johnson Yasin Shabazz Johnson Jasmine K-j White Kush Paris Kessele Kamara Karessa Mcfarland Malachi TrueMoody McIntosh Eric Draven Nelson-squeaky Nickeyta Caison Gunsmoke Osh Kev Osg Gage HelpingHands Pickens Lee Photos Tony Neal Sherm Waters Zinme Hyenamanzin     East Coast Fire, Gunna Tank ft Vee, Unsigned Artist, Beat produced by Gunna Tank
Watch the video: video

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American Track & Field American Track & Field : MVUMVURE 10.07, STOWERS 12.81, by Alfons Juck, EME News

BATON ROUGE (USA, Apr 19): Zimbabwean Gabriel Mvumvure won the 100 m in fast 10.07 (+1.6) at the LSU Alumni Gold meet and beat olympic medalist Richard Thompson 10.16. In the 200 m windy 20.14 (+3.2) for Prezel Hardy over Devin Jenkins 20.32 and Bahamians Shavez Hart 20.39 with Michael Mathieu 20.46. NCAA Champion Deon Lendore of Trinidad clocked 45.47 in the 400 m and his country-mate Wayne Davis had 13.46 (+2.4) in the hurdles. Long jump also wind-aided for Jeremy Hicks 823 (+2.5) and Jamaican Damar Forbes 809 (+3.0). Fast relay times for LSU 38.90 ahead of Tiger Olympians (including Mvumvure and Thompson) 39.19 and Texas AM 3:02.64 beating LSU 3:03.24. In women events Kimberlyn Duncan in top shape with 11.20 in the 100 m (+0.8, here fourth Muna Lee 11.34 and sixth hurdler/bobsledder Lolo Jones 11.59) and 22.39 (+2.1) in the 200 m. Jasmin Stowers was more lucky with the wind and won the hurdles in 12.81 (+1.9), new PB for her. Charlene Lipsey improved in the 800 m to 2:01.09 and in the 400 m hurdles Jamaican Nikita Tracey 56.80 with same-time and PB for second Nnenya Hailey (World Youth Champion 2011).

1 day ago - View -
Women Aware, Inc. Women Aware, Inc. : Jasmine Lin for Miss Cutie Pi 2014     Congratulations Jasmine! Thank you to Pi Delta Psi for allowing us to be a part of your work, and for supporting Women Aware.

I was so impressed by everyone's passion, dedication, and commitment to social justice. We're lucky to have people like you.

1 day ago - View -
Stewart Wilica Stewart Wilica : RNS I don't know where I would 6e without Mike Bennett, Cameron Nicholson, Diamond Sills, Duwy Sparta,Philly Swain, Kylia Tana-i, Rico Montana, Raquel Lee, Unique Logan, Staccz La'Flare, Jasmine Smith these the ppl that been there for me ever since day1 no matter what happen good or bad i know they goin to 6e there pushing me forward I thank yall and Love all yall
1 day ago - View -
Ambrose Badazz Barnett Ambrose Badazz Barnett : Oooweeee da turn up finna be so real dis weekend @ da #1 party spot in hinds county aka da legion it's been a long and turnt up weekend without da legion being opening so this weekend we back blowing da roof off dat bitch wit Jarrod Lee and Roy Richardson on da wheels of steel and my bro/ promoter king in da picture boot so u knw we going hard da whole weekend......

April 25, 2014: da purple passion party nothing bt purple edition hosted by: Keith Lee and his team

April 26, 2014: country boyz pt 2 party hosted by: my cuz Cornelius Harris Jobie Gordon Jeremy Richards Reginald Rayshun Mack and da rest of dem country boyz.........

Where my Vicksburg fam at wasup JiMika Dixon Okita ShAdae Banks Olivia Darling Canesha Shelton Jasmine Lee Chelo Elchopo Jones and da rest of my Vicksburg fam yall always come show luv to da country......

1 day ago - View -