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Karen Adams
Karen Adams : Oscar J. Cent's Photos     With Salina Conner Trevino and 25 others.     Thirty-two and Twenty-eight years ago, I was blessed with the greatest gifts of my life. Those treasures were my daughters, Jasmine Lee and Whitney Lynn. They are my Best Friends!!!!
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Poh Teng Teng
Poh Teng Teng : Amiko Ling     Alan Yeap Winnie Poh Wendy Poh Natalie Teh Belle Chun Shirlene Chun Yuenz Sim Qiaoyin Lee Jasmine Kung
5 minutes ago - View -
Ronica McDonald
Ronica McDonald : Why should God enlarge your territory when your work is not committed to the Lord? Commit they works into the Lord and thy thoughts should be established. Work for God, place your thoughts on God and He will spiritually bless you. #beaboutJesus'business #lifeordeath #itisthatserious. -U Church Pastor Jasmine S. Lewis Kev K Lew Lewis Shannon Little Ashley Hines Tim McDonald LaTrenda Lee Jefferson
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Jasmine Karrenbrock
Jasmine Karrenbrock : Thank you Nancy Lee for adding me
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Smokegang Mac
Smokegang Mac : Move, Twerk!! SmokeGang Mac & Chris Paris         Collaboration of 2 young unique Artist whos delivery flows with such feverish Fluidity. SmokeGang Mac and Chris Paris. New York NY. A nice Club Club Joint For You
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Nicole Lee Criss Keys
Nicole Lee Criss Keys : 2009 Annual Youth Day         Four young ladies within United (Diamond, Jalise, Jasmine, and Vanessa) came together, organized and composed this mime dance, ministering to a medley, as a special tribute to the youth's of United.
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Jasmine Jasmine
Jasmine Jasmine : Timeline Photos     完全同意XDDDD

加入 台灣達人秀 有趣影片不漏接

訂閱LINE►     Of coz xDDDDDD Vivian Lei Catherine Lee Xin

12 minutes ago - View -
Jasmine Mercades Lee Whitney
Jasmine Mercades Lee Whitney : CESTA DE CHOCOLATE     thats amazing. Corinna Dawn u need to watch this     Muy fácil de preparar... anímate en casa y disfruta de un rico helado con tu familia...

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Kristian Magtira
Kristian Magtira :
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Jasmine Mercades Lee Whitney
Jasmine Mercades Lee Whitney : Timeline Photos     Simple. — with Bernie Ballough and 10 others.    
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Adam Esoof Piperdy
Adam Esoof Piperdy : 4 D&D
2 Launches
1 Seminar
1 Carnival
2 Sporting Events

All the above in 3 days from Friday to Sunday. Couldn't ask for a better team - Adeline Neoh Jonathan Ewe Chee Wei Fadhil Azmi Lee Jiayi Firdaus Azz Danial Piperdy Radin Ariff Ihsan Amirul Matin Zul Fadli Jasmin Tan Vanalyn Mitchel Png G Double O D J O B! #ajobwelldone

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Nikki K. Nasello
Nikki K. Nasello : Tara Pecore    
47 minutes ago - View -
Jasmine Lee
Jasmine Lee :     The only way to have sweet dreams~     Hahahaha #innocence #icecream #kids
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Jasmine Pradhan
Jasmine Pradhan :    
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Joel Lee
Joel Lee : Today my daughter turns 16 today Happy Birthday Jasmine if you see her hug her twice lol enjoy your day see you soon
1 hour ago - View -
Eleanor Fong
Eleanor Fong : KpopX Christmas Practice♥         Our instructresses Jasmine Wong JW, Suzy Kuo, Rei Danielle Lee and Eleanor Fong practising hard for KpopXMAS Party happening on 19Dec Friday 7.15-9.15pm @Changi Recreational Club! $18 per ticket only! SPREAD THE MSG AND GET YOURS NOW! :)
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Pleng Lee
Pleng Lee : New batch bags.. Bags.. Early christmas shopping..         Gerald Rafanan Ivory Joy Abadilla Lee Cecil Robles-Caburao Ji Ji Rafanan Nikki Rafanan Jeehan Chua Ellaine Dulnuan Cristina Joy Lee Divine Robles Diana Jasmin Lee Arfielle Ysabel Lee Ledesma Carz
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Jasmine Lee
Jasmine Lee : Jasmine Lee is at Seaside Suki.    
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Headfirst Prod
Headfirst Prod : RayMoneyy - Iont Get Tired (Produced By RayMoneyy)     We Winning     Listen to RayMoneyy - Iont Get Tired (Produced By RayMoneyy) by Ray'Moneyy #np on #SoundCloud
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Jasmine Elizabeth Santosky
Jasmine Elizabeth Santosky :         Omg Susanna Lee House remember this haha
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Jasmine Lee Ann Melton
Jasmine Lee Ann Melton : I miss the farm 😖💔 i dont even know why i miss it this much.
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Jacqueline Coetzer
Jacqueline Coetzer : BT: Pinay na si Jasmine Lee, unang immigrant na nahalal sa SKorea parliament    
1 hour ago - View -
Anxue Yeo
Anxue Yeo : Lee Hi 이하이 ~ 1,2,3,4 cover ~ Jasmine Clarke 13 y/o     Not bad owo     hi everyone, I love this Korean song and thought I would give it a go! I learnt the lyrics by ear so I know there are some mistakes but it was fun anyways :)...
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